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  1. Hahaha, look at this, same shit, right at 00:33
  2. I friend told me the car was sliding so the car hits me when I'm going out? mmmmmmm anyway if that was the case, the car is moving so damn slow... the game just takes a lot of damage the same way If I had jumped from a moving car at a high speed. All my life goes down ......... just no
  3. Yes, probably moving at 2Km per hour so all my life goes down .... no man, that shit is wrong, it's a bug
  4. So... I was playing the other day, I was driving in order to hit some players, I missed one, then I tried to stop the car and get out of it safely, you can see the speed down left on the screen corner, I have no speed when I get out of the car and ... BOOM all my life goes down. Really annoying. CAR STOP BUG VIDEO
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