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  1. toen72

    Sanhok killed Pubg

    True Story @erkogbg
  2. toen72

    Cheating Discussion

    cheeeeaaaater eeeeveeeerrryyyrwhere *sing* we need a ban hammer....
  3. toen72

    #unknown at pubg.op.gg = cheaters?

    i think all #unknown are new accounts on pubg.op.gg. the old account was suspended for cheating. but i dont know, it is only an assumption.
  4. toen72

    Cheating Discussion

    we need a real anticheat system..... no fake anticheat system!!!!!!! every second game are cheater inside
  5. toen72

    Cheating Discussion

    We need Region Lock... I'm sick of it to play versus chinese hacker!!! half year and you can cease the EU server support!
  6. toen72

    Cheating Discussion

    to many cheater, every game............. it is very frustrating to play this game at the moment!!!!!!!!! only AS people on the EU Server