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  1. Admin,  why my id banned for this game by VAC,,  I never used any cheat,  

    Can you help me for this trouble,,  i play at net cafe,,  i think there problem started

    Playtime: 563 hours
    Purchased: Jun 23, 2017
    VAC or In-Game ban(s) on record

    When i played n find cheaters it soo make me angry,,  but that dont make me stop playing this games dude,,  i trust to this game,  n why this game no trust me,,  i know this game try to fix the cheaters,  i apreciate that,  but i dont wanna be a victims of that, you can check my status,,  i never kill more 10 kill T T.. 

    Sorry for my bad english n that kind a words,,  but no one answer for my complain,,  i complain 5 admin n no answer at all,, 

    Sorry and thanks 

    1. acik212



      In game name:

      17 digit Steam ID:

      a steamID STEAM_0:0:11101
      steamID64 76561197960287930


      Ban appeal reason:
      I Never use any cheat,  i play in net cafe with so many people play in that computers,  but if have any ilegal programs in that computer that must be for another program,  i dont feel any diference for pubg game, if have any record for my match,  you can see i didnt have special moves,  shoots,  or something,,  thanks a lot,