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  1. Also, this hasnt been a problem for me before with 350 hrs of play
  2. I only experience lag when getting hit and it is making it impossible for me to react properly. I have videos but cant attach
  3. I have been experiencing massive lag when getting shot. so much so I can't react properly. (no not my reaction times). I get hit, know where I am getting shot from but as I try to turn if I get hit again I lag and then the camera shoots off after the lag stops. If this happens I am pretty much dead as I end up in a loop
  4. I7-6700k GTX 1080 16Gb RAM I've spoken to my laptop manufacturer (Nvidia support had no idea after a couple of hours in live chat) and they reckon it's a failing GPU that needs replacing Sad times
  5. I have mine set to 120, though most settings are v low or low (except viewing distance and texture) and i was getting 100 fps regularly. (Even when I first started playing and had everything on ultra I was getting 55-70 fps) I haven't changed any settings but after the update it is now a constant 40 fps. Like it's being limited
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