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  1. https://clips.twitch.tv/MoralSarcasticClamOneHand Both me and my friend, as seen in the clip face the problem with different setups, glitch on the map.
  2. The highest of rewards on winning not added to the main menu on wins. This happened on test servers a few times in duos and squads when bp were finally added for fpp. Now I have noticed this happening on live version with me, friends and saw a post on Facebook as well. 2 squad wins, 1 duo win, 2nd in duo, the Facebook post was a solo win.
  3. Hi, I have noticed this issue with me(and a friend as well) where our game would crash when we left a rain weather game during the warmup, we avoid rain as it leaves you deaf and irritable after the game. For me the error is bad_module whereas in my friend's case, it says something about application error or something.
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