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  1. When is this gonna be fixed? Seems like such a minor issue and it's been in the game for weeks now.
  2. Kreuterhumpfen

    Very serious hitbox issues

    The issues just keep piling up and we barely see any fixes, only apologies and "our engineers are working on it", well work on this. This is actually game-breaking.
  3. Somehow 9 bullets just went straight through this guy close range. https://streamable.com/oxymo
  4. Seen multiple reports over this, maybe it's time to fix random pixels or w/e it is flipping vehicles and thus killing yourself? https://streamable.com/iz2q6
  5. Kreuterhumpfen

    General Vehicle Issues, Bugs and Unpredictable Physics

    Bike flips and kills me on asphalt, no bumps or anything. https://streamable.com/iz2q6