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  1. You're in PUBG PC support right now. PUBG lite support is here: https://litesupport.pubg.com/hc/en-us
  2. ISP: PLDT Country: Philippines Server: SEA Last occurence: around 7-8PM yesterday. singapore time GMT+8 Ping was +200 in SEA while AS have 60-80ms. 2-3 weeks ago, we get high ping or constant packet loss every night this week, it only happened yesterday, and I hope there won't be any. I want to contact my ISP support, but I don't know what to tell them.
  3. Invisible ridge at long range, see through but can't shoot through it. This is an issue for a long while, are devs aware of this already? Falling animation while walking or moving on a rocky platform, cause you to cancel or unable to ADS, and end up losing the fight Unable to walk over the peak or ridge of the roof on some houses. you need to jump or vault over it
  4. will there be a fix on invisible wall/ridge issue at long range?
  5. Same here and one of my friend. issue started around a week or two before update #30. Also, connection to SEA is bad every night. ping is high. from PH
  6. This happens to me and one of my friend. need fix soon. This issue started around 2 weeks ago, before update#30
  7. Too late to edit. More info: Match ID: - - 091FE8 - SEA userID: Ai_AzE Time: Around Phase 5 PS: we won the game.
  8. Stuck at this pose after reviving a teammate. Forward direction (W key) is stuck locked to northwest. To fix this, you need to revive someone again. I suspect this bug was triggered by packet loss or unstable internet. I was uploading a small image in the background, I'm on DSL (90KB/s max upload).
  9. Did you guys updated your Windows 10 to 1903?
  10. Lag when someone is shooting. (see video) Windows Audio Service CPU usage is 6-15% when that happens. can go as high as 27%. Is that normal? is my CPU just too weak for this? I updated my realtek drivers with windows update, and it is still the same. Specs: Windows 10 1903 Intel i5-4460 GTX 1070 | v430.86 driver 12GB DDR3 1600Mhz Dual Channel + flex mode 120GB SSD | OS drive 240GB SSD | Game files drive
  11. Check the sound settings. your headphone might have been set to [Front speaker] control panel > Hardware and Sound > sound > Speaker [or select your headphone] > configure > select Stereo > *next > uncheck [front left right] > *next > finish.
  12. Like wd40t said, the survivor pass expired a week ago, and season 3 was over this week. Why do you want to buy it anyway?
  13. Don't select "Optimal Power", that's like power saving. select Adaptive instead. you must be worried if you're temp goes 80c. cleaning is a good idea. Your probably need to change the thermal paste if you haven't done that for a year.
  14. ouch. you got banned for having a mouse and software that can be used for cheating (no recoil macro/script) you gotta ask them to lift the band and teach you how use your mouse without getting banned. If this is your first time, they might unban you since you're not aware of this
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