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  1. Bug Description: I could see through the doors and walls when I moved against them after having my game crash while on the spawn island, and reconnecting just as I was starting to free fall *(perhaps this has something to do with why flashes work through doors?) at the same time, same game, animation for picking items up off the floor looked like my hands were reaching up through the floor? please see the two videos https://sendvid.com/t9mjhmrb https://sendvid.com/3gkg4x16 Date Seen: NOV 13 Server: TEST Servers FPP NA Other Information: Flashbang also works through doors Launch Options: System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 64 Graphics Card: GTX 960 CPU: i5-6600 Ram: 16GB
  2. this thread is about "general vehicle issues and bugs" --
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