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    I appreciate the addition of the automatic reload option when you run out of bullets in a clip. However, WHY would you implement this before finding a solution to "tap to reload" being implemented? Most decent players reload during fire fights behind cover mid clip. "Hold to reload" is absolutely absurd and the worst thing I have ever experienced in gaming history. Inexecuble that this is still a problem a year later.
  2. iChristopher

    Still getting lost connection to host

    They didn't say they fully fixed it. If you read the patch notes they said they can't replicate the issue and added the ability to show Game Id# when you get the disconnection. So when you are getting the error submit a report with the new ID it will show. Then they can zero in on what the problem is.
  3. iChristopher


    Yes, they made the left stick too sensitive. Had to turn mine up to 10 to get it to stop. On live servers its on 0