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  1. Goofy The Scot

    Question for top level players

    Popped by Mr Critic's stream myself over the weekend! Was on Mixer having a browse and thought to myself "im sure that ZCritic fella posts on the forum" so i jumped in and said hello He's a terrible player btw, i wouldnt listen to a word he says jk, he is indeed a top player and a down-to-earth lad at that! Enjoyed watching him trying to get a dinner minus a helmet (challenge from one of his subs ). I'm sure a lot of us could learn a thing or two from him so drop by and say hello in his stream
  2. Goofy The Scot

    Fix the freaking 4 times scope please

    Awwww booo
  3. Goofy The Scot

    Fix the freaking 4 times scope please

    You can change the 3X reticle? What? Why don't i know this? Will have to check this tonight as i only thought you could alter the brightness!
  4. Goofy The Scot

    Any Plans to increase the loot on Erangel / Miramar?

    We tend to hit up the "god buildings" in Los Leones, there's 3 of them pretty much right next to each other on the south side. Add in a couple of the big sheds then maybe a multi-storey each and we're generally good to go. Erangel nowadays we tend to drop either South George or Mil Base depending on the flight path, the 2 story buildings at South George are probably the best spot these days imho.
  5. Goofy The Scot

    Any Plans to increase the loot on Erangel / Miramar?

    Miramar feels ok to me tbh, never have any major issues finding decent loot. Erangel on the other hand definitely feels like it's been nerfed since release...... but that could also be the new compounds "stretching" the same loot over larger areas/spawns.
  6. Large chance of thunder in Pochinki tonight!
  7. Goofy The Scot

    Throwing smoke grenade warning

    I used to have the same issue, then my X1X began shutting itself down due to overheating. This happened maybe 5 or 6 times over a 2 week period. Unfortunately my 1X was just out of the warranty period so i decided to rip it apart and replace the thermal paste on the cpu/heatskin. The old stuff was a mess, they'd used far too much for starters, and it was hard and crusty. Cleaned it all off and used a thin layer of Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut grease then rebuilt. Havent had a shutdown since and cant remember the last time my fan sounded like a jumbo jet either. If your X is still under warranty i'd seek a replacement - if not then you could take the risk like i did...... but i accept no responsibility for bricked consoles
  8. Goofy The Scot

    Apex Vs PUBG??!!!

    One has the worst netcode ever in an online shooter....... and the other one's PUBG
  9. Goofy The Scot

    Apex Vs PUBG??!!!

    Black Ops 4 vs Mario Kart on the SNES? You choose! I'm a Mario Kart man personally
  10. Goofy The Scot

    Salute to Andy

    One of our own....... he's one of our own...... oh PUBG_Andy, he's one of our own!
  11. Goofy The Scot

    10 grenade challenge tips.

    Smart thinking!
  12. Goofy The Scot

    What should PUBG steal?

    Same, it's a great mechanic! The contextual leaning in Battlefield sucks ass imho
  13. Goofy The Scot

    What should PUBG steal?

    Nice to see you return to the forums @PUBG_RoboDanjal Not so much stealing from other games but i would like to see some simple QOL improvements........ 1). Hold to sprint. I use this in every other shooter i play, makes me feel far more in control of my character. 2). Ability to change playzone circle colour on map, Vikendi and Miramar circles can be difficult to see at times, obviously dependent on each players gaming setup of course. Me personally, it takes me longer than it should to see the circle when i bring up the map, i should be able to see it with a quick split-second glance. 3). Faster cursor speed on map screen (or a separate sens setting for it so we can adjust to our own tastes). The cursor/icon speed was raised way back when the game was still in preview then slowed down again in a later patch - it really needs to be speeded up again as it takes ages to mark anything. 4). 1 button press to mark your current position on map. Kinda ties in with #3 - In squad games this would be especially handy in order to quickly mark armour, weapons, meds etc for teammates. 5). Input buffering. Self explanatory and pretty much a staple of all major shooters. Switch weapons and hold LT too soon (in Type B) and you won't ADS at all. You also get thrown out of ADS if you step down a stair/move over a small decline etc (anything that triggers an animation basically) and you will only re-ADS by releasing then repressing LT. It's quite annoying and has gotten me killed a lot. Many PC streamers have complained about this too, in particular i remember watching it happen to an unexpectedly "salty" chocoTaco as his aim popped out of ADS by falling down a hut step on Sanhok resulting in his death. There's 5 small things that would make a massive difference to me personally without asking for the usual 60 fps, faster rendering of both buildings and weapon spawns etc which i'm hopeful the team is working on already. Progress just feels really slow to most of us truth be told.
  14. Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!! Never heard of him/her Edit - i killed them using the Bluezone? Wha? lol