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  1. Goofy The Scot

    FPP idea....

    I think my biggest issue with FPP in PUBG (other than feeling like a dwarf) is the low framerate - when you go from playing Battlefield at 60fps to playing PUBG at 25-30fps it just doesn't feel good at all to me. I did play a fair bit of FPP when it first came out since my playstyle and thought process is based on FPP (probably the cause of many of my deaths in TPP tbh - i regularly push people when theyre in cover, forgetting that theyre watching my every move from the comfort of their wall/tree etc). You know how to get a bigger FPP playerbase - 60FPS, simples.
  2. Goofy The Scot

    What are the best controller settings?

    One of the reasons i hate COD is the lack of sensitivity options (hipfire sensitivity being tied to ADS sensitivity is just stupid) - if PUBG tried to force me into using "their" settings id just wave goodbye. Every person is different, each of us have different reflex speeds and different "touch" on the thumbsticks. Some people are quite aggressive and heavy handed with their controllers while others are soft and smooth - this is why every game should always have a large amount of settings customization. What works for one person wont necessarily work for the next. Example - my best mate and i have played a lot of Battlefield over the years, my sens is set to 100/100 while his is 40/80, last round we had on saturday the 2 of us were first and second on the leaderboard with almost identical kills and deaths...... we both use elite controllers yet our settings are completely different. Edit - i actually capped that round lol - https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/goofy-the-scot/screenshot/11998020 Tbh, if anything, PUBG needs more options, inner and outer deadzone options for starters, ability to set aim acceleration so that it kicks in when you want it to rather than the current implementation.
  3. Goofy The Scot

    Ray of Light

    Wish i could get so many games in a row without seeing Sanhok, i actually detest playing on it now, feels so boring to me
  4. Goofy The Scot

    Ray of Light

    I thought the point of battle royale was to be the last man/woman/team standing? Congrats on the 5 in a row OP, thats no mean feat! Managed 3 in a row once (1 duo then 2 squad games) and that was pretty awesome!
  5. Goofy The Scot

    Why isnt this an achievement?

    Ive done this quite a few times in duos and squads if we lose players early - good for a laugh and especially satisfying if you can get the squad wipe with a suicide nade
  6. Goofy The Scot

    Small patch this morning?

    We're not crazy!
  7. Goofy The Scot

    Small patch this morning?

    Playing right now with 2 friends, all 3 of us are experiencing "strange" audio........... like your own footsteps sounding like there's an enemy close by....... just strange that all 3 of us have noticed it, anyone else?
  8. Goofy The Scot

    Ever wonder why the X needs an SSD now?

    I played PUBG on its release day on xbox, december 2017. Installed on ssd external at that point as i'd been using that setup for a couple of years anyway - on the X1X i could see every building on Erangel when i jumped out of the plane. Sure it was buggy and we suffered plenty of crashes........ but it was still awesome. I said it ages ago, this one-size-fits-all approach was and still is a terrible idea, especially from Microsoft's POV. "Enhanced for the Xbox1X" was one of the taglines....... some joke that was.
  9. Goofy The Scot


    Ok i will........... wait, that wasnt directed at me was it?
  10. How are you enjoying the looting? Its a shame the looting and inventory in general completely sucks ass........ and dont get me started on the stupid V1 rockets!!!!
  11. Goofy The Scot

    Crate chasing advice please guys...

    Step 1 - find a 2-seater motorbike Step 2 - flip bike and die while heading towards drop Step 3 - ........... i forget where i was going with this
  12. Goofy The Scot

    So now teaming in squad is a thing?

    I must have a ton of teamkills then
  13. Goofy The Scot

    Leaning Throwables

    Other thing i regularly see from pc players is jumping while throwing nades........ cant seem to perfect it on xbox though
  14. Goofy The Scot

    any networking gurus?

    Just knock a big hole in the wall then you can shout to each other Cant say ive had any party issues with any of my friends tbh. I too have enabled port forwarding on my router (issues with GTA online years ago) and my NAT is always open.
  15. Goofy The Scot

    Elite controller....hmmm the jury is out.

    Yep, 39 years ancient here too - took me a while to get used to the Elite in the beginning too. I actually ended up using just the two smaller paddles but swapped them around and use them in the bottom slots (where the large paddles were initially) - felt far more comfortable to me. For PUBG my two paddles are mapped for leaning left and right and my right thumbstick is remapped to B for quick crouching. It will take time to get used to it, especially having used a regular controller for years. Don't give up though OP, yes you will press the wrong buttons regularly for a while, but once you get used to it you'll see the benefits