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  1. Thats the one........ except i always have a beer sitting at the end of the rink
  2. I can't make wednesdays unfortunately (well, not for another couple of months), out bowling/drinking
  3. How did you end up with 140 gas masks btw? Planning a military invasion are we?
  4. Not a problem, its actually something we could do with too tbf........ id like a "sell all duplicates" button if im being honest. I have so many dupes and theres no way i'm spending 3 years in the laggy menu selling them 1 at a time
  5. This^^ Doesn't matter how fast your internet is if you're connecting to a server halfway across the globe with a ping of 300. Lag/desync/whatever-you-want-to-call-it will always be a thing in online multiplayer gaming due to every player connecting to the server at different speeds. Throw in server stability issues and there's just no way to completely mitigate it other than playing on LAN. Glad we're finally getting the network ui with the new update, be interesting to see just exactly how consistent their servers actually are (and how consistent my own connection is).
  6. I think the playerbase in general have been spolied with the loot tables on Sanhok (and Vikendi to a lesser degree) where you're generally decently kitted within a minute or so of hitting the ground. The loot on Erangel is nowhere near as good as it was at game launch imho. It may be that the additional compounds have diluted the level of good loot at the old hotspots or it may have received a stealth nerf at some point, either way i'm really looking forward to the buff we're about to receive.
  7. Not really sure how the weapon mastery thing works, ive seen the trinkets dangling from guns on PC streams (no interest in that at all, looks daft/cheesy to me), is that all there is or do you unlock weapon skins too?
  8. The Beryl's been my favourite AR since it was added to the game! Won a forum game on Sanhok with it a couple of weeks ago and first thing someone in the party said was "you use the Beryl?" in a tone that suggested they think i'm mad (partially true 😛 ). Best DPS of any world spawn AR, recoil doesnt feel too bad to me (not as bad as firing a MK14 on full-auto with no attachments anyway!). The only bad thing about it is it's weaker in midrange than an M416, SCAR etc so i'll generally try to run it alongside a DMR rather than a bolt-action.
  9. As an old fart with slow reflexes...... ill take that
  10. I agree with you regarding the boat-jump damage but i do feel you should take quite hefty damage jumping out of a vehicle at anything beyond 20 mph. The thing i don't like is the amount of damage you take when you crash a vehicle at lower speeds, especially when hitting "invisible" bumps in the terrain. I watch PC players regularly slam vehicles into walls/houses at high speed without taking any damage, try that on xbox and you get a free trip back to the lobby.
  11. Pfffft, i struggle to carry myself
  12. Have fun dude...... and thanks for the carry a couple weeks back
  13. Textures were way better when the game released, they look like ass now.
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