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  1. There isn't EU test servers as it is ask by all the community. So, impossible to test and improve the match making => Result MM is bugged in the #30 Update (force to play NA/SA instead of EU with 100 to 350ms ping) and still no fixed still released...
  2. Problem still present today, force to play NA or SA instead of EU... What the fucking MatchMaking doing ? NEED FIX
  3. EU servers down... Force to play on SA/NA with 200ms ping -> Need Fix
  4. Systematically the MM send us in NA or SA servers with 100 to 250 ms of ping, unplayable... Need Fix !
  5. I confirm, Desync is still present, taking bullet behind a cover (tree/rock), so annoying.
  6. Up, my mate and me killed by the same player who is very strange and we have both our game crash, impossible to see death cam and by consequence impossible to report him. So strange, we think there is a new kind of cheat to prevent report !!!
  7. You can report this kind of player here : https://support.pubg.com/hc/en-us Since update #20, 2 times strange people kill me, impossible to see death cam ; PUBG crash... another kind of cheat to prevent report them !!!
  8. Nice Team : MrGranko28 + QhhLst + BESERVlCE + ...
  9. Brendan Greene had the nerve to say during PGI : "The number of cheaters in the game is really low..." IT IS A SHAME !!! I think they are blind, in reality they don't detect cheats, it's not possible otherwise. I'm coming back from vacations since yesterday, played a dozen of game and I'm sure I encountered at least 3 cheaters, which makes 30% of part rotten by cheaters, whose the 2 below : - "hashemk" aimbot clearly, 3 HS when I decaled (66.7% HS stats) - "peeFF" aimbot clearly (75% HS stats) and wallhack evident, 20% of win, 40% of top10, with a rating of only 1,79 thanks to system... Most of the time they are new account who never played before last seasons, or show a clearly improvement of statistics, it's relatively easy to spot them and put them under surveillance. I have never seen as many cheaters as in PUBG in all the games I've played before (more than 20 years of gaming), it's really annoying. In this conditions, PGI is just a shame, Community of players get fucked by Blue Hole who should work seriously if they doesn't want PUBG to die by itself, the way to esport ready is really faaar...
  10. Still not banned, Blue Hole move your fucking ass or don't be surprised that your game is dying, 1 week after new map only 300k players, no more interesting streamer, it's far from the 2m of last year... In game report system seems useless and ticket not working...cheater undetected despite an evident pattern -> players are tired and move.
  11. Cheats can really kill a game, that already appear before and it will be the case for PUBG if Blue Hole don't make sufficient actions, the PUBG community attendance is decreasing... When FPS competitors coming with a BR based on a better game (netcode, engine, cheaterless...), PUBG will be defintively dead, and it's for soon.
  12. Some steam friends (not all but always the same since the 1.0) are invisible in the lobby the on the window on the right bottom corner, si it is impossible to invite them in a squad, is it possible to fix this issue,it is very embarrassing to play with friends.
  13. Bug met several times : in crouch position, open a door : you player gets up and come back in crouch.
  14. In the 1.0 release on live server, we are affected by a serious problem : we are unable to invite friends to create squad because we don't see friend in the window despite refresh, so it impossible to play in squad with friends.
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