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  1. Please make a way for us to view the deathcam AND then spectate. Currently you can only do Spectate OR deathcam thanks
  2. Thanks for your post Rev. What you suggested is interesting but this one comment (boxed above) basically outlines the problem with the current system. Currently for reasons outlined in other threads, posts and experiments by users that is sanhok about 7 out of 10 games. The other 3 games go to erangel or whatever the current favorite is. Until you can solve that problem you will continue to have the less desirable outcomes we have now. My original post was not intended to solve the problem outright. I'm not even sure it can be solved. It was simply to stop having to constantly leave games that I'm placed in, on maps I don't want to play on.
  3. @DeadlyEggXoP I don't know who you were addressing. Me or No_Fingurz or both? You also sound pretty certain you know how matchmaking works. I'm skeptical but assuming you are correct then; My suggestion makes no change to the current matchmaking system except when deciding what queue to place you in, it would only select from the maps you have left after deselecting a map or two. However they are placing you in a queue it would do it the same way but without consideration for that map. You would still use quick join. I never suggested it be removed. Currently using the selection method you have only two choices. Use quick join or select a single map and start that way. Using my suggestion if you wanted to play a certain map then deselect all except that one.. Or you can deselect one and use quick join to jump into any of the other three ... Or other two. whatever. On any given day I may or may not want to play on a certain map but do want to play on any of the others. Using the deselection method that is possible. Using the selection method that is not possible because you can only select one map and not several. Assuming they don't totally revamp the whole matchmaking system. Even if they only let you deselect one map (you didn't want to play on) instead of several that would be an improvement. over the one or all current selection method we have now. imo
  4. 1st let me say sorry for bringing this up yet again but... this is only a suggestion. 2nd I speak only for NA (USA specifically) and FPP mode. Most in that region as well as pubg personnel are aware that match making in that region/mode is not functioning as intended for a host of reasons I don't wish to dig up yet again. There are other regions that also have issues such as SEA (I base that on posts I've read) but I can't say this will help with their problem or not. The quick join feature is the most effective way to get a map these days in NA/FPP (and possibly other regions/modes). Selecting a specific map does not work well unless you want a match in sanhok or erangel. May I suggest that instead of the current method of selecting a specific map you want to play on you change things to deselect 1 or 2 maps that you don't want to play on. This still allows you to use quick join to get a game on whatever maps remain. I recognize it will not get you a match on Vikendi or Miramar but at least you will not have to be routinely leaving a map or maps you do not want to play on. Just a suggestion from someone tired of constantly having to "Leave current match".
  5. This hasn't happened for a little while (since April 21st) but it happened again today. This time there was no Steam update so that was apparently not the cause. Just coincidence. Interestingly though I was irritated at getting shot in the back so I went to death cam as soon as it gave me a button. Something I mentioned previously. Lastly I'm pretty sure I lost credit for some progress obtained during the game toward one of the missions for the week since I had to terminate the game without returning to the lobby (loot 50 items). Is there any more info I can give you to help id this?
  6. The funniest version of this I've seen was when a drop landed exactly at the top tip of a tree. I didn't even know that was possible. Wish I could have gotten a picture too. BTW I doubt your expensive skins make you a vip or is likely to cause the devs to jump right on this. They will probably do it because they think it is important to do (or not to do because I think there is an argument for "that's the way it goes" also). I'm not trying to be irritating or hostile or troll you ... I'm just sayin'
  7. Yeah there is a reason for no region selection. Basically (and I speak mostly about the NA region where I live) during the height of the cheating that broke out sometime after the game was released but before battleye was released and they got it mostly under control, there was a HUGE outcry from everyone for region locking so Chinese players could not come to the NA servers and play (and cheat, as if that would solve it). Another reason was players from other regions would enter the games and their pings would be so high they would look like they were warping around. There are probably other reasons too but that's the basics. So many people whined and moaned and groaned for quite some time for region lock as a solution to the problems. Pubg devs listened and created the system we have now with region locking. I knew that was a mistake then and it is clear now that it has been a mistake. The only way to play in another region now is via a VPN. The VPN software costs money and the average person can't afford or justify the software and monthly fees. ... Just my opinion ...
  8. On 4/21/2019 at 3:44 AM, PLZREPORTME said: Did you update your nvidia drivers also? I ask because my win 10 system did security updates last week and was fine but then I updated my nvidia drivers to 425.31 (nvidia geforce 1080) and it became so unstable I had to roll everything back prior to the MS security updates. Then I did the win10 security updates again. I'm going to wait out this version 425.31 for the next one from nvidia. This is the first time I've seen this from nvidia. Perhaps it unique to my system or perhaps something in the win10 update caused a problem with the nvidia, Not sure. But that's my story and I'm sticking with it.
  9. I've noticed a similar thing. When looting sometimes I go to pick up something, think I've got it only to take some steps and realize it didn't register. Dragging stuff from one side of the loot menu to my side is delayed a little too sometimes. I think it might be a server/client issue in responding back and forth. but I'm no informed expert.
  10. I am not an authority but I get the servers are too busy error once in a while also (NA West coast). I think it means precisely what it says the Pubg servers are too busy. If I'm not mistaken the second error (fail to authenticate) is when Steam cannot be contacted to verify your login credentials. Since you are getting both errors a lot is it possible your internet connection is not as robust or reliable as it needs to be? modem? router wired/wireless connection? Internet service provider? PC network setup?
  11. Wish I could have edited the original but too late by several days The date was actually 4/20/2019 and not Feb.
  12. I'd like to post an update to this. (it was too late to just edit the original). After I posted the bug report I went to start the game again and got a prompt from the Steam installer that Steam wanted to update the steam client. I did as it asked and then the game started. That is when it occurred to me that many times (Most/all of the time...not sure??) when I see these crashes and strange things and have to kill the game, afterwards there seems to be a steam client update before I can restart the game. I wonder if what is happening is that the client update is interfering with the game somehow. Perhaps the game is being held up while steam is waiting for a response to the client updater?
  13. Date Seen: 4/21/2019 Area of Map: Sanhok near Paradise Resort. Minimap and pictures show location It's beside the rock wall that runs along there and not a single rock (picture doesn't show this only a portion of wall) Description: I was running in the blue and stopped by the the bush next to the rock in the first picture (the picture shows me looking at the spot). I was crouched in the bush and started applying bandages to heal a little. After 2 or 3 bandages I noticed that I wasn't very far from the blue edge so I decided rather than waste anymore time applying bandages I'd run for the neutral zone and leave the blue before healing. I stood up to run (don't know if I got a step off or not) and suddenly my screen showed me falling. I stopped under the map as shown in the second picture. I figured that was the end so I was about to press escape (or maybe I did press it, not really sure) and leave the match when I was suddenly above the map again and good to go. I was under the map for maybe 5 - 10 seconds before this happened. 2nd pic shows the blue moved while I was under the map. When I jumped up to run it was visible in field below. Video: Just Pics
  14. Date Seen: April 21, 2019 But have been seeing this happen since the last several patches. It happens randomly. Game may work fine over many days then it happens or it may happen a time or two in a single day. Area of Map: anywhere, any map Description: After being killed, pressing the death cam button switches to the screen below but the game locks at that point and the death cam replay never comes up. Game must be terminated with taskmgr. System responds to ctrl/alt/del to run the taskmgr but the rest of the pc is hung up. Nothing can be started. Once program is terminated the pc comes back to life. After validating files there is always one file that doesn't validate and "will be reacquired". However this seems to be the case every time the game crashes for any reason. It may be a symptom not a cause. This seems to happen most often when I'm in a hurry and press the death cam button as soon as the countdown ends. I can't tell you if that has anything to do with it or not. Video: pic
  15. Sorry had two bugs to report and posted this one in the wrong place. Deleted it.
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