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  1. Minor issue but I encountered this glitch today in the tower in Castle on Vikendi
  2. Description Unselected weapons aren't shown as empty in the Weapon Slot HUD. I 'd like them to be shown in red color, too. To avoid confusion, the icon of the selected weapon could be a very strong red, while the unselected one's would be in a lighter red. Also, if a weapon is only partially loaded, it could be shown in a yellow or orange color. --------------------------------------------- This might be a bug but there is also a key bind that will cause the hud to do this as well I think it is CTRL/U by default. That might be all that is wrong. This is just a suggestion.
  3. I see that this request is fulfilled in a recent patch right after I posted this. This no doubt means the team was already working on something in regards to this before I posted so kudos to the devs. Thanks.
  4. Truth is it's been asked for for at least 6 months or more. I've personally post the same suggestion 2 or 3 times. In light of all the other things they are doing it's probably not a big priority for them. BUT I too would like to see this change. I don't really see a reason why it needs to be toggle to begin with (although I'm not sure if it would make dropping X amount of inventory a problem or not. Guess it would depend on how close the drop by amount key was compared to the inventory key since you would need to hold both for a few seconds while dragging inventory out of the column.
  5. Do you have some statistic to back that up? Without some proof that is just your purely subjective opinion. Everyone I know plays FPP. I'm sure a lot of people play TPP but I encounter a lot that play FPP. I'm in NA btw. On topic though I have trouble getting matches on miramar in solo. I will get 1 or 2 in a min or two then 30 min or more after that. Needless to say I did that a couple times and won't wait any more. Go off to other maps or just quit.
  6. Over the last few days I have watched my stats pretty closely after reading that you could not drop rank. As far as being in Elite for example then dropping back to Platinum I do not know about that since I never dropped that much in my current level. * I CAN tell you that your Rating points CAN and DO go down if you do poorly a few rounds and will go UP if you do well a few rounds. That is for sure! I am guessing that your rank catagory (platinum, bronze ... whatever) would also move along with the Rating Points.
  7. The training map is great. Thanks a lot for doing it. I have a request/suggestion for the training map. Could we get some of the red/green spinners (circled in red in picture) on the rifle ranges at the 100, 200, 300 meter distances. Here is why. Currently the spinners are only at the 50 meter distance and way out there at like 600+ meters. Rifles like the VSS and pistols have a big bullet arch but there are no red/green spinners to shoot at. I recognize that there are body silhouettes (circled in blue in picture) but the problem with them is that you can hit them anywhere and they will flip over. In fact you can miss the target altogether and just hit the board and they will flip over thus giving the illusion that you hit the target. To really know if you are on target you need those small red/green spinners, which are head sized, to shoot at. Also there is a VSS at the range BUT there is no 9mm ammo for it. It would be nice to have a couple boxes around the range like there are with 5.56 and 7.62 and .300 ammo. You don't need a ton of it just a couple boxes. Keep up the good work.
  8. I notice that when you read the patch notes the little yellow dot in the corner of the patch notes button on the lobby screen goes away. I assumed that this was a flag of sorts that there was something new to read and when it went away it was an indicator that the notes had already been read. BUT I now realize that every time you start the game AND every time the lobby is reloaded after playing a game the little yellow dot comes back again. You can click on the button and it will go away but will come back again. Don't know if this is the way it was intended to work or if it is a bug. Just letting you know.
  9. avoideray


    FYI: The bug happens when looking out the left side of the plane. A right side look (and I'm told the front look) doesn't seem to have the problem.
  10. Now that the latest patch has added a button for Patch notes may I suggest that you utilize that button to also notify people of pending downtime. If that is not feasible then perhaps you could place a blurb in one of the announcement banner areas in advance (although I like the first idea better since you can raise a red flag to get peoples attention). As a third alternative I guess you could add a dedicated downtime button or something but that seems like a lot of unnecessary work. This notification would be most important the day before and the day of the downtime. I would guess that the number of players that go to the PUBG website OR the Forums website is considerably smaller than the total number of players So most people aren't even aware of pending downtime until they suddenly cannot connect to a server but if it was in the lobby menu everyone that plays would have an opportunity to see and be aware of it at least before it happened. I do recognize there will always be some that don't see the notice for a host of reasons but most would. However If I knew there was necessary downtime today at such and such a time I would not find the downtime to be so completely irritating. As it is now I generally have to check my internet connect status, Check my Steam connection, and a host of other things that could be the cause before giving up and saying "must be downtime for a patch or something. Guess that's it for today". I think it would reduce a lot of the communities irritation, frustration and angst when downtime is taking place. Please consider this suggestion.
  11. For those of you above who posted about stats going down by using the pubg.op.gg site, that is a 3rd party site not associated with Bluehole/PUBG (as near as I can tell). But even if it was associated with them the thing people are posting about is the IN-GAME statistics and not an external site (whether affiliated with pugb or not). Not arguing, just trying to clarify the conversation. btw that is an interesting site. Thanks.
  12. The last time I heard they were using an ELO rating system (that is btw the most common system used to rate chess players). Assuming this is correct and you cannot lose rank then it sounds like they aren't using it anymore. OR they do use it but throw out drops in rank. If you can't lose rank points anymore then that begs the question; Are you matched up based on rank points? If so then that is the only reason I would care whether or not you could lose rank points. Example: Used be I would improve until my rank got so high I would begin getting killed quickly and regularly. As I dropped in rank eventually I'd start doing better again.. It was like a wave. BUT if you don't lose rank points and they use rank points to match players for games then you would eventually end up playing with people who are too good for your skill level.
  13. 1) I use the keypad rather than WASD and I have had some problems when I had too many functions bound to the same key. My problems surrounded the drop inventory function also. It would not always work because crouch was also bound to the right ctrl key along with the drop function. My solution was to move the drop to the keypad + and I had no more problems. Your quickest solution would be to try something similar (bind something to a different key) If I might also suggest that it sounds like perhaps you "might" have a conflict in the gameplay menu where you have one of your functions using toggle while some others are using hold (either in the menu or by default) and both are bound to your shift key. You can play around with it on the training server to come up with a solution. 2) No suggestion other than what's in 1) 3) I've seen a lot of people say the same thing (including myself) and I think it must be the new normal. So here's a tip for everyone. If you want to drop some ammo because you need to pick up something and your inventory is full, instead of using the drop, grab a stack of ammo and drop it, then pick up the item, then pick up the ammo again. The item will be placed in your inventory and the ammo will be placed back in your inventory (minus the exact amount the new item you added takes up). You won't have to guess how much ammo you need to drop to pick up the new item. Of course if you just want to get rid of some stuff that tip won't help but for me making more room in the pack is the most common thing I run into in this regard.
  14. I think it might be more than the AS/KR region you are in. I'm in NA (west coast). I can't tell you exactly when this started because sometimes I cannot play PUBG for days or even a week because of other things going on BUT on Friday 10/19/2018 with Miramar selected it would take about 8-12 min average. However as of Sunday 10/21/2018 around 5 - 5:30pm pst I gave up after waiting for 31min. Yesterday I got two matches within a few min. after which I waited 30 min. then gave up and had to select 'quick join' to play a match. About 75% were sanhok and about 25% were erangel (just an estimate) .