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  1. GimpUnknown

    Switched over from console

    All of the above is good advice, but don't overlook the simple things as well. Get a big mouse pad! Seriously, you need me the room to move. I can't believe how long I struggled playing on the average sized mouse pad. Go big, you won't regret it
  2. I don't see team killing as that much of an issue. Its happened to me like twice in the past year.
  3. GimpUnknown

    TPP plagued by Radar Hacks..

    Wow, he was good!
  4. GimpUnknown

    Push To Talk

    This pisses me off as well. The OP isn't talking about the "mustering area" he's talking about the actual lobby before you even "ready up". If you're in a squad and you have push to talk enabled you can't do it in the lobby. Once your in the mustering area you can talk to your team, but in the lobby the only way to communicate is to go into setting and change the mic to always on. It's really annoying. Seems like is should be a easy fix, but it's been like this for ages.
  5. GimpUnknown

    New skins with Patch #28 are too expensive

    The thing is how much of the $10 goes to Wacky Jacky? I would rather just donate him $5 via his twitch stream, than pay $10 for a skin.
  6. GimpUnknown

    Miramar, I love thee....

    I've always loved Miramar, and I'm always that bit more excited when I get to play it. The game is far from dying. In the past few day's I've been squaded up with 3 seperate randoms who have said they've just come back to the game after a break of 6 months or more. And from my perspective the games in a good place at the moment, so let hope those 3 are indicative of a wider trend!
  7. GimpUnknown

    Why is PUBG still running so poorly?

    I was just thinking to myself last night how WELL the game is running at the moment. In my opinion the game is as good as it's ever been (cheating situation aside).
  8. GimpUnknown

    New skins with Patch #28 are too expensive

    There's no way in hell I'm paying $10 for a gun skin. I would maybe pay $5.00 if it was someone like Wacky Jacky's skin, just to support him as I've enjoyed his content for the past couple of years. But they are way over priced at $10.00. My credit card is staying firmly in my wallet.
  9. GimpUnknown

    Erangel Loot Rebalance - Gone too far

    Just adding my two cents. I played numerous games last night on Erangel and I didn't find there was loot overkill at all. I was playing squads and I think there's probably a good balance of loot now for that version of the game. I appreciate when it comes to solo's it may now be too easy to get kitted up. I'll try some rounds this weekend to get a feel for it. But lets remember, PUBG Corp made this change because so many people were moaning about the poor loot on Erangel. Sometimes they just can't win I guess.
  10. The one gun I love the sound and look of, is the Mk47 Mutant. The problem is I hardly every get the chance to use it as I always find something else more suitable. I want to carry an AR which can go full auto, along with something to sniper with. Whenever I pick up the Mutant for one of those two roles I inevitably find something more suited and I have to drop it.
  11. GimpUnknown

    I'm kinda getting mad now...

    As an OCE player, I feel your pain. But the reality is a simple lack of player numbers. I suspect PUBG corp does try to help the situation by back filling the OCE severs with Asian players (just a theory of mine as I often get squared up with mainland Chinese on the OC server), but that brings it own "problems". One point where I have to disagree with the OP. A 130ms ping is not kinda shit, it's totally playable. I end up on the NA servers at a 180ms ping a lot of the time and I'll be honest and say I really don't notice much difference in game play then when I'm on the OCE sever at 25ms. I do sometimes get put on servers with a 230ms ping, and that I do notice and I dislike. That seems to be a step too far in terms of playability.
  12. I used to never pick up the Beryl. A week ago I would have agreed with the OP. But I decided to try and complete one of the those weapon skin challenges over Easter and I picked the Beryl as the one to go for. I was running around looking for them specifically. I ran one entire game with a load out of two Beryls! I now really like it. I've managed to master the recoil, sort of, and I now win the close quarter battles where two of us a are spraying each other from <50 meters, when previously I would have died. It is a bit ugly, it doesn't sound as good as some of the other guns, but it is very effective if you preserver with it. From now on I will likely pick it up over the AKM anytime.
  13. A couple of weeks ago the cheating situation was a disaster, no argument here. I was reporting 2-3 players every few hours of game play. That being said, the past week or so has been much better from my perspective. I've reported a total of 2 players in the past four days (and I played a lot over the Easter break). One of those players got banned 2 hours after I reported him. Cheaters will always be there. The game sucks when cheaters are rampant, but during periods when the cheating seems to be mostly under control, like this past week, there's a lot of fun to be had.
  14. GimpUnknown

    in this garbage can?

    I'm not sure Google Translate worked perfectly in this instance.
  15. GimpUnknown

    Sounds like a bell when moving?

    Wow, so in one small post you've managed to insulate I have a shit PC and I'm not a "real" player! Tell me, how do you define a 'real' player? I'd love to know.