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  1. GimpUnknown

    Cheaters since latest patch

    I've definitely noticed an increase in cheaters over the past week or so. It's much like many of the past cycles. All of a sudden in normal game play many players can start taking shots from you, after you've totally surprised them, then in one quick motion swing around target your head and kill you. The past week or so I've suffered more suspect deaths than over the past two months. I've report 2 tonight alone. These things tend to happen cycles. It gets bad for a few weeks then they do a ban wave and the game is a million times better. You can feel it in the space of a day or two. Having played for over well 18 months now, I realize this is the time to cut back my game time a bit, wait for Battleeye to catch up, then get back to enjoying PUBG the way it's meant to be played. On an even playing field. I do hope they decide to implement a hardware ban for the cheating low life's. We are finally starting to see player numbers climb again, and it would be a crying shame if those coming back to the game quickly got turned off again due to rampant cheating!
  2. Same issues here. There's this from the twitter feed a day ago.... PC Players: The connectivity issues related to Steam have now been resolved. ........I suspect the issue has returned
  3. There's only one mission that counts, and it's the only one I actively try to achieve. It's to be the last one alive.
  4. I'm in your camp. Never had a problem with brightness of the whiteness. I've been loving the map for the past couple of weeks on the test server. Try adjusting your monitor settings.
  5. GimpUnknown


    As much as this would cause a very vocal backlash from those that "hate" to play TPP, I actually agree, that removing FPP for OC should be something that's considered. I've played both modes plenty of times, and they are both very enjoyable. I don't really prefer one over the other, although I know many people do have a preference. But the stats are there, I can't remember exactly, but I think like 30% or less play FPP.
  6. Considering sounds is one of the most important aspect of the game, I could think of nothing worse than having some other media playing while I'm dodging bullets left, right and center!
  7. GimpUnknown

    Looting QoL suggestions

    I'm a slow looter, but it's definitely not the games fault, it's me. Watching how fast some streamers can loot it's shocking. I don't think there needs to be changes, it's all about technique.
  8. Another American who can't believe they are not the center of the universe.
  9. I like it, bit it's going to take some time to get the same control back. In the long run I think it will be a good improvement.
  10. As an OC player in New Zealand, I really don't have a major problem with the current situation. Yes, I would prefer to play on OC servers all the time, but I realize that can't happen due to the 18 different game modes, and the low OC population. (Actually if you add in custom servers and the training map, there are 20 different game modes). When not on an OC server I get sent straight to NA, with a ping of around 200ms. The game is totally playable for me on NA. To be completely honest, I really don't even notice much performance difference between OC and NA. I appreciate that Australian players get sent to AS or SEA servers and their pings are higher. Maybe that makes a big difference. But from my perspective the games in a good spot and MM is working as well as can be expected.
  11. You can get under Volnova as well. Be careful there. They can shoot you from under the map.
  12. Lack of player's in OC, its that simple. TPP squads will get you on the OC server during peak times, but that seems to be the only game mode. It's probably even worse at the moment with the new map on the test server dragging players to that.
  13. GimpUnknown

    Vikendi Map Issues

    Date Seen: 10th December Area of Map: On the south east outskirts of Volnova town. Description: There is a hole (dip in the ground) where the ground meets a low boarder wall (or stone fence) on the outskirts of Volnova town. It's towards the end of the wall. You can lie down and crawl into the hole and end up under the map, looking up at Volnova. You can see everybody running around above you and you are still able to shoot them while moving around under the map. Video: I can upload a video late if needed.
  14. GimpUnknown

    Xbox player moving to PC

    I can second this. I did the same thing. Jumping from 8gb to 16ggb of ram really helped overall game play. It also seemed to eliminate a lot of crashes I was having related to "memory management"
  15. GimpUnknown

    Xbox player moving to PC

    I've got to machines running the game, one has a 1060 3gb and the other a 960. They both work fine. FPS around 60-80ish on the 960 and 70-90ish on the 1060. Get a SSD if you can, and maybe another 8GB Ram when you can afford, but you shouldn't have any major issues playing with what you've got. It should run smoothly and look good.