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  1. Bug Description: Whenever i play a game of PUBG By myself in solo, i play perfectly fine. No problems or issues. As soon as one of my friends join me, my UI bugs out. I hit "READY" as per usual but nothing happens (on my screen). My friends can hit ready and they are put inside a game but i'm still in the menu standing there as if nothing happened. Whilst this is going on, i can no longer edit my characters appearance or click LEAVE TEAM. If i click LEAVE TEAM and then proceed to refresh my UI i only then leave the team. If i proceed to refresh my UI (whilst in the team) like most people suggest, i then continue standing there in the church but my READY button has changed to BATTLEGROUNDS OFFLINE. I cant press the refresh button under BATTLEGROUNDS OFFLINE however i can still refresh the UI but nothing changes. I have tried numerous "fixes", re-installing the game (8 times) and verified game cache countless times but nothing seems to work. Date Seen: Aprox from 26th of October till today (9th of November) Server: Normal server (not Test) Troubleshooting Attempted: I have updated all my drivers (clean installs), tried to launch steam as admin, restarted both my pc and steam multiple times, uninstalled the game and installed it again at least 8 times, I disabled firewall and all the security i have on the pc and verified game data via steam. Other Information: After each reinstall I get one normal round where i can ready up like normal in a squad or duo however i still cant leave a team without having to refresh. Launch Options: None System Specifications: Card: GIGABYTE GTX 1050Ti running main graphics, Geforce GTX 750 running PHYSX Ram: 16GB Processor: Intel Core i5-6400 @ 2.70Ghz (4CPus), 2.70Ghz OS:Win 10 64-bit I just hope for some help because I don't know what else to try... Any advice or help is appreciated. Thank you for looking over my report
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