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  1. Honestly I don't feel like they deserved the win. Mainly because the last 3 matches they played like it doesn't matter anymore.
  2. So with missions you have the following mission: "Play 60 minutes on Miramar in Solos." I played most of the games on Erangel with 60-70 people that day. Those missions force you to quit the lobby.
  3. Well I didn't buy the event pass because of the way it is set up: 1. If you don't pay for it: It is grindy as hell. On top of the survival XP the daily missions force you out of your way of enjoying the game: (e.g. play duos on Miramar 60 minutes. OK this evening I will only play with one of two friends. => bad feeling + This evening everyone who wants to play erangel in duos will play with 60-70 people on the server since everyone leaves.) 2. If you pay for it you still have to do all the daily stuff to reach max lvl. => family and vacations in this one month period = pay more to reach max lvl 3. This design makes you look greedy. As of now there is no good alternative for pubg. But there are other games anounced and if you continue to do business like the only thing that matters is getting more money of your playerbase....well I am keeping my eyes open for an alternative. So how to go around all this? There should be no survival XP. Simply lvling by being in the game should be a nogo. Instead award a percentage of earned BP without daily limit. There should be no time restriction. I paid for the pass? Why should I have to play every day for hours to unlock the full potential? Better way: Call it progression pass Sanhok: You unlock the possibility to do missions and receive the rewards. Do more progression pass like things...Unlimited time. Some missions to unlock stuff. Add a free progression system: Skins for certain achievements: E.G.: A Tshirt that has the number of chicken dinners you made written on it. Make a progression for every weapon: 10 M4 kills => bronze skin. 100 => silver....etc. You could go for headshots with the weapons too. The player should be your top one priority. And not how to get every $ they have. As for feedback on Sanhok....well you daily missions kept me from playing it most of the time. From what little that I played: I like the pacing and loot distribution. Can't say more about the rest. Maybe add the QBZ as skin for the SCAR so you can play it on the other maps as well? And take the stats from the SCAR and place them on the QBZ. Add Miramar and Erangel to Miniroyal mode: At the beginning there is a white circle with the current first white circle size: That is the playzone. Loot distribution like the one from Sanhok. Now you can drop outside the white into the blue but you will need to tank it the whole time. Or the dmg at this first bluezone is extremly high....Basically lilke the one in warmode. Now please: GIve the players the feeling you care for them. The weekly posts are a great step into that direction. The event pass surely wasn't.
  4. yeah...do the math there again. If you afk drop all day you are at 8-10 hours to reach the actual cap. Yeah today noone plays solo erangel. I like the pacing of Sanhok though. So for the future: Is there a possibility to add Miramar and Erangel to Mini Royal mode: -First circle visible when in the plane: The play area for this game. -dynamic circle movement -more loot -dynamic weather These are a few things that come to mind. As for the event pass....it is horrible. I stated what i don't like in other threads so no need to clarify it here. Only so much: If I hadn't the time pressure to complete within one month I would buy it. Maybe add a "mission queue" so you will be placed in a game where you can fullfil the daily mission you haven't yet. (e.g. solo miramar if you need that). Please add skins you can buy with BP....BP are worthless now that you most likely get key crates. Or make an option to buy unlocked crates. Take unlocked crates from the market. And every skin inside. For these crates no duplicate skins if you open them. Or a possibility to trade 5-10 duplicates to one skin you want from within that crate... Please make me feel like the only thing you're interested in, isn't my money but me (and any other player) enjoying your game. With every patch you did this year I was super hyped only to see the same "yeah they clearly want me to pay more money"-notion behind every patch. I would spend more money on the game. But I clearly don't want to feel like that is the only thing you are interested in.
  5. I keep thinking the only thing I play the game for now is the xp to unlock stuff....takes the fun away if I am forced to play for a long time to reach my goal....so now I am sitting in a shack on Miramar and waiting for the survival XP to rise and reading the forums. I think you should add 2 more daily missions and take the survival xp away.
  6. -Sometimes the reload of a gun is not finished when the animation finishes. E.G chambering a new bullet with the Kar98 or reloading the double barreled shotgun -What about staged reloading? If you reload (take the mag out of the gun) there should be no ammo left in the gun. On the other hand, if the mag is not empty there should be one bullet left in the gun....these kind of things.
  7. This works opposite of ping based mm, if I understand both concepts correctly. On the other hand I would like to hear about loot crate removal, name change and game pacing. It was stated that Sanhok is "mini royal" with faster pace....I understand it that the loot drop rate is much higher. Would there be a possibility to enable this on Miramar and Erangel and shorten the early game in favor of late game?
  8. I agree with you. Problem is that midgame is more about waiting than about positioning and even less about firefigths. Problem is that center map offers a huge advantage in that regard, since you are almost guaranteed to have a short traveling time to the circle. One idea would be to increase car spawns outside the white zone. Or have some 100% car spawns. The second would take away a little I think tough.
  9. and if not? You don't need to compare best cases. Compare worst cases. Well judging by the complaints they didn't use the testserver. Shift the time from the midgame not the eraly game. You fail to see problems with everything but the redzone.
  10. Congratulations to your adaption skills. I don't say this tactic doesn't work anymore. i don't like to be out in the blue. It is an unneccessary risk (we talked about that a lot) which strains your ressources. It doesn't work that good anymore, since they feel the hotdrop options are more viable. So what do you do if you feel the devs want to force a certain playstyle to you? You need to reach that part of the game thoug. With less meds and equipment than the players who hotdropped. With less people outside there are less people to kill for loot. With a further traveling time you increase the chances of getting into firefigths with better geared players. With tanking the bluezone you risk getting closed out by those players with superior gear. But you agree that they took the inspiration from there don't you? Fact is they should have used the testserver first for that.
  11. Don't think so. While some players liked it some didn't. With the savage map being testet they probably didn't put this change on an extra test server. They test different circle speeds that work for savage, though. I bet they took these configuration and simply put it to the life servers....as a kind of appetiser for savage for the players who don't want to be guinea pigs on an unfinished map ^^
  12. Please stay in Fortnite. Yeah. So people don't like the sacrifice on early game since it means you need to get geared fast. Therefore you go to hot spots. The next thing is that being center map is hardly rewarded since you don't need so much time to travel to the circle. Having less time to travel simply means you get an even bigger advantage by jumping in the middle....Thats the place where the hotspots are. So you have to consider: 1. drop hot, get geared fast and have an advantageous position vs 2. drop at the edge, need time to loot, and time to travel So with this people feel a lack of options. With that you need to adjust the timers too. I think they don't want to increase the length of a round. I do that the whole time. I win more by outplaying people than by having superior gun handling skill.
  13. Weekend is the time it can play the least. I'm not into playing half finished stuff though.
  14. You shouldn't be able to use cheats. Right now that is forbidden. Oh wait and can be used.
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