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  1. Biochemikas

    Feet damage when not wearing shoes.

    Ridiculous. I believe it's not even worth talking further on this. Would have been a good joke for april 1st I guess.
  2. Biochemikas

    Event Pass Rewards

    I was 2/5 before this weekend. Played some duos Miramar and Vikendi - finished that and got 1/2 of the next mission (1 of the 2 was a killsteal knocked enemy (I was 4th party) :). Just grab a DMR+SR and go for some long range fights. Also, always finish your teammate's knocks (you'll both get credit towards missions) (although playing with randoms, my teammates rarely get any). Eh, you can always resort to just killing AFK's if you're really not done before week10 (I doubt it, 200m kills are not too common, but they're not rare either on the bigger maps, especially Miramar). Probably best in duos/solo squads - higher chance to have multiple afk's there that are not contested. However, I think kills against disconnected players don't register distance, so if there's more than 2 available, get them all, as some may be disconnected. 300m kills are really really rare and need specific set up (even the 1 kill mission was always a big challenge), 200m - not so much.
  3. Biochemikas

    Team Killing: Possible Suggestions?

    Permanently banning for 1 teamkill? Are you completely mad? That's like sending some1 to a concentration camp for breaking a window. You don't have to follow example of North Korea, you know. Repeated and frequent teamkilling should and IS punished. Single teamkills? **** happens. Taking away thousands of hours of progress for one questionable action or loss of temper would be way way too severe. P.S. Why is there even a "problem" topic about teamkilling? How often does it really happen? I'm sure the examples you gave are some VERY rare exceptions, unless the teamkillings were intentionally provoked somehow. I haven't seen a single intentional teamkill on my team for MONTHS now. And I've played exclusively random squads/duos, including a lot of TPP (where teamkilling has always been much more frequent due to higher number of newbies). I've even had connection loss for extended time near my teammates multiple times and came back to the game still alive (used to always find myself killed during a disconnect earlier, year+ ago). I do however follow a rule of leaving the lobby or splitting away from my squad if some1's first words is a greeting in turkish and I also tend to stay away from apparent trios who act and especially speak weirdly (e.g., sound like drunk or sth). But I doubt it has any significant correlation with my observed teamkilling (in)frequency.
  4. Biochemikas

    Major Problem!!!

    Keybinds are not case-sensitive. I use caps lock for push-to-talk - no problems.
  5. Doubt it. 2 reasons: 1) Technically it is not "equipped", the scope is part of the weapon (so VSS would probably have to be specifically coded in as an extra exception to the mission). 2) VSS scope magnification is lower, ~3.5x, compared to the "4x". But definitely doesn't hurt to test just to be sure :). VSS is a fun weapon to use anyway. Btw, you don't need to use the 4x to get the kills for the mission. You can hipfire, you can use the canted sight. It will still count towards the mission, if the 4x scope is on the weapon. I usually just get 2 4x's for both weapons and a canted sight for my cqc weapon when I'm doing the mission (Vikendi is best for that, since both 4x and canted are easy to find).
  6. Biochemikas

    Gear vs Map

    People who play exclusively Sanhok do it mostly because it's 10 minutes shorter (comparing map completion times). They may not want to admit it even to themselves, but that's the main and mostly the only reason. Loot is just afterthought. Even if sanhok had mostly pistols and smg's with a little sprinkle of AR's, a lot of people would still play Sanhok only, just because it's smaller, ends faster and offers more fighting. I myself don't consider playing more games per hour or getting more fights per minute a better experience (it could be, it could not be - different games have different appeals). But I do admit that the survivor title system and the battlepass are all done much faster on Sanhok - but it's just suboptimal design of those things rather than a "plus" to Sanhok.
  7. Biochemikas


    Well they tend to run out of creative names after 10th ban I guess. So might as well resort to copying. Also, lul, that's a new one: XD> The creativity of people who see cheaters everywhere doesn't cease to amaze me.
  8. Well answer is simple - don't use quick match. Just choose the map you want to play directly. If you can't get a game in reasonable time this way, you wouldn't get it through quick match either (so you're out of options for that map+mode). I myself wouldn't want to end up on Sanhok dressed all white or on Vikendi in my dark green clothes... So quick join is no option anyway. P.S. I've never seen >40 seconds in EU FPP after the patch so far (including solo fpp miramar at 2am). NA does seem to have much lower playerbase than EU.
  9. Biochemikas

    Off peak times and queue populations

    As I told counless times. Limiting server choice is EVIL and all it does is brings additional problems to everyone. Noone sane ever CHOOSES to play with 300 ping - the experience is horrible and one only does that if that is literally the only option. And 150 ping? You can feel it, but experience is NOT horrible. Forcing people to use VPN is just making their experience worse, since using VPN, even a good one, increases ones ping by adding suboptimal routing. Anyway as long as they don't add server select back, keep using the VPN, if that's a good experience and try to enjoy the game. I support the campaign for return of server selection, but I think it's a lost cause and Bluehole is not going to learn from the better developers on this one (literally not a single one good developer limits players to one region). It's a bit moronic that they try to fill NA queues by forcing your EU+NA squad to NA though, especially if that results in an endless queue situation...
  10. I would see only unnecessary toxicity coming out of it. Especially towards the new players, which you should want to actually be nice to and try to keep in game to keep your own queues alive... Giving something you CAN show, if you want to boast is one thing. Showing it for everyone without chance to hide it is a much different beast.
  11. Biochemikas

    The UMP is now God

    Btw, it seems that Vector bullet velocity may have been increased too, if we can believe stats listed here: https://pubg.gamepedia.com/Vector Old stats: https://pubgmap.io/weapons/smg.html It was 300 m/s before patch and now it's listed as 350 m/s (and I'm pretty sure it was around 250 when I last checked over a year ago). So that is a bit weird - they make the damage lower to make it worse at range but at the same time make it easier to use at range. I guess though with this low bullet velocity you do need to lead even at 30m, so it makes that easier.
  12. Biochemikas

    The UMP is now God

    Well the lower damage will start to manifest when you get damage dropoff at range - you will get to 8 shots sooner. But it's still only at ~70 meters now - not a range you would use a Vector at anyway... P.S. Vector damage dropoff starts at 42 meters. Wouldn't use it any further anyway.
  13. Biochemikas

    The UMP is now God

    Switch to "hits to kill" if you want that. Although I don't see how that's even relevant. TTK (the time displayed is time from first bullet hit until killing blow in seconds) is all that matters. It's 7 to lvl3 chest, 8 to stomach/shoulder, 5 to arm. So just shoot the arms XD.
  14. Biochemikas

    The UMP is now God

    https://battlegrounds.party/weapons/?weapon=Vector&armor=2&helmet=2&distance=10&htk=ttk&pel=true&burst=false&veh= Those are the new damage values. Nothing changed - still the best. By a little smaller margin overall, but the best is the best. And I can attest from my own limited experience (in the ballpark of measly 10 kills) that it's A LOT more forgiving with the bigger mag. I can actually miss shots now and still get the kill with 1 mag. And it's actually possible to kill hipfiring now (which inherently misses a lot of shots, for the price of being able to move).
  15. Biochemikas

    The UMP is now God

    You do realise, that's completely not true right? They buffed it heavily increasing mag size to 33 and making it use the most common and lightest ammo. The damage nerf changed literally nothing (unless you like sniping with vector at 100+ meters, which I strongly don't recommend). You may not like using it (I don't either - too hard to control for my taste), but Vector IS the god of CQC, now more than ever. And on topic, UMP is usable, but not great. Good for begginers and for some lazy play, as it has always been. And to reiterate, the damage, rate of fire and recoil were NOT changed at all. Also, You seem to be misusing the comparison. Laser's main feature is that it has basically no travel time and no "bullet" drop (light is pretty fast). With it's slow bullets, UMP is most definitely NOT a laser and doesn't feel like one. More like a crossbow, than a laser... Try shooting it at 200 meters - you'll need to lead a running target by half the screen and aim somewhere around 800m mark... Mini14 is the only "laser" in PubG.