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  1. This. This is one of those things that could be the end of PubG. They already tried this, got extreme player backlash and they still keep trying to add this. THIS DOES NOT WORK FOR PUBG. It goes against everything that PubG is. Trying to be similar to all those lesser BR's would just make PubG worse than them, while it is far superior now.
  2. Obstacles don't change the sound of footsteps (well at least not enough to be noticeable). It really doesn't matter if it's 10 meters between 3 building or 10 meters in the open - the sound will be the same. Still 20 meters is very short distance, so you will hear some1 crouch walking in another building only if the buildings are very close to each other.
  3. No, it means that the problem is not universal, hence it's not some simple bug in code, but related to some incompatibility or problem on user-end. It's an important thing to note, since most pubg problems and bugs ARE universal (affects absolutely everyone). User-specific problems are much harder to fix, since it's difficult to pinpoint who exactly it's affecting and why, especially if it's fixable on user-end (e.g., driver incompatibility problem can be fixed by reverting drivers to a different version).
  4. Well as I said, I had no problems (I don't remember any performance changes over the past year+), so it's not something universal and is most likely driver/system related, so it's up to yourself to troubleshoot it. Such problems are usually fixable. P.S. From my experience, Pubg never had too stable frame times, but that's never been a noticeable or big problem and is also not map-related. You may be more susceptible to notice them at lower fps, especially if the difference in fps between maps is high.
  5. Nah, I never had any additional problems with Vikendi. -30 avg fps (still over 100), sure, but otherwise it's very similar to other maps in terms of performance. There were, are and will be some driver and hardware incompatibility problems (but those would affect all maps, usually; never had any myself), but those are really not even a small part of why vikendi is less popular. Low end PC's have A LOT to do with it. -30 fps from 130 is nothing, -30 fps from 70 is a deal-breaker. P.S. If you're having stutters then you may want to try capping fps to some stable value to ensure you're not in cpu/ramspeed limited situation (which often results in microstutters). It is possible that less complicated maps don't hit the threshold in that case, but it's a user-end problem. Anyway, there's plenty of troubleshooting threads out there.
  6. Now imagine how bad other BR's are that only have 1 map and don't even intend to add more XD. Just be happy that we even have more than 1 map. That's already 100 miles ahead of competition (or to be more precise - "competition").
  7. Warframe all time worldwide high 131k. Was it never even alive?
  8. Just another example why considering players too stupid to select best server themselves (removing manual server selection) was NOT a good decision.
  9. I'll just note one thing. The precedent of unjustified (and even justified) bans for stream sniping built up a lasting fear of being banned for nothing. This fear is very evident from the fact that stream sniping was even brought up in this thread that was in no way related to it. And that's a very dangerous fear, since there's no way to actually feel safe in this case, since you WILL have interactions with streamers whether you want it or not (unlike in cheating case, where you won't be using anything prohibited, so you can tell yourself that you have absolutely nothing to do with it). Sure it may be unjustified fear by now, but fear is not a thing you can easily control. It's one of those things that can realistically deter new (and old) players, hence my position against such rules and bans.
  10. Well that was on topic. Everything about stream sniping is really very off-topic regarding OP's original post. And as for the early unjustified ban-waves for stream sniping (yeah there were quite a few unjustified bans for that in the beginning). I guess we could chalk it off to them still adjusting their "tolerance" bounds. They shouldn't have taken up that practice in the first place, and they shouldn't have started from the ban-happy end, but as I said they apparently learned from their mistakes as bans for stream-sniping appear to be extremely rare nowadays (at least noone is complaining). If anyone does still get banned for it, they feel so completely guilty themselves that they don't even have the guts to say anything about it.
  11. You know why punishment for "stream sniping" is never going to be justifiable or good? Because it's impossible to PROVE stream-sniping unless blatantly self-admitted by the sniper himself. In a normal world, person is innocent until proven otherwise beyond reasonable doubt. There is absolutely no way to prove stream-sniping (and no, even having both stream and the game open by the same account is still not reasonable proof of actually using that information), let alone malicious intent behind it. Anyway, since there hasn't been a word on that for quite a while I believe PubG corp realised this too and stopped this malicious practice quite some time ago.
  12. The main mechanic of sneaking is that it reduces MAXIMUM audible distance (the distance after which the sound is simply not played at all, no matter how loud it was 1 centimeter closer). If you know the distance by heart, you know exactly how close you can go without being heard. The difference between 60m (standing sprint) and 20m (crouch sneak) is enormous. Not being able to silently sneak all the way up to another player is I think a conscious gameplay decision. The small 20m audible distance is enough to get you within very deadly distance but still leaves some way for counterplay for the opponent. Those sounds have VERY short audible distance (~5m I think), so they're quite irrelevant. They're only relevant if some1 makes a camping mistake (sits waiting until enemy comes very close and then stupidly does an unnecessary sound like that). Normally, by the time you can physically hear a weapon switch sound, you should have been hearing footsteps for at least 15 meters. At some point you could hear healing sounds 30+ meters away, but I'm sure it was (still is? dunno) a bug (similar to the grenade explosions 800+ meters away bug).
  13. I finished lvl87. I did play a lot though. 91% daily and 96% weekly missions completed. Still somehow I didn't feel like "forced" to play the game for 4 hours every day like during Sanhok or Vikendi events. The daily quests that can be completed within 1 hour were a very welcome change. It's fine to have time-consuming weeklies, but 4 hour dailies were just too much on most days. Wild cards definitely had a much better pacing. It could still have a bit more leeway though for more casual players than can only play on weekends (missing 4/7 dailies would still not have been enough to get lvl70). I think with the amount I played, I should have finished at least 50% above needed max level (so ~lvl110 maybe). If the passes are going to become a regular seasonal thing, they sure need to have a bit more leeway to complete, otherwise most ppl will just stop buying them (well I won't, since I know I will play a lot of Pubg anyway, but most will). Sure it's possible to get just partial rewards, but I myself just couldn't do it - if I bought the pass, I would feel the need to complete it anyway, so if I didn't have the time for it - I wouldn't buy it at all. The grindy optional challenges (like for gun skins) was a good idea - that is enough to keep the hardcore players interested. With that, the core rewards can be made easier to obtain.
  14. Well it's simply the fault of majority of ppl having very low end pc's. They can barely manage running Erangel and Miramar at 30-60 fps, so naturally the much more detailed Vikendi is just too much. This will naturally change when a 100$ used PC will be able to run vikendi at 100+ fps, which is not too far away (a couple years maybe; the progress is still following Moore's law).
  15. It's usually enough for streamer to just be actively against stream sniping. Streamers who actively say they don't like stream snipers normally don't have problems with stream snipers. Only streamers (e.g., Shroud) who seem to be actively enjoying stream snipers and have built their entire community around them (they get most of their kills from that) have "problems" with them. If some1 should be banned for that "offense", it's the streamer, not the players (noone should though, since both sides "agree" to the interaction and neither break rules of the game itself (well unless the stream snipers use streamer's information to kill OTHER players, not the streamer himself, but in that case the streamer is the most guilty one too)). Anyway, I don't think there have been any bans for stream sniping lately - the way it should be.
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