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  1. Mareo

    Gun skin not functioning after purchase

    I bought it too. But for others it is not visible in the store. I hope the skin works or we can get our G-coins back
  2. Mareo

    Easiest kill thread

    These guys were looking the wrong way https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/mareo-muc/video/62241778
  3. Mareo

    PUBG controler skins

    This skin was displayed wrong and this is the skin that got fixed in the last patch if I'm not wrong. And that is the DLC from the PUBG Controller. Which skin do you mean?
  4. Mareo

    PUBG controler skins

    It's in the Bugfix section: Fixed an issue where the XBOX Digital Camo Pants was incorrectly displayed
  5. Mareo

    Show Me Your Fav Grenade Kills

  6. I don't know if anybody had this mentioned before, but I made a video how my cousin and I couldn't shoot the other team in the small tunnel. This happend 2 weeks before Vikendi went live. Maybe it's fixed