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  1. Mareo

    One Year Promotion?

    Got delayed...
  2. Mareo

    Audio after hotfix

    Had this too yesterday. I was sure they were in front of me. Got shot in the back. Strange thing, never had this before
  3. It is just a skin. You have to to find a lvl 1 helmet in a game, equip it and it has the skin on it. Just like with the gun skins
  4. Mareo

    Survivor missions

    I played some Duo games yesterday and at first the missions didn't track and unlock. Took a few games and it counted. We also thought that they only could be done at Solo.
  5. Mareo

    Why do y'all wear hats?

    What happens to the hats you drop in the plane? Do they fall down or stay on the plane? ✈️
  6. Mareo


    No, crossplay is not possible. Sorry
  7. Game froze two times yesterday, got pushed to the Xbox Dashboard. Could reconnect both times to my squadmatch. This hasn't happend since July for me or my buddies... didn't think I would ever see this issue again. Xbox One X
  8. Mareo

    I want it all

    Thank you very much for the link!