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  1. jagainthemix

    game crashes everytime

    pc specs ?
  2. jagainthemix

    Kill 2 players with a PAN

    not a bug , you have to play solo and you have kill the player with the pan when the player is Alive not when is knocked and you have to survive 2.5 minutes, so good luck
  3. jagainthemix

    Freezing and micro stuttering

    you think this game has the best graphics or visual effects and so on which must put your gpu in full load ?(not really) , set your texture and AA on Ultra and maybe Screen Scale 120 , after this see if your load is up ,if you see some huge drop in fps lower screen scale .
  4. jagainthemix

    Freezing and micro stuttering

    is not something wrong if your gpu is on 60 load, is normal , if you want some more work (load) for your gpu go to nvidia Control Panel/3DSettings/Power management mode and select Maximum Perfomance , even my Gtx970 stay in 70 load so no worry
  5. jagainthemix

    Loading Issues

    what was the cause?
  6. jagainthemix

    [About Latency]

    i have 1gb internet Connection and same problem so it's not your problem, it's all about netcode ..
  7. jagainthemix

    No Footstep Audio Behind You PC 1.0 Update #14

    is a good example for devs , exactly same problem on live servers
  8. jagainthemix

    No Footstep Audio Behind You PC 1.0 Update #14

    same problem here in both servers Live and Experimental , and it's so scary when your friend appear in field of view because his footsteps are so loud instantly .
  9. jagainthemix

    Sanhok Experimental Server FEEDBACK MEGATHREAD

    The map looks good , the gameplay is awesome , fast loot , i like the timing of circle , weather but there are some problems : -15 FPS in first 10 seconds of the game -20-30 Fps when hotdrop -audio is busted up (ghost footsteps , no footsteps at all , etc ) -stock gun , red dot/holo must be increased I like the map and i'm sure there will be some devs who will do a good job with optimization and all the problems , so Good Luck for them !
  10. jagainthemix

    PUBG causing random PC restarts.

    did you tried another wall socket ? clean your pc and change your thermal paste even if the temps are fine. install an previous driver for your nvidia card.
  11. jagainthemix

    PUBG causing random PC restarts.

    no idea how to help you , but i'm 100% sure that your PSU is broken even the second PSU , somehow can you get a third PSU , from a friend and try to see if you still have this problem ?
  12. jagainthemix


    turbulent weather , the optimization is fine
  13. jagainthemix

    PUBG causing random PC restarts.

    The only thing who can shut down your pc without any bluescreen or any error is your PSU , so there are 2 reasons , your psu is broken (i dont about second psu) or something is wrong in settings, maybe try to reset your bios .
  14. jagainthemix

    PUBG causing random PC restarts.

    IF your PSU is fine then is a software settings , look at this video may help you .
  15. jagainthemix

    PUBG causing random PC restarts.

    must be your power supply or replace cable from power supply , what is your PSU?