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  1. I know it's not allowed... I am saying they probably aren't banning people for using it because it WAS allowed... where as editing .ini files has NEVER been allowed so banning people is reasonable.
  2. In my opinion... editing the .ini files has never been allowed, so is bannable... but use of reshade was deemed ok by the developers for a long time and so they (quite rightly) don't want to catch people out. It's probably quite likely that in the future it will also be bannable, but right now this is the best way to go.
  3. I agree that any positive incentives for cheating need mitigation. I also agree that restricting ping would improve the gaming experience. In conjunction, continued improvement of cheat detection methods will help. At some point, if BH bring in these ideas, then the incentive to cheat (whilst never removed) will be reduced to the point that the companies producing the cheats will no longer be remunerated enough to warrant continued development of cheats... And that's when we get our game back.
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