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    Shooting range is popular!

    Thanks mang!
  2. GhostOfAMind

    Shooting range is popular!

    Can’t even see it, where’s the shooting range at? Experimental Server?
  3. GhostOfAMind

    Cheating Discussion

    Had a 3 hour session with my brother the other night; no chicken dinners but he’s new. We got 2nd a bunch of times, top 10 the rest of it. Didn’t see anything even suspect.
  4. GhostOfAMind

    Cheating Discussion

    Just got done with a 6 hour session; solo, duos and squads with my boys. At one point we were a man down and grabbed a couple randoms, no Chinese names and everyone spoke English. No cheaters the whole night. It was weird to have only ourselves to blame for losing lol On the upside, ping seems to be working, there’s no lag/desync, people I shot at got shot and died in appropriate timeframes etc... First whole session in a long ass time that there was literally nothing to bitch about. I’m sort of amazed over here...