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    I have negative BP

    thx 4 the answer and the Help finally... @Takarii I think it's still not fair to get minus 80000 bp. I would never have bought the case for over 10000, if I had known that it is forbidden to spend the BP ... I only spent so much because I thought it would be alright... usually I am wise with the purchase and buy no boxes for 7000 .. only the +20000 have seduced me now i cant buy anything for 2-3 weeks with minus 70k the people with minus 15k have it in comparison still good: D
  2. Flowlos

    I have negative BP

    Ingame Name: Flowlos i cant change my Crosshairs colour since a while . plz Fix it and i have minus 80k BP im not sure if that isnt a bit to much minus???
  3. Flowlos

    I have negative BP

    still didnt change anything about the minus bp i cant buy anything...
  4. Flowlos

    I have negative BP

    Same ingame name. started the game & see this -BP .. before i had about 6k or 7k .. + i cant change my cross colour since a while.
  5. Flowlos

    Daily Mission Bug

    I have not received any new daily missions for 3-4 days. Before, it was always 24 hours a day and now 3-4 days nothing more. plz help Ich bekomme seit 3-4 tagen keine neuen täglichen Missionen mehr rein.. vorher war es immer im 24h Stunden wechsel und jetzt schon 3-4 tage nichts mehr. Ingame Name: Flowlos