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  1. Lowering the skill ceiling = UGH! (But I've noticed in game and watching WJ video - there is a method for getting down quicker and it does work, so the ceiling wasn't lowered that much) And you can glide just as far - no need to rock anymore - if you hit let control - you'll glide what seems like forever.
  2. I Haven't come across any of the guns you spoke about on Vikendi. No idea how I'll be able to complete the Uzi mission like this.
  3. Aftermath

    Why is it hard?

  4. Aftermath


    I found this out, and it's obviously to late for you however; you can have full health and still take the boosters and it will count them. No need to beat each other up Also - same thing with the Mirado mission (or however you spell it) - you can just sit in the driver seat (no need to drive around) and still get credit for the time. However - this 500K buggy mission....that's a hassle. No easy way for that one to be done.
  5. Making a joke buddy - I could care less what they do. Keep the skins up there with there name or not - but cut of the banned players revenue from it, in my opinion.
  6. This smells like a confederate flag type of argument.
  7. Only gotten paired with the same dude 2 times in random duos. It was right after a win - assuming we both Q'd up for it again instantly. My suggestion; for the future - just don't Q right away, wait a minute or so.
  8. Aftermath

    Lock mouse to window.

    I'm assuming that you have your monitors side by side? I could see how that could be an issue. I have my monitors one on top of the other and that is actually fine with playing.
  9. Aftermath

    Vikendi Crash

    Yikes - That sucks. I would Crash just as often in the beginning days of PUBG - every time we would go from Road to Dirt or Grass in a vehicle It would crash me. People will be grilling you for your specs, but assuming they are fine. Chalk it up to PUBG things and wait for a fix.
  10. Aftermath

    Ghilly suit on the road

    also a blood sample would help, followed then by a picture of you holding up the newspaper from that day and pointing to the date. but seriously would be interested in the video as well.
  11. Fortunately for you, all you'd have to do is re-route to the OCE servers and que some FPP. Grats in advance on the chicken sir.
  12. Ya, my bad OP - I was reading it as Map for some reason. However they did try 3d marks and they didn't work - too Overpowered.
  13. That's a ridicules thing to say. You have a compass marker and you have a mouth - use them. In your world - Now they (your partner) has to stop moving and open the map to see where you marked - Instead of not opening the map and just looking at his compass and listening to you say "enemy 150 meters, compass marker" never having to stop moving.
  14. I agree completely - I thought what the OP had mentioned was somewhat interesting though, would you be open to 1 of the 2 suggestions I've outlined above?
  15. Interesting idea. However I disagree with the idea that if you're shot you can just end up dying from bleeding out if you have no bandages. I would say there might be 2 options that I'd be open to. 1.) When you're shot there is a time table say 10-20 seconds that you are bleeding (NOT ACTUALLY LOSING HEALTH) but bleeding and you can be tracked. (could be longer could be shorter time table - I just threw out a number) 2.) When you're shot and you are below 100% health - you are constantly bleeding (Again, not actually losing health) until you heal yourself to 100% HP. I like the addition of footprints and me and my buddies have had some really fun encounters because of tracking footprints - I'd be open to an additional tracking system, like I've outlined above.