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  1. It's good to have Troll Royale once in a while. Kinda like the old Erangel spawn island where everybody just rushes for the weapons and go apeshlt on each other hahaha
  2. How can you hate a pioneer map? Lol... On behalf of all the people who love Erangel, I'm sorry you don't.
  3. Macroposting, seriously dude? At least put your opinion in the July edition for community update... *facepalm*
  4. You are right, but it still doesn't explain how a player that's 600 to 700m away firing an M4 on auto kills me with a headshot in 3 shots? Each shot was a hit while I was in a vehicle travelling in a diagonal position that even by luck, wouldn't hit me with every shot? Watching the replay, he was at the bottom of a slope, didn't even see my vehicle, the sound of my vehicle was not audible either. The guy just turns towards the top runs up, leans to this merry right without ADS and just hipfires? Pretty obvious
  5. Jeez tell me about it.. I just played a game where I was in a shed, this guy taking cover by a rock in front of me? Less than 10 shots he killed 3 dudes with headshots, IN LESS THAN 5 seconds.. It's not fucked up, it's totally fucked up..
  6. It is possible that while driving, he switched quickly to another seat, engaging you and switching back to the drivers seat. BUT if you didn't hear any gunfire, whether suppressed or not, then damn, he probably is professor X!
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