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  1. MKPeak

    Can anyone get Miramar?

    Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX... oh the memories... NA Solo, the timer is ? and the queued players shows 3-4...
  2. MKPeak

    Can't connect error

    The servers were under maintenance. To keep up to date you can check the side bar on the main page of the forums for Twitter updates from PUBG.
  3. Your "Normal" is different from the other regions or other people... (I encourage this banding / forming teams) I hope ,Rando's" /actual Players ,found Discord servers. That would mean some interest in the game... As you have said previously ... Stop playing with Randoms ... but you keep playing with random users... You have to expect that ... You need to find people to play with regularly. Edit: Maybe no one want to play with you...
  4. What @Avohei could work. (i'm hoping it will) RMA's suck for everyone. You, the manufacturer, and any party involved.(It puts a strike on everyone invovled) If you can, I would suggest not getting an Armor/Duke model if possible. They are usually released to have the exterior striped and turned into water-cooled cards. I was looking at an 1060 6GB Armor(The price...) when I built myPC and then found out they have issues(1-20% failure rate, depending on the site reporting the issue). I was glad I went with a $50 more expensive card. My friend got the Armor 1060 6GB and had issues non-stop, replaced thrice. Loading game -> Crash. Loading new Window update -> Crash. The GPU is just as important as the CPU.(2 brains as 1, like friendship...) Good Hunting.
  5. Sorry, late response... (I cap FPS at 75 (on my card and in game) on a 60hz to ensure screen refresh doesn't take a dip when more "power" is required) Didn't that test(WJ) also show that with lower FPS it decreases the recoil since it takes longer for the frame time to reset? Wasn't that offset with less recoil to account for timing discrepancies? Did OP switch to a higher definition(4K) monitor with lower FPS and expects the same result? All variables we have not been provided for a proper analysis it seems... That could be the basis of the issue since the timing is inconsistent, based on refresh rate. I have experienced a bad contact point on my mouse and it looks similar to OP's video. As an aside; If the video card is locked to the Monitor's refresh rate, and the refresh rate of the monitor is varying, this could also cause an issue. Some newer(less costly) monitors are claiming a refresh rate that are unsustainable at constant, but since their Peak FPS is "THIS" they listed "THIS" as the Refresh rate or "OC/Gaming" FPS the monitor was capable of...
  6. MKPeak

    Given the option to play on NA servers, from AUS

    Before you go trying out different VPN's it may be beneficial for you to try different DNS services (can be set for your PC or Router), there are a lot of free (and decent) DNS services out there (Google, I am not extremely versed on DNSes but I have noticed decreased ping since I switched from my Provider's DNS. Your provider may not have the best routing set up (aka using a DNS Service based outside of your region or far from your access point). As an Example (Using a destination in West Coast US), I live on the (almost) Western Coast of Canada, my Provider's DNS makes "me" go all the way to the East Coast (That is where they are based) since the majority of their users are on the East Coast(works great for them) and then where I wanna go. This increases ping time since "I" have to travel all the way across the country and then pretty much just as far back. Here is a video kinda explaining it (LinusTechTips) - The DNS services in the video may not work great for you... Edit: Just find the one that works the best for you. Edit 2: This may just be a placebo that I experienced...
  7. MKPeak

    system requirements

    This is the one I was going off of since it said 4GB of RAM in the original post - https://www.cnet.com/products/dell-inspiron-3048-all-in-one-pentium-g3240t-2-7-ghz-4-gb-1-tb-led-19-5/
  8. MKPeak

    Nike Air Force 1

    Huh? This has got to be spam right?
  9. MKPeak

    system requirements

    Here is a link to the minimum requirements - OS - Good CPU - Unknown (You didn't post your CPU) GPU - Unknown (You didn't post your GPU) RAM - 4 vs 8 (Under Minimum) The specs I found online for an Inspiron 3048, which could be different, are below the minimum requirements. CPU - https://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Pentium-G3240-vs-Intel-Core-i5-4430/2820vsm1920 GPU- https://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-HD-4400-Desktop-115-GHz-vs-Nvidia-GTX-960/m8064vs3165 You will not be able to run the game on your current PC.
  10. I was able to find some other players(for another game) that were having a similar issue and were able to fix the issue. Here is a link to it -https://forums.funcom.com/t/unreal-engine-is-exiting-due-to-d3d-device-being-lost-error-0x887a0006-hung/9652
  11. Judging by the Error Message, <ErrorMessage>LowLevelFatalError [File:D:\wk\tsl-client-dev-branch\build\UnrealEngine\Engine\Source\Runtime\Windows\D3D11RHI\Private\D3D11Util.cpp] [Line: 182] &nl;Unreal Engine is exiting due to D3D device being lost. (Error: 0x887A0005 - &apos;REMOVED&apos;)&nl;</ErrorMessage> It probably has to do with the GPU drivers but it could also be caused by the version of Windows that is running. If the GPU drivers don't fix it I would suggest you check to make sure you have the newest update for Windows and then do the same thing as you did for the GPU drivers but for Windows instead.
  12. What driver version for your GPU are you using? If it is not the newest(417.71) then get the newest version and see if it works. If it doesn't work try the second newest(417.35), see if it works, if not go to the next(417.22) and so on. Hopefully a version will end up working for you. Here is a link to where you can find all of the driver revisions for your 2070. https://www.nvidia.com/Download/Find.aspx?lang=en-us Just input your card info, hit search, and it should bring up a list of drivers for you.
  13. MKPeak

    voice chat not working!!!!

    What country are you living in? Some country governments have banned certain VOIP services for unknown reasons, so Discord may be OK but the VOIP PUBG uses is not allowed. Some Asia/Africa countries are like this currently.
  14. MKPeak

    Given the option to play on NA servers, from AUS

    I completely agree that there is an issue with user based preferences or even with the user base in specific areas period, but do you really want everyone(AS/NA or anywhere else) you are playing with to be "dragged down" because you are in the game? I really hope you were apart of the SEA surge that happened tonight(My local time). An actual movement towards the issue of the SEA connection issue. If not than there is no reason for you to complain. In reality, if their are not enough users to fill a server they are going to push you to a server that your presence can fill.
  15. Or you could, you know... Learn the parameters/settings/rules of the game your playing... If you are that in to it, which it seems you are.