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  1. MKPeak


    - I said minus W3, as in not included. On average, play time for most games is around 12-16 hours.(some more, some less) -... ^^^ -comparing value, cost vs time played. I would rather spend $30 on a decent game(that has bugs but is still enjoyable) that I will get hundreds of hours out of, than $80 on a great game that I will play for less than 20 hours. ($30 / 500 hours = $0.06 per hour, $80 / 20 hours = $4.00 per hour)
  2. MKPeak


    Like other's have said, get a refund from the store you have bought it from... Steam = 2 hours running time, Xbox = oh... wait..., and PS = 14 days... How many hours have you played? (looking forward to your response) Anything over 50 hours is ridiculous response since you have put in hours.... Most "Single Player" games are maybe 12 hour play(-Witcher 3), and you would not get as many hours out of it. If you bought it this second, your an idiot. If you bought it over a year ago, you knew what you were getting into...
  3. MKPeak

    Prominent stuttering since last patch

    Time to disable Logitech Gaming Software(probably), any apps for your keyboards, or anything else that is running constantly... Time to do some troubleshooting on your end, since most aren't facing the same issue. Let everyone know what caused the issue, since most players aren't having the same issues... Generally this due to what is running on your PC... System Specs?
  4. Windows 10 1809 issue... https://www.maketecheasier.com/latest-windows-10-update-problems/
  5. MKPeak

    Mouse cursor not aligned

    It could be caused by your Scale and Layout settings. Should be in Display in your Windows settings. Set it to 100%, if it is something different, see if that helps...
  6. MKPeak

    Wrong server

    Sounds like an ISP/Routing issue... -for reference (Alberta, Canada. this does not match my in game ping.) Try changing your DNS provider. ISP DNS providers are notoriously bad.
  7. MKPeak

    Mouse cursor not aligned

    Try going to your advanced mouse settings, pointer options, and deselect "Enhance pointer precision"(if you haven't already, old known issue). If that works, or not, let the forum know.
  8. MKPeak

    DMR/SR or window problems

    I was under the impression iron sites were zeroed at 100m in game. Wouldn't that mean that if you are aiming at top of your opponent's head, who is 10-25m away, the bullet would travel above the aim point in an arc to 100m.... You may be shooting over their head, try aiming at the neck or mouth when opponents are within 50m. Image I found explaining it(zeroed for 200m) from a The New Rifleman article -
  9. MKPeak

    PUBG won't open at all....

    Split processor. Intel Celeron and Xeon, or AMD Bulldozer and Piledriver processors, split processing... Multi-function(Multiple requests to separate sources = good. Multiple requests to the same source = bad...) Known issue, don't put a server components in access point... Why are people using back-end in front-end builds? Just because a CPU is powerful and cheap doesn't mean it is good for your application/use case...
  10. MKPeak

    game wont start

    So split processors issue? 256 to 516? Edit: 1 = 2 cores?
  11. MKPeak

    PUBG won't open at all....

    Looks like an AMD Piledriver CPU issue. @LazyGlitch did the troubleshooting. (Big ups to them, Booyakasha!) Update to fix in 2-3 hours...
  12. MKPeak

    game wont start

    @LazyGlitch Nice troubleshooting!!! (AMD Piledriver issue)
  13. MKPeak

    game wont start

    Any other updates that could have caused an issue? Hardware or protection/anti-virus updates recently? it would also be beneficial if you provided your PC specs, not just for us users tryin to help but also the Devs to figure out the issue.
  14. MKPeak

    Major BUG on patch

    This may not be the cause of your issue, but previously I was experiencing something similar and this fixed it for me. I would try going into your router settings and change your IP renew times. It is different where to find this setting depending on what router you have so I can't really give a step by step tutorial on how to change it, but see if that helps. Could also be a bad routing issue by your ISP, which you can't really fix. Have you tried changing your DNS provider?
  15. MKPeak

    Lobby not loading fast

    You need to set a static IP for your device when using DMZ.