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  1. ZEODE

    bad_module error, STILL!

    I thought I had seen the last of this error some time ago, sadly however it has returned. Played 3 games on Sanhok and got it twice and crashed the game. Once I was able to rejoin in a top 10 situation, the other was top 5 and did it just as I was firing at someone, so obviously I died. It's so frustrating that errors like this are still wide spread on a fully released game, the new patch has just come out of testing. It has almost become a thing that we expect because it's PUBG, no game should be that way, not one out of early access and full release. What kind of reputation is that for a game where people write basic stuff like that off "oh well that's PUBG for you". That wont wash when all these up and coming and E3 announced games are released. You think people will put up with that then just because, "oh well, that's PUBG". Love this game, but at the moment there isn't anything else like it, that will change very soon. Changes are needed if you want to retain your user base.
  2. ZEODE

    They don´t care about lag....

    There idea of combating the lag issues is "optimising", only there idea of optimising is nerfing stuff. Like render detail distance on parachuting, removing doors, walls & generally simplifying buildings etc all over the maps. At this rate before they overcome the lag and desync all that's left will be an open plain with no buildings or foliage.
  3. ZEODE

    Bug bulding et door Los Leones

    Here is another example of a "bugged/optimised" building. I hope this is actually a bug they will fix and not part of the "optimising". They already removed a ton of doors since the 3.0 patch or maybe the one before. Why can't the game be properly optimised instead of removing stuff???
  4. ZEODE

    Bug bulding et door Los Leones

    OK, a weird thing happened when I played today, the bugged buildings that the OP posted which looked the same for me are now fixed. I didn't see another download on Steam, so I assume no further patch has been released. How can the buildings now be fixed. Actually there are still some buildings which are different, but I wonder if some buildings had actually been changed across the map as an effort by BlueHole to "optimise" the game. By optimise I mean like they have previously shown, in optimising the game they often mean NERFING some features or compromising the look of the game. Here is what I mean, these buildings have less interior walls and doors than before 4.0.
  5. ZEODE

    Bug bulding et door Los Leones

    I was just about to upload the exact same images of these buildings. Never had these issues before until the patch 4.0 today. One of my favourite places to drop too. In a few games I played today I found all these and more bugged buildings. Some have walls missing, doors in the wrong place, stairs that go nowhere or blocked. Hope they fix this soon. I imagine if its like it in Los Leones it's probably happened elsewhere too.
  6. ZEODE

    MOUHAHAHHA LOL THIS IS.... Mouhhahah

    Most pointless post, ever.