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  1. Man muss schon sagen, obwohl man jetzt seit fast einem ganzen Jahr vollständig auf ein skill basiertes Punktesystem/Leaderboard in PUBG verzichtet, hält sich das Spiel noch verdammt gut. Man stelle sich vor, League of Legends würde mal eben für ein Jahr ihr Elo System aus dem Spiel nehmen. Das würde warscheinlich einem Suizid gleichkommen. Man hätte ja auch anfangen können an einem neuem Punktesystem zu arbeiten, ohne das Alte zu entfernen. Aber ihr geht euren Holzweg konsequent. Das muss man euch lassen!
  2. yea i don`t have any numbers on current monthly bans so i`m just guessing. but i still think the decay of player counts are currently not that bad. also having so many different queues is making it much worse. we already end up with 24 queues having 4 maps for solo, duo and squad in fpp and tpp. this is way too much even for a healthy game population. just merging the map queues into small(sanhok,vikendi) and big maps(erangel, miramar) would divide the queues in half. completely removing duos(replacing it with duo squads so people could still play duos in squad queues) could be another helpful step. that way we would even end up with 8 queues instead of 24.
  3. i agree casual players moved on to other games and the competetive players are not very pleasured without leaderboards. just imagine league of legends would remove their rank system for a year. game would be dead! and it`s summer so i keep myself busy with other things and i really don`t feel like playing without leaderboards anymore. but i will definately jump back in as soon as they implement some leaderboards/rank system. i guess one reason for those numbers could also be banned accounts. i`m pretty sure they ban alot of of players each month so i think it might be pretty stable at the end of the day.
  4. Den Grund kennst du selber gut genug. Sie haben ein laufendes Script erkannt, dass sich auf das Spiel auswirkt. Natürlich offenbart PUBG Corp nicht, was sie wie erkannt haben. Warum sollten sie sich in die Karten gucken lassen. Es ist ein gutes Zeichen, dass solche Scripts mittlerweile zuverlässig und zeitnah erkannt werden. Dass du den Unterschied zwischen deinem Script und Sound an der Tastatur leiser drehen nicht erkennst, kaufe ich Dir nicht ab. Genauso wenig wie du keine Vorstellung davon haben willst, welche externen Tools oder Hardware einen Bann verursachen können. Wie du selbst geschrieben hast, hast du mit einem temp ban sowieso schon gerechnet und diesen in Kauf genommen. Dass du hier im Forum keine offizielle Aussage bekommen hast, sollte dein Experiment vermutlich noch legitimieren.
  5. just watched it and yes it`s bad sportsmanship. bad behaviour, bad gameplay decisions. just a bad player with issues. forget about it and move on.
  6. ich mag riesen mangos!
  7. Sure, why not? I coulnd`t care less about this silly SP Title System anyway. Just waiting for them to finally bring back real leaderboards...
  8. you are harder to hit when leaning even in the open. let`s say someone tries to shoot your head but aims too low because of bullet drop. usually he would hit your body instead but while leaning he might just totally miss the shot. another advantage is behind cover you are obviously showing less of yourself while aiming.
  9. juan wick muy buen hombre
  10. As of 10/23/17, circle damage and survival times are not fixed, but variable based on distance. Circle got buffed and each circle after the first now does more damage the further outside the playzone you are. https://pubg.gamepedia.com/The_Playzone
  11. remove friendly fire? what`s next? auto aim?
  12. The Erangel rework looks amazing! Very good work!
  13. Thanks for mentioning that! Any information on that progress is very much appreciated.
  14. " We found that players were most disappointed that climbing ranks was rather easy and even the highest ranks could be achieved through grinding and overall passive gameplay." So the decision was more grinding? "It was decided that while we work on a more appropriate system that puts the correct focus on playtime and skill, we would repurpose the existing system to highlight one of PUBG’s ultimate goals – to survive." So you are telling me that a big company like PUBG Corp is unable to release a more appropiate system in less than a year? We are just talking about a skill based point system not rocket sience. And WTF is focus on playtime? Who comes up with such bs? Now in the latest dev update still not a single word about leaderboard. I`m giving up...
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