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  1. Baits

    Weapon Mastery

    pubg - competetive gaming without a ranking system but with alot of shiny cosmetic progression features! i don`t like the direction pubg is going...
  2. Baits

    PUBG Ranked

    Yes i can understand that but also since the fix pubg campaign PUBG Corp made an impression to me to be more transparent. Since then they started reacting comunicating very fast to issues like Firerate/FPS for example which is really good. They gave us information that they are working and testing on Firerate/FPS even though they have no solution yet. This is what is making me nervous. Not a single word about it.... so are they really still working on a serious ranking system or are the quite happy because rarely people complain about it anyway? I can also understand that it`s not an easy task to rate skill in a br game but i think they were much closer in early access than they are now! Also to improve such ranking system it needs to be tested. There could be precious feedback from pro players and PUBG Partners who played alot of leaderboard. Ask one of those players right now. They think the old rank system got replaced and they have no idea why. None of them is playing serious on public servers anymore. They all switched to GLL and Faceit for serious matches. On public servers it´s just hot droping all the time. I played only 12 matches this season...that´s how interested i am in the current system.
  3. Baits

    PUBG Ranked

    The dev letter is 5 months old and yet not even a single information on the plan of a ranking system?
  4. Baits

    Es reicht

    kann ich auch alles nur unterschreiben! -vikendi ist ne wirklich schöne map mit vielen geilen hotdrop möglichkeiten, die mit einführung der airdrop höhle wesentlich weniger angeflogen werden. und seit dem awm buff ist die höhle mit 2 festen airdrops noch lächerlicher geworden. schade um die schöne map... -pubg ist jetzt seit fast 6 monaten ohne leaderboard, ohne seriösem ranking system! stattdessen gibt es nur noch den anreiz für fallschirme und so einen quatsch rumzugrinden. angeblich wird im hintergrund an einem verbesserten ranking system gearbeitet, aber solange??? dafür mehr als ein halbes jahr zu brauchen, kann einfach nicht wahr sein. da liegt definitiv kein fokus in der entwicklung, wenn überhaupt noch daran gearbeitet wird...
  5. Baits

    Make PUBG great again.

    warp lol....what a joke... what makes pubg great again is just stop visiting this forum... worst part of pubg is whiners like you.
  6. Baits

    God like players

    maybe because you were sitting in the only building with closed doors in the compound? i`m just guessing
  7. Baits


    So in theory according to ping grouping you should still only be matched with other high ping players on the EU server in a solo match when using VPN. In duo or squad, especially randoms, it all gets mixed up again and ping grouping completely losing impact. Teams with low and high ping players getting matched with other teams of low and high ping players means we end up with the same result as before. Low and High Pings on one server. Even in solomode it´s hard to imagine that this is working properly at all day and night times. Not even thinking about mmr/elo matchmaking. I`m fcking confused right now
  8. Baits


    Yes, it was definately before that patch. Now i`m curious do you also get matched on EU servers in solos when using a VPN?
  9. Baits


    In one case when playing random squads on EU a few weeks ago i got matched into a team of 3 premades, two of them from EU and one guy from NA. We were all still matched on EU servers and they told me they are on EU mostly when playing squads together. So there might be the backdoor causing those issues. It still wouldn`t make a difference if they got grouped to the higher ping group instead because then NA would end up with 2 high ping players from EU causing desync. I guess just the possibility to invite players from different regions to play together would still increase the desync problems.
  10. Baits

    New shroud skins..really??

    I think natznatz2 already explained this very good. Shroud is the biggest influencer in fps games. He basically decides whats viewed most on twitch by far which brings back alot of attention to PUBG. Besides that he played this game alot and is still a pubg partner as far as i know. And he plays PUBG every now and then. It´s not like he turned his back on this game.
  11. Baits

    New shroud skins..really??

    good? ibiza is one of the best! he would wipe pochinki floor with shroud`s ass anytime
  12. I agree that punishment needs to be hard on those players but i also think that most of them would improve after a 14 or 30 day ban. Maybe one of 100 cases just had a bad day and overreacted. So yea even those guys should get a chance to think about the shit they have done and learn something.
  13. This wasn`t meant to be a solution. More like an advice to keep the fun in the game. I can just speak for myself and after all the experiences with random squads(no mic, antimates, etc) i prefer to play solo at any day.
  14. Well i think it is important to make sure it wasn`t an accident or something else like premades messing with eachother or who knows what. And even someone who did it intentionally should get a chance to improve his behaviour. But this is not working when someone can kill 10 teammates before he gets his first 14 day ban as a warning. PUBG Corp needs to improve this service to make the report system more reliable.