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  1. I'm thinking you are a victim of latency or lag. I'm not an expert on this but I have similar experiences as you at times and I believe it is due to lag.
  2. I told them a million times not to exaggerate . I haven't had a chance to try it myself but am disappointed to hear as I really loved the vector.
  3. Yeah you are correct sir. I just don't think it's right to have to wait that amount of time to play. While I love this game, I am sick and tired of Sanhok . I don't get much playtime to begin with, so my solution is to play something else. Enjoy playing Sanhok.
  4. The other night in duos we dropped Milbase on Erangle. We were surprised we were the only ones there (we hadn't dropped there in a long time.) Definitely a change in loot on that map. Makes for a better challenge . I am sick and tired of Sanhok. Need better map rotation in quick join.
  5. That has been my take on them for the longest time. Last night, close range, this guy one taps each of us (playing duos) with the pump shotgun. He hit me while he was mid jump. Both of us shot right to the head (we both had lvl 1 helmets) I was actually wondering if they buffed the shotguns because it was never like that before. I can see one of us getting one tapped but 2 of us in a row and with a shotgun (which is hit and miss usually). This guy was really good.
  6. What I mean is, and I agree, you can select Vikendi with a wait (of 7+mins) . Personally I don't like waiting 7+mins every time to play. So my only choice is to select Quick Join, which brings me into Sanhok( Quick Join should be renamed "Sanhok". )
  7. I don't care what the issue is or how quick join works or doesnt work. I'm tired of playing Sanhok. BH needs to fix it. I bet if they up the loot in the other maps (Miranmar and Erangle), maybe more people would be interested in playing them and this wouldn't be such an issue. I can only dream of getting Miranmar in quick join or under 10minute wait in single map select. A bit if variety would be nice even with the state of the loot.
  8. While I had this issue too, in the latest patch notes I noticed something mentioned about changes to prone where you cant go prone on rough terrain anymore. Did you have this issue on the test server? Quote from patch notes: Modified conditions to prone, to prevent going prone on very rugged terrain. While prone and moving into a position where the character shouldn’t be able to prone, the character will automatically change to crouched position.
  9. Hey Bro, I'm in NA, in the EST time zone. My squad plays FPP quick pick. I stopped playing because I got sick and tired of Sanhok.
  10. I hear ya OP. I used to play duos NA 7pm EST . Only got Vikendi or Sanhok. Some nights it wasthe same map all night. Tried to choose Miramar waited over 7mins and still no game. For now I completely stopped playing until something gets done.
  11. I selected Miramar in the survey but I love them all. I am really really sick and tired of playing Sanhok 70% of the time and Vikendi 29% of the time. I would like to play the other 2 maps but can't, unless I want to wait. I tried selecting Miramar in map selection, but after waiting 10 mins I decided to go play Sanhok again using quick join. It's too bad because I would like to play all maps. We should be able to pick a server that rotates all 4 maps randomly or just rotates them 1 after the other. Bring back Miramar!
  12. I'm not sure if there is a diff between radar cheat and esp. But I think there is an esp option when reporting.
  13. Just curious, what servers do you play on friend? (OC, NA, AS....)? Hackers definitely have ruined many of my PUBG matches. I hope they get a handle on it before it's too late.
  14. I've watched WackJ and commend him and others on their recoil control. BUT, too many times getting downed in a nano second. Sometimes I can't help and wonder if a no recoil script was used. Not everybody I run into can be THAT good.
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