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  1. Hi OP, I have the same issues you described but I have been playing since the beginning. What you say re the guy melting you in a nano second, happens to me from time to time. Also sometimes I come around a corner and see a guy but before I can even react, I am dead. Personally, i dont think anyone one can be that fast even if cheating. I think this is due to some lag or desync due to the other person having a high ping. Just my 2 bits.
  2. OP et al, I am just curious, if there was only Erangle available and BH never ever put out other maps in the first place, would you still be playing PUBG 3years in? Personally, for me, yes I would still be playing either way. But that's just me and I'm funny that way.....
  3. I am one of the 2 to 5 ppl who likes to have a map rotation. My squad and I got sick of playing Sanhok while selecting Quick play. All that came up was Sanhok. I like that they fixed this. We prefer a rotation of all the maps. We still cringe when we get Sanhok, but we play it anyways. Maybe they should have a queue strictly for Sanhok.
  4. It happens to me too....ive had ppl get the drop on me many times, when I should have heard their footsteps. In the replay you hear the footsteps of course. Unfortunately, this issue happens randomly. Most times I can hear the footsteps as they creep up on me. One positive for me is that I now have more situational awareness (looking around more...checking my 6 etc...) and trying to spot ppl before they see me.
  5. Well thank you for your reply. This is embarrassing and makes alot of sense now. Not sure how I missed that lol. I thought I read somewhere on here that the range to the target was being reported (test server I think) Maybe they turned that feature off as I had seen some ppl complain about that feature.
  6. I can't seem to find anyone else with this issue. When I use the new ping system f3 (double tap f3) it reports the target as being at the wrong range most of the time. Usually reports that target is way farther than it actually is. Also, reports different ranges for same target (noticed this for pinging other players/enemies and or buildings). Perhaps I'm not understanding how the new system works.
  7. Sry, I cant help but can confirm I've experienced this issue multiple times. Very frustrating.
  8. Your post will most likely get deleted. Upload your video to youtube.
  9. OP: it sucks as that is the main attraction to Sanhok. You usually dont need to go too far to kit up. Sounds like they reversed the loot settings to what Erangle used to be. Question: we play NA 7pm EDT duos and squads. Quick join usually serves up Sanhock for us. Havent used quick join in weeks because of that. It was good initially when they fixed it. Is it any better now?
  10. His doesn't help as we play squads on NA (EDT prime time). I hope thiswas just a one time thing. Unfortunately our experience with quick join brings up Sanhok on most tries. We are sick of that map so we just leave the server. We usually manually pick from the other 3. Miramar is the one we usually have to wait the longest to get.
  11. Last night on NA Training, I saw a cheater who was showing off that he could jump through walls. This was blatant. He was making sure everyone could see him. I didn't really bother wasting time with him as I was there to practise. I don't know if you can report cheaters in Training mode but will check tonight.
  12. I'm thinking you are a victim of latency or lag. I'm not an expert on this but I have similar experiences as you at times and I believe it is due to lag.
  13. I'm not sure if there is a diff between radar cheat and esp. But I think there is an esp option when reporting.
  14. Just curious, what servers do you play on friend? (OC, NA, AS....)? Hackers definitely have ruined many of my PUBG matches. I hope they get a handle on it before it's too late.
  15. I've watched WackJ and commend him and others on their recoil control. BUT, too many times getting downed in a nano second. Sometimes I can't help and wonder if a no recoil script was used. Not everybody I run into can be THAT good.
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