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  1. Jsixpack1

    Where do my bullets go?

    I know you got my back dude. This is from last night. I will post others just haven't had time to create more. I know for sure my 2nd shot should have hit.
  2. Hi All, I was just wondering if others have noticed shots not registering hits lately. I have been noticing this in the last week. Shots that I'm sure are dead on just go right through ppl. My other friends I play with who have similar ping don't have this issue. Maybe it is just me or I'm not landing the shots when I think I did, but I never noticed this before.
  3. The last few times on test server (was testing patch 22 and the other times was a previous version), could not get a duo fpp game. Had to do duo in a squad games. Not too interesting to us. If we could get duo's we would definitely be using the test server. Just sayin'. Not sure why this zoomed in tpp thing happens in fpp, but it doesn't sound good.
  4. Just played Bunny Ops 4 Blackout over the last few days. What I noticed the most is that everybody bunny hops like crazy. Its actually stupid. Also noticed sound issues. Can't hear anything behind me. Also needs better inventory management , lean/peek and freelook but as per game designer .... that would be cheating lol. Anyways, BO4 Blackout doesn't even come close to the PUBG experience.
  5. Jsixpack1

    Cheating Discussion

    I'm not sure if there is a diff between radar cheat and esp. But I think there is an esp option when reporting.
  6. Jsixpack1

    You nerfed loot - Why?

    On. Erangle, a friend and I landed at the police station in the milbase. I hadn't been there in months. I was surprised to find absolute shit loot there. One boost, a level 1 helm. No weapons at all. It was never like that back in my days...
  7. Jsixpack1

    Insane Aim punch

    I was a victim of this yesterday and was unable to get any shots on my opponent. I had my mouse arm stretched out across my desk trying to keep the crosshairs on my opponent. Not sure if I like this or hate this. If I get the first shot in, then my opponent will have a harder time returning fire. So I'm on the fence with this. I'm curious to see where BH goes with this.
  8. Jsixpack1

    Please put oil in the door hindges

    Puh puh puhleeeeeeeeeeeeze. Its very annoying and ppl are doing it on purpose in the lobby.
  9. Jsixpack1

    Cheating Discussion

    Just curious, what servers do you play on friend? (OC, NA, AS....)? Hackers definitely have ruined many of my PUBG matches. I hope they get a handle on it before it's too late.
  10. Jsixpack1

    Cheating Discussion

    I've watched WackJ and commend him and others on their recoil control. BUT, too many times getting downed in a nano second. Sometimes I can't help and wonder if a no recoil script was used. Not everybody I run into can be THAT good.
  11. Jsixpack1

    Cheating Discussion

    I'm right there with ya Brah! You're preachin' to the choir.
  12. Jsixpack1

    Cheating Discussion

    Is it just me or are cheaters overpowered since the last update? I'm calling for a nerf of ALL the cheaters!