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  1. They did, Fortnight is a free to play model, they make money only by keeping people playing (thus buying related shit). If player numbers go down they loose money. PUBG isn't pay to play, the financials are upfront loaded with incremental revenue covering running costs - they already have the money that fortnight still needs to extract Context this was re "High realism mode" Think about that for a second, the Sahara is an open well desert. How many "oasis" do you think there are in a 16x16 section? There are no people so there will be no resources scattered around. What I think you mean is a desert based map....you can guess what the response to that will be surely? Re resource shortage (water in your example) why? there is already a finite amount of healing drops in the game which has the same effect. Might just as well ask for a Luna Map - that's real, with everyone in space suits and 10 minutes of air. Game would not be PUBG at that point, sorry. There is zero chance of any player finding themselves having to survive on the moon. Totally disagree - PUBG first and foremost is a money making enterprise. They will not run it as a charity or allow it to be loss making, their only obligation is to provide the game and the servers on which to play it - both of which they have done already, they need do nothing more than what they deem necessary to protect their reputation so they can sell you another game - PUBG2 perhaps - which I'm sure wont be $30 if its ever released.
  2. If you where Pubg, would you a. spend a lot of money changing PUBG then give away the new game b. build a PUBG2 with all your new ideas and a new engine then charge everyone for the game all over again c. sell the rights to publish a PUBG 2 to another developer ie 10 cent I know which I would be doing, max profit min effort.
  3. GrumpyOldMan

    add tactical and normal reload

    In respect of balance between keeping this a nail biting game and become a micro management of load, ammo, mags, I think they have got it about right. Having to spend 10 minutes magazine collecting, loading, reloading and packing or even general pouch/backpack tetris would serious interrupt the flow of the game imo and its not an aspect that would add to the tension. So no thanks from me.
  4. well you have a total of 11 posts at time of writing, 4 of them in this thread. How many other threads have you started?
  5. just call it milsim mode and be done with it - problem is most players wont like it. So how is it going to make BH money?
  6. GrumpyOldMan

    Does anti-cheat works or ... ?

    Define "work" ... they have banned millions of accounts so by that measure at least you have to say it does. Is it effective is a different conversation
  7. Need to be realistic with these wish list "wouldn't it be good if" requests. No developer is going to completely rewrite the game mechanics and not see some significant reward for doing so. For each of the "I would likes" ask youself how much is this going to cost in terms of effort and how much extra sales will BH get a result. Changing a wep to show ware and tear, its artistic effort developing a skin which BH can then sell, as long as enough people want to buy it why not? Adding character expressions and making them casual - that's a lot more complex - where is the return on the investment going to come from? Then look at where is the benefit? I'm not looking at anyone's expression in the game unless its through a scope at which point I hope the guy will be dead in a moment. How much do you personally want to pay for this feature? MORE attachments? really? imo there are too many useless attachments to pick up already taking up drops that could be useful instead.. High realism mode - I suspect the current level of detail is as high as they could go given development costs, platform requirements and real world latency, how will what you are proposing not impact game performance? New weps - more and more new weps, I don't really care personally if they implement every wep ever made. Ultimately this is a game, the weps in it are balanced for the game. The more variety you add the more BH have to do on the balance side to keep the gun individual without unbalancing the game.
  8. GrumpyOldMan

    Need a moral boost!

    all servers have hackers on them today - but at least the code running on the servers themselves is as Bluehole intended. Once you let me run a server exe on my own PC or server I can be running all sorts of other code as well, other players may have no clue or indeed anyway to tell to server isn't legit I guess this depends what you mean by "private", there are already private servers of a sort available today. The thrust of the comment I thought was a mechanism to allow for more geographically disperse servers to improve ping? One way to crack this problem would be for BH to licence the sale of virtual servers to players/clans via approved hosting partners, where the licensee undertakes to control the image of the server to ensure no rogue code can be uploaded - I guess this is possible but would need changes from BH. Queuing would need to be reviewed, you want to play on your server so direct connect, how do other people get matched and queued to it?
  9. Playing with words, a prototype is a thing not a pseudo random flood of "I would like". So to be clear, the map prototype you mentioned is nothing more than a fantasy. Hardly a justification for your flood of random images then. btw You don't need to post a picture of an M16 to ask for M16's to be included in the game. Seems to be you regard this thread as yours, essentially a private forum area for your own use, good luck with that.
  10. GrumpyOldMan

    Need a moral boost!

    if you think hacking is bad now, let people host local servers and then see
  11. To be clear you are presenting a stack of images which I suspect you own no copyright over, haven't manipulated or created anything with - as such they remain images not a prototype. Design something and implement it - then its a prototype. I could post 20 random images of farm animals in this thread under the heading of "my great idea" - it doesn't make it so. Nah the way this works is you are posting in a public discussion forum, if you don't want negative responses refrain from spamming images under the guise of idea's, otherwise you could always send your "prototypes" direct to BH instead.
  12. GrumpyOldMan

    Vikendi is great, but.

    miss post
  13. GrumpyOldMan

    Honestly, what is going on?

    Guys you've got to be realistic in your expectations. No company spends at the same rate they did during initial product development unless there is significant incremental revenue coming due to that additional development. You spend big upfront then recover your costs in sales and hope to make lots of profit over the life of the game you spent that development money on. This game has been out 2 years now, its been through the hype cycle, exploding sales and the decline in players afterwards (hopefully its stabilised now for a few months), its not going to sell 30 milion more copies if they solve dsync for example (even if that where technically/physically possible). Its a shame that the game isn't perfect - when it becomes too imperfect take a break then come back. This game has longevity but the deep down mechanics aren't going to change in this version imo. Lots of good learning being gained for a PUBG2 thou if BH ever want to be super rich.
  14. Please spare us yet another random download of google images under the guise of things you think look good, its not making a contribution or provoking a discussion - frankly its spam please stop.
  15. must admit I prefer the old church but hey ho