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  1. Is there a way to know the average game population per country/region for PUBG on Steam or other platforms?
  2. Same here, it happens when the net bugs out trying to go back to the main menu. I just cant believe the code for such can't handle a time out properly. It wont even let you alt+tab away from it. A reboot is the only solution.
  3. Delakroix


    What are the chances, given ping grouping works and no one uses vpn in china, that a chinese player will be grouped with someone in NA? And why?
  4. Delakroix

    How is this shot not a hit, Blue Hole?

    You did not take scope-zero distance into account. Your shot went above your opponents head even if you aimed low, you are well below the zeroing distance of your scope. Just by looking, it appears you are about 100m away from the target but the 4x is zeroed I think @ 200m. I don't think there is anything wrong with the game.
  5. Delakroix

    I need a break

    It is mostly the lack of time. When I had more time (summer vacations) i'd play the crap out of myself. Average of five(5) games at a time. Now, life comes in and you make the most out of your time focusing only on the games worth my attention.
  6. Delakroix

    Put Mp5k on all maps

    I dig you on the weapon model. The original lesser tactical looking one is better IMHO. I guess they really needed the rail grip to justify the attachments, but they should've used the folding stock or the telescopic stock version - more badass. I finally got to pick up one last night and I guess it was ok FWIW. I paired it with the EBR and made one successful close quarter kill. The extended mag allows for advanced firing around corners/obstacles in TPP making sure you get your shots registered. This or the vector, i think the ROF is the only thing setting them apart use-case.
  7. Delakroix

    Notification letter

    I would like to get a notification just so I know when's the best time to play with very little cheaters on. I get it that there will be cheaters all the time, few or many, but I want to know when a ban wave has just been performed so my expectations are set even better. FWIW, this game is being enjoyed for the state that it is in. There is nothing wrong if the players are better informed of the game's state instead of just enjoying, or at least trying to, enjoy the game in ignorance. Just yesterday, during the times I played, half my games were good and the rest had blatant aimbotters shooting me and actually killing me through walls. I would've spent the time better doing other things than hoping the next game would be better.
  8. Delakroix

    Cheating Discussion

    What is up with the hacking surge??? Cheaters aren't even trying to hide their hacks!! I just got shot 3 times through walls!!!!
  9. Delakroix

    Put Mp5k on all maps

    I have not seen this weapon at all so far.
  10. Delakroix


    Practically no, but in most cases, the inherent design of mechanical keys allow for a bit faster input. Membrane keys require you to bottom out keys to make the keypress register. This is just how they are designed. Some, if not most, mechanical KB's actuate halfway or 70% of the key travel depending on the mechanism used. They are also more tactile and usually have smoother key-presses over time since most cheap membrane keys degrade in their housing and create friction making the key-press fatiguing and wonky. it may or may not make you a better player but the overall experience will improve. The mechanical KB's are just more tactile, responsive and have a wider range of "feel" to choose from. (https://mechanicalkeyboards.com/faqs.php?q=mechanical_switch_difference) Since I moved to mechanical keys, I never looked back.
  11. Delakroix

    SMG late game viability

    The lack of some attachments shy'ed me away for a while now, but I will give this a shot later today after work. I am craving for an AKS-74u, I hope this comes in soon.
  12. Delakroix


    Sometimes, people don't camp. They just hear you coming because you run so loud and then they just stop where they are and you simply walk into the room with them pointing a shotty in your face. No issues there.
  13. Is it ,or is it not? The UMP45 feels a little underwhelming and I think the Vector9mm is a tad hard to kit out after all the changes. The AR's obviously have the advantage late game, but suddenly, for me it feels the SMG's are like shotties now. They are easily replaced early in the game. The vector is amazing even with the 9mm change. Fully kitted with a suppressor or a compensator, I hardly notice the change. But the recent cheater surge in SEA/AS( B L A T A N T aimbotting), has made it hard to make an assessment. The UMP45 is well balanced, but the ROF will get you killed if return fire is the case. The Uzi9mm is working as intended, I hope they don't mess with it. And for the life of it, I have not seen an MP5k so far.. Thoughts?
  14. Delakroix

    Update 27a

    There were some fun bits here and there, but really, they should just fix actual bugs, improve the game, and listen to the players for once.
  15. It's ok as long as it doesn't add too much latency to sound processing just so your game is in sync. I have a FiiO e10k and a chi-fi DAC (FX-dacx6) and swap them out from time to time. There is no noticeable lag in sound so far.