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  1. Even with the Erangel rework, the game will get a spike of players and still dwindle soon after. Why? - Desync. it will always be there. The current game model accounts for it but has no real solution or mitigation to it. The only way this game can prove it's performance prowess is through LAN-like latencies and lower player count that is counter-intuitive to it's very feature. - People will get used to it and be bored, AGAIN, soon enough. The only thing keeping it alive is the season passes. That's it. The hacking etc.,... that's how it's gonna be. If you play the game from then to date, it's really not gonna ba that far off if it improves from here. There's really not much sell from what it is now. Only a major change in game mechanic will for better or worse. The only thing to come next which I'm sure will attract players back is ranking. But then again you face the same issues. Then you get used to it and move on again. The game won't die, not soon. But it will bleed MORE. So, like me I guess, players now play the game when passing time. Then leave when frustrated. ROI from the early access is good for me at this point.
  2. Warframe has been on since 2013. For a looter-shooter, the game is: - grindy AF - no hacking, no need to - no low latency performance requirement (100ms ore less is more than adequate) - has an OK pooling server - hosts the game from one of the clients (squad/4players) - continuous development (regular MAJOR updates and facelifts) - satisfying looting mechanic - highly evolved and intuitive weapon stats mechanics - good melee, not the best but still good - Extremely high developer-community participation (Regular DevStream program) It is a niche genre (SPACE Effin' NINJAS) which is not even remotely comparable to PUBG. And even if anyone tried, it has better longevity than PUBG simply by the way it is being run by it's devs. If PUBG wanted to stay up for longer (6+ years?), it has to do better than what Digital Extremes (dev) is doing as the gaming space is a VERY competitive environment. Was it even alive? It is thriving for all we care.
  3. ADS/Aim+crouch walk = least audible? or same as just crouch walk?
  4. So far, as it seems to me, the devs or/nor the planning team of this game does not care about the value of the game to it's players so far in the sense of being invested in the game through cosmetics. To begin with, selling cosmetics can be tough. A player has to feel involved in a game for hime/her to invest value in non real-life object of literally no physical value. So far, PUBG been enamored with player count that it hasn't cared to look at other venues to make money but to simply go through the old tricks of discount sales/exclusives/rush buying. To me, the success of this game is by far it's biggest hindrance in improvement -- meaning getting better sentiment in terms of positive player emotional investment. And the fact that it is backed by a large corp means it simply wouldn't go that niche route. In fact it doesn't have to. If we want the old skins, the planning team needs to see that the playerbase wants it. Just play the game.
  5. Increase your FPP FOV in the menu and see if it makes a difference.
  6. The desync in SEA is so bad right now I am getting shot from all over the place and from behind walls without seeing the enemy. In CQC, footstep tracking is SOOOO bad it's all about peeker's advantage. The fun is just gone all of a sudden.
  7. In my years of gaming I never really cared if my ping to the server was 20ms or 200ms. i just played. CS, COD series, BF3-4, you name it. But for some reason, this game at 100ms or more latency and desync is really unacceptable.
  8. It's ok, we now have keychains to hang on the side of our guns.
  9. For a gaming company with a decent amount of players, they are pretty low on communications.
  10. Well, someone actually came up with the idea to hang a keychain/trinket on their weapon so....
  11. I used to play this game to collect skins using the BP I get after each game. It's completely useless now since I find little value in the skins they make and just "enjoy" what's left of the game.
  12. I hear some complaints left and right about the new update. I think PUBG is better than ever now though , FWIW. However, can we get the function to filter the MM we get ping wise from the client's end? I am not asking for region lock or anything, I just need something to automate the endless manual leaving of match I do whenever I get OOR by MM. I just don't wanna waste my time looking for a good match. I leave the game anyway past 3 tries or so. Getting laggy servers just add stress and messes up the idea of a game that's suppose to be exciting or exhilarating.
  13. The patch notes mentions that if you set "Fullscreen" mode, the game runs in Fullscreen IN-GAME, then switches back to Fullscreen window/borderless fullscreen within the main menu to fix a bug that prevents users from alt+tabbing and closing the game whenit crashes. Is this your case or does it really not go into true "Fullscreen" when you are within a round of a game?
  14. I actually like this Idea. Could be a game modifier of some sort. Not for everyone, but a surprise chicken dinner is not bad.
  15. I wouldn't mind a special region select button for OCE people though (I am from SEA btw) and for other low player population region. I think proper gaming deserves low pings!!
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