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  1. It's annoying actually. One of the reasons that I don't play the map.
  2. Willitz

    suggestion for the blue

    the damage is fine. But seriously PUBG CORP, if you want my feedback on the bluezone changes, TELL ME WHAT YOU DID! How hard is it? How am I suppose to give you feedback on the direction of the changes when I don't know whaty they are?
  3. It is absolutely not random. I can hit pretty much the same spot when doing spins with mouse acceleration turned on. Is it harder? Yes. Much harder because you pretty much need to learn 2 different sets of muscle memory. But I really don't see a problem with having an option for Raw Mouse Input. A lot of other games has it and it doesn't make people confused lol. You have mouse acceleration off by default.
  4. Willitz

    Please nerf the AWM

    Nobody is talking about a 50% dmg nerf. At least what Iv'e seen. The nerf that people talk about is making it not 1 shot a lvl 2 vest. Even if it doesn't, it is still more powerful than before the update. So I don't really understand what you mean.
  5. Willitz

    Please nerf the AWM

    I would say slightly less. Remember that everyone isn't always at 100 health. So if you're doing 99 damage, that would 1 shot let's say 50-60% of the players. But I get the point, It's less than 100%. But here's my suggestion: Do one of these things: 1. Make SR do 130% against the chest area. Also the same to the upper chest. An AWM would then do about 94 damage to a lvl 2 vest. (Of course this affects all snipers. If you don't like the damage buff this is the way to go). 2. Nerf AWM from 120 dmg to 110 dmg. The AWM would then do 99 dmg to a lvl 2 vest. (I would be ok with this. At least it doesn't guarentee a 1 shot).
  6. Willitz

    Please nerf the AWM

    According to my calculations a Kar does 67.5 dmg to a lvl 2 vest. And a little bit more to the upper chest I think. So not 90.
  7. Willitz

    Please nerf the AWM

    I like the update on SR damage on body shots. However 150% Might be a little too much. I would be fine with the AWM one shotting a lvl 1 vest. But not lvl 2. Make it do like 90 or something to a lvl 2. It's still pretty powerful. And still more powerful than it was before the update.
  8. Willitz

    Terrible Erangle Loot

    But what do you base it on? How many games? The loot was buffed by 41% ish right? You can still go into a house and find nothing good. The buff doesn't mean that you will now always find good stuff. I have played many games and I notice a difference.
  9. Willitz

    Inventory Macro

    What are you talking about? He's clicking on the items to drop them. It has been in the game for months.
  10. Willitz

    Update 27 SR buff

    Because they catagorize them by SR and DMR, VSS did probably not get the buff. But I'm not really sure about the Winchester.
  11. Willitz

    SR 150% Damage in Update

    Yes I agree. I wanted an increase to SR body shots, since it's so much easier to just kill a moving target with an SKS for example. So while I'm for an increase, maybe 150% is just a little too much. it used to be 110%. So maybe around 130% or so would make more sense. Also with 130% an AWM will do around 94 damage to a lvl 2 body armor.
  12. I can tell you never tried playing a game with mouse acceleration. of course you can. When you mouse your mouse a set distance and with the same speed you absolutely can. It's not like it's random speed like you say. And waste of time? ye to implement such a small thing. because ALL other things they worked on was to your liking ? You would probably find alot of things a waste of time.
  13. Actually it's not true. You CAN develop muscle memory with acceleration. it's just not as accurate and it's much harder. And I don't believe he asked for your opinion whether or not he should have it on or not. I really DON'T see the problem of having it as an option for the people that want it. it does not effect anyone else who doesn't like it.
  14. What's scary is I don't know if some people are joking or not xD. One of these posts can actually be a serious one lol. But Ok I'm gonna give a SERIOUS suggestion now: I want a deer caller, and in every game there is 100 deers and 100 bears. And these callers don't attract deers, only bears because bears are sexually attracted to deer sound. So you attract every bear in 1km radious, but only 10 of these bears are friendly and can talk. If you get one of these bears they will give you kiss and wish you good luck. Also they give you a voodo doll. You can use these voodoo dolls and it will kill a random player and teleports you to that player. And then a big voodoo doll spaceship appears and drops a package with the sniper from Halo Reach. And the amount of other bears that have been killed this game, that is how many bullets you get. How about it?
  15. 1. Reduce the loot on Sanhok. Sanhok is just a run and gun map now. Strategy is less important than tactics. Its pretty much a shit show unless you land away from major buildings, but there is no penalty if you just hit 12 buildings away from major villages. Plenty of loot there. Solution? Reduce the loot. There is too much. It doesn't have to be drastic, but if there was a 15% reduction in loot, would anyone really notice? Particularly when you get to point 3. Wouldn't mind actually. increase loot on Erangel and Miramar and slightly decrease it on Sanhok. 3. Reduce the player count on Sanhok to 48 and make Vikendi 80. Fewer players, easier task for the servers... all sorts of benefits. Or make them 64 and 80. Or 60 and 72. Whatever. It will also make things a lot easier for the next point: I don't see the point of this. 48 is imo too low. keep it the same but what I would suggest is to actually a match with 80 or above.