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  1. Willitz

    sanhok is the superior map

    I would be totally fine with the 6x6 size if it was 6x6 playable area. I really thought that Vikendi would be that at first but sadly they decided to put water around it. I like the maps a little bigger. Sanhok way too small for me. Miramar a little too big.
  2. Willitz

    Vikendi Loot Table

    That doesn't matter! If everybody were to find only pistols would that be ok? Nobody is suggesting that there should be ARs and snipers in every corner of every house. We just want to increase the spawn rate of those and decrease the spawn rate of shotguns and smgs. Personally I really like the UMP, but it has nothing to do with this. Having played 1000h I can clearly see a difference. There is too much shotguns and smgs on vikendi. And yes sometimes you find exactly what you want but in many cases you end up having to loot for a long time. Mostly I get alot of attachments for a SR but not the weapon itself.
  3. Willitz

    Leaning keys?

    I just don't see a reason for it ^^. Iv'e played many shooter games where you couldn't lean, and they were absolutely fine. It's just a movement that I don't feel is necessary. Also, If you couldn't lean, that would force people to move out of cover when they actually wanna shoot somebody, i just think a shooter game is more fun that way.
  4. Willitz

    Leaning keys?

    Q and E right now. but Iv'e tried other options like mouse buttons. But I wish they got rid of leaning all together
  5. Willitz

    Map rotation

    Why can't we select to queue for more than one map? People do quick join because they don't wanna wait 5min to get into the map the want
  6. Letting people choose more than one map is a good idea for starters. But of course with more maps being released they need to do something about the queues. I was thinking that instead of an entire season without a map, how about for 1 week? That way they cycle pretty quick. So its 3 available maps every week. Or something, im just throwing it out there. Im open for other solutions.
  7. Dude are you high? forced land zones - terrible? Lol. Ye because its so much fun having the circle in 50% water? Or in water between land? faster zone movement - terrible? Dude it’s slower zone movement.
  8. I use 1 right now but I played with 1.2 for a while. The spraying was alot easier but sniper shots was harder. I dont know maybe i didnt adapt to it very well but whenever I had to do a vertical movement I often overaimed. It took me longer to set up for a headshot. Maybe 1.1 might do the trick for me.
  9. Willitz

    Clunky animations and movement

    This has nothing to do with the issue. it's not a workaround this we are suggesting. I was simply laying out an example. You don't see it because you don't understand the problem. Moving around has nothing to do with this. You play the exact same way, We are just talking about when you can ads again after animations. nothing else
  10. Willitz

    Clunky animations and movement

    no? simply stating the fac tthat i'm not a beginner. Adding this wouldn't effect the gameplay in any way. you can simply play the way you always played. And I don't buy that it's a edge niche scenario. Just because YOU never thought about it. Maybe you're used to it? I'm really shocked you never encountered this problem, are you even using hold to ads? I encounter this problem in almost every single game. I find it extremely odd that you never even thought about it. Just my last game it got me killed. But my question to you is this, what's the problem with it? If you could go into ads as soon as an animation is compelted and never have to think about timing it, wouldn't that be better? With you always having to time it, you never shoot as fast as you could for xample when using a kar98 because you always have to time it. Here's a scenario for you, and tell me what you think about this: Let's just say it takes 2 seconds to reload a k98. So Exactly 2 seconds before you can ADS again if you let go of the button and moved around or whatever. PUBG RIGHT NOW (Starting in ADS mode with a kar98) Scenario 1. Shot Release hold ADS buton 2 sec rechamber animation You press and hold ADS button 0.2 sec after animation ADS mode 0.2 Sec lost Scenario 2. Shot Release hold ADS button 2 sec rechamber animation You press and hold ADS button after 1.9sec (0.1 sec TOO FAST) NO ADS mode. Press and hold ADS button again ADS mode This is 2 very likely scenarios. This is a lose-lose Scenario. Scenario 1 let's you get into ADS mode 0.2sec Too slow. And scenario 2 is a complete fail. probably 1sec after. You see? NOW imagine this with a close range fight and you having an M4. Not letting you go into ADS mode because of lets say a vaulting animation simply could get you killed. You have to press once again and by that time the other guy has probably started firing Already! HOW EVERY OTHER GAME IS (Starting in ADS mode with a kar98) Shot Release hold ADS button Rechamber Animation starts You press and hold ADS button 1.5sec into the animation After 2 sec --> ADS mode 0 Sec lost. Exacly 2 sec
  11. Willitz

    Clunky animations and movement

    I never said anything about standing still. It's the same problem for any animation, jumping, vaulting, reloading, you name it. Let's say I vault over a wall, all of a sudden I see an enemy on the other side that was hiding. It doesn't make any sense that with HOLD to ads I have to wait for the animation, then KNOW exactly when it ends in milliseconds, then time it perfectly pressing and holding my RMB to go into ADS mode. The logic thing would be holding RMB during the vaulting animation, my character does the animation and when it is over it immediately takes me into ads mode.
  12. Willitz

    Clunky animations and movement

    He is saying the exact same thing. Yes? When it is completed. Thing is you now have to time it. Which leaves it open for errors. Dude are you kidding me? Iv'e been playing FPS for 20 years. Iv'e been top 20 on Wolfenstein ET, people still remember my name from Quake 3. I know how games work. This is the only game with the settings like this that Iv'e played ever. That I can remember.This is not logical. It feels extremely wrong if it works 100% like it should with toggle then it shouldn't be difficult to make it work with Hold. it is litteraly the only difference. I am honestly still not sure if you understand the issue. I say this is clearly not intented,, I say it's a bug. And you can say what you want.
  13. Willitz

    Clunky animations and movement

    You misunderstood the entire thing. That's why I didn't get your post. It's not about maintaining ADS while chambering a round or reloading. It is about going into ADS mode when an animation is finished. I thought I was pretty clear on that.
  14. Willitz

    Clunky animations and movement

    Dude, what are you talking about? making it cancel the reload is even worse. This works 100% in all other shooter games iv'e played. It's just this one that it doesn't. I don't see any reason that it can't be fixed. So no it is not fine.
  15. Willitz

    Clunky animations and movement

    I posted about this the very first day that you could do hold. And I have made about 3 other posts about this issue but no fix. I don't believe it happens with toggle so why can't it be fixed for hold... It's very annoying indeed. So many times that i'm doing an animation and then I see an enemy close by and i hold RMB to get intop ADS and nothing happens and it gets me killed. I don't wanna time it exactly when the animation is over. iot's suppose to let you go into ADS mode when the aanimation is complete by itself. Come one, pass this along to the developers..