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  1. New circle timers are fine. They cut a couple of seconds of the first circles. They want people to group together quicker for more action. The first white circle might a little too small, maybe. But overall I'm happy. They cut about 30 seconds of waiting time for the blue to move on early game.
  2. I'm fine with the new look of the grass, It looks good. But it's way too long imo. People becoming invisible when proning in the later circles is just not fun. Perhaps it's not longer than before, but it certainly feel like it is. And the new look makes it look thicker. Id'e say like cut it in half.... At least make it so that people don't disappear when proning
  3. I actually don't like the first picture. The shadows are too dark, would be so hard to spot people hiding there.
  4. It's a little bright ye
  5. I wonder if people actually took a vote, how many would be in favor for keeping the red zone? I want it removed too, and I think most people want that. Ye well, that sounds a little complicated. So their description of random is not really what we mean by random. Like, either have it completely random or tell us it's not. When Wackyjacky did a video on this, the redzone didn't favor heavy populated areas. Though he tested it on custom server and as far as I know it was only one test. But my experience, and I think many others, is that it goes to some places more often than others.
  6. No I'm not new. And that doesn't matter, the point is that they are telling us that it IS random... and I don't believe them. And once again as many others do you bring forth the classic work around solution.
  7. Ok, it doesn't for me. Nor any of my friends.
  8. Your windows sensitivty takes care of that
  9. Now, I can't be the only one who notices red zones in Pochinki. Is it a coincidence? I did some testing. I played 20 games jumping in pochinki. The redzone was on pochinki 1 or more times 15 times of out 20! If if was random it wouldn't be that often would it? What I'm about to show you here is the game that had the most amount of redzones. I mean come one, this is just ridiculous!! And YES it's from the same game! !1 23456 I really don't like them to beginn with. But if you're gonna leave them in the game. For the love of god, Reduce the sound, and make it so it can't bomb the same area more than once!
  10. It filled the last bar more than it does now! That's my point. I said in my post that it got you 98-99 boost. And now there's clearly a difference. I just tested this on coincidence before the update and now after. So you are in fact wrong my friend. it fills less than before, about half the last bar.
  11. Really? I haven't noticed. Must test this. And no, energi drink + painkiller has always given you 100% boost. or well 98-99 since you lose some boost while taking the second booster:) EDIT: I just tested this and you are in fact correct! it does not fill up as as much as they used to, you can clearly see the difference. This must be a bug because I see no reason why they would nerf it. Also it still says 40 on the ED and it was not in the patch notes. If anything I'de buff them so that you get to 100% helath after using a first aid. 2nd EDIT. it seems to heal just as much really.. but the graphics have changed. The bar doesnt fill up all the way No this is different. You can see it, go to training mode and test it.
  12. You have 300 posts and all of a sudden you decide to troll? Or have you been a troll this entire time? A KD ratio of 50 is impossible! Not even best players in the world can come close. So I really hope you mean 5
  13. This is not true. It did not get reverted. It got from 150% to 130%. Previously it was 110%. So it's a buff. You can two tap someone with a kar98/m24 if they have a lvl 2 vest. An sks can not. But do they need more buffs? Perhaps, and maybe increasing bullet velocity is the way to go. They are underperforming in tournaments yes, but in public games they are being used alot. And they are very deadly. The damage is fine I think. They are suppose to hurt alot more than DMRs.
  14. But it's not " problem solved" as you said because I like Erangel. So saying that you can play something else isa solution is not really a solution. Just expressing my opinion on grass.
  15. ooh the original "workaround" solution. That's nice man. Just do something else if you don't like it lol. Say that to everything
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