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  1. Willitz

    Customize the 4x scopes

    Ye I dont really like it either. I mean its ok. Its nice that they added it to the game along with the 6x for more variation. but its hard to see it sometimes against certain backgrounds. But its better than nothing I guess. But I still prefer the 4x because of the extra zoom. I just wish I could replace the cross
  2. Willitz

    Customize the 4x scopes

    Agree with this. I find myself having to move the crosshair from let's say a window in order to see if the guy is peeking. I don't think that should be the case. That's why I don't like it. And that's why I would want the option to change the cross to something else. I kinda liked sniping in early access when you had the 556 chevron. But I'm for multiple choices.
  3. Willitz

    Customize the 4x scopes

    you mean like you can with the red dot sight? Take a look at the 6x scope for example. As far as I know it looks exactly the same no matter if you're using a mini14, Kar98k, M4 or AKM. So the range indicators can't really be correct for all those guns. Yet I haven't really seen people complaining about that it looks the same. So I can't really understand the problem with being able to change your 4x scope to what you prefer, just as you can with the red dot sight. It's personal preference really. I can't say I understand this argument either. This whole section on the forum is for feedback and discussion. And what you're saying is "Oh just make do with what you have, drop the discussion". I really can't see how this would affect your gameplay, if you enjoy it the way it is then fine. So if there was only 1 map to play on and people really wanted a new map, should you response with " Make do with what you receive". People want new weapons and attachments... "oh just make do with what you receive".
  4. Willitz

    Customize the 4x scopes

    Yes. And I cant really see any drawback of adding this. I mean if you like it the way it is you can simply just leave it. but for us who want to be able to change it to something else, we could now do so. I really think would be a good Idea that alot of people would like.
  5. Willitz

    Do the devs actually play their own game?

    That’s great that you guys read almost everything. May I suggest that a small reply on more topics would be highly appreciated. Sometimes when people post suggestions and they dont get a reply from you guys they can feel like it hasnt even been read. A feeling of hopelessness. Now I understand that there is alot of suggestions that had already been posted and perhaps even those you answered to already. You cannot go into every topic and reply I get that. But a confirmation that you read it would at least bring me satisfaction. And knowing that it has been passed along to the team if it was something good would be just awesome to know. Because then you will not feel like nobody listened. And people reading it would not post about this again. I think It would help alot.
  6. I would really like to change the 4x reticle on different guns. I NEVER liked the cross one on snipers. I get why they are all different, I do. They made range indicators that work depending on if you have an AKM or an M4 because the bullet velocity and drop is different. But what if I don't really care about that? I rarely use them anyway. Most of the times I just aim slightly above the enemy at 200+ meters and figure out where to aim. Most of the fights are at less 100m anyway so I just aim at the center. I would really like to replace the cross one with the 5.56 one. So why lock our ability to make changes the way we like just because the range indicators won't be 100% correct at longer distances? It's almost like saying: "Hey you can't wear those shoes to that shirt, it doesn't match". Well.... what if I want to? I don't think customization can be a bad thing really. As long as you don't over exaggerate with like everything. Customization like clothing, skins, crosshairs, graphics are pretty normal things.
  7. Willitz

    Weapons and fps

    I'm talking about the comparison between Scar and M4. A weapons dps means very little if you can't handle the recoil or hit your shots.
  8. Willitz

    Winchester with Sights

    I never said anything about it's damage. I just don't like iron sights. Being able to see more when you're ADSing is good enough for now.
  9. Willitz

    Winchester with Sights

    Well being able to put a red dot on it would actually be okay. No other scopes though. But the way it is now, it's just not worth it. Almost nobody plays with it past early game. And I don't understand not every weapon needs to be a good weapon but right now it's not even close to good. If you could have a red dot on it, at least some more people would try it out. And TBH it's on a map that's really big with open areas. Not really ideal for it
  10. Willitz

    Wind sound!

    I will always be against high ambient sounds. it's annoying, just my opinion. And to people saying "Oh well it makes footsteps not so loud so its good". Well.... then make footsteps a little quieter instead.- I understand it adds to the feeling of a snow map, I do. But to me it isn't very pleasent to listen to. At least make it quieter than it is now.
  11. Willitz

    Weapons and fps

    That is REALLY not how you solve the problem. Just put Vsync in for everybody lol. alot of people would quit. Tbh the difference isn't even that big! What was it, 2-5 bullets faster with a 40 bullet mag? And it's just when spraying. It's still a problem that needs to be fixed yes but it's not a game changer in that way. And fps is not fixed, it changes all the time. Even if you have slightly higher fire rate than another guy doesn't mean you would win the fight. If this was a major problem then Scar would fail 90% of the tiems against an M4, which it doesn't. You hit your shots, you are most likely gonna win. And then there's where you hit your shots. Recoil will be slightly easier to control with lower fire rate so there's that factor as Well.
  12. Would not solve all the problems no. Thats why i suggested a map rotation. Perhaps even something to add to that. Because something needs to be done, because the current system isnt working so good is it? There are different maps on different regions that doesnt get queued for in Quick join. And queuing for that specific map could take several minutes. May I ask what you would suggest to fix the current system?
  13. Yes. But that is not to say that your next game would be Vikendi as well! So queueing for the same map again when the quick join might have placed you into Sanhok is not really the same, But I understand what you mean. AND as it is right now, there is definitely some kind of priority system where the game prioritizes those you choose quick join. So that's also a factor here. Yes that is true. But think of it like this, if you are only choosing one map, then you are excluding all the other maps by default. Which means you are not even in those pools to even try to get a game going. If you are choosing 3 maps, then at least you are in those pools for a chance to get people together. Now once you get into 1 map yes you delete all your other pools. BUT there will be more people in those pools due to not being limited to ONLY ONE. The reason quick join works right now is that people do not want to wait for several minutes for a specific map. I still feel like a rotation of the maps COULD be necessary to fix matchmaking. I don't know how much it would fix but it would limit the available maps from 4 to 3 which should help some. So I'm thinking a lockdown on 1 map for lets say 24h and then you just switch it up.
  14. Are you serious? i explained it here: " 33 players queue for erangel, miramar and vikendi. 33 players queue for erangel and miramar. 33 players queue for erangel and vikendi. Result: Erangel gets 99 players. Game starts." BECAUSE you are paired up!! Here is what you wrote. mine are bold Erangel TPP Solo QUEUE 1 TPP Duo TPP Squad FPP Solo FPP Dup FPP Squad Mirimar TPP Solo QUEUE 1 Just reduced it TPP Duo TPP Squad FPP Solo FPP Dup FPP Squad Sanhok TPP Solo QUEUE 1 TPP Duo TPP Squad FPP Solo FPP Dup FPP Squad Vikendi TPP Solo TPP Duo TPP Squad FPP Solo FPP Dup FPP Squad" How the hell does this explain anything? You dont queue them together! You don't need the 24 individual queues because it gets reduced by the amount of people queuing for multiple choices. it doesnt matter if its 24 or 48. If 50 people could queue for all 24 and another 50 for 18 you get selected into the 18 that most players queued for. That can get a match going!
  15. Ye. And thing is You are picking ONE perspective, ONE game mode before you even start selecting maps