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  1. Doh, misread. Well, Hells Bells. TYM
  2. Getting pings to that center around 105-110. Dang the luck. There seems to be on in Oregon. 34 ping! Nothing I can do to make sure I get on that one? Steam is already set to Seattle.
  3. I am on Oregon coast with over 400Mbps download speed and an upload speed of 20+. Any games I join, my ping is over 140 constantly, is there anything I can do?
  4. Duo TPP keeps putting me in matches by myself, I have to exit to lobby 4 or 5 times or more before it pairs me up with someone.
  5. I guess they are aware of the issue with Highlights and Windows 7 https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/1023149/geforce-experience/cannot-enable-shadowplay-highlights-feature/post/5206478/#5206478
  6. Yeah I got the notice ONCE when i went into a lobby, no lobbies after that thought and kills are not getting clipped
  7. Scratch that, not working,. whenever I am able to force the ingame overlay back on, the game just shows this: And i get a kill/knockout and nothing happens.
  8. Tried that, overlay did not want to turn back on. tried exiting, then game is just blank under hilight section After going back and forth trying to force the overlay back on, it finally came up along with Hilights enabled in game, I think, I never got any lobby notification.
  9. It happens maybe once every few games, no really set pattern Sometimes can go 6 or 7 w/o it happening. Restarting does not matter as it happens during all the diff sessions when I play.
  10. There is no rhyme or reason when this happens, it just seems to happen. Seems like I start out in water before lobby is fully loaded.
  11. Damn Killer Doors (That was me that did the shot)
  12. Ok gotcha thanks. I might try a couple of those on that post, but I can't bring myself to lower all the settings to basement level. Plus I just got a 1070 today Can't wait for tomorrow.
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