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    I think it's time to realize that this game is dead and the devs literally don't care. They made their money and that's all that matters. It's only a matter of time before they stop communicating with us for good. They are probably working on their next game already. No other game killed pubg, pubg killed itself. It's honestly embarrassing.
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    I spent 2000+ ours on PUBG, and I haven’t played in the passed seven days. Maybe you guys should listen to us more. Other games have come out and they listen, I don’t need to name it, you already know. Ive taken around 20ppl from PUBG and turned them away. If you’d like your community back, listen to us. Give us free map selection and better loot. I know what you’re all thinking, “that’ll lower the player base” let me stop you right there, not doing these basic demands is worse than doing them. Listen to the community. Anyway, take this criticism how you want, but if this post gets removed like the last one, you’ve lost a group of valuable and money spending customers. Gday
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    @PUBG_Andymh5 not really expecting you to do anything about this post, just wanted you to view it. But I’m sad to say that this will probably be the end of PUBG for me. I literally made this account just to say this. I’ve been with the game since it released on December 12th of 2017. I’ve played this game and only this game from then until now. So I’ve been here for all of it. Every update, every hot fix, and even being a pts dummy. But bringing vikendi to the live servers was the begging of the end. Once you dropped that update it was chaos. My fps dropped horribly, matchmaking is joke. I only play FPP servers and good luck finding a decent game in there anymore. Rendering buildings is horrible, can’t hot drop anymore due to serious input lag and terrible FPS, and the overall feedback from the PUBG developers was the final nail in the coffin. You guys take for granted how forgiving this community has been with you guys being a smaller company and all but damn you should really talk to all of us about how you’re going to fix the game, or even just let us know you’re working on trying to fix it. But no, you guys just leave us in the dark and hope when you come to back feed us a new update we are still hungry for more... Since Apex legends has came out I can seriously say I don’t know if I’ll ever drop into another PUBG match. Not until the game has a serious overhaul and all the stupid bugs are fixed. -just an upset and dedicated fan that’s lost the will to wait for you to fix yourself.
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    Few things: The entitlement in the PUBG community is ridiculous to me. You paid $30 for this game. It cost you 3 (to 5) hours of minimum wage work to purchase. Either give constructive criticism or leave. Stop whining just because you stuck around. The developers don't owe you anything. You're not a shareholder. If Apex Legends was all it took for you to leave this game; I don't believe all your previous statements about playing it for a year and this being the only game you played. Since Apex is literally nothing like PUBG except that it's a Battle Royal (ish) game. It's interesting that YOU can't drop hot anymore due to all these issues, but apparently all the players around you are just fine. Literally, only Vikendi is having issues rendering buildings and they JUST had a post about why that is and how they plant to combat it. Again, you say you've been here since the beginning, but just now decided sign up for the forums? Literally just to tell everyone you're leaving? FPP lobbies have been great here in the NA -just an OG xbox user who's tired of all the entitled brats finding something to complain about because they're not good at the game
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    I have had the game for a year now and this is my first Fried Chicken Dinner! https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/mrsoggywaffle25/video/69180761
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    Maybe you should learn to read before you say somebody is bad at the game or entitled. OP doesnt complain, he is disappointed and also concerned. The idea of Pubg is great and everyone here knows it’s potential. But bluehole just seem to not care. And they are f@cking it up, people leave, game runs worse everyday, etc.
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    Although I disagree with the original posters tone and approach, you have to acknowledge his message. This game is dying, he is correct. Prove it? A. I follow 8 top streamers on Mixer that all have streamed PUBG nonstop for the past year and right this minute 7 of the 8 are streaming other games. And not just Apex. B. Even in the microsoft store, as of this morning PUBG is the 10th most played game if you sort it by that category. Use to be 4th or 5th as high as #2 a few times behind Fortnite. C. And even more concerning, I saw a moderator post in the past 24 hours that if they don't have a solid deadline to roll out a fix they won't communicate anything to the public. Hence we all think PUBG doesn't care about what is going on. I have taken a lot of classes on communication and never once did I hear someone say "the best thing to do is keep people in the dark". So you've got top streamers (some of your best advertisement) playing other games, you have the number of active player base showing a massive decline, and your communication platform is nonexistent. I absolutely love this game but this thing is headed for disaster.
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    Why isn't the missions/challenges focused on improving your gameplay & skills? Yes, really nice to have win a solo chicken dinner in a week but man why the hell dont we have get X amount of kills in a week, reach top 10 X amount a times in a week, Get X amount of kills with different weapons(5 kills with a G35, very cool that means you need to get less than 1 kill per day in a week)? Instead we have Travel 10KM in a boat AND water vehicles, Take damage from bluezone, use these many boosters in a certain area, fuel up your vehicle 3 times in a single match? Give us some actual challenges, please. Oh almost forgot, throw 10 frag grenades in a single match? what the flying horsekick?
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    Please bring in this new update so I can figure out if I’m going to keep paying for Xbox Live gold or not. Rendering has been my biggest issue since before they launched 1.0
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    So, I was just playing solos on Vikendi. About 30 left and who do i spot in the kill feed, only @Critic.....I was desperate to meet up with him but sadly I was killed by a bush wookie. Said bush wookie made it to the final two up against @Critic! Here's what happened 😃https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/majorclagnut/video/69266421
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    Pubg is such a great idea and game. If only BlueHole would have given the resources needed for console development. There is no reason this game cannot be optimized, have next day bug fixes, and release content the same day as PC. I dont blame anyone for abandoning the game at this point. The truth is PUBG deserves it for their lackluster console support.
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    This just in from Pubg Corp : “We don’t negotiate with terrorists. Go enjoy fortnight don’t let the door hit you on the way out”
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    A SSD may fix rendering on your end but you still have to deal with people without SSDs who can still shoot you through walls, glitch under the map, have flying cars, etc.
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    Because it dilutes the quality of the forum, post after post of repetitive sh*t content. You have to wade through this mire of dog cr*p to find the quality content. The more cr*p the higher the chance that the good stuff will be missed. Also, he only wants the fps increase because will make it easier for him to cheat with M&K.
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    I used to only play Solo FPP. Especially on Vikendi (since you can't play Erangel or Miramar Solo anymore) I'd been doing quite well. CD's here and there, usually top 20 if not top 10 all the time. Recently I've been playing squads. Alot. Like all the time now, for weeks. The other night I went back to play Solo and got my butt kicked. Horribly. Barely made it into top 30 (!) on any matches. Anyone else have this happen to them? My thought was I've been getting so used to the sound of my teammates and them watching my back that I have forgotten how "on alert" you always have to be in Solo. Will have to try this out further in the coming days. Don't want to get away from my bread and butter solos!
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    Soon whens the next update? The current one is near unplayable. The desync is horrible, cars flying, I'm falling through the map on Miramar anytime i go 140 km/h in the sportscar. Please fix the game. I know I will take some flak for this but I seriously think they should ditch one or two maps on Xbox and get the cores of the game working. Go back to just the first two maps and fix them. LIKE ACTUALLY FIX THEM! Don't even get me started with the current map selection........ This game will be dead by June of this year with the direction they've taken it in the last two months. They had the PTS up for way to long and then the only update we get is JUNK! More maps more problems.
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    Yes, there are of entitled players hers complaining about the dumbest things that have nothing to do with performance... However, he did pay $30 for a product that is no longer a Game Preview title, so he IS entitled to have a relatively polished product at this point. If they are still having problems with rendering in Vikendi, then is should still be in the PTS. There should be no stutters or frame rate drops on a vehicle on any map (without an SSD) at this point, but there are. As long as there are solid issues with the game and performance, consumers are justified in complaining about a product they bought that is promoted as a 1.0 release. I can't help but wonder about the negotiations between MS and Bluehole and the simple question of "Can you get this game ported over to (minimum base) Xbox One and running well?" Is this a case of over-promising and under-delivering by the suits?
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    You must be kidding! I would pay good money for this to happen to me haha. You lucky boy/girl.
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    Hahaha, I like that mate.😆 Shame you got killed by him man, hopefully catch me again at some point. 👍
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    Vikendi released for console on Jan 22nd. 3 weeks ago today and of all the bugs and complaints, they fixed a couple of minor ones that nobody was overly bothered with. 3 weeks without fixes to matchmaking defaulting to foreign servers after every game. 3 weeks of people flying in cars. 3 weeks of terrible rendering. If only they could have predicted these problems before updating the live servers, I mean it’s not like there were pages of this in the feedback or anything from the PTS.
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    That’s your opinion, Apex kicks ass, it has a more aggressive play style that you don’t get punished for. But its all opinionated
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    Been off this game for a good 5-6 weeks and come back to a new map, played it a few times but dropping hot is a nightmare due to rendering (even on an x) got annoyed with it so went back to the normal map playlist to find out rendering has even gotten worse on them too. Extremely disappointed tbh, I know they’ve addressed the issue in their report but needs an update soon.
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    So, you know pre release, when you loaded up the game, on the introduction screen there was a message warning about loading issues, rendering issues, crashing, and the game not being stable yet. My question is; who on Earth, at PUBG corp, thought that a message stating them things is no longer needed lol 😂 The game is just as bad as the 6 months after it came it, just in different areas. The clip that made me turn off today, wonderful stuff really https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/erect-moobs/video/69181817
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    I’m glad you made another thread about 60fps because madha7ers post from 2 hours ago was not very clear