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    I purchased PUBG early 2018 and even went out and purchased an Xbox one X and new Samsung 4K TV to enjoy the experience on. The problem was I just couldn't get to grips with the mechanics. I have never been a fan of third person or sneaking around and that didn't help but even when aiming ADS it just felt clunky and my aim was terrible. Trying to tune the controls made little difference. I played with a couple of friends and managed a couple of chicken dinners in Duo's and squads primarily down to my team mates efforts. In the end after a month I moved on resigning myself to the fact that I simply was never going to get it and I was more a hindrence and moved back on to on to BF1, Destiny etc. Over Christmas 2018 while I was trying to remember what day and time of day it was, out of shear boredom I fired it up again. My mated jumped in after I was looking at the controls and we have a few games. First thing I noticed was there were some new maps and weapons, though this did not appear to improve my gameplay or experience. Then I noticed "training mode". I went in and began tring all the different weapons with different scoped, attachments etc at different ranges and targets. I started adjusting the controls and trying them out while ducking behind cover and practicing leaning and shooting and adjusting some more. I them found "custom games" and spent a few days homing my new skills, going back in to training mode and testing some more and then venturing back in to custom games and putting in to practice. I then starting to play a few games with my mates again and I was winning 80% to 90% of my gun fights, I wasn't just landing and running like a terrified rabbit towards my team mates for support. I was landing, getting a gun and going straight after anyone else who wasn't my team and was much to amazement winning? This has boosted my over confidence in the game and I am now probably the most aggressive player in our group currently (sometimes this is gets us in trouble) where as previously I did everything possible to avoid a fight as I would miss most of my shots and did not get the mechanics of using cover correctly. I am now hooked completely and though I have not obtained a chicken dinner during my second run (though we have had countless seconds) I am confident they will soon come thick and fast. It just took a bit of time to understand that PUBG is not your standard shooter where the gameplay has been the same pretty much since Medal of Honour. So to those in the same position as I was way back in early 2018, use the training areas and custom games to better understand how the game works. It has worked wonders for me, and if I see you in the field, may luck forever be in your favour as I will not hesitate for one second to come for you. Good luck!.
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    Our new winter themed map, Vikendi, is officially graduating from the Public Test Servers and releasing on to live servers on January 22! More details at: https://vikendi.pubg.com/ Before you jump in, check out the locations of Vikendi below for an in-depth look into your next hot drop on release day. Locations of Vikendi Of all the Battlegrounds in the world, none are quite as dangerous as Vikendi. A 6km island blanketed in snow and bathed in the Aurora Borealis, is it as harsh as it is beautiful. Yet before it was a Battleground, Vikendi thrived as a space exploration hub, a tourist attraction, and to some, a quiet place to call home. To get players up to date with the sights of this new map, we’re covering some of the points of interest around the island. Read on! With only a third of the island untouched by snow, Vikendi is a tracker’s paradise. Fresh footprints across a sea of snow leave no question as to who has been there before. But while open fields and forests are abundant, there are also dozens of small villages dotting the entirety of the island. There are also locations where the rivers have frozen over, allowing you to cross on foot or with a vehicle and see cover around one of the many frozen objects in the ice. Cities within Vikendi feature a very prominent European building style and their stone walls and densely placed buildings make for great opportunities for cover, or leaping across the rooftops to catch your opponents off guard. Now, let's look into a few key cities and points of interest. Cantra Cantra is the often talked about village by the sea on the edge of Vikendi. The natural hot spring in this area made the village a popular destination for tourists looking to enjoy Vikendi’s stunning beauty while soothing away the cold. Castle The Castle, complete with a moat formed by Vikendi’s largest river, is a standing reminder of Vikendi’s past. Well protected and with a vantage point across much of the surrounding land, the Castle is a statement of power from a time long past. Even today, Survivors hold up in the Castle are a force to be dealt with as its high towers provide a heavy advantage against a would-be siege. Cement Factory Volk Cement saw a huge opportunity with Vikendi’s abundance of limestone and set up their factory to meet the demands of Vikendi’s rising Commercial and Tourism needs. High rising silos, walkways, and warehouses make up the factory, providing plenty of areas for Survivors to gear up. Cosmodrome Cosmodrome and it’s unlaunched rocket are a stark reminder that not all dreams come true. An abandoned space center with huge maintenance hangars, control centers, and the remains of one of Vikendi’s tallest structures, Cosmodrome still leaves visitors with a strong impression-- everything on Vikendi eventually dies, even dreams. Dino Park Dino Park is the perfect example of how prosperous Vikendi used to be. A prehistoric amusement park, filled with various attractions including a roller coaster, bumper cars, and a “thrilling” dino maze, Dino Park was touted as fun for the whole family, as long as they were willing to drop some serious money on overpriced dino plushies in the gift shop. Dobro Mesto Dobro Mesto is one of Vikendi’s first major cities and as such remains one of the largest. Its glorious central plaza housed a famous clock tower and once attracted hundreds of people buying and selling crafts in a sort of communal market. Goroka Goroka is a unique lakeside town near central Vikendi. At the base of Mount Kreznic, the frigid temperatures of the island keep the lake frozen nearly all year round that once supported a small industry of ice fishermen. Nowadays, the ice is much more dangerous to be on with the high ground around it a prime spot for an ambush. Podvosto A traditional river city, Podvosto had larger town comforts such as bakeries and cafes, yet the “right at home” feeling of a small town. The old Podvosto Walkway was the original bridge connecting the two parts of this city, but in later years became a popular destination for young couples to walk together before marriage in a symbolic display of their upcoming life together. Trevno Located on the Northeastern coast of Vikendi, Trevno was a place where the poorer families of Vikendi went to live. Many of those who were lucky enough to have steady work were employed by the Zupan company, who hand stitched every dinosaur plushie sold by Dino Park. Being relatively far away from the island’s other destinations and with only their old lighthouse as a tourist spot, Trevno was never high on must-see lists. The low tourism income led to infrastructure in need of repairs and a large pipeline explosion didn’t make tourists feel much safer. Volnova Volnova was as big and bustling of a city as they come in Vikendi, with its first buildings dating back to the middle ages. Heritage and history were important to Volnova’s residents, but they were always eager to welcome a new restaurant or cafe. Centrally located between some of Vikendi’s main attractions, Volnova’s several hotels were always full, and the popularity of the city led to many buildings being built on top of each other. Even as part of a battleground, Volnova is still a popular destination where danger can strike from any direction. Winery The Dolinšek family took advantage of one of Vikendi’s warmest spots to set up their business and grow grapes for their traditional wine. They remained a popular tourist destination for wealthy people doing the “world tour of wine” and had daily showings and tastings in their heated underground lounge. The family business never quite recovered from a mysterious collapse of their lounge during one of these tours, which caused the deaths of several wealthy patrons. Zabava Zabava was a small artists’ town near the the old harbor. Sailors who passed through often fell for the town’s charm and culture and many wound up eventually laying down roots there. Zabava was also the first location of the famous Horvat’s Chicken restaurant, which spread to several locations around Vikendi and beyond. Vikendi is a unique and diverse island and there are many more places, businesses, and attractions awaiting survivors dropping onto the island. While you should be watching your back first and foremost, we hope you find the time to also enjoy the beauty, style, and culture that let it stand out among the battlegrounds.
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    I wish I could never work a day again and play PUBG whenever I please 😪 (*currently at work wanting to play *)
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    Vikendi is going live the day after my birthday. I'm taking two days off of work, buying the event pass and as many levels as I'm allowed to buy, and then grinding as many of the premium missions as I can. Because I'm an adult and I do what I want. And my wife said it was ok.
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    Can you hit this jump, in a pressure moment, chasing a guy AND kill them?
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    Hi, The new matchmaking system is still planned to be implemented this month. Can I ask which source you used to find out 'we are looking at February if we are lucky' from?
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    Hi, The new matchmaking system is still planned to go live this month.
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    Have you seen some of the idiotic missions on PC? The missions have pretty much been designed in such a way that no-one will complete them all. "Drive 500km in a buggy", "Dive to a depth of 15m 10 times" and other such nonsense. The only way to complete the pass and retain a certain level of sanity is to open your wallet
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    The randomness of it, each game is completely different from the last. The audio, the gun mechanics, the difficulty and learning curve. Knowing you have only one life and you hear someone walking around downstairs your heart starts to pump. The looting game is almost a game in its self upgrading your character with armour and attachments like a survival game but condensed into 10-20min. Top 5 situation has an affect on me no other game has ever had, my heart is literally bursting out my chest my hands start to sweat and fumble, I’ve never gotten use to that. Most games last me a month or two before I am bored and move on, not PUBG still going since launch over a year ago and can’t see myself quitting anytime soon.
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    I think that individual map selection would be a great thing in PUBG. Lets be honest, nobody likes miramar very much. The map is extremely laggy and broken. When we select battle royale, its about 70% miramar and 30% erangel. It's extremely annoying and HONESTLY FEELS LIKE THE DEVS JUST WANT TO SHOVE IT DOWN OUR THROATS. I don't know why yall can't implement this and havent yet. Please Do. I've been playing the game for almost a year now. Miramar is literally breaking the game for me and almost everyone i play with.
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    I have also played over 4000 matches and I think you underestimate how good people are with controllers. And maybe you just aren’t that good.
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    its because they hate America … happy now ?
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    No we shouldn't and will not demand aim assist.
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    For me it all depends on if they can see me or not. If I down someone and I think that their squad mates don't know where I am I'll use the downed player as bait. On the other hand if I down a player and they know where I am I'll finish them if I think it's safe to do so. The reason I do this is because the downed player can still give feedback to their squadmates so I'll listen out for any approaching players and if I hear nothing after a few secs I'll finish them to eliminate the threat then quickly reposition. In your example though I'd probably have done the same especially if someone is downed and not in cover with their team knowing your positions.
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    Hi All, I absolutely love PUBG on the PS4, except for one glaring issue for me. In order to hear footsteps and being able to gauge shot direction and distance I have to have the volume turned up sligthly above average but not too high on my headset. However, when my character gets shot out of nowhere the audio effect scares me half to death. Is there a way to balance the audio to where I can still hear the things mentioned above and to not jump out of my chair when I get shot unexpectedly? I'll admit I do frighten easily but not this bad normally. I'm not sure if this is an issue that is on my end, all I know is that the audio options on the game are practically non-existent with the exception of turning the game music off. If I can get some tips on how to adjust this I would be very grateful, because this is easily the best BR game around in my opinion but this one issue makes it almost unplayable for me. I don't like having a mini-heart attack every time my character gets shot haha. Thanks in advance!
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    Options to increase or decrease specific sounds are unlikely to be added because it will give some players advantages over others (Eg, turning up footsteps, turning down ambient sounds etc). If the sound is too loud, that suggests your overall volume might be turned up too high and I would recommend lowering it.
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    They are meant to be loud, its part of the game. Both the supply drop plane and the redzone explosions can be used to your tactical advantage as it can cover your footsteps.
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    Runs fine on my “regular” PS4 aside from the occasional frame drop. Buildings are loaded before I land and most of the time the loot is loaded as my feet are touching down. Blackout was overhyped and way overrated. I’ll take a broken PUBG over a smooth Blackout any day of the week.
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    I think that mentaitly is the whole issue. People want to play X map just like they played Y map. To top it off they want what they consider to be in their opinion the best gear every round. This isn't TDM. It's a survival game. You get what you get and adjust your play off what you get. Oh shit all I can find is Tommy's and Uzi's. Then play the game to the advantage/disadvantage of a Tommy or Uzi. You might have to be extra careful in your movements, but that's the whole premise of PubG.
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    Пристрелка, скорее всего, сделана такая какую вы выставляете при просмотре через прицел. Но это не точно, я лично это не проверял. Если необходимо, то попробую уточнить у разработчиков. В моём сообщении не было "троллинга". Я сотрудник компании и моя работа отвечать на вопросы игроков, а не заниматься их "троллингом". Кого-то "троллить" я себе не позволяю. Я вас прекрасно понял и передал информацию разработчикам. Но также, прошу обратить внимание, что прицел от бедра не предназначен для точного поражения цели, а лишь для упрощения наводки на цель, т.к. без него это было бы делать гораздо сложней. Учитывая то, что пули в игре вылетают из ствола, то мне как обычному игроку, а не разработчику геймплея игры очень сложно подобрать решение этой проблемы. Есть несколько путей, которые частично могут решить проблему, но имеют свои недостатки. 1) Установить иную дистанцию пристрелки в режиме стрельбы от бедра, а именно задрать ствол оружия выше, но это полностью не решает проблему, т.к. в таком случае пострадает стрельба от бедра на более дальние дистанции + оружие в руках персонажа будет неестественно задрано в верх и проблема на сверх близких дистанциях тоже останется, т.к. чем ближе вы будете подходить к противнику, тем сильнее нужно будет задирать ствол оружия вверх. 2) Перенести вылет пули со ствола на вылет пули из глаз. Такое используется в некоторых играх. Но в таких случаях появляется так называемый head glitch (хэд глитч). Это эффект при котором вы можете прятаться от противника за предметом (например за высоким ящиком), глаза вашего персонажа находятся выше верхнего края ящика, а ствол оружия ниже, но при этом вы можете поражать противника, т.к. пуля вылетает из района глаз. В свою очередь противник видит лишь верхнюю часть головы вашего персонажа и практически не имеет возможности вас поразить. Очень неприятный глитч. 3) Сместить прицел от бедра ниже центра экрана, но я не уверен будет ли вам удобно играть с таким прицелом. И опять же это будет работать не для всех дистанций. Если у вас есть какой-то свой, более эффективный, способ решения данной проблемы, то вы можете его предложить и я с удовольствием передам его разработчикам.
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    All he does is talk about his personal preference. No one cares. I quite enjoy Vikendi and it's current loot matrix.
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    The Vector is perfectly balanced IMO. Only has 13 rounds from the start or 25 rounds with extended mag. There is nothing wrong with the weapon at all
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    No thanks... worst thing that could possibly happen ever is aim assist. I reverse your argument and suggest that all games remove aim assist.