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    Long time coming, but finally did it this morning. Yeah yeah yeah, "only one?? you suck!" I get it. I'm 44 with a 3-year-old, it's not like I have a lot of time dedicated to being good at video games. Felt good to get off the schnide.
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    Hey everyone, A quick heads up: Public Test Servers (PTS) will officially be closing on January 14! If you haven’t yet jumped into the PTS to test out upcoming content, now is the time to do so. The PTS content includes the new map, Vikendi, the Snowmobile, two new weapons, and more. For full PTS patch notes, please see: [Xbox] [PS4] PTS feedback reports can be submitted here: [Xbox] [PS4] PTS bug reports can be submitted here: [Xbox] [PS4] The PTS will close on January 14 at 12am PST / 9am CET / 5pm KST. The team is hard at work and looking at your reports from the PTS to prepare for the upcoming live server content update. Please stay tuned for more details on the release date. A heartfelt thanks for helping us test out upcoming content and for taking the time to leave us your thoughts and bug reports!
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    Hello everyone, We’re back with another installment of Console Dev Report! This week, we’ll be diving into an explanation of multiple LOD types, what LOD means and why it’s important for performance. LOD stands for Level of Detail and there are different LODs for many objects in PUBG. Depending on the circumstance, a more or less detailed LOD is used to strike the optimal balance between performance and quality visuals for the best gameplay experience possible. PUBG generally uses 3 different LOD levels depending on the situation - LOD 2, LOD 1, or LOD 0 which is the most detailed of the 3. The higher detailed LOD used, the higher the performance cost. While performance is important, it’s also very important we work hard to not negatively impact gameplay wherever possible by using a less detailed LOD. One instance you’ve likely seen LODs in action is the “playdough” look of some buildings when viewing them in the distance while parachuting. This is the first and least detailed LOD displayed. At the beginning of a match, buildings closeby can look like this too, as there are so many different objects to process all at once. These will increase to LOD 0 (highest detail) as soon as possible, but the speed of this process is heavily dependant on the hardware you’re using. Three different LOD types are also applied to characters: Mesh LOD, Bone LOD and AnimNode LOD. First, we’ll explain some details about both Mesh LOD and Bone LOD briefly, before diving into the focus of this Console Dev Report, AnimNode LOD. Mesh LOD and Bone LOD Mesh LOD determines the character model LOD. When a character is close to you, it is rendered as LOD 0 (highest detail) and the further you move away from a character, the lower detail LOD that character model will rendered as. This happens in stages, with LOD 2, LOD 1 and LOD 0. You generally won’t notice the transitions that occur, because they happen at a distance where the characters are very small on screen. Bone LOD works in the same way, but determine the number of bones activated during character animations. This means that at great distances, your game doesn’t need to process detailed animations which would decrease performance. A lesser LOD means there are fewer vertex and less bone data to be processed. This leads to big performance improvements compared to not having optimized LODs. Having additional LOD levels (3, 4 etc.) would definitely increase performance, by reducing the performance cost on the CPU, but unfortunately the extra strain caused to memory, IO, etc. is very high for console hardware and not something that can be implemented effectively at this stage. AnimNode LOD Animations also have LODs called AnimNode LODs, but we can't apply them to such a wide degree as we can for Mesh LOD or Bone LOD, as the visual changes are very noticeable. Animations such as running, looking to the side, or the animation of aiming down your weapon sights are all skeletal control of your character. The animations related to the character skeleton are all calculated on a per limb basis, requiring independent calculations and animations to be performed for the arms, legs, neck, etc. We developed an additional LOD method based on the character model size proportionate to the whole screen. Then, we set parameters to automatically and dynamically select a less detailed AnimNode LOD for character models only when they’re at a distance where you wouldn’t notice the visual change. This means increased performance without negatively impacting gameplay or visual experience to any noticeable degree. Please bear in mind that for the visual examples shown further down in this Dev Report, AnimNode LOD changes take effect at very close distances to give you a better understanding of how it works. When playing PUBG, AnimNode LOD only takes effect at great distances. Here is the first example of how AnimNode LOD works in-game: (The image used above is from a development environment and for illustrative purposes, AnimNode LOD is only disabled at great distances while playing PUBG) In the image above, you can see the differences between having AnimNode LOD enabled and disabled. When AnimNode LOD is completely disabled, animations performed by the character are disabled and not reflected by the model, which results in better performance. However, when a player is crouched, the lower body must have AnimNode LOD enabled, otherwise the player would appear to be standing. For the next example, in our development environment we've set AnimNode LOD to be disabled when the character model fills 10% of the whole screen to further help you understand what's happening when AnimNode LOD is disabled. When in-game, AnimNode LOD would only be disabled when the character model would look too small for you to see these changes. (Image used above is from a development environment and for illustrative purposes, AnimNode LOD is only disabled at great distances while playing PUBG) You may also be wondering "What happens when I scope in on an enemy far away?" When you scope in on a player far away, the character model you’re looking at will fill more of the screen and AnimNode LOD will be turned on dynamically based on the character model size proportionate to your whole screen, ensuring there is no negative impact to gameplay. Below is a visual example of AnimNode LOD being used in our development environment coded to disable when the character model takes up 10% of the whole screen, to give you a clearer example of what’s happening. (Image used above are from a development environment and for illustrative purposes, AnimNode LOD is only disabled at great distances while playing PUBG) Again, while actually playing PUBG, these changes only take effect when the character model is very far away and taking up a small portion of the whole screen, where you won’t be able to notice the changes. AnimNode LOD Performance The graph below measures AnimNode LOD enabled (blue) vs. AnimNode LOD disabled (red) when there are 10 characters around. Around a 10% performance improvement is achieved with AnimNode LOD disabled. * Graph results measured using an Xbox One X. The more character models in the area which can have AnimNode LOD disabled, the higher performance gain compared to having AnimNode LOD enabled. To summarize this section, some animation effects of character models are disabled or dialed back when they’re at such a distance that you wouldn’t notice the change take effect. This results in less resources being used and an increase in performance. Thanks for reading! See you all in the next addition of the Console Dev Report. The PUBG Console Team
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    what if miramar and erangel were added to mini-royal but with boosted loot and a circle limiting the map size before you drop? they could be added to the mini-royal random playlist and make for playing the corners of the maps near final circles much more likely. I find that the majority of miramar and a lot of erangel isnt played unless you drop the corners and even then it's only for looting and the rare final circle.
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    based on your post history and reputation, you aren't new here. But this post warrants a "you must be new here" comment. everyone who's been playing this game from the start knows damn well and good that PUBG has a shit ton of work to do to bring this game to a quality game. Sitting around doing nothing but complaining about it wont get anything done. Continually playing, testing, and reporting our findings as a community is the only thing that helps a company as bad as PUBG to make the little changes they do. Rest assured, we f***ing hate that PUBG hasn't sold the game to a more capable dev house, maybe its hubris, maybe its pride...I dont know. Whatever it is, I think we ALL agree they need to sell the game. In the meantime, you suggest (without saying it) to simply quit playing PUBG, instead of buy a better monitor, X1X, SSD, etc. What you clearly don't understand is that there are many other games that benefit greatly from making the above improvements to your gaming setup. And if PUBG plays decently and my friends and I still have fun when we play it, we will, regardless of if PUBG gets their head out of their collective asses. to reiterate, the community knows PUBG developers, management, at al suck at making games and optimizing games. But the game itself is still the only one that provides that immersive BR experience, and we will keep playing.
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    For me it all depends on if they can see me or not. If I down someone and I think that their squad mates don't know where I am I'll use the downed player as bait. On the other hand if I down a player and they know where I am I'll finish them if I think it's safe to do so. The reason I do this is because the downed player can still give feedback to their squadmates so I'll listen out for any approaching players and if I hear nothing after a few secs I'll finish them to eliminate the threat then quickly reposition. In your example though I'd probably have done the same especially if someone is downed and not in cover with their team knowing your positions.
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    I’m sorry but I don’t care how the game is rendered or how details are chosen to be rendered or not to be rendered. That posted was definitely not worth two weeks of silence. I feel like the community is being punished. I mean do we need to call you all daddy and let you spank us and tell you about how we have all “been bad boys and girls?” Seriosuly give us hope that things are going to get better and soon! Because lobbies suck, connections to servers suck, oh and the mile long list of other shit broken still is an issue in game. Youre not giving us much hope things will be better anytime soon.
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    Who designed these "missions", they aren't even challenging they are just tedious: Drive for 2 hours in a Mirado drive 500km in a buggy stop in a redzone 5 times and roll the dice as the whether the game will actually count it shoot 300 rounds from a uzi in a single match 5 times throw 10 frag grenades in a single match 3 times Get 5 melee kills - My personal favourite. I've had about 2 melee kills in my entire time playing this game which is nearly 800 hours. The only viable thing to do is down somebody and kill them off with a melee. Drive 25km in a boat Who in the hell is making up some of these missions, the idea of a mission is to make something fun for us to have something to do in the game while playing. Then you have the daily ones which are sometimes so unbelievably rng that you might not get them within a week letalone 24 hours. "loot a mk14 from a dead players corpse", really? That is a daily mission. Can you stop making these insanly boring missions and make ones that require atleast a little bit of skill, not me jumping into a solo squads match and driving around in the blue for 4 hours doing nothing else.
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    Hi, We don't openly share details on the steps our anti-cheat team take to detect and punish those that use third-party devices to gain an unfair advantage. Sharing details like this can give players that would like to use these devices, the ability to circumvent the systems we have in place to ensure everyone plays fair.
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    We tested it, we gave feedback. now work on it and consolidate the player base back to live servers to reduce wait times for games
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    They're just trying to get everybody to pay to level up instead of realizing that it's going to keep everyone from buying any passes in the future because we know it's borderline impossible to use without paying more.
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    These Dev reports are worse than useless to the community. It’s an extra slap in the face that when we finally do get some communication, it has absolutely no relevance to the state of the game we are playing.
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    Hi, we have previously stated that we are interested in working with our partners to explore cross-play functionality. In reference to the recent advertisements from Razer, it has already been posted that the information in this advertisement is false, our game was incorrectly listed and we have flagged this with Razer and that we expect this to be fixed soon. I would suggest you use the search facility or look at the pinned existing topics and add to discussions in an effort to keep the forum clean for the developers and community team for reporting purposes. Thanks!
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    err … so low settings give you better frames ??? mind .. blown !!!!!
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    People go out of their way to get better performance in PUBG, invest in better televisions, monitors, SSDs, Xbox One X, when in fact, the outcome they seek depends solely on a better framerate in the game. The vast majority of my deaths in CQC are due to unstable framerate in Xbox One X, when decreasing the number of frames simply completely disrupts the aim. On the other hand, the average framerate of the game (around 25 fps) also does not help in the aim. Interestingly, the base of players on the consoles is not united, because if it were, players would ask developers for a performance mode on Xbox One X, with 60 fps in 1080p (low). What they did with the graphical options (1440p) will not solve at all the low performance problems of PUBG on Xbox One X, especially since the framerate still remains locked at 30. A premium upgrade would have the option of choosing to turn off the VSYNC and the option of 1080p. As the speed of development is absolutely ridiculous, PUBG will still take years on the consoles to have a decent performance. The amount of lag input and framerate are the weaknesses of the game, and the developers seem to simply not care. There is lack of love for the game. PUBG has several typos in the messages that appear during loadings in Portuguese. This is basic, simple thing that would never happen in an AAA developer. They said they would deploy the registration lock in multiplayer in November. We're going to February and nothing was done. Graphic options were also planned for November. They stopped developing the updates for the XBOX so they could release the game version for the PS4 and no one complained. The problem of the PUBG community for the consoles is this, there is no union, anything developers want to push us down the throats we accept. We are content with alms or crumbs. This needs to change. The 2x and 15x scopes need updating since the game's launch and absolutely nothing has been done.
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    “I think you guys should” is how most of these posts go. Not this one. I’m looking for understanding among my fellow community members. I think there have been some very good points brought up but because of how they are presented they go vastly ignored by the mods and devs. These posts turn into an echo chamber of complaining. I don’t want that here. I want to present a series of serious questions to @PUBG_Andymh5 and @Takarii in hopes we can get some serious answers. Guys if you honestly don’t know the answers then I implore you to please take it back to the team and see if we can’t get a little communication on these matters. I think a little solid communication will go a long way with the community. 1. Desync and FPS drops are increasing on ps4. Simply put, why? 2. Would console benefit from server downtime and maintenance as pc does? I have not heard a definitive answer on this and I can assume all I want but I think it would be better just having this definitively answered. 3. In the case that console would benefit, are there plans to start implementing server maintenance on console? Has it even been talked about? 4. For some reason no matter how much this is explained most people still can’t grasp why FPP and map selection arent open yet. Are there plans to release player count on ps4? I think this would help a lot of people put into perpective the negatives tied to opening more game modes right now. 5. People are clamoring for region lock and performance mode on consoles. Can we at least get an update on these 2 features. Are they still in the pipe? Could we see them soon? Thanks guys for all your hard work and for putting up with all of our baby bs. At least some of us appreciate you and the work you do.
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    m249+2x , always crouch when shooting, absolute heart breaker
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    Another pointless post from probably the most pointless poster. Brutus does nothing but threaten to stop playing PUBG , like some kind of spoiled baby. 90% of the OP is incorrect or misquoted, i did start factchecking and correcting it but i may as well have rewritten the whole post for the massive nublet! If you are going to stop playing then do so without the cries for attention. If you are going to continue playing , then sit down and shut up, submit bug reports correctly and stop posting comments that have been bled dry in previous posts over the las year
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    I think the movement noises carry a little too far, especially when someone's in a house. It sounds like they're thundering around in lead boots when they're just walking. I would also really love being able to slowly open and shut doors though instead of slamming them open and shut like an idiot.
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    I totally agree. The missions are having the opposite effect on the game. They are literally making people NOT play the game. Instead of some challenge that makes you try to play the game in a different way than you are used to, you get completely pointless tasks that only interfere with playing. Now, I can speculate WHY these missions exist. They probably wanted to create a slew of tedious missions that they knew people wouldn't want to do just to bolster the list of things to do. It's a sly way of enticing you to purchase the level up boosters.
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    We are still on track for the January update (PTS content going to live servers), currently the team is focused on fixing the bugs reported from testing in preparation of the live update!
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    How long did your victory dance last? I hope it involved moonwalking and pelvic thrusting or maybe that was just me......
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    I did :)) got a new one , sleeps like a charm .
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    I disagree. All movement should have sound, you cannot walk around anywhere silent.
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    https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/erect-moobs/video/66951044 He wouldn’t get out my bike... so I made him lol😂