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    In all honesty - I couldn't give a shit if i win by gunplay, grenades, pan or simply by the other n00b dying in the bluezone. I carry as many grenades as i can, especially on Vikendi, seeing as this is a map which promotes campers in buildings so much. Mollys and frags are great for getting campers to leap out of their house. If you die so often to grenades then you need to assess your positional play.
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    I will add something positive. - this is by far my favorite game that I have ever played and I love it.
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    Loving rocking the ginger beard but would also prefer to choose the colour of facial hair and perhaps have different options, anyone else? I know we need optimisation first etc but the template is there just need some colours and variants.
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    Why does it matter how long games take, if you want action go look for action.
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    The best part is people saying "Get an SSD so buildings render or stop complaining." So I do. Now it's.... "Oh, you have an SSD, well stay away from the cave area and just hope at the end you don't have to face the guy with the AWM, M249 and all level 3 gear who walked right into the cave because he didn't get the SSD that I said you needed to get." It is always something.
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    I look forward to it officially dying on XBox, perhaps they might pull it from the game. Map has full aids..
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    Greatest concept I’ve ever seen with the worst execution I’ve ever seen.
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    Why do you guys get so hyped over cosmetics? “Who cares about the numerous performance issues, I got a new jacket.” Shit’s dumb.
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    Throw a grenade at him
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    Feedback report after playing most of duo's. Sorry in advance for the negativity, but the team must be aware of these issues! After 7 months "full release"!! 1. After the last update, loading/rendering became worse, for SSD user, and non-users too I presume. -For SSD users, being shot through walls on hot drops is a nightmare. -For non SSD users, loading time for furnitures, staircase etc... etc... is a big issues too. Having to wait for object to render to loot. As the early game is crucial on PUBG, is a shame to see how it's working right now. 2. Some lag, refreshing rollbacks are new now. Suddenly the game seems to refresh for 1 second, or whatever... pain for the eyes. 3. The sound seems to be off again! , own footsteps are behind sometimes, direction is weird in some occasions. -The wind is too loud on Vikendi by night. 4. The crates/personalisation menu lagging like never, it's sad to see that on a 2018 game really. 5. Canted sight, you have to adjust your aim switching from 4x and red dot. Switching is not aiming at the same place. 6. The 2x scope as always and that from ages. 7. Character issue, when someone is aiming at you but he is clearly looking in an other direction! 8. FPS drops, with a lot vehicles, lot of squads... but that's common... 9. The loot on Erangel seems to decrease game after game!!!! What about he loot in the big sheds? what about the loot in Novo on the crates? the same about Georgopol south on the crates? We went to Military base, to loot the U houses... it's empty!!!! Come on!!! what about the loot in the hospital? what about the loot in "the kinder houses"? well you get it??? that's enough for now. Can we have a statment about how and when the rendering issues will be adressed? Before June was OK on the xbox one X. Or do we have to wait another 4 weeks to have an other broken update??? thanks for the hard work... yeah it's sarcasm.
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    No, you are the one that's completely delusional by now, and apparently up this game's ass. True, you don't have to be a drama queen about it, but you have to admit to the game's critically bad development, and horrible current state. The "few issues with initial loading" that we are putting up with would be labelled as game breaking were it to happen in any other game. In any other game. I got stuck inside a building's texture the moment I landed. I got shot through a solid wall while simultaneously clipping in an unloaded and invisible piece of furniture - what it was, I don't even know, I was dead before it managed to load in. But sure, let's just accept these things as "normal gameplay elements" with pubg. Ridiculous. And I would really like to see clips of you buying and opening crates, claiming seasonal rewards, and then completely changing your outfit. I'm not even kidding or being sarcastic. Go ahead, make clips of these things, I want to believe you.
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    ...had this one 😂 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/majorclagnut/video/71139926
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    I honestly think it's a lot of K/M and custom gamepads.. The pin point accuracy, weird jumping and lack of fear to engage from non-advantageous positions is off the charts. Granted, this late into a games life, so its gonna be just diehards left.. But even so, some of the nonsense you see out there lately is absurd.
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    You're welcome. Perhaps you should have included in your title... "I only want people to reply if they agree with me because I'm unable to consider other opinions"
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    Short answer: No. Long answer: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
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    Hey, I have hidden your post discussing your potential plan to purposely cheat. We can not have posts like this on the official forums as you are promoting yourself as a cheat which usually results in a topic that will need heavy moderation and generally ends up non-constructive. We have discussed numerous times on the forums that we take cheating accusations very seriously and have a dedicated anti-cheat team that will review all reports on a case by case basis and take the appropriate steps in order to punish the players involved if they're found to be guilty. The system is not automated. Players that are found guilty of cheating will be issued bans in the following order. Times Banned Ban Duration 1st 1 Day 2nd 3 Days 3rd 7 Days 4th and onward 15 Days
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    Although it was a short rebuke he does have a point. People should use the things they have available to them. If you get yourself into that scenario and don't have any throwables then that just sucks to be you at that point. The same can be said of numerous scenarios though, hot dropping and you don't pick up a gun before people with guns kill you, should everyone drop with a pistol? In a snipe off with someone who has a level 3 helmet and you only have a 2, you both hit head-shots.......should we get rid of differing armour levels, or armour altogether? It's these variables, that keep the game interesting. If you go into every peek off knowing that someone only has one grenade it gets a bit predictable doesn't it? (I've just talked myself out of making them rarer)
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    I want a Battle Royale / Mini Royale playlist grouped: Battle Royale: Erangel, Miramar Mini Royale: Sanhok, Vikendi
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    I just want more weapon skins from bp crates.
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    I don’t mind any of the maps, I enjoy variety. I wish they would increase the chance of weather to make it even more different each time you play.
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    Steps to fix menu: 1. Power on Xbox 2. Go to My Games and Apps 3. Highlight Pubg and press menu button 4. Click Uninstall You are now free of mediocrity. 😁
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