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    Это просто игра. Люди, которых задевают виртуальные ценности и контент - больны.
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    Cool birthday cake as well 😊😛
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    Fuck Chad and fuck Sally. Their opinions suck.
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    I f*ucking love this game. It far surpasses any other game.
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    This is my favorite clip ever. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/superspacemane/video/75631978
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    I know everyone wants to blame the Dev team for every little thing they can, but it sems like the past month or so, I just can't seem to connect with anyone, unless I get the drop on them and if they get the drop on me, I just might die without touching them. I've found myself recording 1/10 of my deaths, rewatching the footage over and over in awe that the sights are dead on, yet no hits???? My KD is BARELY positive(1.15) this season, and I'm only making top 10, 20% of the time. So is this just me trying pass some of the blame off on the last update, or did something change??? Thanks, Bully
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    21/25 was Sanhok. You can’t tell me this isn’t random. Lord knows the last time I played vikendi. This game has been out for how long and we can’t select what maps we want to play???? If you are so concerned about not enough players to fill the lobby, open up cross platform. I am just sick and tired of consistently getting Sanhok.
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    Nahh. EVERYONE camps in solos now lol. Which is understandable because yes, the skill level has risen. Im not the only one that can melt someone with a M4 6x full spray from 300 yards anymore.
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    Awesome! Fat chance of me getting anything like that, my mrs hates pubg with a passion!!!
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    You can take every single one. I don’t mind Sanhok, I’m just tired of playing over and over and over again in a map pool that’s supposed to be random
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    привет распродажа с 400р https://pubg.op.gg/user/TV_BaJie666 не успел репорт кинуть ,как уже забанили ,видно горножитель скачал какуюту лажу в паблике а вот нагибатор с ФПП,у пацана тоже резко скил вырос с прошлого сезона https://pubg.op.gg/user/Amangeld1ev 3 игры 3 читакак ,топ игра ,зато класному норм у него отлично выходит держать КД 5+ перстеливая читаков .
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    Nah. Grew up on rotary phones and when rolling down your car window meant actually rolling it down. lol But, yeah. Tombstone is one of my faves.
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    Thanks for hosting @HairMetalLarusso My first win in any of these custom games!!
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    Funny part is typically the idiot thirsting my team mate costs him his own life and potentially another kill on me. That extra few seconds and waste of the extra bullets and not getting a better position to fight me as I'm rushing in to save my team mate in my experience almost garuntees their death. thirsting in the situation the OP describes is typically a very low IQ play.
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    Невозможно играть, читеры гоняют безнаказанно месяцами до бана и попадаются слишком часто в ФПП сквад, от третьего лица там вообще трэш наверное. Появились в огромном количестве непонятные тела без моторики, без навыков, стоят чекают за стенкой и дают безошибочно прострел на любой дистанции, появились наглые аимщики даже не пытающиеся не палиться. Ситуация явно, в очередной раз, вышла из под контроля, где отчеты от ПУБГ.корп по количеству банов? Удалил игру. П.С: чекнул, пик игроков вдвое меньше чем год назад.
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    The last hot fix was not intended to fix the connection to host error, but instead instances of freezing during gameplay.
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    Hi guys, I've made a montage recently thought it was worth a share on here.
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    Я родился и вырос в СССР и мне очень неприятно будет видеть эти баннеры, напоминающие нацистскую Германию, при этом все остальные надписи на карте написаны на русском языке. Это возмутительно
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    I've not had my cake for my birthday yet, if mine is pubg themed then we can compare to see which is better (no chance mine will be)
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    Not realy a push but hey guys she s my wife in real life so I had to save her to be sure to have my real diner😉
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    When Vikendi will be released on console?
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    Lol, 35 here. I don't remember MY family having any rotary phones, but I do remember seeing them at stores though. Not for sale mind you, but behind the counter for store use. My dad ALWAYS watched/s westerns. Never been a HUGE fan, but I still enjoy them from time to time, especially newer (post 90's) ones. Binging on "Longmire" as I type this. I know it's not a western, but the Cowboy/Indian theme is still there, lol.
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    Agreed, situational awareness as another person said. That's all I've been saying this whole time, thirst away =P
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    Bro, it’s all situational. 9/10 times my brother and I will kill the knocked player.
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    I just realised you meant Blue-Hole 😂
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    FYI I'm not giving excuses. I'm giving a technical overview of the problem and why it is a hard one to fix and ultimately might not be able to be fixed. Most players only see the effect. I'm giving information about the "cause", the "WHY" it is this way. You know... insight. ========================================= @Gorf_Denroh ... I made an error in my reply about window glass. Still waking up and i'm multitasking. Ooops Sorry. Glass (actor) is technically in place during pre-round. They are part of the map itself (building prefabs). But during pre-round they are "Hidden in Game" and Collision is disabled. Once the round starts (plane sequence), all glass actors are updated by the server in a loop. "Get all actors of class [window]" -> foreach (update hidden in game[false], enable collision). So we do get updated about windows on drop because their states have changed. Without this update we wouldn't see the window glass, nor be able to break it. https://api.unrealengine.com/INT/BlueprintAPI/Rendering/SetActorHiddenInGame/index.html https://api.unrealengine.com/INT/BlueprintAPI/Physics/Components/PhysicsConstraint/SetDisableCollision/index.html https://api.unrealengine.com/INT/BlueprintAPI/Collision/SetActorEnableCollision/index.html
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    If you get a really good one like an RTX card then you would be bottlenecking, which isn't good. Get like a 1060 or 1070.
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    I added you assuming that you wouldn't be on your own list, did you tag yourself so you'd get a notification and would feel loved?
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    Really inconsiderate of you to have a holiday! Who is gonna kill @Prinzar over and over now?😂
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    YouTube wacky jacky full auto qbu.
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    Speed is nothing! The bottom line is Virgin Media are probably the worst ISP for gaming! How they had a cheek to even get involved with EGX I don’t know! Im with them on 200mb bundle and it’s terrible!!!
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    Opinions are like arseholes, everyone has one. It’s an open forum so when one person voices their opinion/ideas others are going to voice theirs in response, that’s the point of a public forum.
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    If you want ..., come on Monday I will add you in evening at 2 ok?
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    Бедный АКМ, его и так почти никто не юзает, так его еще и нерфят.
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    Or you rush me, try to kill me as quickly as possible and save your partner? Lol it's not that difficult, doing it your way will result in your partner getting thirsted quicker than you can imagine. By someone who had no intention to thirst, might I add.
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    You cared enough to tell us you don't care...OMG you really do care!
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    Can also confirm this for the test server, as well as the button prompts for skydiving now correctly say to press B for jumping and parachute instead of X. I would like to add that there is one more unmentioned controller bug involving the end of game. If the last button pressed was a controller button, the mouse cursor is invisible, which isn't a huge deal as Alt+Tab brings it back, or just pressing Esc allows you to exit game. That being said, if I want to watch my death cam or if my keyboard isn't nearby, both this and the main menu still don't have controller support, and pressing the UI buttons with an invisible mouse isn't ideal. Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this as I haven't seen anyone else mention it. Anyways, looks like the two most important bugs (and one not so important) will be fixed soon.
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    Просто глупость. Продолжаете излишне упрощать все возможные действия? Так постепенно сделаете игру аркадной. Не тот путь развития выбрали, ребята. Никакой сложности в том, чтобы нажать кнопку удара нужное количество раз, нет. :DD
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    Mine was pretty messy, Mexican last night I don’t think you wanna see it 😂
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    can't believe you wasted 60 seconds typing this ...
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    You are going to have to provide video of that as I don't believe it. I'm not saying you are lying. I am simply saying you are wrong in what you are thinking happened. There has been numerous times that I have exchanged kar98 and M24 shots with people over 500 meters and you either see blood from your hit and then die/knock or you knock/kill them and hear their bullet hit you but it doesn't register as they were knocked/killed. In those cases, without a doubt you were both able to get a shot off and thus both of you should have taken damage. However, that is not how this game works. In addition, why would the server send the unregistered hit projectile to you for you to hear it if it never was actually fired according to the server? Though my example above is blatantly obvious and much easier to see because of the extreme distance, the same can be said from closer M416 fights as well. It is very much possible for both players to get enough bullets off to kill each other as it only takes 4 bullets on level 2 armor, yet it NEVER happens. Could be server "lag" between players, but I am going to say of the thousands of fights I have been in, surely I have been in quite a few with people whom had the same 30-40ms connection to the server I have and thus what the 2 of us see is pretty consistent to what the server sees. Yet still it has NEVER happened. In addition, to go along with what the OP has said, never have I thrown a grenade, been knocked/killed while throwing it and then all of a sudden that grenade was back in my backpack and never actually thrown. EVERY time, that grenade is still thrown and still goes off as thrown and has earned me numerous knocks and kills enough though the same my have already happened to me.
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    My guess is because the original team didn't really know much about game development, they just started on Unreal because it has nice built-in shaders and is made for shooters. And now we have hundreds of different specific problems that affect hundreds of thousands of different people around the world and every update solves ~1.37 problems but creates ~7.19 new problems. The best move they could make is to stop the current development, scrap 100% of the code, keep the models, and rewrite it while the players get credit in the amount they paid for the game on the store they bought it from. That's basically what DayZ did, without the refund, they rewrote the entire game after many years because it was just plain, buggy, crap. Since this is most likely never going to happen as long as people voluntarily donate money to PUBG Corp. in form of Streamer skins and Crate Keys, there is nothing for us to do but keep the problem in the spotlight, whatever it takes. I'm currently compiling videos of my bugs, stutters and other crap since the #30 Update, and will upload it soon. Remember, the only reason the game is not in early access anymore, is because microtransactions are not well received in early access games.
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    I bet they were trying to get even more of them into that game as well - there were others in that party that weren't in the game with us. Sad bastards. They need to permanently ban those Xboxes so a new account won't let them get around it.
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