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    I fell in love with Pubg primarily playing FPP, now i can barely get a game and when I do I get wall hacked literally everytime. And im 10x better in FPP. I get killed by noobs who use the walls to their advantage and its getting played out and corny.
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    Уважаемые модераторы. Я, внутри себя, конечно же понимаю, что Вы наблюдаете за жалобами игроков и, почти всегда, в курсе всех проблем... Но ОЧЕНЬ хочется, что бы Вы дали обратную связь именно по данной проблеме! Я Вас ОЧЕНЬ прошу рассказать нам, что именно Вы сделали... Передали ли разработчикам данную проблему с поиском игры на данных карт для РУ региона? Получили ли они и приняли ли они во внимание это? Есть ли какая либо информация предварительная по данной проблеме (может планы действий)? Терпения писать культурно, правда мало (( Очень обидно, что на протяжении более полугода с данной проблемой решается только в худшую сторону. Эрангель и Санок на столько надоели, что хочется бросить игру вообще...
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    No update on the game as of Friday. It has been over 2 weeks since the last development blog from the team. I understand we have received a large update, which is great, however we still need a line of communication for what is planned next. A new Roadmap for the game would be appreciated, including plans on what is prioritized versus what is being planned for the future. Be creative, throw out ideas and let us have a voice in the development process with new features and changes. I will wait until next Friday if I have to, but I was hoping that the communication would be better at this point. @PUBG_Andymh5
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    How is this still a issue? Games only been out for over a year and you still can’t get the menus working correctly. Who needs all these skins/items when they don’t load when we wanna choose them? Is is there any effort being put in to fix this issue because it’s always been a laggy mess. It’s just worse now as there is more to load in!
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    The rendering actually used to work really good before the release of "1.0"
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    Honestly Im starting to bealive that 50% of the problems with PUBG are directly related to their servers...Got to checking out the "see if you been killed by a streamer" post and sure enough I seen one of those "wtf just happened moments" except from my enemies perspective. I peeked a hill at a guy over 100m away and was about to zap into him, but then I got triple tapped. Hard! Looking at his perspective, apparently he seen me completely walk up the hill, full body silhouette, then just dumped as many shots as he could into me as quick as he could....Just before I died, you could see my character glitch around on his screen and back to where I "actually" was, just the tip of my head peeking the hill.....and then I died. The fucking server glitched my body clear over the hill, he shot it, and then I magically returned back to where I really was, with 4 rounds of mini 14 in my carcass!
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    I've also made a thread right after the latest update. Everyone seems to agree, and nobody "higher up" seems to care.
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    I think he means not killing downed players maybe? As to why you should or shouldn't, that has to do with whether it's in your best interest to do so. Sometimes it helps to leave them as bait, other times it's just as easy to finish them off.
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    It's pretty bad when you look into it... Money to buy the pass. Which unlocks a grind of unentertaining challenges, where you can earn mostly terrible items but even worse... You mostly unlock coupons, which can only be spent on even less interesting items that nobody wants. And the coupons you don't spend will then be wiped before the next pass for one reason - so you can't save them for that one item you might want from the next pass. Then there's G-Coin to buy massively overpriced items that are a bit more interesting. But the amount you can buy doesn't really tally up with the price of the items, you always have slightly too little or some left over, which is a blatant 'look at the great value pack' scam. A scam that's so old that cavemen used it when trading shiny things to the neighbouring idiot clan. All games companies do it, it blatantly smacks of "our customers are stupid". It's just rude. And let's not forget BP which is basically irrelevant, it costs nothing so you accrue plenty of it but it's worthless. After a year of earning BP most people will have hundreds of duplicates of the blandest items that have ever been digitised. Items that are so bland that you would only consider wearing them in bed, when you're so ill that you're firing death-mix out of both ends. There are a few interesting items but the chances of getting one are slim... It's about as likely as getting headhunted by Victoria Secret, to become the head of their highly paid 'backstage pantie removal' team with a benefits package that includes lifetime membership to the "literally unlimited supermodels' backdoor access hot-tub and tummy rubs scheme". Anyway, I'm just going to see what's in these next few crates...
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    Agreed, the whole thing stinks of greed. It's just so over the top they should be ashamed. The prices for the passes and G-crap money is highway robbery. I stick up for this game big time in the forums but am very negative on their prices and the whole store. Huge scam and it helped drive people away. The seasons could have united people, but for $10 not worth it. Don't even get me started on other item prices. Insane
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    Feels like Call of Duty '50% frame rate - Dwarf Edition' to me.
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    Here's my theory: Matchmaking is a mixed bag, to say the least. Bad players get killed off early to mid. Then you're left with 30-40 Shroud clones. Conclusion? We need at least bare bones of a ranked system. Get matched with people with the similar KDA at least.
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    How many patches does it take to get the load time down ??!! Please sell the rights to the game to someone who can actually fix it. Still get stuck in loading buildings & still a pathetic response to fixing issues...
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    Hey all, Flare Guns were added to public matches a few weeks ago and since then we've received lots.. and lots of feedback. In general, players for the most part enjoy the concept and action they can add to the mid-game, but many players are unhappy with the initial implementation. We've heard your feedback and will be making changes to the implementation of Flare Guns in an upcoming update scheduled for live servers March 27th. We'll be first putting the changes on the Test Server March 20th. Thanks to everyone who participated in our Flare Gun feedback thread here on the forums, or shared feedback with us across any of our channels. So, what changes are we making? The volume of incoming air planes delivering special care packages is being reduced. Total number of Flare Guns spawns across all maps is being reduced. For Squad matches, the amount of loot inside special care packages is being reduced. Map icons and on-screen text alerting players to incoming special care packages is being removed. You'll of course still hear and see the flares being shot from far across the map, no changes there. This is our first pass on Flare Gun changes since their implementation on live servers and the changes set out to directly address the main points of concern players in the community have had. Please let us know what you think down below in the comments. We'll of course continue to further iterate, listening carefully to player feedback and make changes that best suit our players and the unique BR experience PUBG provides. Thanks for all of your feedback so far! We look forward to sharing more specific information about these changes in the patch notes, once the update arrives on the Test Server, March 20th.
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    I feel like first person sky diving would add to the immersion of fpp.
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    Yes, ill leave you alive so you can tell your teammates my movements, and then if your teammate kills me, you get revived and play the game like it never happened. A) you made a stupid push on me and lose that battle, then expect someone to let you live or b)i outsmarted you and ive earned that kill, im taking it if the situation allows. derp
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    Yeah ofcourse it shouldn't be too easy, but it should be related more to what you accomplish in the game rather than just doing a lot of games =( If anything that doesn't require anything but time.. That's also the reason for my thread about concern about next Season ranking system =( Also agree, it's not so much that i WANT the reward that much, more like a proof of you have accomplished something... But this way i think it's wrong to only encourage much gametime, i guess that's what they need though but they get it in the wrong way, people abusing their freetime, using cheats (farmbots) I think they should spray us with posibillities and rewards for true accomplishments, anything to draw more people... But yeah, for me the biggest issue was always cheaters, always. So even when the ranking was better (before) or with the new map and Eventpass, wich could and should have drawn a lot of people got ruined by several reasons imho Cheaters. Abnormnal Eventpass missions / ranks And even though many people like how Vikendi Loot was presented, i think PUBG in overall would have earned more players, by having it on a more "normal" level. Just look at it now, it's ghosttown.. So before spraying us with good things they need to evaluate if there is other obstacles, because if they think there might be, then a spray of good things won't help much, won't gain much more players. To be fair i have seen a lot less cheaters since i started Erangel only, dunno if it's map related or if they finally got the levels down... i can only hope. But by history i won't hope too much
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    I've had the same issues as ColonicBoom, played a few days ago and first 3 games couldn't get a kill, died every time I meet someone, forth game 6 kill chicky dinner. Actually left a game as the FPS was so bad last week, constant frame drops just panning the camera round. I hardly play this game anymore, just such a pile of shit atm, pity because I used to love it and stuck with it for so long but have all but moved on now. I download each new update everytime there is one but it just doen't get better and is so inconsistant.
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    The craziest part of this conversation is that every major competitor to Pubg other than fortnite is only FPP. I'm pretty sure most of these guys playing tpp only also play these other games. Maybe just making most of the achievements obtainable only in FPP could help this problem
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    I was already tired of PUBG when i tried Apex - because cmn, after so much time game could finally come out from beta. Still - after Apex it is impossible to come back to PUBG with its desync, cheaters and one-map mode. PUBG is too slow. About kids - surprisingly there is as many as in PUBG. Only issue of Apex is Origin, which is horrible.
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    Brendan hasn't left PUBG Corp, it says in the message he is working in PUBG Special Projects now. Just wanted to clarify that.
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    Right now, there's a HUGE issue plaguing this game, and we all have experienced it, I'm sure. Cheating. If you're like me, you probably play PUBG and end up with cheaters in your game. Personally, I don't know if it's through bad luck, or if there is that many, I end up with a cheater who kills me in at least 1/3 games. A big reason, is because of PUBG, Chinese users now making up a whopping 56% of Steam's playerbase. And because that popularity, combined with the sellable loot, and the (sorry to say) crappy economy of China where boosting points on a game can be more profitable than a minimum wage job, we end up with a LOT of cheaters. Suffice to say, I don't have the data to prove it, but from mine, and all of my friend's experiences playing the game, as well as forum posts, they're mostly Chinese. The reason for specifying this is important later. The issue here, is that the cheaters ARE NOT being dealt with, they've been running rampant for months now minus one large ban wave that stopped them for a total of two weeks. This has caused a multitude of my own friends to stop playing the game frequently, and I can easily see this game starting to die off if nothing is done about it. Devs, I don't know how often you read random forum posts, but hopefully you read this one. FIX YOUR GAME. Otherwise you're going to lose the profit you're making off it once people start quitting, and I assume that's pretty important to you considering the sellable loot. The solution: There's a few ways to go about it, I'll list them in order of most effective, to least effective. 1) Get rid of tradeable loot. - Without a way to make profit off the game, cheaters will drop the game by droves. Sorry to say, but less people will drop the game cause of having no profitable loot, than because of cheaters. 2) Region lock Chinese players. - As stated before from my own and from several other's observations, usually by looking at the username's and or hearing their voice chat, most cheaters are Chinese. This goes back to earlier, as I said, boosting in a game like this makes similar, or more profit, than a minimum wage job in some countries. Runescape had a similar issue with this and Venezuelan players. Of course, not all cheaters are Chinese, but this'll clean up a lot of the mess, so that the next point, #3 is more easily achieved. Or, you can region lock all players, minus if they're in a duo/squad with someone in a different region. 3) Get heavy with the bans. - This is the less effective, since it takes time and resources, but it's simple. This is made a lot easier too, if you were to implement #2 along with it. Start checking any cheating reports, and ban immediately if evidence is found. Permanent IP ban. The only way to get rid of cheaters with this method, is to go heavy handed and be on top of it, so that buying the game over and over becomes more costly than they make in profits. 4) Titanfall route. - Titanfall was worried about cheaters not being able to play, for some reason. So instead of heavy bans, they decided to stick marked cheaters into lobbies with other cheaters. This would probably achieved via a system that triggers after X amount of cheating reports (Probably 2-4), where someone then checks if the person has cheated, and then marks them. This wouldn't be effective, due to the 100 player lobby nature of the game, and it takes as much time/resources as #3. Since #1 is an option I doubt they'd ever take, they should implement #2 and #3 together, which would wipe out most of the cheaters. Let's try to get this into the developer's attentions, so that they can start taking the thoughts of their gamers seriously. I doubt any of us enjoy playing against cheaters, and it's sad that such a fun game is being ruined.Thanks for your time.