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    Hello everyone, Welcome to the second edition of the Console Dev Report series! For those who missed out the first post of this series where we touched on the “viewing spectrum and how it affects the game's performance, feel free to check it out here: [Xbox] [PS4] In today's post, we will be going over GPU time and how various factors can play their roles to reduce GPU time. What is GPU Time? GPU time, simply put, is the time the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) takes to calculate a single frame. The more GPU calculations required, the longer the GPU time will be. GPU times directly contribute towards the FPS (frames per second) you see while playing and increased GPU times can directly impact performance. There are numerous factors that affect GPU time, including the time it takes to render all the different visual elements of the game you see on-screen. The GPU is a processor that handles computer graphics. It draws millions of pixels on the screen each frame (multiple times per second). The number of pixels contained on-screen is determined by the resolution used. The higher the resolution, the more pixels and more detail that can be shown on the image each frame, but also the more processing power required. When comparing 4K resolution to the most commonly used 1080p resolutions, 4K has 4 times as many pixels as 1080p. That means the amount of data a GPU needs to process comparatively increases 4 times, which in turn increases the GPU time. Dynamic Resolution Note: The Dynamic Resolution option is currently being optimized and will be available on both PS4 and Xbox One in a future update. Dynamic resolution is a feature in which the resolution changes dynamically according to the number of GPU calculation required. It changes the resolution from 1440p to 4K in real-time, with a variable refresh rate. In circumstances when you’re in and match and the GPU is under heavy processing load, the resolution will be lowered automatically temporarily in order to ensure stable performance. We'd like to show you how the dynamic resolution option affects GPU times with the graph below. Please bear in mind that the graph is measuring GPU time in milliseconds, this graph is not showing frames per second. So, in this instance, lower is better. * GPU Time shown in the graph above calculated using an Xbox One X. A 20% improvement in processing speed for GPU times is observed with dynamic resolution turned on. A lower GPU time means the GPU can process each frame more quickly, which leads to improved and more stable performance! GPU Instance Culling GPU Instance Culling has been enabled since 1.0 for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro and we’ve made many improvements since its initial implementation to increase performance. We’ll be making additional improvements to GPU Instance Culling in the future, including in the next live server update. You can read more about those upcoming changes further down in this section. Please be aware that the upcoming improvements to GPU Instance Culling are still being optimized for 1st gen PS4 as well as 1st gen Xbox One and S models and will be implemented at a later date. You can find many dense forests in Erangel, Sanhok, and Vikendi. To achieve the best performance possible, trees with the same model are rendered using “instancing”. This reduces the processing cost of drawing a single tree, so the GPU can draw the forest shown below without waiting for additional draw calls (resource-intensive requests for the GPU to perform tasks) to be issued. Reducing the number of draw calls by instancing as many trees with the same model within the viewing distance as possible, the overall cost for drawing the trees is reduced, leading to improved performance. But what would happen if you scope in using a 8x scope? Level of Detail (LOD) plays a big part in achieving the desired performance, as objects are drawn in different quality levels depending on their distance from the player. In a normal (non-scoping) state, only the closest trees within the first instance are drawn as LOD 0 (the highest object detail), but when scoping in, all instances including the targeted trees seen through the scope are drawn as LOD 0, causing GPU time to increase (lower performance) by significant amounts. When you scope in, the viewing distance is extended so the distant trees can be viewed in higher detail. In the figure above, you will only see 3 to 7 trees through the scope, but the GPU will try to draw every instance that hits the view spectrum. Using instances in this case is a significant drawback because it will draw unnecessary trees, whereas if you didn't use instances only 7 trees will be drawn. The object's level of detail (LOD) is determined by proportionate size on-screen, and the object's cull distance decides whether the object will be rendered at all, based on distance from the player. With some upcoming optimizations to GPU Instance Culling, our goal is to increase performance both through not rendering high level of detail objects which aren’t shown on screen and developing a smarter process to determine which objects are processed when instancing and in which order. Since the GPU is aware of all object LODs, only the low LOD models will then be chosen to be instanced, after examining all instances. Then, the rendering process is performed in front-to-back order. We call this select-and-process GPU Instance Culling. The graph below compares GPU time when GPU Instance Culling is on and off in 4K resolution. * GPU Time measured while scoped in using a 8x scope. * GPU Time shown in the graph above calculated using an Xbox One X. We see a more stable result and around a 30% improvement in GPU time with GPU Instance Culling On. Without GPU Instance Culling, you can see GPU times are longer and fluctuate considerably. We hope you enjoyed this week's post, and hope to see you with another edition in two weeks! Thanks, The PUBG Team
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    With all the new items to customize our characters it would be nice if we could save map specific outfits. Snow gear for vikendi, cow boy hats got mirarmar, green stuff for sanhook, ect .
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    Hey everyone, A quick heads up: Public Test Servers (PTS) will officially be closing on January 14! If you haven’t yet jumped into the PTS to test out upcoming content, now is the time to do so. The PTS content includes the new map, Vikendi, the Snowmobile, two new weapons, and more. For full PTS patch notes, please see: [Xbox] [PS4] PTS feedback reports can be submitted here: [Xbox] [PS4] PTS bug reports can be submitted here: [Xbox] [PS4] The PTS will close on January 14 at 12am PST / 9am CET / 5pm KST. The team is hard at work and looking at your reports from the PTS to prepare for the upcoming live server content update. Please stay tuned for more details on the release date. A heartfelt thanks for helping us test out upcoming content and for taking the time to leave us your thoughts and bug reports!
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    I have forwarded this request to the team. Thanks
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    Hold on a minute, I'm a big supporter of freedom of choice. People should play whatever mode they want and leave everyone else the f*c* alone. There is a massive FPP elitist thing going on on this forum and you claim to play TPP to get easy chicken and yet you have 0 solo chickens in either FPP or TPP (in the current season granted)...................if it is so easy I would expect to see at least 1 in the 13? Not even a top 10? You don't really play much solo I guess, but 0 chickens on duo in TPP either? So when does this 'Easy Chicken' happen? I'm open to FPP/TPP debate on a factual level, this 'I'm so good, TPP is easy' mantra is retarded. I'm not great at this game, which is why I don't try and swing my falsified Pubg peen all over the place.
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    Hi, The information in this advertisement is false, our game was incorrectly listed and we have flagged this with Razer. We expect this to be fixed soon.
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    The only way I see this game having a SOLID future on CONSOLE, 1. Crossplay with Sony - will help matchmaking times tremendously. BR games rely on large player bases to minimise matchmaking times. This is a no brainier. Crossplay for console is a must. 2. Ping based matchmaking - will help matchmaking times in low pop regions. (if done correctly) default search to ping based matchmaking, NOT region locking is needed to help reduce OOR players. Client should be 'locked to local region ONLY for the early matchmaking process' before expanding to find a game OOR. If done intelligently, this would be great. With an estimated wait time indicator. 3. True Performance Modes The 1440p PTS option was disappointing. This should have been an UNCAPPED 1440p mode to see if there was any real gains. Console Parity needs to go. If the X and definitely the Future Xbox Anaconda can run this game (in various resolutions) with higher frame rates, then LET IT. Parity is a disgusting scrurge on multiplayer online gaming. With the future of Xbox Anaconda, Xbox Lockhart, XCloud, 1S, 1X and OG.... Do you really think everything is going to stay in parity with the weakest in family? I would like to see this game run capped full res on OG/S/X, uncapped in performance modes this year, and streamed at higher rates via XCloud and higher FPS on Anaconda in future. 4. Or Make Pubg 2 on custom Engine, cloud compute, with Miramar reworked and free for anyone who owns Pubg.
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    Made a post a few weeks ago if getting an SSD was worth it even though I have an X and everything but I decided to go and buy a 500 GB SanDisk SSD and I gotta say it was well worth it. Castle loaded in perfect, villa no problem. Games perfect no complaints with anything anymore. Now I got the full package, One x with SSD on 4K monitor, hard wired internet.. loving it. Suggest everyone buy one no matter what system you got
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    It’ll be added the same time people learn to use the search button on the forums.
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    I’ve never felt the need to post on the forums about anything, but today I just felt I had to say something because I have no idea what is going with this game-due to the lack of action and plans for the future (aside from trying to make the game run smoother because that’s an expectation given it’s full release) from PUBG. To start, the amount of time it is taking to get these updates out because it is ridiculous even for barebones things like custom games or bug fixes...is PUBG not making enough money to hire more employees or better equipment/software?-the speed of game development is similar to that of a 16yr old working on a private server. Also, the performance of the game has been especially lackluster in recent weeks in terms of desync and loading in for some reason. Thanks for coming to my rant and feel free to tell me what’s going on because I certainly don’t know.
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    Who designed these "missions", they aren't even challenging they are just tedious: Drive for 2 hours in a Mirado drive 500km in a buggy stop in a redzone 5 times and roll the dice as the whether the game will actually count it shoot 300 rounds from a uzi in a single match 5 times throw 10 frag grenades in a single match 3 times Get 5 melee kills - My personal favourite. I've had about 2 melee kills in my entire time playing this game which is nearly 800 hours. The only viable thing to do is down somebody and kill them off with a melee. Drive 25km in a boat Who in the hell is making up some of these missions, the idea of a mission is to make something fun for us to have something to do in the game while playing. Then you have the daily ones which are sometimes so unbelievably rng that you might not get them within a week letalone 24 hours. "loot a mk14 from a dead players corpse", really? That is a daily mission. Can you stop making these insanly boring missions and make ones that require atleast a little bit of skill, not me jumping into a solo squads match and driving around in the blue for 4 hours doing nothing else.
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    Oh no (insert here) killed me, please nerf (insert here) as it shouldn't be able to kill me
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    I would guess that the vast majority doesn't want to. Riddle solved.
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    Hey everyone, Below is a quick overview of the upcoming Survivor Pass: Vikendi. This pass is not yet available on live servers, and will be released alongside the Vikendi map in January (date TBD). To prepare you for the pass, here are some details of what you can expect. SURVIVOR PASS: VIKENDI The System is currently under development - the actual UI/UX may be different when it is released. The duration of the pass is 10 weeks. Players have the opportunity to complete missions and receive rewards throughout the duration of the pass. Two types of passes are available: Free version of Survivor Pass: Vikendi - Provides missions and rewards to unlock for all players, as they level-up the pass. Premium version of Survival Pass: Vikendi - Provides special missions and exclusive rewards to players who’ve purchased the premium pass, as they level-up the pass. Each level you can claim rewards from Survivor Pass: Vikendi in the Rewards tab and also claim Coupons by clicking on the ‘Drop In Supply’ button. Coupons can be used to unlock exclusive rewards, read on for more details. You can view your current mission lists in the ‘Missions’ tab. There are 5 mission types available to complete: Daily Missions: 3 missions will be provided every day. You swap out up to 1 mission per day. Weekly Missions: 10 missions will be available every week, and you can view the missions for specific weeks. Premium Pass holders can complete up to 10 missions per week and all players with Survivor Pass: Vikendi can complete up to 4 missions. Beginner Missions: Easy missions which are provided for beginner players. Premium Missions: All players can complete these missions, but only players who have the Premium Pass can claim rewards after completion. Challenge Missions: Theses are special missions provided for players who’ve completed all their weekly missions in a specific week. It contains more challenging and advanced missions. All players can complete Challenge Missions, but only players who have the Premium Pass can claim rewards after completion. ‘Coupon’ system in Survivor Pass: Vikendi You can claim Coupons (Blue, Yellow and White) each level, which you can then use to unlock exclusive items in the Coupon Shop.
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    Hi, We don't openly share details on the steps our anti-cheat team take to detect and punish those that use third-party devices to gain an unfair advantage. Sharing details like this can give players that would like to use these devices, the ability to circumvent the systems we have in place to ensure everyone plays fair.
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    Do we have any clue when we will get a maintenance or update to refresh the server. Pc gets then weekly
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    Post your best Kar98 clips here https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/world-ceres/video/66386401 just got this pretty decent one earlier! 💪👍
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    After almost 2000 hours and currently occupying position # 2 of the SA server rank I'm getting bored with PUBG. Almost two months without updates. Game feels slow. Unresponsive. Vikendi full of bugs. 30 fps in 2018 on Xbox One X can be extremely frustrating. It would only take a 1080p mode with framerate unlocked and everything would be solved. Honestly, I feel abandoned on Xbox because the pace of updates is too slow. This needs to change. For now there are no competitors for PUBG, but this may change.
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    Just saying, and all that update was was the Marvel skins and the non-customizable custom matches. Its been so long, the announcement for the last update patch notes have almost been pushed to page 2 on the news announcements page, meaning the first page is just filled with disappointment. Am I selfish to feel that things should be moving a little faster?
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    For now i would like to see better customization on custom games and Vikendi on live servers.
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    It's a dev report... What did you expect? I appreciate the level of technical detail in the updates, I'd rather have stable gameplay and a higher FPS than live Vikendi. What's wrong with just playing Vikendi on the PTS for now?
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    ... as stated in your developer post, but you made the choice to render at 1440P for the performance mode? How does that make sense? Why not just match whatever output resolution the user has their Xbox set at? Tasking the hardware to output higher resolutions than the display is an extremely inefficient design choice. You don’t do that for PC, but you’ll handicap consoles which are less powerful than most PCs? So bizarre.
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    Yeah whe know, working hard and we will inform you when there is news to share blablabla. And please dont bother with the dev reports. They are utter useless. Nobody reads them. Overkill on information. We want easy simple answers and or responses. Thank you