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    Hey everyone, Continuing on the coattails of our recent balance patch, we’re excited to announce even more big changes coming to PUBG in today’s update. We’ve always tried to push the envelope here at PUBG, creating the most realistic Battle Royale experience possible, but today we’re taking that commitment and shooting for the moon! New Map: The Moon With the popularity of the Moonlight weather setting on Vikendi, we worked hard to determine what it was about that mode that engaged fans so much. After countless hours, we were able to determine that it was the full moon itself that fascinated players. Our next course of action became clear; have the next great PUBG map be on the surface of the moon! New Map: The Moon PUBG’s biggest map to date at over 3,476 square kilometers! New Feature: “Zero G” Players will not receive fall damage on the Moon. Jump height and duration are increased by 10x on the Moon. Players struck with heavy-hitting weapons (melee, shotguns) will be flung for several meters slowly over time. Players on the Moon will leave footprints. The Moon will have no weather cycles, but will either be lit or in complete darkness depending on which side you spawn on. Boost gauge and boost items will be replaced with oxygen tanks on the moon. Players will need to keep oxygen tanks on hand in order to not suffocate. New Moon Exclusive Vehicle: Moon Rover Rovers will be key to survival on the moon, as players have thousands of meters to cover to get to the safe zone. We’re incredibly excited to push the boundaries of realistic Battle Royale with our new map. For players who truly want to immerse themselves in this new frontier, keep an eye out for Survivor Pass: Cosmonaut, coming soon! New Content Added a revenge bomb as loot to all maps. The bomb is held in your inventory and explodes once an enemy opens your deathbox. Players can set a pre-recorded message to play after the bomb goes off. Added new Vikendi-exclusive weapon, the Squirt Gun. Enemies hit by the squirt gun will take damage over time as they gain stacks of frostbite. Increased squad sizes to a maximum of 20. Added the Stretch Limousine and Party Bus as new squad transport vehicles. Added Level 4 helmets to the game. Completely resistant to bullets. Reduces screen visibility considerably. UI/UX Added an option for “Winner Winner Tofu Dinner” for our vegetarian and vegan fans. Thanks to the dedicated work of several fans, “Wadu Hek” is now a selectable language option. Teamed up with WackyJacky101 to add a welcome message to the in-game lobby. Sound will play globally each time a new player loads in. We hope being welcomed to the game each time improves your play experience. Skins and Cosmetics Added a smart algorithm to social channels that delays chocoTaco items by one week each time we’re asked about them. Gameplay Changes To better emphasize survival in PUBG, frying pans can now be used to cook food. Added a new win condition using the pan Players able to collect components and cook their own Chicken Dinner will instantly win the match without having to be the lone survivor. Boosts now inflict a stacking % chance to cause your character to suffer a heart attack. Energy Drink: 2% Painkillers: 10% Adrenaline: 25% Players now have a chance to injure their arm when involved in scooter accidents. (Get well soon!) New Gameplay Features Because life always finds a way, we’ve added animations and AI to the dinosaurs in Dino Park on Vikendi. All players now start each game with a cell phone in their inventory. Players can use the phone to play PUBG Mobile while camping in houses or waiting for the zone. Phone may also be used to take in-game selfies and will post automatically to linked social media accounts. Added region-appropriate, dangerous wildlife to each map Erangel – Grizzly Bears Miramar – Jaguars Sanhok – Giant Pythons Vikendi – Yeti The Moon – Wizards Training Camp – WackyJacky101 Players who don’t like the idea of killing can now opt to stay in the plane and fly back to civilization. Pistols can now accept up to a 15x scope. Added Step Counter integration to the game. In-game steps will now count towards your daily total. Added full auto mode to SR weapons. The following weapons are affected: Kar98k M24 AWM This update represents just a small taste of PUBG’s infinite potential. We hope you enjoy these changes and as always look forward to your feedback! See you on The Moon!
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    I have a lot of people ask how they can improve and I see it a lot on the forum as well. I did this awhile ago, finally got round to sorting the clip and uploading it from my stream. I know some already know this, but you'd be surprised at how many don't. I hope it helps someone! Admin if possible, please don't move it. 👍
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    You stuffed my throat with shit once too much now.. NOTHING that improve my gaming experience came with #27 update, except from the Lobby lagging like 0.3s less, i guess you can still call it improvement... You only fuck things up forcing us to adapt to what? Something that is "better"? Horsechimes and change Vector bullets, WOW i wanna play NOW... And get humiliated by cheaters again... I haven't even considered trying the Vector anymore, wich was a weapon i liked to use from time to time... The UMP45 i tried a few times only because it is E V E R Y W H E R E (surprise surprise, so much for "random loot") It feels like a choked AKM shooting plastic bullets, shoots slower than a 90year-old lady, i could probably kill enmemies easier by throwing grass at them... I pray god can give me strength to stay away from this game. I totally respect everyone having their opinions and maby i don't erven represent most of the players, but i invested 2600h in this game and ~1500 posts here. (Yes spare me the smartass comments "uuuh if you played 2600h you got to have a lof of fun bruh", yeah sure, but it could have been so much better, and i probably spent 3000h editing proof of cheaters....) If people like me react like this, even you must realize something is fucked up here? All time low average playerbase in 18 months... *slooooowclap* Enough i had!
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    After nearly a year and 600+ solo matches (so many frustrating 2nd and 3rd places), i finally got my solo chicken dinner. It was like trying to capture a goddamn unicorn. I practically woke up the entire house hootin and hollerin at 1:30 am. Surprisingly, my wife was much less ecstatic than i was... go figure.
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    This is what happens when people's pride gets tangled with a video game. Usually is a symptom of being a young child or leading an unfulfilling job/everyday life. Also your LFG post comes across a bit douchey which will attract people like the dude in your screenshot. Drop that whole 300IQ nonsense and don't mention leaderboards that solely reflect time spent playing the game and you just might find a sensible partner.
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    I'd rather see them build a new version from the ground up for the new hardware.
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    They cant encourage sneak tactics when you can still hear slow walking from miles away. Just a pointless extra noise that's does absolutely nothing but annoy people.
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    Some of us have jobs and appreciate the extension that they've given us. Stop being such an elitist.
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    Because I'm really at the end of my patience with this god damn game and the lack of rendering. World's most powerful console and this is what we get! Every god damn time on this game. Every server. Every map. Always. Xbox one X no sad because I'm not paying extra for what should work in the first place.
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    Hi, I have checked your profile and only 2 topics you have created where hidden. This is because the first one titled 'Good Bye Pubg' didn't have anything that could contribute to a constructive discussion and the second titled 'Where's my purple blood' was hidden as it was non-constructive and was antagonizing towards others. The topics you created on map selection can be found here: Reason why we can’t pick what map we want? 15 Minutes of backing out of maps Map Seection I advise that you check up on the popularity of your topics/posts by going to your profile and viewing them there. Thanks!
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    Why do i now have a bell on me ? Most annoying sound ever whenever you move !!!
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    Hi everyone, We’d like to give you an update on Survivor Pass: Vikendi. While the communicated end-date of Survivor Pass: Vikendi was 04/02/19 across all channels, the remaining time displayed in-game referenced the grace period by when players must claim all rewards, and not the Pass end date itself. We sincerely apologize for the confusion caused, which has led some players to believe they had additional time to complete missions and participate in Survivor Pass: Vikendi. To address player concerns and remedy confusion caused, once internal testing is complete, we will be re-opening Survivor Pass: Vikendi for 7 days to allow players more time to complete missions, extending the total Pass duration to be in line with the time displayed in-game. We expect the 7-day Survivor Pass: Vikendi extension to begin April 9th. We’ll keep you updated, announcing once it begins. Thank you for your patience and understanding. PUBG Console Team
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    Hey everyone, Season 1 was planned to end in April, but has been extended to May 7, 2019 PDT in order to give our players more time to hit milestones and receive season rewards. The beta season 1 item rewards are shown on the Season > Overview page after clicking Season Rewards. Seasonal rewards will be granted based on the Survivor Title held at the end of beta season 1. Beta season 1 rewards will be granted to players who hold the title of Novice or higher. You can receive multiple unique rewards and will be granted all rewards up to your highest title. Rewards will be granted with the start of the new season, which will be announced at a later date. Rewards delivery will be completed within 1 day of the new season starting. If you have not successfully received your rewards 24 hours after the new season has begun, please contact Customer Support. Any players who are found to have obtained a Survivor Title by violating operation policies may be subject to restriction and/or removal of seasonal rewards. See you on the battlegrounds! Thanks, PUBG Console Team
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    I can deal with a lot of Pubg nonsense but my BIG peeve is being bunched up in the lobby when nobody moves and I'm stuck in the middle. I just wanna be free....
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    You’re wrong. I don’t want map selection. Miramar is my favorite map. If we have map selection, Miramar isn’t players first choice, so it will have long queue times. I actually want no map selection, just queue and get a random map.
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    Oh please, it is a decent April 1st joke rather than "trolling". Stop taking everything so hard.
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    Last time i checked i wasn't a horse . My ingame character is not a horse . This is not a horse game... So why do i make horse sounds ? Did you guys ever had a backpack????
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    I read recently that they are trying to up the speed of circles in order to speed up the pacing of the game and compete with other BR's that are fast paced. With slow framerate this is dumb . In my opinion, that's why sanhok is there - to do it with other maps is suicide. I like the pacing of PUBG on Errengal ... i like stalking around the map for some time.. i hope it doesn't affect the overall game.
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    Played a few games of Firestorm, felt a bit 'meh' about it. Fantastic looking game but I'm not good at battlefield games and it hasn't got the pubg feel to it. Jumped back onto pubg for a few games, last one was a really enjoyable 6 kill 3rd place. Grabbed this pretty awesome moment for your carnage viewing pleasure 😂https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/majorclagnut/video/71884272
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    I'm too busy running and gunning. No time to look at the kill feed. I guess when you're a bush sitter you can do those kind of things....
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    Hey UberPlum, I know that you're frustrated with the ongoing issues with the game, as we've spoken about your concerns on Reddit a few weeks ago, and I can only apologise that we've not yet been able to resolve them fully. While we welcome constructive criticism on the forum, calling for Community Team members to resign because you're unhappy does not fall under this. Because of this reason, this thread is now locked. If you wish to discuss level of communication and the ongoing issues which you're unhappy with, then please do so in a thread which adheres to the rules of the forum. Thanks!
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    I feel that the diversity and size of the maps is a bit overlooked. To me that is one of the really big draws of PUBG. Multiplayer games with smaller maps that leads to very predictable movement patterns (round the corner, throw a nade over that wall, and the enemy should appear right over there in 3..2...1...) really doesn't do it for me anymore. I think it is quite impressive that there are buildings in both Erangel and Miramar I still haven't been inside after 1000+ hours of playing - and I do try to mix it up by not dropping at the same spots time and time again. Once in a while I even come across secluded spots like this that I haven't seen before even after playing the map hundreds of times: I'm quite impressed that the game can still surprise me with stuff like this.
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    Not being able to shoot over a railing or banister - leads me to believe that the character models are 3 1/2 feet tall and they can't reach over it.
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    Let apex do apex but, more important, let pubg stay pubg.