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    They just need to re-build it from the ground up for console, and stop trying to port over the PC version. That's what the mobile team did and it runs great. A PC port obviously isn't going to run well. This team just isn't talented enough to do it. They can't even fix a 2x scope after 8 months or get the menus running well. Let that sink in. Even the menu runs like absolute shit. These developers are way, way, way out of their league.
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    I dunno about you guys, but personally, I'd much rather they optimize this one. Give it a tune up, grease it up real nice, and porter the hell out of it. To have this running as good as...say..... Battlefield V(this does not mean graphics) which is to say with nary a hiccup, would be nothing short of amazing. This would also give a much needed boost to player confidence and relations. Alot of us have stuck up for this game and hung around despite the plethora of issues that have plagued it since day 1. It would be great to see an unprecedented effort on the part of the devs to bring this game up to AAA standards. Pubg 2 shouldn't even be in it's conceptual stage yet. Not with so much room for these devs to improve and work on their craft in the one we have now.
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    I like to say that its one of the best games I've ever played, but absolutely the worst bit of software I've ever paid for.
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    The camera position doesn't change depending on the map ? if something is the wrong scale in FPP its the wrong scale in TPP also because its the same thing ??
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    I would rather have a slightly higher running speed while wearing shoes compared to bare feet.
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    LOL.... The bans can be as long as they want but I'll believe it when I see it happen....
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    Wow this game is well broken man how do issues arise like this on a fully released game i could understand if this was a beta or in gamepreview
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    The constant oOoOoO is just frustrating, and downright distracting at times.
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    Since the beginning of the game there have been different sounds for players wearing shoes and those not wearing shoes. Many players prefer not to wear shoes because it is perceived as more difficult to hear. Whether or not this is the case players in teams will ask you to remove your shoes at times and a large portion of players swear by it. To put an end to the shoes or no shoes question, why not introduce damage to feet when not wearing shoes over time (we're not hobbits and the terrain we're running across would damage anyone's feet who hadn't spent years developing extremely calloused feet. This would normalize feet sounds, rid us of the debate between which is more effective, and also entice players to play more realistically. It would also potentially increase the incentive to have nice shoe skins as they would be worn by more players. Thoughts?
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    Teaming is cheating. No question about it. If you want to play on a team, then solo is not for you.
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    Yes. With all the money they made. Should make PUBG - C. Give it to another dev like they did with Tencent's for mobile.
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    Eh, they could shove it right up. No way I'd pay for another product that they've made. They have more than enough money to build an actually working version of the current game (e.g. hire people who know what they are doing) if they wanted to.
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    I just keep playing and hunting for those chicky dinners
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    Moded controllers? Anti Recoil devices?
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    I know my opinion doesn't matter and all, but that is a freaking terrible idea. We have people losing their minds over the lack of map selection, but now you feel that taking game mode selection away is a good idea??? I hope this post was drenched in sarcasm.
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    I agree, it is plagued with hackers. Since Vikdeni released i must have gotten around 30-35 banned for cheating. And people denying it are just either trolls (assholes in otehr words) or just using something fishy to enhance their gameplay themselfs, sad but true. And, when you let a region that is known to allow cheats and use cheats as a standard, into a region that is against cheating into its core, then you create even more cheaters and even more problems. To bad some are just to blue-eyed to see the "truth".
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    That's incorrect. Below shows the average players on PUBG, FPP was introduced in August 2017, the numbers clearly show that it started exploding in the same month.
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    Hello everyone, This post will explain our ban policy against misconduct on Xbox and PS4. We always seek to provide our players with a clean and fair environment in PUBG. Misconduct of any sort (including, but not limited to: teamkilling, teaming, exploiting bugs, stalking and use of unauthorized devices) that impedes gameplay are strictly prohibited. Although we've been taking actions against misconduct, we have reinforced the penalty criteria and the penalty process as of April 2019. With our improved overall process, we aim to provide a better and more fair PUBG experience for our players on console. For more information, please see the table below. Thanks and see you on the battlegrounds! - PUBG Console Team
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    I’m pretty sure the most successful shooting games for consoles are first person....
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    I think if they cared even a tiny about about the FPP community, they would do some kind of event to TRY and bring players over, but they don't. They don't even care to fix any of the major issues the game has had since day 1. They get their money, occasionally bring out some content to get more money, then release a patch every 6 weeks that effectively breaks more than it does help. It's seriously frustrating dealing with this game, but there's nothing else out there like it, so i deal with the terrible optimization. The truth is, they just don't care about console, at all.
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    Nice Addition, attaching Keychains is very interesting.. weapons will feel more personal.. and I love how knockdowns are valued more than kills here, this will foster better gameplay, PUBG corp listens to feedback.. Two Thumbs up.. 👍👍
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    Ahhhh, i see. i misunderstood... much apologies. As for trying this game in surround sound i too originally played the game in 5.1 with surround speakers in the den in my house until my neighbors next door politely told me that my sub was shaking their house at times next door and they were wondering what the heck was causing it. LoL!! Hence, the reason i started this post after i purchased a quality pair of headphones and upgraded my system with a sound card. Cheers!