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    I think it's time to realize that this game is dead and the devs literally don't care. They made their money and that's all that matters. It's only a matter of time before they stop communicating with us for good. They are probably working on their next game already. No other game killed pubg, pubg killed itself. It's honestly embarrassing.
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    It will be frowned upon if i mention actual products...........................mods will punish me and smart arses will get on the "you dun told muure sheeples by postingz hurr de huuur"
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    I still think you should be able to pick your 4x reticle like you can for 3x or red dot etc etc
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    Hi, we have previously given out skins and BP for compensation awards in the past for frustrations that have been caused with bug and issues.
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    Hi, Last Friday we shared an update explaining the issues that are currently being worked on which you can find here. We all share the same frustrations as you guys with the current state of the game and the devs are working tirelessly to get these issues fixed ASAP. We will share an update on this as soon as we can.
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    Playing since release and long time forum member and I love(d) the game but I have to say that slowly frustration wins over fun in pubg. I'm not a developer but is it really that hard to regularly update the game and optimize it? Most other developers seem to be able to do that.
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    That awkward moment when you get 5+ kills a game and have hardly any issues at all.
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    So we get a lot of MnK and Radar hack posts on here and it's been debated to death really, there are a lot of logistical issues with both of those things that make it inaccessible for a large number of people. However, I have stumbled across a (fairly) cheap easily bought controller mod (I assume a lot of folk are aware of this). These things have built in modes that control recoil. Now I'm pretty sure a large number of people would potentially use this. In my opinion it's obviously cheating, interested to know others thoughts.
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    Holy shit this game anticheat is useless af . I just saw three player going through the wall . PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS 2_18_2019 8_53_19 AM.mp4
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    Sick of the 4 times scope changing rediclius once picked up. I pick it up attach it and have the good scope with the red arrow or cross hair sight. Then change to my other weapon then change back and get the horriable round circle sight for no reason. This happen to me a dup buddy every freaking time. Going to stop using this dame scope.
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    In Solo AFK should be executed for cowardice and their bodies chucked out the plane. In teams they should be forced into a crate and dropped with the first airdrop. If your team mates can get to the crate you can be let out, otherwise they are all blown up after the first person collects the loot.
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    There hasn't been any skill-based matchmaking in PubG for a long time now. So you're playing the same random players in squads as in solos. It's just the average player tends to get that false sense of security when in playing in squad. You can easily abuse that as a solo player. In solos, everyone is 100% aware they're on their own and each and every mistake is terminal.
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    Yep it does for me too, most people won't hear it with headphones on though.
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    This is not a bug it´s a features. The scope varies depending on the weapon. AR or DMR
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    what? You dont like the reticle on some weapons?
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    I think it's perfectly valid to point out the thoughts of a PUBG streamer if they are giving what you feel is a valid and sincere view of the game. Someone who streams PUBG as a job is probably most equipped to give a valid opinion of things like loot distribution. If you play for an hour or two at a time you can never be sure if it's just bad RNG but someone who is playing 10 hours per day 6 days a week should have a very solid feel for those RNG elements over a longer time continuum.
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    I can have a hard time finding them too when it's in the vegetation Maby my own fault because im sloppy to notice where i kill them..
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    I'll get the pass as long as the price is similar. Not much to pay for to keep the game ticking along. I don't usually use the skins much passed the end of the pass as by then so many have them you all look the same. I tend to keep the odd ones in rotation, like the Sanhok specs that show you won a solo chicken dinner but the rest just do nothing but take ages to load in the customisation menu Some of the missions were, well, I'll be gracious and go with 'odd' - actually. fucking mental applies to a couple The buggy one is one I think is universally despised. I'm still only on 90km but then I've made no effort to completing it, just used the buggy's as I would normally. The uzi one was funny, (300 shots from an uzi, 5 times). That got me a couple of easy kills from people who thought they were going to be left alone in the sticks. I have to admit, a certain satisfaction to in dropping someone before they had completed the task
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    Will probably buy it. Even though some of the missions are incredibly stupid, overall it was well worth the $10.
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    To be honest good weapon skins cost as much as the season pass. But you'll get lot's of good skins for a one skin price. But when we looking at the Vikendi season pass there are so many senseless features in the pass as well. 1) missons are hard. Well who drives 500km? 2) even you drive it's not enough to get max level. Luckily I don't care after level 80 but that doesn't make that's not a problem. 3) arctic SCAR L? I've got 37 blue coupons so I get the SCAR skin. But why on earth that you make snow skin for a weapon that's not spawn in snow map?? So it depends on the items in the pass makes me decide buy one or not.
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    I've got some banned for similar, but then I'm a pedantic cnut who quotes teh ToS of the game and Steam in the report... they don't have much choice...😎
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    Doesn’t matter unless it’s truly fixed, my gold expired yesterday & I will not renew until you get your sh!t together!!
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    The rendering issues are very complex and difficult to fix but as I said before our dev team is on it and it's our number one priority to get this sorted ASAP.
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    Obviously we all care about the game or else none of us would be posting here. Including you.
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    No one cares if you're bad or good thats not even the topic. Go brag about your 5 kills on another post 😂