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    Hi, level up coupons can be saved for the next pass however the blue, white and yellow coupons to purchase skins cannot.
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    I’d like to see a trade-up system. Something like trade 20 low tier items for another tier higher.
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    Playing last night with 3 random Americans. Final circle on Vikendi ended on a 2 story. It was 4 v 3 and we were on the outside. I advised fragging and mollying the shit out of the upstairs where we knew they were, but no 2 of them pushed and got knocked at the bottom of the stairs. Fuck it..I started throwing mollys up the stairs and torched us all....we lost, the yanks lost their shit and left the party.
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    Could you please just bump one of your 4 million other topics on the subject? For the love of friggin' GOD....
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    So its taken me forever an a half, but I finally got my p18c only win. Sadly I am noticing that trying to record on twitch while playing PUBG is nearly impossible, and thus the only way I could do it was to turn twitch off....but when I did, oh my the magic finally begun to spin. Before I did though, pulled this little drive by snipeing off. XD So with all that over with, time for the piece de resistance, my own personal P18C only challenge. So it started off just like normal, sanhock, landed and took care of the first come and first served. When I cleared him out, I noticed he had a p18c and went ahead and dropped all the main weapons and picked up a few nades, then went to town. One by one I worked my way through the circles, sneak over here, hide myself over there, a crate drop landed on me, but I only snagged the vest, helmet, and ghillie {besides, it only had an AUG in it, nothing special} And I continued on my way, but the circle had plans for me, and I was about to meet my fate. I was on the south westerly island, working ever closer and closer to boot camp, and sure enough. I had to cross the river. I decided I needed to get across asap. Maybe put up a bit of a blockade on the tiny bit of knee deep water that was only a few meters across. Sure enough, someone was there. Tagging someone else who had decided to use the bridge. A full spray of P18m and he was throwing himself into the nearest building. Didn't matter, I smelled blood and fear. Just as I follow, someone else tries to tag me, but Im already inside, already pulling up my weapon of choice, and as he attempts to throw off his healing in order to pull a gun, I deal his final blow. Circle is getting tight, going to reset soon. Got a guy on the bridge crossing over now, Ill smack em a couple times so that when he gets over and I move in, he might be busy trying to heal. Should be able to at least nade him if so.....A couple taps, a bit of spray, then someone sneaks up on me and trys to join the party, first guy must have decided to just run for his life cause he doesn't try to hide anywhere. This other guy however, thinks its an easy kill and keeps pushing closer outside. But Im fully boosted, full health, pristine lvl 3 gear, and a frying pan to boot, I casually reload and walk to a different window to find him. Now of course, I hate the 3rd and even 4rth party players who think its an easy kill, but right when we get into it the first time he gets a good couple shots in and it hurts. Ok, got to run around the building, jump through the window, headed to a rock by the river and bridge, hide up, prep a nade and...crap, too late, he is already out the building, better just drop the nade and hope that if we fight it out, he will get caught up in the blast. He pushes, but at the last minute, hesitates, maybe he heard it, maybe he is second guessing his rush strategy, maybe he is hurt just as bad....I pull the maneuver, force a quick spar between us, get nipped again, Im red. Bad red, a one shot. But its all an act, all a show, just to pull him out from behind the rock and to the side to where my nade is just about to blow, and it works. He rushes smelling blood, but not fear. I stand my ground, hold my aim, and my trigger, purposeful to slow him down at the right moment and right when he does, right when he aims up on me, it goes off and Iv survived another try hard. I tuck into the small shed, heal up and boost just as the zone starts to nip my rear and as I begin to move towards the next zone, SOMEONE ELSE DUMPS HALF OF A MAG AT ME!!!!! I zip left, hide behind a rock, and toss a nade up the hill towards where the shots came from, blind to anyone who might have done it, and for some reason, I feel like it worked as they do not follow me. Blindly hopeful I have disappeared from sight, I ponder where he went, why he isn't chasing me, and how many other people will push me just because I exist. An anomaly in the matrix of PUBG that must be eliminated, but nothing comes. Again, a quick heal, a quick booster, and Im on my way, the last gentlemen disappeared to the ghosts of the forest. His mystery unsolved. Ok, really working my ghille suit now in order to blend with the forest. Occasional gun shots, targets way off in the distance maneuvering around without a second glance in my direction....10 left....then 8....then 6 The next to last circle appears. I must cross the road. I must walk that lonesome road of lost stealth and nothing but my will to force any confrontation to my advantage, and considering Im using the angriest pistol in the game, it doesn't sound as good as the most powerful gun in the game. I boost, check my armor, its all shot to hell, but Im at full health and 150 rounds of ammo, so I can do this.....then it happens, all hell breaks loose, everyone is shooting, snipers, M4's, grenades oh my god the nades everywhere! At one point in time, I swear I could hear an Indians war cry and the "thunk" noise of an arrow hitting a tree nearby....Now is the time, everyone is distracted, and I am alone. I haul ass for the ridgeline in front of me, hoping no one notices, or is too busy to care. Right when I run up, I see two players going at it and one of them is stuck in the building to my left, he cant get out the window and the zone is swallowing him whole, I throw down a quick spray and ready up a nade, aim it up, throw and.....it lands on the ground in front of me? https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/wizardo3/video/76372311 He dies to the zone regardless, but the nade I threw so perfectly, literally ate dirt and went no where. Which was kinda weird, I just chalk it up to PUBG being PUBG. And then I wait out the other 3. Sure enough, the first one gets nipped, but don't know where... Then the last two go at it, toe to toe. One of them runs over to where I have been watching....waiting......Stalking Blood is in the air, the wounded are helpless, and the heavens have tossed me this morsel without realizing the danger. I pounce First guy goes down with a single clip to the torso. I fly up behind the car and prepare a flash nade. Either way, he is comeing out of cover. I pull the pin, prepare to throw, everything is lined up and looking good and.....it falls straight into the ground in front of me.. FUCKING PUBG BE DAMNED, I WILL WIN!!! https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/wizardo3/video/76372668 At last, my goal. My personal mission for a few months now, its complete. I have won with a P18C. Granted with a dirty kill or two along the way, but the last few was perfect, it could not have gone any better in my eye's, and I have no reason to pursue it again due to the agony of being 3rd and fourth partied after both aggressive and intelligent game play being shut down by bush snakes and lucky opportunistic players....I can't argue their style, it ensures less competition, but to be on my end....the struggle, overcoming mountains, clearing a path with sheer will and cunning, only to be popped off when surviving "another" encounter.....It was slightly frustrating. And thus this leads to an old festering wound between me and PUBG....the lies....its been nearly two years, and we are supposed to be side by side with PC updates. Instead, I am now suffering grenades being thrown at my feet.....I have held out for far too long. I have held hope for something more. Instead we are only receiveing less. PUBG on xbox was fun while it lasted, and I do hope to see some of the nice things that have popped up on PC come over soon, but I think Im going to have to go ahead and move on for now. Maybe till the new erengal update......Its just a damn shame this whole thing is more for PC, Im still interested in crossplay between us and PC, but pubg doesn't support console and I doubt they will ever full accept us.
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    I've sent these issues and andy said that he forwarded IN THE FIRST DAY AFTER THE PATCH, the weird movement, stuck at zig-zag, wide looking angle, you don't even need to press the RB to free look Look the perfect prove: the wide seeing angle without RB and the fast zig-zag :https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/big-stend33/video/75344341
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    Ok so I've had a reply, they have noted and action is being taken although they cant say what. In the reply it also mentioned that they are starting to get serious with the cheats? That maybe just smoke and mirrors in an automated response but you never know maybe they are going to finally take proper action. I'll report everyone I find doing this stuff properly from now on in an effort to make sure they do eventually take proper action and everyone should do the same. It doesn't take long and I think eventually the right action will be taken. 👍👍👍👍
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    IIRC Gaga had asked @PUBG_Andymh5 on his stream and Andy confirmed that you are able to keep your 5 Level up passes. So if you have bought all you want in the store, just buy the level up coupons and save them for the next season pass! Am i remembering this thing correctly? @PUBG_Andymh5 (You know how my shitty memory is 😂)
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    I'm still struggling to put my finger on what is wrong but I feel like I am playing how I have in the past when things are bad. Constantly questioning my settings etc. Post update I was having the best time I have had on the game (admittedly I'm not great but I had a few chickens under my belt and a kdr around 2.3) and it was a consistent feeling that I could go into a fight and come out on top. Now I have started playing more cautiously because I don't feel that in control of my movements or my aim. @ColonicBoom I remember talking to you once before about how you felt patches/updates alternated for you, one would make the game better the other would make it trash. I feel like what is happening now is the same thing but more pronounced because of the good performance levels (relative) we were having post update. I'm still plugging away and have a 'good' game every now and then (good basically means >=3 kills) but I really hope the next update 'fixes' things for me because it feels like hard work to play at the moment.
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    The circle thing can be harsh, i think if you're not dropping central try prioritising finding a vehicle whilst you're parachuting in. I have a few spots I like to stick to and I keep an eye on the first circle, if it shafts me I start moving straight away 👍
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    My personal fav (among the many) is the skins they get you to buy but make it impossible to apply!!! took 10mins last night for my gun skins to load in...
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    This. All the duplicates that we get from the crates would finally be worth trading in instead of getting very little BP in return.
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    Im gonna go for the odd weapons like the uzi, double barrel etc. Is handguns part of the mastery stuff too? if so i wanna do the revolver and R45. Btw, has anyone seen a R45 with a holographic? Its the ugliest and most awkward looking thing i have ever seen 🤣
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    Depending what you’re willing to pay, the Astro Mixamp TR will deafen you if you turn the volume all the way up and boost some of the ranges. Its normally highly recommended but I didn’t get on with it and couldn’t hear finer sounds due to the overall blasting volume. Like @HelloDaddio I use the little amp from some PX24’s. It makes everything plenty loud enough. When I put my headset down I can hear game volume through it when I’m in the next room
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    Or inverted joysticks(X axis is Y axis etc) and locked randomized buttons everytime they start the xbox for life, even if they change the controller it will still be like this 😈
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    I'd say it really depends on how much you plan to spend. Worth it if you use it for more than just games (or if you do spend a decent amount of time on games). If you want, you can go for actual studio grade headphones (rather than "gaming" headset) with a proper amp. Sound stage on even a mid range headphone is better than all gaming headsets in the market.
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    Flubdate 2.0 wonder how far we are on getting the newest update on 27th?
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    Carrying a fake gun around in public in America... how could this possibly go wrong? 😜
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    Didn't read all that yet, but the drive-by snipe was very nice. Those are my favorite kills to get, cause most people out there don't know how to do it. Bravo
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    That's nasty. Thanks for adding this clip to the thread. The more of these to show how f*cked it is the better. To answer your question... 'Total bullshit and terrible performance-crushing patch' is how I'd describe and explain it.
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    Who wants some rugged beige weapon skins? I've got plenty to go around!
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    Would be very interested to hear where you heard this, as it's completely untrue.
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    I'm going to link you to the response you have already read in the past As has been said repeatedly already, information will be released when it is ready to be released relating to the graphical options.
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    I think the playerbase in general have been spolied with the loot tables on Sanhok (and Vikendi to a lesser degree) where you're generally decently kitted within a minute or so of hitting the ground. The loot on Erangel is nowhere near as good as it was at game launch imho. It may be that the additional compounds have diluted the level of good loot at the old hotspots or it may have received a stealth nerf at some point, either way i'm really looking forward to the buff we're about to receive.
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    Hello players, As you’re all aware there has been lots of discussion regarding cheating on the forums. Whilst we do allow discussion regarding cheating we do have rules regarding the posting of images, videos, and player names. This is our Calling Out rule, and it is a standard rule found on most official game forums. Reasoning for this rule: It is effectively showcasing the cheat which may lead to players seeking it out for their own use You may be incorrect and falsely accusing a player We have official reporting processes within the game and on our support website that should be used for reporting violations of the RoC Threads like these, in most cases, result in multiple rule breaks with replies and require heavy moderation This rule above is non-negotiable and will be enforced regardless of the context. We have seen a number of comments on the forums stating that Bluehole (We’re PUBG Corporation, by the way) are ignoring the problem/not addressing it publicly and not taking action. Whilst I understand that some of you are frustrated regarding cheaters in PUBG it’s not fair to say that we’re ignoring the issue and not taking action. Below are a few of our official posts which mention improvements to anti-cheat measures and cheaters in general. Early Access Week 3 Update Early Access Week 8 Update Early Access Month 3 Update Test Servers for PC 1.0 - Update #1 Update On New Anti-Cheat Measures Test Servers for PC 1.0 - Update #2 Our Journey From Pre-Alpha to 1.0 & Test Build Patch Notes Celebrating PC 1.0 launch Updated User Report Process PC 1.0 Update #2 Testing Blue Zone Balance Adjustment & More PC 1.0 Update #3 Whilst bearing in mind the forums rules, and the comments above, we invite you to have a discussion in this thread only regarding your opinions and thoughts on the subject matter. As we want to ensure that topics other than just cheating are seen on the forums, threads made outside of this one, which do not break the rules, will be merged into this one.
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    I'm very surprised that this isn't already a thread. I have two major complaints with some new features added in this patch. First complaint is that kill messages now tell you the range of your kill (beyond 100m). Players should not be given this information. In solos it's not that big of a deal, but in duos or squads, it can really change the gameplay. Imagine killing one enemy in a squad, then being given the exact range that you can then use against the other nearby targets. I really, really hope that this gets removed. It adds nothing to the game. Second complaint is that when you ping an enemy, it marks the map. For similar reasons as above, you can use this as a means of instantly ranging a target. Now, don't get me wrong, I love the way the radio messages are handled and I love the context pinging system. I just don't like how the ping is placed directly on the map. SUGGESTION: Remove the map ping. Instead, place a cone originating from the caller that opens towards the direction of the enemy they pinged. Like so: (Imagine that on the map as well, not just the minimap). This way you don't know the exact range or location of the enemy, but you know their general direction and orientation from the caller. If you want to be fancy, you can change the size of the cone depending on the range of the enemy, like you do for the radio messages. Generally speaking, you should not be able to use the pinging system to mark anything on the map that is further than 50m from you.
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    Possibly something similar to Rocket League? Any ideas?
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    HA! Found this on Sahnok the other day. Not a fan of this map because of hilly terrain. Saw a guy coming up the mountain and did a little practice pre-aiming and tracking while I was waiting and found the diagonal speed was in fact out of sync. I thought it may have been because I set my left stick back to the default configuration from smooth w/radial calculation ticked having used this configuration for a good amount of time.
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    @ColonicBoom I know I've mentioned it a few times but i think the map screen is indicative of this movement issue. I was trying to record what I was noticing yesterday and I think I managed to clip it, not re-watched and uploaded yet though. What i did notice is that the cursor seems to move much faster along diagonals than it does straight left and right, I propose that this is not always the case. I think maybe it sometimes moves fast in all directions but then something changes and it only moves quickly along diagonals. I only mention it now because of the @Big Stend post, I figure the two could be linked.
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    The obvious correct answer to "Which gun will you master first" is the Micro Uzi.
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    The alternating patch thing is something relating to the controls specifically. Although it's not literally every other patch, it has skipped a couple so far. The first time I noticed it was when we got Miramar, the PTS felt great and then it hit the live servers and the controls felt like they had changed exactly like they did with this patch. It's been quite consistent since then, one patch makes the controls feel loose and the one after resolves it for me. If it had followed the pattern, the update that brought the stock to the M16 should have been the loose one. But it wasn't, controls felt great. I assumed it must have been my old pad or all in my head but then this little patch did it again. I just don't believe, that after this much time and so much practice, I can suddenly start to struggle with the basic controls of movement overnight. My performances in game are now close to the level they were before the patch, through adjusting the way I play, I'm killing people and we're winning plenty of chickens but it still doesn't feel right to me. Movement is no longer automatic, I'm having to think about movements before I make them which has meant that I'm slower to act/react than I was. You don't lose that overnight. Yes, this looks like it's all part of the same thing I think. You can sprint almost fully sideways now and you don't need to use the free-look camera button unless you want to look right behind you. But sometimes your character just stops running (slows down a lot), like you've run into something. The most obvious thing to me is when parachuting. Usually I'll fly perfectly straight, it's been like that for ages, but now I have to really concentrate on the direction I hold the stick because otherwise I'll spin off sideways. My character runs into a lot of door frames, falls off of things and does big sidesteps when I don't expect it as well, I think this is all related to a change in the side-to-side inputs.
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    Thanks man. Going to invest in one
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    In this order: 1. SCAR-L because it's my favorite weapon and it's prevalent on Miramar and Miramar is my favorite map. 2. M416 because it's prevalent on every map. 3. M16A4 because I love its accuracy at mid to long distances which is my favorite distance to fight. 5. MP5K because it feels extremely accurate and is my go to weapon to complement the M16A4 6. KAR98K
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    I am Ace Player needed a clan with competitive and professional players
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    Why can i hear my teammates footsteps 50 ft away but the enemy can get within 5 ft before i hear anything?
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    I just saw a guy run into a shack.. so I cooked a grenade to toss it in there.. as I toss he moves in such a way that his back is in the doorway and it bounces off his f'ing back and blows up outside not killing him.
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    Nvm it works now. Dont know how but maybe because of the recent update.
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    Just had a couple nades act like they hit something just a foot or two in front of me. Luckily didn't need em, but yeah https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/wizardo3/video/76372311
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    Ok I’ll admit that I check stats after most games of the guys who get me. im on a string of getting killed by suckier opponents but lately its been happening over and over. what causes this...lol driving me nuts to get owned and look and it’s a guy that’s like .85 k/d with no wins.
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    There still seems to be loads of stuff blowing about, that shit makes me stop dead thinking I'm under attack! Pop-in is crazy at the moment, shit popping all over the screen, it's incredibly distracting. Enemy!!! No, just a bush arriving late to the party. Enemy!!! No, a bush changing shape. Enemy!!! No, butterfly. Enemy!!! No, flickering rock textures. My buddy in Duos poured half a magazine into a moped on Sanhok thinking it was an enemy. Funny thing is, I was spectating and I also thought it was an enemy. Same thing happened with an 'enemy' on Erangel. We both saw it at exactly the same time, we both turned on it and lit it up, neither of us even called it out to the other. But it was just a small tree. I move fast and I look around a lot, I see hundreds of these things in a few games each night. I'm a nervous wreck after 2 hours.
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    ...more like this post is dumb AF.
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    Thanks, ill try the right stick thing. Ive just been dropping everything and then using what i want and then picking it all back up! Lol
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    I play because it's the best game I've ever played!! I literally spend every bit of spare time I have playing the game, its brilliant. Yes it's not the best looking and yes it's certainly not the best running. But for pure gaming fun and enjoyment I've never had such a fun experience in a game. Most games usually start to turn into a stress once you turn your attention to trying to be better at it, but not this. Everyone said it was just the newness that was making me feel this way but I'm 1100 games and almost 2 months in now and still loving every moment (almost) 99% at least anyway. 😁
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    The Win94. The impossible dream seeing I hadn't had a kill using it since the last update.
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    In what world is this correct information? 🤦‍♂️
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