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    Hi everyone, Today, we have some information for you around upcoming fixes for a few critical issues on the console version of our game. Before diving in though, we want to thank you for your patience as we work to resolve these ongoing issues. We understand that the experience hasn’t been what it should be, but we sincerely appreciate the time and effort that our community has spent giving feedback, submitting bug reports and continuing to be passionate PUBG players. Hitching/Freezing During early game looting, many of our players have been experiencing hitches and freezing. Thanks to your feedback, we were able to identify and fix this issue. We rolled out a hotfix on April 25, 7PM PDT / April 26, 4AM CEST to resolve this issue, and we would like to thank everyone who took time to send in reports, video, and feedback as this greatly helped us investigate this issue. Rendering Our team has been focused on improving rendering and world loading for quite some time. We’ve touched on this topic a few times in past dev letters, but this has been a very complex issue to tackle due to the large amounts of data required to calculate on all maps. Our current solution is to reduce the data size of all maps, which will reduce loading times to a much faster rate. We expect this optimization will improve loading speed, which will produce fewer "playdough" architecture and more fully rendered buildings. Below, you’ll find a video clip that shows the optimization improvements we've made: Rendering_before_after_5.mp4 You can expect these changes to be implemented soon since we plan to launch the optimizations to live servers by the month of May. We obviously want to ensure you are having the best experience possible on all maps, so this is a high priority for us and these solutions are the first step in our efforts to continually improve rendering and optimization. Map Selection With the introduction of Vikendi, we changed the way players could select maps. With this change, we received community feedback across our different channels informing us that this change wasn’t welcomed or enjoyed by most players. So today, we want to acknowledge this and let you know that we hear you loud and clear. Because of this, we’d like to discuss planned changes for map selection. Simply put, we have a lot of different ways to play (four maps, two perspectives, and many different regions), so balancing your desire to drop into a map on-demand with the need to minimize matchmaking times has become a priority. Internally, we have been looking at ways to improve map selection for both PC and console. Although we have not yet decided the best long-term course of action, we have decided to move forward with changes for the console community based on your feedback and suggestions. ‘Featured Map’ selection system Current: Featured Map - Currently Vikendi Standard - Currently Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok Quick Match New: Featured Map - Changes periodically between Sanhok and Erangel Standard - Remaining maps Quick Match Sanhok will be the first featured map. Look out for Erangel to be featured when we introduce upcoming loot balance changes for consoles. The new Featured Map system is now available with the hotfix rolled out on April 25, 7PM PDT / April 26, 4AM CEST. We understand that some of these items have been a long time coming, however, we hope that this improves your overall play experience. Our game is continuously improving because of you, so thank you again for your participation and feedback. We’ll see you on the battlegrounds! - PUBG Console Team
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    Hello everyone, Today, we are excited to announce that the Public Test Server (PTS) will be making its return on May 21! Before the rendering/loading optimization mentioned in our last dev update is implemented on live servers May 28th, you will be able to test the optimized build on the PTS. The May 21 PTS update also includes the new MP5K, weapon balancing, Erangel loot balances, bug fixes, and more. The PTS will be available for one week, starting from May 20 7PM PDT / May 21 4AM CEST, and will end on May 28 with the patch going onto the live servers (time to be announced). Dive into the patch notes below! What is the PTS (Public Test Server)? The PTS (Public Test Server) is a separate PUBG server that is free for anyone who already owns a copy of PUBG. The purpose of the test server is not just to provide a preview of upcoming features, but to find the issues and bugs we need to solve as soon as possible. To take part in the test, all you have to do is own a copy of PUBG. All player data, statistics, etc from the test server will not carry over to your live server account. For Xbox: You can search and download the “PUBG - Public Test Server” on the Microsoft Store. New Weapon: MP5K The MP5K is a brand new sub-machine gun chambered for 9mm ammunition. MP5K is exclusive to Vikendi and replaces the Vector on that map. While the firing mechanics of the MP5K are similar to those of the Vector, it boasts a higher per bullet damage, but with a lower overall firing rate and DPS. This SMG also has a higher magazine capacity than the Vector, starting at 30 rounds by default with 40 rounds in an extended magazine. Key characteristics of the MP5K: High rate of fire at 900 RPM with reasonably easy to control recoil Accommodates all attachment slots to allow for a tactical stock, different types of magazines, muzzle attachments, grips, the laser sight and, of course, scopes Base damage value of 33 Exclusive to Vikendi Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card (NOT AVAILABLE ON THE PTS) Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card is not available on the PTS, but will be available when Update #7 hits live servers on May 28. Survival Title System Season 2 (NOT AVAILABLE ON THE PTS) Survival Title System Season 2 is not available on the PTS, but will begin when Update #7 hits live servers on May 28. Gameplay Weapon Balance M16A4 When firing using burst mode, the initial recoil has been decreased Increased the range before damage fall-off occurs This will help increase M16A4 efficiency when fighting over long distances Canted Sights and the Tactical Stock can now be attached to the M16A4 The Tactical Stock will decrease recoil recovery time, animation kick and weapon sway, while also improving ADS speed and hipfire accuracy Vector Vector has been rechambered to use 9mm ammo Magazine capacity has been increased to 19 bullets by default and 33 with an extended mag (was 13/25) Damage decreased from 34 to 31 due to above changes Muzzle velocity changed to 380m/s (previously 300m/s) UMP45 The UMP9 has been rechambered to use 45ACP ammo and is now called the UMP45. Magazine capacity has been adjusted to 25 bullets by default and 35 with an extended mag (was 30/40) Gunshot sounds have been changed to be more realistic Muzzle velocity changed to 300m/s (previously 400m/s) MK47 Mutant Tactical Stock can now be attached to the MK47 Mutant The Tactical Stock will decrease recoil recovery time, animation kick and weapon sway, while also improving ADS speed and hipfire accuracy Attachments Balance Modification SMG and Pistol attachments have been combined and can now be used on both weapon types Bullets Loops for Shotguns, Win94 and Kar98k have been combined into one item called Ammo Loops Holo Sights can now attach to pistols When equipped to Pistols, the size of the sight will be reduced to fit more appropriately Hit Area Damage Multiplier Changes Increased SR body shot damage from 110% of base damage to 150% Increased SMG limb shot damage from 120% of base damage to 125% Gameplay Balance Decreased the overall aim punch (aim sway) applied when being shot by an enemy First aid kits will no-longer heal instantly after use timer and will instead restore health over a 2 second period Vehicles now block players from receiving grenade damage with a similar mechanism used for other objects. Although, depending on grenade position and trajectory, damage can still be dealt to players hiding behind vehicles. Item Spawn Balance Modification Erangel Loot Changes The overall item spawn rates on Erangel have been increased. Additionally, we’ve increased the spawn rate of some major weapon classes. Increased the spawn rate of ARs (12%), DMRs (16%) and SMGs (14%) SRs and Handguns received a slight spawn rate increase Due to item changes this patch, including merging some attachments together, there is naturally a gap left in spawns which needs to be filled with other items. Because of this, we have increased the spawn rate of other items evenly. This will also result in a small increase in spawns of high priority items such as ARs, meds etc. This also means the overall loot for other maps has also increased slightly, although no changes have been made to individual item spawn ratios on other maps. Crosshair UI Improvement for Canted Sight and Scopes Added a new crosshair when using the Canted Sight to help players easily identify which scope they have equipped When using your main scope, you will see the standard crosshair, with an X shaped crosshair when using the Canted Sight Movement Rustling Sound Weapons Separate rustle sounds now play when equipping weapons in your hands vs holstering on your back Identical rustling sound will be played regardless of weapon type Sidearms, melee weapons and throwables do not make rustling sounds Sound level balance Rustling sounds of backpacks, weapons are all identical in both volume and audible distance Even though the audible range of clothes is same as bags/weapons etc, it may sound like they’re heard at a different range due to the volume being lower. Audible distance and volume of the rustling sound changes dynamically based on the characters movement speed The faster you move, the louder the noise, which can then be heard from further away The audible range and the volume of the rustling sound is lower than footsteps UI/UX In-game lobby background and BGM has been changed System menu UI which can be accessed by pressing the Start button has been redesigned Emotes customization UI has been redesigned (NOT AVAILABLE ON THE PTS) You can customize your emotes in the EMOTES tab within the CUSTOMIZATION menu. The maximum number of emote you can use in-game has been changed to 8 from 12 Starting at 12 o'clock position, 4 of the emotes positioned counter-clockwise you previously equipped will be unequipped. Performance Optimized level streaming and improved the loading speed of proximate buildings by 30~40%. Material data structure has been optimized. Streaming priority has been optimized based on the prediction of the player's movement direction. Level LOD data has been optimized. Hitching which occurs when texture streams has been optimized. Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where footsteps on a steel surface made sound of incorrect material in Sanhok Fixed an issue where characters got stuck on the ceiling when vaulting on certain objects in Sanhok Fixed an issue where vines over the wires in Camp Bravo blocked bullets in Sanhok Fixed an issue where players were able to see past walls by abusing the emote mechanism Fixed an issue where players were able to open or close doors, despite a vehicle blocking it Fixed an issue where players were briefly able to see through a thin wall when leaning against it Fixed an issue where when a player was damaged by two Molotov Cocktails, the player who threw the first will be credited with the kill. Fixed an issue where the smoke coming from a grenade explosion outlines players inside the smoke grenade Fixed an issue where players are unable to lean while standing on a crossbow Fixed an issue where players with poor network connectivity take no damage when exiting moving vehicles Fixed an issue where characters hands move abnormally when switching firing mode on the Bizon Fixed an issue where the Inventory UI displays incorrectly when equipping certain attachments on the QBZ Fixed an issue where a specific object prevents Care Packages from landing on the ground Fixed an issue where players are unable to be revived after the game client is forcibly closed or has crashed Fixed an issue where certain object appear in different locations to other players Fixed an issue where automatic mini-map zoom wasn’t being activated while inside the plane or parachuting Fixed an issue where using LB or RB while observing would sometimes only cycle between two players Fixed an issue where the canted sight increased ADS speed of other scopes attached Fixed an issue where attaching a specific magazine on the Beryl would display the incorrect magazine model Fixed an issue where switching from the main sight to canted sight would reset reticle brightness Fixed an issue where the camera momentarily moves up and down when vaulting inside of a building Fixed an issue where a character model shakes when moving to prone Fixed an issue which players could drive through a window on a motorbike without breaking the glass Fixed an issue where the reload animation was played twice when you pressing firing key multiple times while reloading Kar98k Fixed an issue where the care package would penetrate a character when a character is on the landing spot Fixed an issue where items get stuck on the floor and are unable to be picked up in certain location Known Issues Teammate's icons and health bar sometimes don't appear. If you experience this issue, please submit a bug report and include any relevant information explaining how it occurred.
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    I am a old gamer (44) and I had never been so much in love with a game. Sometimes I even think that I could stop gaming for ever or for a long time if PUBG end. I tried all the other FPS etc and I just can't play it more than 10mntes before stoping. I am the only one in this case? In this case I might just be crazy😭🤞
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    Hello everyone, Survival Title System Beta Season 1 will end on May 21 12AM PDT / 9AM CEST. Live servers will enter 2-hour maintenance at this time. Public Test Servers (PTS) will also open on May 21. Details about the PTS and patch notes will be shared later this week. Thanks, PUBG Console Team
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    Nah I turned off the music a loooooong time ago.
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    As the title says, I think it's gone a bit too far this time. There are rifles everywhere, grenades are more common than pistols and it hasn't taken more than 3 or 4 buildings to come out fully kitted in the few games I've played, without even dropping in "high loot" areas. Erangel is now a bit of a maxi-Sanhok. I really appreciate being forced out of my comfort zone to find good loot. Forcing you in to difficult decisions, or hard battles, in order to find what you wanted was always at the core of what the game was originally about. If it's going to drop rifles on you left right and centre then there's now no incentive to move outside of being pushed by the circle, and for me this creates a less enjoyable playing experience. The very best games are the ones where you write yourself off as having no chance because all you've got's a UMP, a level 1 vest and an outrageous collection of bandages, only then to dodge some enemies, win a fight against the odds, kit up and go on to win the thing. Sometimes less is more. I think a bit less is what Erangel needs from where it is right now. *Prepares to be flamed*
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    No they shouldn't be lethal. It would be much better if, when they explode, they would just shower you with confetti and kisses.
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    It's not like this game is constantly getting new content. New guns should not be limited to specific maps.
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    It just took a month to render in 😁
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    I hate to burst your bubble, but that "skill rating" is the highest SP value you achieved over all game modes and perspectives for last season, which I have pointed out several times is not a skill based rating system. Keep on pushing though! Edit: That would also explain why players with seemingly better stats are ranked lower
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    I’m 36 and no other game has given me the same amount of satisfaction or frustration as PUBG. I was huge into all the COD games from the first Modern Warfare to Black Ops 3/Infinite Warfare. I spent many hours on those games. But I will be sad when PUBG finally dies off as no other BR type game has come even close to replicating the feeling I get when I play it. I would be slightly curious to see what the Tom Clancy franchise could do with a BR 🤔. But it’s not their style. And I don’t know that it’d be ok for them to jump on the BR bandwagon. In the meantime, I’m just gonna play and enjoy the sh!t outta PUBG for as long as I can. I hope it has a long and prosperous life.
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    It’s there it just hasn’t rendered
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    The old leaderboards were way better... bring them back
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    I won a solo game with the most kills and the most damage in the match, but I made what is possibly, my best play ever. I want to share it with you. With 3 alive and zone pushing, only knowing one enemies position and low on health, I make the play. I rush toward enemy smoke but I hit a 90 degree turn away, breaking line of sight, knowing I’m going to outsmart the enemy that knows about me, and it works to a charm. I reposition 50 m away from the smoke and prone to heal. The enemy is lost, I’ve disappeared. Objective complete. Mission almost successful. I locate the 3rd player. No worries though, I’m only sandwiched between two players. Choosing the player that’s closest, I cook and toss a perfect grenade from the prone position, a tactic I learned from@pajama dad. I cook grenade number two, a little shallow... Am I still the best ever? Have I lost it? I pre-aim the crosshairs, stand and AWM 2nd place in the chest. I still got it.
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    No skill? If I loot a grenade, forgo inventory space to carry it, locate you, select a grenade, cook it and throw it at you, that takes skill. If it’s so easy, you do it. Grenades are fine.
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    Hi, the console used was an Xbox one S without an SSD.
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    after all my complaining on the forums i have to come back and say to the devs that the game is in a great place and is better than its ever been. just wanted to say good job for once instead of complaining. and no downtime on server maintenance last time. awesome!! would one day like to see a death match sort of mode for limited time or custom server. the shooting is so good in this game i think a deathmatch sort of game would be great. maybe a seperate project for a seperate game
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    With teammates getting sniped in an open field, I recognize that any rescue attempt would be futile. I run for cover and post up in a small tower. Not the best place to be but it'll have to do. Teammates are finished off and the realization hits that if I want to eat tonight I'll have to go through a full squad to do it. I hear the hail of grenades and know they're getting close. Knowing that I must pick a couple off quick to stand a chance, I get up and start shooting. Bullets rain all around to mark the final fight. Is there really any question that I'm the best? https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/sixxx/video/74407141
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    I guess it's all about positioning. Laying prone in the middle of the desert had me a little worried to say the least. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/badbatch5040/video/74394429 Started with potatoes and ended with chicken.
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    It’d be useful to have set custom costumes assigned to maps. Or in other words you designate an outfit per map. For example for Vikendi your character automatically loads in whatever outfit you picked/saved (likely all white, but whatever you have). If you get Miramar or another map your character would wear the appropriate customized outfit. Just a thought; seems easy to do.
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    Every person plays differently so all I can do is give you general advice. First do not be discouraged....most of the people you are going up against at this point are people that really like pubg, and have put in a lot of hours. The whole 'hey, new shiney' has worn off the game and a lot of bandwagon players have moved on, so your opponents will be the ones that really get the game and have put in a lot of time. The game is just as much the choices you make as it is your skill. You need to put yourself in the position to win...and a lot of that you only get from putting time in the game. Learning the maps, where people are most likely hiding, or the direction they will be coming from, when to take fights and when to avoid them, how to reposition, ect. Things like remembering the plane path, and using that and the map features to figure out which side of the circle will have the least traffic, and which will involve a lot of guns fights. Paying attention to sounds...the more info the better. Im not just talking about footsteps....but firefights from far away...it lets you know where people are and will come from. Knowing the sound of each gun, so you can tell who won the fights. I will say this....top 5 situations are much different the rest of the games. Being that your stressing for your first dinner makes it harder on you. Im sure you hands sweat a bit...heart starts beating a bit faster. When its down to that point you need to plan your moves a lot more carefully. Taking a fight at the wrong time gets you shot in the back. Each game is different...its why the game doesnt go stale. There is no one thing I could tell you that will net you a dinner. You have have learn from experience and what works for you...whether you are better playing passive or aggressive...if you do better with distance fights are up close...those things. Oh...and smokes. Dear god learn to use smokes. So many people does understand how important utility items are in this game
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    Good lord, I swear some of you guys have made it the entire purpose of your existence to come here and bitch about something. This selection method is great in my opinion. A rotating map on the featured option is a fair way for everyone to get in a ton of time on their favorite map, and that map only. You don't speak for everyone. Nobody likes a fascist, my dude.
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    Loot is perfect. Now we can spent more time shooting, less time running around like idiots trying to find the basics.
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    Hello everyone, Not bragging, just ecstatic. This has only happened one other night to me since the game came out. Really needed a night like this after a terrible one last night. I couldn't record it because a dude team killed me for my loot, so I called him a 'Lil bitch' and got suspended from social activities, which apparently includes recording stuff. It's nights like this that make me really appreciate the game. Also shoutout to the pan duel guy on vikendi when the circle was fully closed. It was my first one ever! Thank you!
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    First off thanks to @Harold Brock for hosting the forum game last night. Was good to speak to everyone one last night in the game (and even though we haven’t seen eye to eye on here, it was even good to speak to Harold) Harold is thinking of setting up another game next weekend. It was good fun and he provides some commentary on his mixer and spectates the whole match too (hoping he’ll still be in the game at some point so I can crossbow him 😉) His last post was moved to “looking for players” so it was off the Xbox forum. If possible @PUBG_Andymh5 can you leave this post on here so we can get a few more Xbox guys onto the next game, a couple guys last time didn’t see it as they don’t check the “looking for players” forum. We had 11 players in total so it didn’t really kick off till the 4/5th circles but when it did....it was intense and some great play from the boys. A few more players from here would be good and we’re trying to get it up 20. Hopefully in the future we will have more controls of custom games so we can shrink the circle size at the start #beefmode
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    Are you going to actually go into the conference room and interview or just camp behind the fake plant in the lobby?
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    Not the best at charging your phone though are you Sir Harold???
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    Hi everyone. I know that many of you out there will have a nice fatty laugh about this topic, especially if you look my stats, but I want to share my last personal milestone in PUBG. In my last game I managed to double my personal kills record in a single match, which is now a huge 6 Yes, I'm not the best player on the net, let's just say that I have my moments….like the following: It was a nice sparkling morning in Shanhok. I dropped cold next to Mongnai, the nearest enemy chute was pretty far from me and I was praying for decent loot. Blessed with QBZ, full kitted UMP, lev. 2 gear and some meds in a couple of minutes. I started looking for a veichle as the blue was approaching and safe zone was on the opposite coastline of the island. Arrived undamaged in Pai Nan, I heard some gunfights among the building but I decided to keep stealthy and outflank the village, crossing the river in its narrowest point. Luckily, no other player have still spotted me so I decide to ascend the ridge of the west hill, following the zone. Suddenly, all changes. An engagement started few meters from my position. As the guns became silent again, I approached the winner, looting his well earned corpse. One quick qbz burst is enough to take him down. Just the time to loot some ammo and I'm witness of another gunfight, a hundred meters south down the hill, in open field. Like before, another player peacefully looting prone in the grass, me again taking advantage of his self-confidence. 3x on, headshot kill. If only I had 1 € for every time it happens to me....let's move on.. No time to loot this one because of the blue wall, so back to original plan. Let's go up the hill. I saw a guy running among the trees, I miss a couple of easy shots, he does not and now my health is critical. I toss a grenade barely cooked and get the kill. Adrenaline is pumping as I've just reached my record with 3 kills 🤪. No time for celebrations, there are 17 players left on the battleground and I'm running out of meds so I need to loot houses, or bodies preferably. Soon said. Cbq face-off near a building, a ton of potato aim and another kill. 9 left. Never been higher in the leaderboard with "so many kills". It's not over. The zone is now 150-200 mt radius. Every single step I make could be the last so I walk crouched from rock to rock. I saw a guy 30 mt far, 5-6 round burst before he could realize how to counter and the 5th kill is served. As I approach the body, I see another player healing behind a boulder, luckily one shot is enough to gain my 6th kill. And it could have been 7 if the blue zone did not steal it from me, few instants later. We're down to 5 and my confidence for a possible win is higher than ever, but I have no grenades and a shattered vest. So again in stealth mode, low crawl and tight a****le. The zone is shrinking on a peak and I know that someone is already on the top, nailing people with AWM and Groza. If only I had a nade!!! Finally I spot the bush wookie on the top, but I choose hastily to get up on my feet in the wrong moment and I get melted by the guy and his 7,62 rounds. 4th place but 2nd in the final kill rank, according to my standars I'm fully satisfied. Thanks for reading, and apologies for all my grammar mistakes, please be nice with me!
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    Just imagine this scenario... Two people start a race. Person A starts the race months before the Person B... they move at the same speed. 18 months later.... who's in the lead? 🙄
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    To get you in the mood for an entire weekend of PUBG...
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    Honestly I think the only one that feels too big is Miramar but even still it’s not an issue. I would 100% not make them all the same size.
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    Next time you play take your shoes and pants off (in-game character and your own), this will 100% refresh your leader-board 😉
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    Who the fuck had a problem with the much simpler, much smaller previous UI? If the size was an issue, just make it a little bigger. Having to look at TWO things is TWICE the bullshit on the screen. This was a terrible decision, and whoever made it should be put in time out for wasting time and money on some dumb shit.
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    Hey guys, great games, great sportsmanship last week. I appreciate everyone that showed up last week. We had almost 30 people playing and at peak viewership, 130 watching and I’d love to see us grow. If you guys have any suggestions or ideas to make the stream or the games better, please let me know. I don’ think I’m going to invite everyone who dies to a party this week. It was difficult last week to keep track of who dies and who wants an invite. Plus talking to that person really dampens my casting if action is going on. So if you have tips, let me know. Results are below. Hope to see everyone this week. Schedule for Week 3 is the same as Week 2. I cannot post it here but please message me on Xbox (Harold Brock) if you have questions. Week 2 @DB0VIN won Erangel with 6 kills. @Big Stend won Miramar with 6 kills. @DB0VIN won Sanhok with 5 kills. I will be streaming / casting on Mixer (HaroldBrock) for all to watch the games and rewatch past games.
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    We need a mutual and universally known sign amongst the community of console players that initiates a 1v1 pan fight to the death for the ultimate chicken dinner. Without proximity chat it is very difficult to let the final opposing foe know your intention to scramble his/her eggs with your pan for chicken din din. What say you?
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    Those flies are louder than the airplane
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    Console is treated like the red headed step child. No one believes the garbage excuse that they are giving players more time to get the rewards. What about the people who grinded for initial period and got the items? Now every player will have it so it means nothing. I've never seen a game on console ran so poorly. If they would put a 1/4 of the time that they put into it that they do for PC it would be a amazing game. Game is slowly dying because of the lack of care they give it on console. @PUBG_Andymh5 I'm not sure if you know someone who the word can get to but I think they need to know the console players are getting pretty fed up with the lack of effort put in to make this game better
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    Hey everyone. Thanks for participating. Congrats to the winners. I’ll host / cast another trio of games this Saturday, May 18th. 2pm Los Angeles 4pm Chicago 5pm New York 10pm London TPP, Solo, Random weather 3 games planned (Sanhok, Miramar, Erangel) I will be streaming / casting on Mixer (HaroldBrock) for all to watch the games and rewatch past games. Do these times work for most of the forum?
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    Pubg is like playing golf. I am excited when I start and usually completely frustrated when I am done but looking forward to when I can play again.
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    My mrs says I talk in my sleep! Apparently I’ve been saying care package 185 and team 170 😂 I think I have an addiction.
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    hello pubg people... i am back after a month without pubg. the mission was to find out, why after 1500 hours my skill gets not better in this game or if my pc is too lame for this game or wtf is wrong with this game. so i decided to play the old games like battlefield, cod or counterstrike, to proof if i loose skill or what. i difficult question after 18 years of shooter gaming. so now i can say, i am still really good. in all other games kdr over 2 and more. real good stats in all gamemods. from technical side no desync and lag. Jesus, the best thing is, if i shoot an enemy soldier... i hit him and he is dead!!! crosstarget on head or body, shoot and dead. in pubg ist only a luck game if hitdetection, hitbox, lag and desync ALLOW me to make a kill. ist a technical Fukushima in pubg. with a top pc, 100mb inet in the middle of europe... well... second part of the story is my journey to my grandparents over the easterweeekend. on travel i make a short stop at the home of my stepbrother. to my surprise he plays pubg too. i dont have a lot of contact to him , he is 12 years younger. so he shows me his gameplay and his clan, a lot of guys from his school in teamspeak. i watch over his shoulder and he was very proud to show me his esp and aimbot.... omg. never seen this live before. he tells me, always to play in squad, never do more than 5 kills, never use aimbot. so he and his complete clan plays since months undetected. makes me thinking about the whole problem in this game. so, with this technical problems and with the knowing of cheating behind the scenes, i wont be able to start a new season. in battleroyal ist the mission to win the game and be the last survivor. but ist not possible, if there is no working anticheat in this game. sure, other games have cheater too. but here its horrible. no chance for a win. no working anticheat reaction from the bosses! so i spend my last bp for chests and then i will quit it. to all, have a nice day and dont give cheaters a chance. bye
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    300 IQ stun grenade / bridge camp kill Has there ever been a better stun grenade thrown?
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    We would love nothing more than to be able to give our community whatever they want but unfortunately, when it comes to full map selection this is not possible. Full map selection would create indefinite matchmaking queues on some maps which is something we have to avoid. As we mentioned in the latest dev post, the current map selection is not our long term plan but it was based on the feedback, polls and suggestions the console community provided with us with.
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    1v1 mode needs to become a thing, for settling beef with randoms you’ve met on the battlegrounds or for a friendly 1v1 with a mate. just allow us to customise matches and start the circle a 5/6 phases in over a compound or small town and let everyone fight it out.
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    I'm not sure how they are going to fix they OG version but it needs to be fixed. With that being said, the X should have been hotfixed months ago. We need the rendering order we had exactly 1 year ago. This seems like it could be fixed in minutes. The slowed down and limited number of objects that can be rendered at simultaneously has severly nerfed the X and what it can do. We now have playdough building s on the stock HDD when this was not an issue long ago. We do not need to run the same rendering order of the OG Xbox. You are actually allowed to enhance the Xbox One X.
  49. 10 points
    Wait, they're still supporting the game?
  50. 9 points
    Seriously Pubg Corp or BH or whatever you call yourself. GET THE CHINESE PLAYERS OUT OF EUROPEAN SERVERS for crying out loud! Every top10 situation you end up in theres 9 chinese players and you and they all have silenced M24's or silenced AWM's or silenced Kar98's and they are all crackshot McGee! Its obvious they all cheat, its obvious, just face it, and you tell us that want them gone that we are racists? Go screw yourself against a frozen lamp-post! They all cheat, its wellknown! Just have a look at the leaderboards on European servers, littered with HuyaTV twats and whatnot! Get some frackin backbone and stop them from beeing able to join European servers!
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