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    So I was banned today from this person @PUBG_AndroDars without reason from this video that I posted of me playing with a random team mate that killed my team. What TOS was broken in this video? No racial comments, no hatred spoken to this person. Speaking in different accents is not racist, as you will note I put on more that one accent during this. At least have the decency to tell a person the reason for the ban in the first place.
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    answer please on my message
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    As I noticed no one I have so many players misled this video https://vk.com/video160003335_456239118?list=b7bc0b91582987aa1d ... as is known many are trying to raise productivity in the game and can stumble on the unfair "helpers" which mislead the good players .. they say raise the FPS in the game and then you flies Banned from steam .. I ask you to pay attention to this thread to consider the question about the risbane .. After all, I was deceived and I did not want to receive any advantage over other players just wanted to raise fps. thanks
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    My friend Dawneight is a nub scrub. Also, it took a month for the developers(?) to respond to my cheater post
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    Hello! My name is Rodion. I understand you get many ban appeals, and this is another one, unfortunately My in-game name: PSI-Function SteamID64: 76561198077145560 Ban appeal reason: wrong ban, haven't used cheats The situation is confusing since I haven't used cheats, didn't even go to the game folder or applied patches. I don't respect cheating and never tried to do it myself. And now I got banned. As my little survey shows, it seems that I'm banned because somebody reported me. I didn't perform any glitchy actions neither used any bugs. Hope you'll be able to help me) Thank you.
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    Sparrow , Boa Noite ! Pelo que vc deu a entender na votação SA se solo ou duo ganhar o squad fpp sairá da lista. Tenho certeza que o jogo tem a intenção de crescimento inclusive com campeonatos competitivos que já existem e são jogados em FPP , se vc fizer uma análise vai ver que provavelmente o numero de pessoas que jogam squad TPP é mínimo. Faz muito mais sentido retirar alguns modos de TPP e adicionar mais um no FPP ou solo ou duo mantendo o Squad que é a base do game competitivamente. Por favor não leve em conta uma votação que quase que em sua totalidade foi orquestrada por um streamer como Tecnosh , é muito injusto pois o mesmo tem milhares de viewers que apenas votaram para satisfazer a vontade do streamer. Ao contrario dos Streamers do Brasil , vc só ve games em primeira pessoa no NA , justamente por ser o modo competitivo e por contar com bons streamers como shroud , chad , Drdisrespect , entre outros. Se a intenção é fazer o game crescer , investir no FPP é o mais importante!
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    In game name: richardyang steam account:richardyan722 17 digit Steam ID: 76561198395404690 Hey man! How are you? my BP is from 11600 to -47309 after I bought one
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    hey, I've been trying to play PUBG for literally the past 5 hrs. My screen gets stuck at matching i can't connect to any servers and cant get into any games. even if i wait for 30 mins or so. I kept thinking it has to do with some firewall bullshit or something like that until i decided to try my friends account on my pc, and what do you know it works fine. So what i still don't know is if I'm banned or not and for what reason. I get no banned notification or message or anything. So please let me know what is going on cause i would really like to get back to playing another game. in Game: lllRATlll Steam ID : 76561198162558914
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    Helly guys, Today I started up my game and it showed me i got banned. Then i tried to find out why i got banned but i couln't find the reason for. Could you please assist me why i got banned and if its a perma ban? I really don't know why I have been banned. here is also my steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198137074161/ Thank you for you help and have a nice day.
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    Доброго дня, тут недавно услышал, люди используют макросы для стрельбы кучной без отдачи например какой то roobee, и они прям доказывают, что за них в игре не банят, надеюсь это как то будут контролировать, так как это уже своего рода читерство !
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    Hey, ive been banned without reason in Pubg, ive never cheated in this game. id like to know whats going on. Thanks.
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    Sogar hier trifft man Zero One leute
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    Is anyone looking at these unfair bans? What is the issue here? Any information would be fantastic. Thanks,
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    Hi, i got banned for no reason... and i dont know why? i didnt do anything wrong, please help, my user id is Doomxoxo, or do you need more info to help me?
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    Hi have been banned from game for no reason. I didn't use any illegal programs. Please help me.
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    Good day My account was game developer banned, can you please provide me with details as to why i was banned. Ingame name: deadgame Please assist as i was on holiday and only noticed it now. Thank you
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    Good afternoon. I got a ban: using Family Library Sharing. How is this possible? Why do you give a ban for the use services of steam? profile
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    Just downloaded the new update and I played two games i wasn't using any game modifier like the reshade thing or anything like that (as far as I know) Im DEFINITELY NOT using hacks which you can see from my stats I have like a .5 KD and like 4 wins out of 100 games so im pretty crap so I really don't understand why I got banned.
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    Has anyone gotten feedback about their wrongful ban? Im still hopeful...
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    Where else do we go to get support for our unknown bans, I've tried En Masse and Battleye no one seems to want to help anybody out!!
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    Good afternoon FWG! Yesterday evening I left you a PM regarding a recent opportunity that I discovered. I hope that you read it, however judging by the amount of Bans going around it looks like my PM may go unnoticed. Therefore, if you're busy I completely understand, no rush, just whenever you feel up for it! Thanks in advance, Jake Fleming
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    Last Exam Today - Wish me Luck
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    I'm guessing you're desperate to get mod?
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    nice avatar, bro (or sister). One of my favourite charactesr in GOT
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    Give pls partner Bratishkinoff)) the best Streamee