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    It's not like this game is constantly getting new content. New guns should not be limited to specific maps.
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    We need a mutual and universally known sign amongst the community of console players that initiates a 1v1 pan fight to the death for the ultimate chicken dinner. Without proximity chat it is very difficult to let the final opposing foe know your intention to scramble his/her eggs with your pan for chicken din din. What say you?
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    Without video proof, it's just an accusation... and pretty much worthless.
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    Movable objects in the world. IE the picnic tables on sanhok.. 80 km/h straight into a picnic table should destroy the table not make my vehicle a flaming ball of destruction
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    Dot mentioned in another thread maybe a "Raise your pan emote" Behold I give to you. The Raise Your Pan emote. Maybe something like this coupled with the option to accept or decline a duel. In the instance of acceptance, all other gear becomes inaccessible and pans come out to the death.
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    I love the QBU, just a shame to only get it on sanhok
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    We're basically getting patch 27 from PC - Snipers will now be completely OP/broken and the Erangel loot changes wont even be noticeable. This was changed on PC very quickly due to player feedback so why the hell are we getting this same broken patch? Incompetence.
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    Nah I turned off the music a loooooong time ago.
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    Hit these two bangers with the M24 last night for a solo win. Wasn't even going to grab the M24 off the enemy I killed because the zone was pushing in but I'm glad I stopped for it. Anybody hit any nice shots or make some nice plays this weekend? 2xM24headshot.mp4
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    I think if there was to be such a signal that there may also be people that exploit it and whip out a firearm as soon as willing pan fighter steps out of cover with pan in hand.
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    Everyone these days thinks they an spot a keyboard and mouse player. I don't believe it, it could just as easily be an elite controller with paddles on the back that allow people to move and aim/crouch at the same time. The games been out for a long time, of course people are going to have snap reactions with their controllers. Just excuses people come up with to put the blame on something but themselves
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    Everyone was cheating except for me. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.
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    Some of the shit you roll up on... I was cheering him on the whole time. I knew he could do it...
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    I only got in on the sanhok game and was playing a running simulator lol.. until i met with @SleepyGrumpyCat i think, killed her but then i got gatekept by @Baba Yaga 138 and with @ColonicBoom shooting me from behind in a shitshack managed to kill colonic but the circle did not favor me leaving with no cover except a tree skinnier than my pinky finger 😩
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    UPDATE: This issue is now resolved, and the PTS download can now be found in the Microsoft Store. Thank you for your patience! -- Hey everyone, A new Public Test Server (PTS) update is coming on May 20 7PM PDT / May 21 4AM CEST. Read the patch notes here to learn about all of the new content you can test out this week. Currently, we are aware of an issue where some players who do not already have the Public Test Server (PTS) installed on their Xbox are unable to find the PTS download on the Microsoft Store. We are working with Microsoft to resolve this issue. In the meantime, please read below for a workaround on how to download the PTS. Option 1 (On Xbox) Open Edge browser on your console and type the address below Address: ms-windows-store://pdp/?productid=C4T3V1J9J63V This will lead you straight to the Microsoft store page for the PTS Option 2 (On PC) On a PC, please go to https://www.microsoft.com/store/productid/c4t3v1j9j63v Login with your Microsoft account Click "Install on my devices" (this option will only be shown to those who own PUBG) Choose the device you want to install and click "Install Now" Thank you for your understanding, as we work with Microsoft to resolve this issue. Thanks, PUBG Xbox Team
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    I was talking to @ColonicBoom about this yesterday. We've both had some sort of strange over sensitive vibe recently. Both independently start reducing sensitivity settings. I noticed stuff felt 'off' about two weeks ago.
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    So they are following in the exact footsteps of PC. Porting these changes over. We are going to get the exact same content patches in about the same time frame. Its lazy yes but how it's being done. I personally welcome this. Knowing it will be nerfed in the next patch especially. I'm looking forward to exploiting this for the few weeks its live.
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    Yeah I understand it’s not for everyone. Not everyone has top two opportunities very often. But it’s the risk you take when you want to try to do something a little out of the ordinary and play around. It’s not like regular winners try to pan fight every game. Just breaks up the monotony on occasion. But you can sometimes tell when the other player is a sweaty try hard or a seasoned player by the end and so you just have to use your best judgement when initiating a pan fight and hope for the best. I’ve lost every pan fight and to some guys who I probably could have easily beaten in a gun fight (looked up their match and season stats later). But it’s just a game after all. And I think everyone should have at least 1 pan fight in their life. Even if you lose you can still say you participated in one. I have no regrets. My only suggestion is to just keep near cover while swinging the ol’ trusty pan. Someone will eventually oblige.
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    Bad form on his opponent. Breaking the unwritten rules of engagement. GG @DB0VIN
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    I’m sure @DB0VIN won’t mind me posting this pan failure: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/tr4kerz/video/74884317
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    Because it's the baddest, most powerful bolt action in the game. It SHOULD one shot every armor with the exceptions of level 3. Why do i want to risk going for a crate to get a gun that I have to hit someone with the same amount of shots as an M24 or a Kar?
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    I think swinging the pan is usually a good indication. But if there were some sort of audible indication of intention to pan fight, with an audible indication of either acceptance or declination it would result in less “accidental” damage before they realize you wanna pan fight. Only thing that comes to mind otherwise is chocoTaco’s signature fire rate. Rat, tata tat tat tat... tat tat. Followed by frantic pan swings in the open? 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    Vikendi isn’t available for Custom Matches.
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    Love the idea. FPP Solo, Fog, Erangel is my favorite combo.
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    А чё, ты пол игры бегал раньше с пистолетом?)) Или с дробовиком?)) Как юзалось это оружие онли в ранних схватках, так и юзается, ибо с божественной раскидкой лута, когда ар с половины города в одной хате, никуда не делось))) Пп надо балансить, а не заставлять с ним играть. И да, частенько перестреливаю с вектора ар-ки, бывает его беру, но офк он слабее. Сейчас плюс пп только в точности, так что для новичков самый раз. Надо вводить развеску оружия и замедление от разных типов оружия. Хочешь быстро бегать - берёшь пп, снимаешь жилет, и ты соник))))Нужны новые механики, разнообразие, а не это вот все (
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    поддерживаю всех, что лучше избыток лута, чем его отсутствие. Я сам любитель по лутатся. но и воевать люблю. А те нытики, кто кайфует от лутания, находя при этом топ оружие и Х8 и потом пытаются вкайф пострелять противника, привыкли, что в ответ на далеком расстоянии в них ничего не прилетит. А сейчас прилетает, потому что у противника тоже Х8 - все, у них игра обломилась, не интересно, потому что нубы воевать не умеют "на равных". По кайфовали от преимущества лута над противником - хватит, учитесь играть на равных
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    I have a feeling this is a PUBG Lookup related error connected to a player who has less than 1HP remaining (which can happen). It is quite possible that their system rounded it down. You may want to consider asking them about this
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    That single file is most likely anti cheat related and is making sure you have the most up to date definitions for battleye to work with.
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    This is an interesting idea but personally, I would be concerned about the additional assets that would need to be loaded to make all guns available on all of the maps which could potentially have a negative effect on the game's performance. Another interesting idea which was previously suggested on the PUBG PC subreddit was to have a dynamic gun spawns for every map. So basically, in your first match, the QBU would spawn and not the Mini but in your second match, the Mini would spawn and not the QBU. The same dynamic could be used for all gun variants and maps. I'll post the link to the Reddit post below. https://old.reddit.com/r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS/comments/bm5nx1/put_mp5k_on_all_maps_that_gun_is_nuts_to_use_and/emua66p/ Let me know your thoughts and ideas on this?
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    Simply because most people aren't prepared to wait extended amounts of time. Having individual selection beyond the 2 queue system already implemented would splinter the playerbase. On PC, which has a much larger playerbase, players are already experiencing long queue times using individual map selection for specific maps and queues because players aren't queuing for them. Adding that same thing to console matchmaking would result in a much more significant effect. Right now we have 2 main queues on console, plus quick join that isn't specific. There are 3 game mode types per perspective, so that is 12 queues total - 2 solo, 2 duo, 2 squad for each perspective. Individual selection with 4 maps doubles this (4 solo, 4 duo, 4 squad for each perspective). FPP already has longer wait times due to its lower popularity, but splitting the playerbase even further would only result in some maps struggling to start a game due to people not queuing for them. The existing implementation of a feature map, with the other maps in their own queue is a compromise that allows for some specific selection without dividing the playerbase too much. The next featured map change should happen soon (I think it was mentioned it would rotate to a new map when the next update lands) and will rotate again in the future.
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    I had one last night.. It was 1v1 final circle and i had no clue where the enemy was. There was a building inside of the circle before closing in and the new circle was in the open field with only a few trees as cover. I assumed he was inside the building but did not know because i had not seen him. Then the circle starts closing in and this fella throws out 3(3!!!) smoke grenades in his building then proceeds to go out the back into the blue circle crouch walking in the open inside of blue lol. I had already cooked a grenade before he left the building so it was just a simple throw to get the dinner haha.. Player skill and decision making is never gonna shock me anymore after i witnessed these fellas fight for the chicken... https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/nukeyy1/video/64918338 still the best clip ive ever recorded and it still just as hilarious and heartbreaking how those two could be in the final fight for the chicken
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    I thought this was funny:
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    Would be great for Miramar especially, with the bipod and all. Seems a waste to have a bipod on a DMR in Sanhok of all maps 🤦🏻‍♂️
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    Some people don’t like just playing sanhok I really like the new snow map now it’s impossible to get into a match on it
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    Definitely agree. Not bad driving at all. The tire getting popped at that speed death flipped that car. They didnt have a chance. Nice shot. Shame you dont get the kills but that's the game. Still made a freaking sick clip and ruined those guys day.
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    ALL GUNS ON ALL MAPS! Please make it happen PUBG Corp! Lots of extra content for us, all you have to do is change spawn rates! @PUBG_Andymh5 @Takarii
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    I'd prefer something like just continuously, but very slowly close the circle in after phase 3. So that it hits each phase at the same speed as it would now, but without any pauses in between. And on the big maps it's ridiculous you can't outrun even a phase 5 circle if you're on the far side. Just forces people to sit in the blue and shoot you in the back as they try to get that last kill before being playzoned, while everybody who wants to survive sprints with their weapons holstered while trying to dodge bullets. Why can't they just let us gun fight while being pushed slowly inward.
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    Patch 27 on PC (what we're getting) results in the AWM being a 1 hit kill with a body shot to a L2 vest, M24 and K9 doing over 75% damage with body shots. Basically it removes the risk/reward nature of a bolt action making them far and away the only desired choice vs DMR
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    I can’t stop playing. Have no interest in “story mode” games anymore. They just seem to be one horde mode after another and it bores me. I’ll take pubg and it flawed multiplayer any day.
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    A separate sensitivity option for the 6x scope when it's zoomed out to 3x. A separate sensitivity option for 8x scope when it's zoomed out to 4x. Sharpen up the mushy crayon looking reticles on some of the scopes. Proper colour customisation options for elements (blood, reticles, blue zone, map grid lines, etc). Just give us the ability to customise the colours like we can with the crosshair, solves all the colourblind issues in one fell swoop and it's cool for everyone else too. Fix the vehicle engine-still-running audio.
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    I remember when people bought games, played them and that was it. No whining to the devs, no complaining that they should of done this or done that. This is the way the game was intended to be, let's just leave it at that. Nobody wants to get downed and then watch their teammates play for 30 minutes because someone hiding in a bush took their head with a kar98. Not even in a gun fight, just shot in the ass. Squads and duos would become obsolete if that was the case. But the 75% health thing isnt a bad idea, i dont agree with it but its a decent enough idea.
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    Wie die Überschrift es schon sagt suche ich ein fpp team/squad, hatte eine kleine Pause eingelegt wegen privaten Angelegenheiten, spiele jedoch jetzt wieder aktiv und regelmäßig jeden Tag. Ich würde mich über ein schon eingespieltes Team mit ergeizigen Leuten freuen welche noch einen 4ten Mann bräuchten, sei es für public oder Liga. zu mir: - Luxemburg - 30 Jahre - spreche fließend deutsch - 1200 std - Liga- und Turniererfahrung - accounts bei faceit, GLL, gosu, auzom, esl - headset mit mic - k/d2, adr. 200-300 (meistens randoms) - ergeizig zu euch: - ü21 (am liebsten gleichaltrig) - deutschsprachig - min. 1000 std - min. k/d 2 - min. adr. zwischen 200-300 - keine rager, flamer oder quitter - Spaß am Spiel und chicken orientiert Bei Interesse einfach Steam adden und ausprobieren http://steamcommunity.com/id/originalHUSA
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    а для выживания Дейз такой себе кайф ,да и сейчас таких нубов стало в разы меньше ,который подпустит тебя на расстояние шота из дробоша может по началу я и был рад лутаниям ,но теперь меня это уже бесит ,когда 5 игр к ряду не могу найти каряк или берил чтобы выполнит вызов очень весело на пербежке попасть под снайпера на 300 метров ,а убегать не куда и стреляться не варик с коллиматором на ЮМП против м24 с х8 я не против ,в РОЕ примерно такая механика и реализована ,выбираешь место спавна и все появляются на земле со стартовыми пушками ,не чё плохого я в этом не увидел ,было бы норм если б дали выбрать пару стволов ,а ты ищи уже дальше патроны ,броню и хилы каждый приходит в игру за своим ,я уже перналутался за 2к часов в дейз и ещё 2 к тут ,хочу просто воевать и чтобы победа зависла от умения стрелять и грамотно прокладывать путь в зону ,а не от рандома в луте
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    what will be broke this time around....Buggies sound like grenades exploding when hitting a tree? aim punch is ridiculously amplified instead of reduced? I know....you use a health kit and it fills up your boost meter, but doesn't heal.
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    A Hispanic dude with a loud ass parrot, kids screaming, vacuum running and loud foreign arguments all at once
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    I also noticed in the video that loot was loaded before landing, is this the case now? In one game yesterday I landed dino park/bumper cars. I do my normal counter clockwise perimeter looting, then I came back around to bumper cars before hitting the parking lot and found a G36 and AK which wasn't there when I landed.
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