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    Hello everyone, Survival Title System Beta Season 1 will end on May 21 12AM PDT / 9AM CEST. Live servers will enter 2-hour maintenance at this time. Public Test Servers (PTS) will also open on May 21. Details about the PTS and patch notes will be shared later this week. Thanks, PUBG Console Team
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    The OG Xbox has problems. All the rendering issues on the X were created by fixes for the OG console. These could easily be removed for the X version instead of forcing us to use these so called fixes too.
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    Just imagine this scenario... Two people start a race. Person A starts the race months before the Person B... they move at the same speed. 18 months later.... who's in the lead? 🙄
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    I try every now and then, I think it has worked twice that I can remember. Generally stun myself and run around like a lunatic 😂
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    @ColonicBoom We got your 'mate' Wooky a chicken 😂........you need to stop team killing 🙄 https://pubg.sh/MajorClagNut/xbox/27b2f7cb-c180-476e-91b5-8baa78c7868b To make this less obscure for anyone other than the Boom, a brief description. We took a 4th random player for our squad. For some reason he was not showing on @ColonicBoom's screen as a friendly, this led to him chasing him across the desert. An abusive party chat ensued (the Boom did try to explain what had happened but this didn't go well) and said random stayed as far away as possible from us for the rest of the game, he died cold and alone. We honoured his memory by claiming the chicken.
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    This lolled me.....
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    Theyre 2 different teams, and for the love of God, who cares if PC is ahead they got the game before its logical that they will be always ahead, no one wants them (Xbox dev team) to start rushing updates like before and breaking the game badly again, if PC got a new update and we don't just be patient but this kind of post are pretty useless, let them work
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    Hows this for an update on that?
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    Hello everyone, Survival Title System Beta Season 1 will end on May 21 12AM PDT / 9AM CEST. Live servers will enter 2-hour maintenance at this time. Public Test Servers (PTS) will also open on May 21. Details about the PTS and patch notes will be shared later this week. Thanks, PUBG Console Team
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    You need to make sure that your gun is also clear of the rock. Bullets come from the end of the barrel, not your eyes, so it is important to remember that your barrel is a little lower than the scope you are looking through.
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    Hey, I really appreciate that. I’m excited for this weekend. I’ll have no-one in the party, and they’ll be invited as they die. This will REALLY help me cast / commentate because I was limited as to what information I could give out because all were listening. I’d grade myself C+, based on last event. This weekend will be awesome.
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    Does anyone else actually properly use stun grenades? Breach downstairs and clear, stun above the stairs, push upstairs. Very simple.
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    This is the only one that really works for me 😂 With the addition of "50% of the time get shot in the head by someone else because I'm not moving enough" I have similar issues defending a position in a building to 😂
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    Imagine the hardest you've ever fought to survive the blue in a match. A busy drop, a protracted shootout leaving no time to loot, then the circle repeatedly lands as far as it can be away from you. You've got no meds, you're blitzing through the few buildings that are in the direction you're forced to run, scavenging 5 packs of bandages just to keep your health hovering around 25% After f****** ages, you see a tuktuk in the distance... bandage, sprint, bandage, sprint, bandage bandage bandage, 50% health... You jump in the tuktuk, you're going to make it!!! Imagine then, for some inexplicable reason, your tuktuk does a backflip while you're driving up the last slope to safety... And then someone leaps out and slaps you back to the home screen. That person was @DaniSpain The sight of a tuktuk brings me out in a cold sweat now.
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    I enjoy FPP for the added realism and its ability to be truly terrifying in the end game, and I only enjoy Vikendi in FPP. With that in mind, i still find the game to be great fun in TPP too - it just requires a lot more patience in my opinion, as rushing around often leads straight to a camera camper. Haters gunna hate, potatoes gunna potate. To insinuate that another player is inferior because of their game mode of choice just makes you sound like a bit of a flog...
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    I feel for anyone who prefers FPP over TPP... But I tell ya, the attitude that I see here from so many of the FPP crowd makes me never want to run that mode again in the hopes it dies. I don't like feeling that way either.
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    PC just got its 3rd update on test server and we still didnt get the ones before. Soon we will be waaay behind PC content. What happened of being behind pc content by 2-4 weeks @PUBG_Andymh5 ???
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    All the last games i reach the topten, it looks like most of the enemys play in godmode. everybody know my position or shoots me oneshoot. mostly they run without listening or seeing me to my position and kill. after 1500 hours playin i search the mistake why this happens... someone can help me? other question: when i die in the topten to 100% and cant win the game, why i play it?
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    2 of 3 times i'm being killed by users with radar hack who ambush me. Cheat reporting have zero effect. Do you plan to do something about it ?
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    Hi, as we have mentioned many times before, the main priority for us since the last update has been to improve the optimization and stability of the game, primarily focusing on the rendering issues many of our community have been experiencing. Unfortunately, since launch, we have not been able to close the gap between PC and console but going forward this will be one of our main priorities. We fully understand that this is frustrating for some players and want this to happen as soon as possible. The PTS will open on May 21st so we would really appreciate it if you would play the game a share your feedback with us on the changes we have made.
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    I would like..and I am sure everyone would like this as well....fix the problem with the leaning around rocks...if you are clear and you can clearly see your target you should be able to hit your target and not the rock
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    Good , no more og xbox users exploiting their shit rendering. Now they can rot in the blue zone with no exit with mediocre loot instead of two drop guns..
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    They do a good job when they hit but a lot of times it looks like they hit when it didnt. I would suggest an auditory yell similar to when your character gets hit as an indication that they have been stunned to some degree. If you look up what stun grenades do in real life its not to far fetched of an idea.
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    Понятно, вновь мимо. (ничего нового) Пара бесполезных правок интерфейса и количество лута...
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    Its been argued before. Everyone should have a rank as a player and that should be used for all games TPP, FPP, solo , duo squads. The easiest is one based on k/d ratio. Matchmaking will be used when there is a decent pool of players and in order to keep queues manageable when there is limited players available matchmaking would have to be less stringent. Maybe rank everyone rank 1 to 100 and make sure everyone can find out what level their opponents are. Simply make it a rolling average of k/d ratio so cheaters are quicky promoted after just one game and not use the worse players as cannon fodder.
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    I know it can be hard to port that stuff over but jee whiz why is it taking so long im ready for weapon mastery ,the rebalances and the wild card battlepass
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    https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/majorclagnut/video/74639033 @PUBG_Andymh5 You can see the 4th player on this clip and the game id is visible 👍
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    Yes I noticed the new pc update this morning. We can't even get the ump45 and vector 9 but PC already has multiple updates after this. I'm sure a Dev will reply soon and say they appreciate our patience and working on a new update but has bugs still and trying to perfect it before they bring the console update out. Then a year from now the update will come up and require a hotfix to fix something that wasn't broken before update and then we will still be 30 updates behind PC forever!
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    I understand this step. However it added a new level of paranoia. Comments like „does he see him“ or „ this player is doing something stupid“ kept my looking over my shoulder constantly. 😁 i hope i‘ll be able to join on time, got to work late.
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    I don't view that as a waste of time. I view that as part of how the game is played. I've hunted players with pistols only and crossbows only, and shotgun only, all the while looting as I go. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't. My point is the longer looting time creates situations that are beneficial to the game. If 5 minutes of looting is a waste of time then by that logic all looting is a waste of time, in the context of this game. If looting was a waste then why not just let players pick their kit in the lobby?
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    It's not about PC being ahead, it's about the amount of updates PC have received vs the ones Xbox have received. I believe it's a 3 to 1 ratio in the span of about one month give or take. Clearly the resources are balanced in favor of PC and as an Xbox player that loves the game and supports it, even though it's current state isn't good, I feel left out and forgotten.
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    Thanks for all you do. Some of us understand you guys are just the messengers. I’m a patient person and it’s hard for me to fathom the patience you have to mod these forums. Some of us also understand that console requires more hurdles to jump to meet Sony and MS standards. Just know that you are appreciated. I trust that you will share any info you are allowed, when you are allowed to share. Keep up the good work.
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    Probably would have been easier to explain if we'd spoken the same language 😂 At least he managed to get away so I didn't team-kill him but this bug ranks up there with game-breakers, if someone gets a 14 day ban for killing someone that they didn't even know was on their team then they're going to be pretty pissed. @PUBG_Andymh5 Here's a clip from the game, showing that there was no 4th team mate on my screen. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/colonic-booivi/video/74597823 I don't have a clip showing me shooting at him. And it just looks like a 3-Man Squad so I didn't bug report it.
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    Before the latest map selection change, this was what I've been seeing. Now I'm getting a good mix of maps. I think I got sanhok 3 times in a row last night, but for the most part it's been fairly random. Your mileage may vary though.
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    As the mobile version is contained, it is now more supported than the console version. Compared to the console version, it appears to be Alpha! Developers who devote our version are very few and more importantly are slow!!!!
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    Great analogy, nail on head.
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    I see we've crossed paths before....
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    Record your deaths and watch them on xboxdvr at .25 speed and see where you're messing up at. Most of the time it's a sensitivity issue.
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    I love being shot when someone is behind cover and all i can see is a tiny part of their head yet when I do it my bullets hit what ever I am peaking from. I have had instances where all i could see of the enemy was the very top of their level 2 helmet yet they had clear shots on me. Unfortunately in this game there is still to this day a fair amount of desync for whatever reason. The problem is you dont notice the desycn until you die from it and hence why it is a big problem and frustrating. One would have thought that the pubg corp and the devs would be working harder to fix the problems with the game rather than spending the money on adding content. Goes for cheating especially as well.
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    The real problem with stun grenades is that it works 50% of the time even when acurate🙌I have stoped to use them as much as possible.
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    BH don’t care, the small team they have will be very profitable. Why would they change anything. Rendering speed is worse than it was a year ago, game crashing it back, DDOS, teaming. All much bigger problems. Let’s all just hope we jump right into weapon mastery. But this is BH so I doubt we will even get Erangal loot balance.
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    It seems like they stopped caring all together about PUBG on console. We haven’t even had any updates on upcoming content and it don’t seem like they care to share with us where exactly PUBG on console will end up, cause right now it’s at a dead end lol.
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    I played a few FPP games with a squadie a few months ago after he begged us. 2 matches and I was done. It just wasn't enjoyable. There is no immersion when you're looking through the eyes of someone tripping on LSD due to the framerate.
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    I know exactly what you mean. It's why I would never let any friends play online on my Xbox when they came over. Even back as far as CoD Modern Warfare, I wanted my stats to accurately reflect my performances. PUBG stats are all over the place though, it's not even worth thinking about. If I compare my chicken dinners on the stats page to the official Xbox app. The app has recorded 68 more chicken dinners than the game has a record of. I can understand why your first one would be extra annoying though - that would drive me mad 🤪
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    I'm sorry that your preferred game mode is dying. That must be a real bummer... but it's your bummer... not mine. I hope you have another wonderful night at the menu screen waiting for a game!
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    It will even itself out for when you’re in the top 2, mowing down the other guy and the game crashes. PUbgeesus giveth, and PUbgeesus taketh
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    Hi, we understand that some of you are frustrated with the length of time it has been from our last update until now. In this time, the dev team have been working hard at improving the rendering and world loading times by reducing the data size of each map which is a very time-consuming and complex process. We mentioned in the latest Dev letter that we want to give you all the best experience when playing PUBG and these solutions are the first step in our efforts to continually improve rendering and optimization. We will share new information with you as soon as we can. Thanks for your patience.
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