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    I am a old gamer (44) and I had never been so much in love with a game. Sometimes I even think that I could stop gaming for ever or for a long time if PUBG end. I tried all the other FPS etc and I just can't play it more than 10mntes before stoping. I am the only one in this case? In this case I might just be crazy😭🤞
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    I guess it's all about positioning. Laying prone in the middle of the desert had me a little worried to say the least. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/badbatch5040/video/74394429 Started with potatoes and ended with chicken.
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    Hey everyone. Thanks for participating. Congrats to the winners. I’ll host / cast another trio of games this Saturday, May 18th. 2pm Los Angeles 4pm Chicago 5pm New York 10pm London TPP, Solo, Random weather 3 games planned (Sanhok, Miramar, Erangel) I will be streaming / casting on Mixer (HaroldBrock) for all to watch the games and rewatch past games. Do these times work for most of the forum?
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    I’ve actually never played any game other than pubg! My husband asked for it last year and from the first game I saw him play, I was hooked so I got myself my own xbox 😂
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    For the right guy, and an Xbox one, I could become unmarried 😂😂😂
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    A win is a win... but its been a while since I've ended a night in such a lame way: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/pajama-dad/video/74480839 The guy could have at least tried to come out and meet me.
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    new erangel first building loot
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    At 58 this the first game I played and also have tried others but they're a no go. Hooked for sure. I dont have cable and don't mess with the internet so this is my life at the moment.
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    I disagree completely. In shooters especially the framerate is vital - the higher the framerate the easier it is to make micro-adjustments to your aim/control recoil/etc etc etc. I play Battlefield with all aim assist turned off, running at a solid 60fps on my 1X and the difference between that and this is mindblowing, BF feels so much more responsive. I still feel like there's a good bit of input lag on PUBG too. In answer to OPs original question = hahahahaha no
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    I've never been a huge fan of the run and gun type games. Played em, they were fun, but I always sucked at them. My reflexes just aren't as fast as you younger twerps. (j/k) . And I think that's why I like this game so much. While reflexes do come into it, not every move you make is based on it. More about strategies and trying to outthink your opponent. Maybe my reflexes can't compete as much, because I'm 67. That make me THE senior? lol
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    Hey harold, I know we haven't always seen eye to eye after our game together but credit where it's due mate, I think this is a great way of getting some friendly competition amongst all of us, count me in on Saturday and am looking forward to seeing you all out there 🤘😁👍.
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    I especially love winning a snipe-off against someone called EliteSnipez or anything like that. Extra satisfaction.
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    I got 300IQ punk'd by @Harold Brock..................i really wanted those shoes!
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    Аналогично. Потом спрашивают за что мы не любим эту нацию. Да потому что они нам всю игру портят, расплодились на всех серверах. PUBG_Olaf можно узнать когда мы русские, белорусы, украинцы сможем играть на ру сервере? Когда представители азии освободят ру сервер? Ничего против азиатов не имею, но 90% представителей данного насиления играет на ру и еу сервере нечестно. Когда уже исправят это недоразумение. Нам не нужны брелки на оружия, не надо больше оптимизации, не надо изменять звуки, добавлять лут и прочее. Дайте нам спокойно играть на ру сервере. Это сейчас самая глобальная проблема. Поведайте о ней уже разработчикам и дайте вразумительный ответ. Этого без сомнения хочет весь ру и европейский сервер.
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    я вообще про китайцев написал - так они мне 5 баллов предупреждения выдали и удалили мой топик с сообщениями)))
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    Thanks for sharing the extra videos everyone. I've reported this to the team and we're going to take a look at what's going on and fix it. : )
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    https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/majorclagnut/video/74279358 @PUBG_Andymh5 @ColonicBoom......I also have a grass hover fwend 😀
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    highly suspect the team died after vikendi. All 3 of them
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    This clip shows my buddy randomly start hovering with no footsteps on grass (so not a rendering issue). It was well into the game at this point, nearly down to 50 people. I've seen this on Miramar as well, floating down a hill for about 30 seconds. On his screen, he was running normally and not hovering. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/colonic-booivi/video/74041390
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    Spot on. Frame rate is vital to the feeling of being in control and so is low input lag. And it still feels like there's a shitload of input lag to me too.
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    I don't know how many times I would tell myself "Ok this is my last game of the night" then die a real salty way and I'm like "I can't end it like that, one more one more" lmao
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    I’m 36 and no other game has given me the same amount of satisfaction or frustration as PUBG. I was huge into all the COD games from the first Modern Warfare to Black Ops 3/Infinite Warfare. I spent many hours on those games. But I will be sad when PUBG finally dies off as no other BR type game has come even close to replicating the feeling I get when I play it. I would be slightly curious to see what the Tom Clancy franchise could do with a BR 🤔. But it’s not their style. And I don’t know that it’d be ok for them to jump on the BR bandwagon. In the meantime, I’m just gonna play and enjoy the sh!t outta PUBG for as long as I can. I hope it has a long and prosperous life.
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    Learn vehicle spawn locations. Look for vehicles as you drop ... a quick scan of the area (known spawn positions) before you touch down. When the zone appears on the map you need to get you ass moving toward it. You choose your drop point, not the game.
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    First off thanks to @Harold Brock for hosting the forum game last night. Was good to speak to everyone one last night in the game (and even though we haven’t seen eye to eye on here, it was even good to speak to Harold) Harold is thinking of setting up another game next weekend. It was good fun and he provides some commentary on his mixer and spectates the whole match too (hoping he’ll still be in the game at some point so I can crossbow him 😉) His last post was moved to “looking for players” so it was off the Xbox forum. If possible @PUBG_Andymh5 can you leave this post on here so we can get a few more Xbox guys onto the next game, a couple guys last time didn’t see it as they don’t check the “looking for players” forum. We had 11 players in total so it didn’t really kick off till the 4/5th circles but when it did....it was intense and some great play from the boys. A few more players from here would be good and we’re trying to get it up 20. Hopefully in the future we will have more controls of custom games so we can shrink the circle size at the start #beefmode
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    2 of 3 times i'm being killed by users with radar hack who ambush me. Cheat reporting have zero effect. Do you plan to do something about it ?
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    Both of us potatoed hard, i potatoed less but blue stole my kill 😭 https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/nukeyy1/video/73983443 really gotta work on that hip firing CQC moments, i was all over the place lol
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    Haha.... ill never be even a good player. I have to think too much Sadly I can't take the senior title. There's and elder elder in here somewhere.
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    At absolutely no time that late in the game is this a true statement.
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    If we meet in game, you can wear them. No prob.
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    Thats not true. Certain anti-grenade folk call grenades "no skill"- which is patently false. Landing a cooked grenade take a lot of skill. Certain FPP folk say TPP requires no skill- which is also false. I think the comparison is pretty apt. The problem is the idea of using a skill requirement to judge whether a mechanic or weapon or mode is worthwhile. We can share opinions, make suggestions... but to insinuate someone is bad at a game or likes "easy mode" because they disagree with a stance against grenades is a big part of why these conversations go no where.
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    .....i was spectating the guy who killed me and he died. It switched to Thumbless Cudi. This is what i saw 😂https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/majorclagnut/video/74330358
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    Beautifully ironic that his name was Kamikaze 🤣
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    44 yrs old here too boys. My 3 best friend (and squad) are 44,42 and 38. We were just having the same conversation. We are really hoping for a bright PUBG future, but it does not look good. We have burnt out on CoD and Destiny. I think if PUBG goes away, so will some of long Gaming relationships. Cue the violins
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    If I had to guess based on the last 3 responses, I would say, Spoon. Crap, messed that up.
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    Hi Andy, I'm sorry that you feel our communication is lacking. While we would love to provide you with precise dates regarding updates, introduction of the new season, or new features, this isn't always possible, but we always share the information as soon as we are able to. We have discussed FPP at length with the community, and while we would love to see this queue full, if the players aren't there to sustain healthy matchmaking we can't do much to change that aside from grouping those players together in one server location. PC has always been on ahead of console in development, due to it being released first, but we are working on closing that gap as much as we can. Currently we're concentrating on resolving ongoing issues to ensure better performance and stability, which we feel should currently take priority.
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    39 here - i was in love with PUBG a long time before i actually got to play it. First time i saw the game was on a JackFrags video on youtube, love at first sight! It was like nothing i'd ever seen before. So, i started putting some cash aside in order to eventually buy a gaming PC....... but then i saw the news it would be released on Xbox so i decided to stay on console (made so many good friends over the years that i didnt want to leave behind). By this stage i had a good few quid put aside so i opted to buy myself a new tv (previous one was on its way out anyway) and preordered the Xbox1X - no regrets. I still have 3 good mates who, like me, are still addicted to PUBG so getting a duos or squad game daily is easy. We still go back to Battlefield 1 and 4 (where we all met in the first place) but PUBG will always be the #1 mainly due to the gunplay and of course the tense moments near the end of a match that no other game can compete with.
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    Would love to see the clip as I never have any issue with hits registering.
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    Take them however you can get them. I had one on the weekend where I came up against the last guy and he poked to throw a frag at me and I shot him up a bit and he ballsed up the throw and blew himself up. Ill take it.
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    Squint peakers eat nades. I aint got time for the patty cake play.
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    I don't want to play against @trakkerx then. @I AM YOSHI 84 is a bit of a terminator, he clutched a chicken for us when I was about to get wrecked a few days ago - I was literally staring down the barrel of an enemy's gun with an empty gun in my hands. No, see above 😉
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    Grenade spam is annoying but it's not that common. No you don't, most of the time you're just getting outplayed. You think that but a lot of us don't. And if grenades get nerfed you'll just find something else that needs nerfing. This isn't a 'good community discussion'. This is just a bunch of people that can't accept responsibility for their shortcomings that have chosen grenades as the scapegoat for their shitness. Previously it was the M4, then the UMP, always M&K and radar hacks. Other targets have been the Kar98 and M24 (because "they shouldn't be able to one shot") and the pro scene wanted level 3 helmets removed from world spawn because it was hurting their sniping. "Expensive headphones aren't fair", "Their internet is better", "Their internet is worse", "Elite pads aren't fair", etc. Some people even blame other people that 'have too much time on their hands and get too good' 🤣 Some people will always blame something or someone else for everything that goes wrong in their life.
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    Pubg is like playing golf. I am excited when I start and usually completely frustrated when I am done but looking forward to when I can play again.
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    My mrs says I talk in my sleep! Apparently I’ve been saying care package 185 and team 170 😂 I think I have an addiction.
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    Haha, how people still have such unreal hopes is beyond me.
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    Naja das mit dem fehlenden Rankglisten-System ist mittlerweile einfach nur noch peinlich. Über ein halbes Jahr! fehlt etwas derartiges nun vollständig ohne auch nur ein einziges Wort seitens Entwicklung. Stattdessen werden erstmal stolz irgendwelche sinnlosen Waffenanhänger eingeführt. Als wäre das Spiel noch im Early Access wird überall fleißig experimentiert ohne jeglichen Zeitdruck oder Kommunikation. Allgemein machen mich die Entscheidungen der letzten Monate einfach nur fassungslos.
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    the amount of times this has been brought up in conversation iv'e lost intrest in the matter they clearly don't care whats going on with the game they just fix issues when it suits them 5 weeks and still no communication to whats happing accept the devs are working hard. Thats all they ever give you these days no time frame to whats coming next or anything we will be lucky if we see 60fps in this day and age especailly when the old xbox is still in fashion. No dout we will get an update next tuesday or thursday 6 weeks later and no dout something in the update will either break the game again or course multiple bugs as always which will course them to further delay other projects there working on its the same vicious circle where getting used to biggest joke in video game history
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    Go ahead and just leave the match then. One less person for others to worry about. But I'm not too keen on the idea of quitting when things get challenging.
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    If you do not have a vehicle, you should Push the center of the circle as soon as its there. Your blue zone problem will no longer be an issue bexusse it's about half of the old circle.
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    this is turning up ridiculous, May 10, and still no ETA for the new season
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