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    First off thanks to @Harold Brock for hosting the forum game last night. Was good to speak to everyone one last night in the game (and even though we haven’t seen eye to eye on here, it was even good to speak to Harold) Harold is thinking of setting up another game next weekend. It was good fun and he provides some commentary on his mixer and spectates the whole match too (hoping he’ll still be in the game at some point so I can crossbow him 😉) His last post was moved to “looking for players” so it was off the Xbox forum. If possible @PUBG_Andymh5 can you leave this post on here so we can get a few more Xbox guys onto the next game, a couple guys last time didn’t see it as they don’t check the “looking for players” forum. We had 11 players in total so it didn’t really kick off till the 4/5th circles but when it did....it was intense and some great play from the boys. A few more players from here would be good and we’re trying to get it up 20. Hopefully in the future we will have more controls of custom games so we can shrink the circle size at the start #beefmode
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    I am a old gamer (44) and I had never been so much in love with a game. Sometimes I even think that I could stop gaming for ever or for a long time if PUBG end. I tried all the other FPS etc and I just can't play it more than 10mntes before stoping. I am the only one in this case? In this case I might just be crazy😭🤞
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    My mrs says I talk in my sleep! Apparently I’ve been saying care package 185 and team 170 😂 I think I have an addiction.
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    I’m 36 and no other game has given me the same amount of satisfaction or frustration as PUBG. I was huge into all the COD games from the first Modern Warfare to Black Ops 3/Infinite Warfare. I spent many hours on those games. But I will be sad when PUBG finally dies off as no other BR type game has come even close to replicating the feeling I get when I play it. I would be slightly curious to see what the Tom Clancy franchise could do with a BR 🤔. But it’s not their style. And I don’t know that it’d be ok for them to jump on the BR bandwagon. In the meantime, I’m just gonna play and enjoy the sh!t outta PUBG for as long as I can. I hope it has a long and prosperous life.
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    Pubg is like playing golf. I am excited when I start and usually completely frustrated when I am done but looking forward to when I can play again.
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    Hey everyone. Thanks for participating. Congrats to the winners. I’ll host / cast another trio of games this Saturday, May 18th. 2pm Los Angeles 4pm Chicago 5pm New York 10pm London TPP, Solo, Random weather 3 games planned (Sanhok, Miramar, Erangel) I will be streaming / casting on Mixer (HaroldBrock) for all to watch the games and rewatch past games. Do these times work for most of the forum?
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    I’m up there as well & feel the same way as Kanibal & Daddio. PUBG is going to be a hard one to replace.
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    At 58 this the first game I played and also have tried others but they're a no go. Hooked for sure. I dont have cable and don't mess with the internet so this is my life at the moment.
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    When I’m broadcasting and players join my party, they have an option to include their audio in the broadcast. I definitely want to cast more events. Maybe everyone leaves the party and I cast with a partner. The replay for the event will be fun to watch for the players after the event. Let’s get everyone back together next weekend.
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    I haven't owned a console since the SNES 20 years ago. Bought an Xbox after playing PUBG at a friends. Only game I own.
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    I don't know how many times I would tell myself "Ok this is my last game of the night" then die a real salty way and I'm like "I can't end it like that, one more one more" lmao
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    I’ve actually never played any game other than pubg! My husband asked for it last year and from the first game I saw him play, I was hooked so I got myself my own xbox 😂
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    maybe it should just have a built in 2x - 4x variable scope permanently attached ? I certainly wont bother to drop a kitted m4 for an Aug. But its pretty decent.
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    I'd like to see the statistics on what number and percentage increase in numbers Erangel saw after the loot increase. I feel like this may be more telling than individual perceptions of "too much", "not enough" loot preference. What I mean to say is, was the loot increase effective in bringing more players to the map? If it was, is that a good measurement of if the majority of players feel it's an acceptable loot table for the map?
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    100% agree on visibility and adding players... don’t agree with your Erangel comment... as I didn’t enjoy it... as I potato’d to hell and got rinsed by @I AM YOSHI 84 😂 (all lvl 3 gear and didn’t get to shoot 1 bullet on my suppressed AWM either) gg’s btw yoshi
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    They were awful. Who stands in the wide open and engages someone in cover, even in a 4 on 1. Impatience and over-confidence was their weakness.
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    Dude. It hurt my brain just trying to read that.
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    Before I explain why I'm not a big fan of this weapon, remember that almost any weapon, good or bad, can win you a game. it's just that the better the weapon is in terms of base damage and fire rate, effective range, accuracy, etc., the bigger the chances of getting that win. Alright, now that I've covered that up, let's get to the main subject: The AUG. Look, the weapon, I-It's not bad, It's good, but it's just not "AirDrop material". The weapon is not good enough to even please me, and is in need of a buff. The AUG user is at a serious disadvantage if they are facing off the M416, the M249, the automatic MK14 and the Groza. Let's compare it with the M416. Both weapons have identical base damage and rate of fire, so, identical damage per second. The M416 has better single tap recoil, less weapon sway, faster recoil speed, better/shorter audible range and significantly quieter, and the AUG beats the M416 at spray recoil and less damage dropoff. So the AUG can perhaps generally beat the M416 while spraying, but generally speaking, the M416 is better. All the AUG is generally better at than all the other weapons in PUBG is the easily controllable recoil... But it's not to say that the other weapons have bad recoil, that is why I'm completely ignorant towards that advantage over the other weapons. In conclusion, I think you should buff the AUG. I don't want it overpowered or anything, but maybe just increase the DPS. This is what's taking me down whenever I secure an AirDrop. The DPS. It's that one changing factor that makes this weapon, compared to the others, useless.
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    Several differences exist between the architecture of the buildings on maps. Each map has certain windows you can vault through, some you can jump through, and some that are partially obstructed with metal bars. There's also differences in how to get onto roofs by jumping onto railings/doorframes/roofs via window as well. Placing a few buildings or even a small complex highlighting these styles on the training grounds would allow players to practice those mechanics in order to be more on par with highly practiced good players already using these mechanics. It would also allow them to practice how to maneuver railings on steps, half walls, and other obstacles that will push your weapon up when you are too close or using a longer barreled weapon. I think the training grounds was a brilliant addition allowing players to practice everything from nading to recoil patterns, to parachuting, etc. I think adding the different styles of buildings they can expect to encounter on the maps may also be a nice addition. Thoughts?
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    Will the next rendering fix update give us 60fps game play? Its strange how pubg can be played on a cellphone just fine but the xbox version runs like grandmas broke down Dodge Wagon . The bad frame rate makes it hard to reload on the run and gun fights. A lot of people get killed while trying to reload twice. Even gun fights are broken. you can be shooting a guy and hitting all ur shots and even see blood then get turned on and dropped in a split second even with level 2 and 3 gear on.
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    Lets get a tournament going with some of the guys from the forum. bit of fun if it all goes well do a monthly one squads or duos and try and get some sponsors going for prizes hit us back if your interested
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    I'm 36 as well and no other game that I have played over the years , comes close to the pubg experience. I got a 7 kill squad dinner the other night , my mates were all dead. Took out last three people for the win , heart was pounding. 👍👍
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    SAME!! 😂🤣😂 I’ve lost a lot of sleep staying up too late with this damn game 😂🤣
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    3-5 first aid, 200 ish rounds for ARs, 2 of each booster and the rest in nades, couple smokes and usually 3-5 frags
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    you really start noticing how underwelming it is when you play overpower warmode against lvl3 gear guys with mks and Grozas while you´re stuck with a slightly better m4 Hell yeah I would be down for an A1 variant as normal spawn. Atm the A3 is too good for normal loot but underpowered for a crate and a fixed sight would balance it out quite well
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    Haven’t played another console game since my birthday last year and I play almost every day. I’m 34 and never enjoyed fps before PUBG. Probably won’t play any other fps when this game dies away
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    ....than having an AWM strapped on your back, full level 3 armour, ghille suit and a few kills. You're working the blue nicely when all of a sudden you start taking shots. That's all well and good, you instantly position yourself in safety and get ready to go on the offence. BAM 3rd partied by some c*nt in a bush, it gets worse. The bush-wookie just sits in his bush and gets killed by the 1st guy who shot you. What was the point of the bush-wookie even existing.....at least i would have had a half decent scrap with the other fella. Can't think of anything worse than getting shot hiding in a bush 😂https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/majorclagnut/video/74418317
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    ahah i feel you 😂. I find myself often in that sandwich position. Never once that is the opponent getting 3rd partied, nope
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    i Think all the crate weapons should be best in their class. I hear the AWM or MK14 and I’m going hunting up close. I hear the Groza and I’m going to try and engage at distance. M249? Grenade spam. I hear the AUG and all I think is ‘they’ve got level 3 protection so make every shot count’. The weapon just doesn’t instil the fear/Adrenalin the others do.
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    @DB0VIN 😂 GG's bud! We had 2 fights I think? Kinda felt we both potatoed!! could've gone either way for sure! I'll blame the ping also 😉 @Big Stend pretty sure it wasn't age restricted? would've been great to have you on! I'll be up for another one! I think I might've done the most amount of damage? along with the most amount of potato of course 😂
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    I was so gutted that my internet was being an absolute douche and I had to back out 😞 I watched the games on mixer though and enjoyed watching
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    The potato bug hit me at the end of Sanhok and I totally messed up my only gun interaction. Thankfully that’s not on Mixer 😂 M249 and all lvl 3 gear too
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    ^ this is how you can get shot. i posted this earlier but i dont rly like this about the game.
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    So happy with the loot buff. No more loot simulator. Now you loot for 5 mins and you're 90% kitted and ready to fight. Keep up the good work devs. Next up - Miramar buff.
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    Playing against m&k is OK IMO, but PC players @144fps in 4k, no thanks. lol
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    He calculated avg kills per game because that's the stat he was interested in.
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    That’s not how it works. If you win a match that means you didn’t die. Which doesn’t yet add to your kill/DEATH ratio. Say you win a game with 5 kills. You didn’t die so you don’t have an actual k/d yet. Then the next match you get another 5 kills but then someone kills you before you can win. You now have a 10.0 k/d ratio because you got 10 kills you your one death. Just because he played 387 games doesn’t mean he died 387 times. So you’d have to subtract his 222 wins from his total matches played which would mean he’s died 165 times. Then divide his 1,984 kills by his 165 deaths and you have his 12.02 k/d.
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    Personally I see the AUG as the second best crate weapon, right behind the MK14 because it has literally ~half the vertical recoil as that in the M4. It's a beast.
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    Calm down there is a new update on pc that brought in weapon mastery which unlocks things for your guns the only way to see them is to play in fpp this should encourage people to play fpp because that’s the only way to see them I guess that a way pubg Corp are trying to fix the console fpp problem
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    Dein Swahili ist wirklich gut @romestylez. Ist ein alter Schlag den man in Burundi spricht, oder?
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    I was the same way for a long time. But I found that carrying less SR/DMR ammo meant more nades or meds. I realized I NEVER used that much secondary ammo unless I’m using the VSS. In which case I carry like 200 rds minimum 9mm lol.
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    M&K on a 30fps console experience is no big deal, however, having a potential 144+ fps experience with M&K on PC is a hilarious advantage and we would suffer. M&K skill takes dedication like anything else so you don't automatically have an advantage or win every game because you have a XIM4 adapter. People, myself included, can be pretty damn good on a controller but the precision and capabilities of a mouse don't have to be argued over analog. Period.
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    Good win, but I wouldn’t call that 310IQ sorry.
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    Unsure dude, I didn't set up the match, would need to ask HB.
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    I went to the cave for the first time ever yesterday. I had no idea there was a rendering issue with the entrances. I hadn’t run into anyone there at first. But there was a dude camping near my vehicle waiting for me to come back to it. Maybe he didn’t know I heard him running down the entrance. He unfortunately was sent back to the lobby.
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    Terrain could be iffy. it could work but I don't know if it would be better. I wouldn't mind seeing more dynamic elements on the premade maps. Spawns are one thing, but we could have buildings with different layouts, shipping containers open or closed, bridges destroyed or not, etc. Or the premade design could meet procedural with tiles. Each tile is premade, but able to combine in a multitude of ways with other tiles chosen at random to generate a unique map.
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    For fairness 🖖 Also I hope it can make Pubg Corp stop accommodating with it
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    Would need 2 b an update on Tuesday game is playing like garbage hit detection a disgrace at mo. Game full of cheaters using radar hacks if caught they ban the gamertag so they just make another tag n share their gold and game to new gamertag plus the dsync shot round corners also u load in2 maps n buildings not there looking at a sand pit in paradise countdown screen every1 getting pissed off tbh
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