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    To get you in the mood for an entire weekend of PUBG...
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    South George. There's 12 "god houses" there in total - these houses have the biggest percentage of loot spawns per square metre than any other houses on Erangel. Row of 6 by the water and another 6 closer to the road in the direction of hospital. We should get the Erangel loot buff pretty soon and i for one cannot wait - it will make so many other spots more viable
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    Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against FPP or TPP. Both are fun and offer different challenges. I like having the freedom to play the mode I want when I want. Why force people to play a certain mode just because it's the mode you prefer? Freedom of choice.
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    After the game you should see your stats: anything they currently track (like longest kill, distance travelled and stuff) but also: people you damaged, and how much you damaged them; people you killed and how many kills they had at the time; weapons used and how much damage they did; meds used and how much health they recovered; who killed you and how they ended up doing (all of the same stats); etc.
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    Seriously Pubg Corp or BH or whatever you call yourself. GET THE CHINESE PLAYERS OUT OF EUROPEAN SERVERS for crying out loud! Every top10 situation you end up in theres 9 chinese players and you and they all have silenced M24's or silenced AWM's or silenced Kar98's and they are all crackshot McGee! Its obvious they all cheat, its obvious, just face it, and you tell us that want them gone that we are racists? Go screw yourself against a frozen lamp-post! They all cheat, its wellknown! Just have a look at the leaderboards on European servers, littered with HuyaTV twats and whatnot! Get some frackin backbone and stop them from beeing able to join European servers!
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    From the dead bodies of your enemies Its literally the only way I find a better than decent loadout on Erangle and Miramar
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    Fortunately, as Sanhok is currently the featured map, you are able to entirely avoid it if you choose to do so!
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    Both of us potatoed hard, i potatoed less but blue stole my kill 😭 https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/nukeyy1/video/73983443 really gotta work on that hip firing CQC moments, i was all over the place lol
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    I skipped my morning poo today so I could have a quick pre work thrash on pubg (05:20AM GMT), apparently there was 1 other person waiting in the queue. So I thought I'd have a look at custom games. I jumped into a war mode match to give it a try, I actually really enjoyed it. I'm strictly a TPP player but I've been thinking about giving FPP a try recently, sadly EU is dead and I'm not willing to learn on the fly using FPP in TPP (lots of deaths and frustration and my kd will tank 😂). However, this re-spawning lark gave me the chance to try FPP out. I think I will continue trying it, quite liked it. The end.
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    Playing maps other than Sanhok...even just on occasion.
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    Ok... since when does this happen on Erangel? https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/pajama-dad/video/73981428 On miramar I kinda understand (https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/pajama-dad/video/70311798), but I've never seen this happen on the original map.
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    TPP is too much like GTA... I play FPP for the realism factor of a shooters game. I don't even play PUBG really anymore the camera peeking is not tactical and cheap no skill or fun so if FPP dies I won't play PUBG anymore as like I said I play shooter games for first person view, way better that way.
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    There are a lot of FPP games on the market, you should check those out
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    I want to be able to Watch my Deathcam right away, then go back to spectate last killer. (especially if the kill was fishy) Or Spectate mode, then be able to go back to watching deathcam. Currently, its just not available, or you have to wait for the round to be over.
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    Pretty much anywhere is fine in solo. Pretty much nowhere is any good in squads. There are a few groups of houses on Erangel, that have already been mentioned, that are better than most. 'God houses' is grossly over exaggerating how good they are though, 'not as shit' is more accurate.
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    go play fornite or black out if you want helicopters
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    You guys never used pubglookup.com ?
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    His GT actually got automatically changed to HappyJoey123456 last night. Smh @ Xbox Live
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    Try the Shelter or Little Mylta powerplant. If you don’t like to drop hot, go there when the plan path is 2,5 km away and find a vehicle. Other good area area are the front six or the back six apartment buildings in South George.
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    Its being said already but I'd love to find a helicopter especially on miramar. Dont over power it make it that it burns fuel super fast. How fun would it be to get your squad in this on military and fly right past all the bridge campers lol.
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    I thinks it's time for us as a community to move away from TPP and to FPP. The games looks so much better, seems to run smoother, and takes more skill in FPP. You should never start a match with less than 40 people so everyone hop into FPP the game is so much better.
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    I'm running an OG box with external HD. I'm thrilled for the rendering update. The prospect of a proper hot drop is exciting. No idea. It was terrifying. The worst part was that I died to blue because there is no good way to climb up onto the southern island from the north side.
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    I played FPP last night for the first time in probably a year and really enjoyed it. I'll probably queue it up some tonight, so add one more to the queue.
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    Sweet jeeeeeebus…. MAKE IT END!!!!!!!!
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    Hi, the loot amounts are the same on all maps regardless of the game mode you play.
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    Oh the frame drops 😖. Not a good idea. You think smokes are hard on frames?
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    Let me think about this... No.
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    I believe and always have done that loot is generally better in solos than any other mode. People will disagree and state it’s only because your team members are finding stuff but all of my mates agree with me. Say i I land at rozhok on my own and end up the last alive I will always find a choice of ARS. But on squads we can search the whole town only to find like 1/2 ARS. I never have any trouble finding loot in solos on any map.
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    To me it looked like you missed your first initial shots as you was soft aiming past his left arm. Then it seemed like you hit him with the last bullet you shot but because he killed you it cancelled out. Best advice I can give you is always ADS and don’t be surprised if you don’t kill someone using hipfire/soft aim as it’s not accurate at all especially with a AR.
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    Dude, you can't expect people to be on at 1am lol. People have lives.
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    I do sometimes, but I would like to be there in postgame
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    I agree hardwired would always be preferred but just putting it out there that I’ve noticed zero effect on my gameplay. When you get a cgc fight with someone this game generally just ranks anyways. I believe here in the uk we are behind nearly everyone when it comes to internet and it’s speeds etc, I think unless you pay for Virgins top package (350meg) then you get hit with traffic shaping. I believe Sky don’t restrict traffic at all but the connection can be flaky for me and that’s living in a large city in the UK. Im kinda hoping the 5G takes off and puts a stop to Virgin and sky’s monopoly run over here. There seems to be more competition and deals to be had with 4G bundles, we just need the speed and technology to move on.
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    I think its when you've been playing for too long without a cold Mt. Dew.
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    Why not expand the new weapon mastery menu and add some useful stats to each weapon? Something like base bullet damage, rate of fire, bullet type & speed, magazine capacities, head, torso and limb multipliers and so on...it would be useful to have this in game rather than surfing the web in search of some outdated useless data. What do you guys think?
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    Before last May, rendering on the One X was as good or better than we have now with an SSD. Buildings loaded in the far distance while parachuting, no playdough buildings, you could see weapons and guide your chute to them before hitting the ground. This was the same rendering pattern that PC had and the X could handle it. Then PUBG tried to help out the OG Xbox by implementing predictive rendering (rendering optimized for the OG console). They we're lazy and instead of using two different rendering builds for the different consoles, they forced X users to use it too. This did not allow the X to render everything simultaneously. It forced the X to render one thing at a time and moved weapons to server side to slow the rendering speed. They have tried to do this 3 or 4 times since last last May and each time rendering has gotten worse. The only way they can improve it on the OG is to keep holding back certain objects and textures so the critical ones can load in first. This is why the X now requires an SSD because we are using rendering that is optimized for the OG console. This is probably effecting the PS4 too. Only PUBG would ruin rendering for half of it's players to improve it for the others. The bad part is, the OG isn't fixed and they are going to keep doing this. X users need their own build making it the best it can be for them The current X is in no way enhanced. They should feel ashamed when an X user complains about rendering and playdough buildings and especially when users are forced to buy an SSD because they created this issue.
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    When SSD's start to get full, their performance degrades a little bit. You could easily store more games on the 250GB T5 without reaching that point but I would suggest prioritizing the ones that will actually benefit being on the SSD.
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    Whether or not you have a problem with it isn't the issue. Teaming is cheating and defined as such by Pubg. If it's not allowed via the rules, then it has no place in the game.
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    They're in Blackout.
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    Yes mate, there are many things that are very important in my opinion to this game being more addictive and fun. For one, adjust the FPS, lower the details of unnecessary crap so everyone can enjoy over a decent FPS. I'm so sick of everyone suggesting as a normal solution to upgrade the hardware of the PS4 as in upgrading to an SSD, or upgrade the PS4 to Pro, or change the internet supplier. I have had PS console forever, and in all my years and games played I can't even mention ONE game that released a game to a console and to enjoy it YOU had to upgrade the console, not the game developers adjust to stock hardware. That is just insane from my pov. The company published 60fps, we are nowhere close to that. and I have the PS4 Pro console. When I came where I am I switched TV's(!!!) and it got a little better, but still far off. No, I will not buy in hundreds of dollars an ssd to improve the loading screen times and item appearing, if pubg corp makes so much money, they should buy it for me. same logic applies. They published pre-release the game will not support M&K users, but there are still many M&K players who use XIM and other crap to overrride the system, and guess what? they do nothing about it. and as an experienced PC player who played from PC release almost AND experienced console player in general (had pubg in preload ran it the second it was released too), you can tell mouse manuevers instantly. what can you do with it? absolutely nothing. In PC I have encountered cheaters, some when I died by their gun, spectated, watch the cheats and report it instantly. Well, here it doesn't work the same. console players have to put in work to almost no results, so this is very frustrating. All in all, its a nice game, nothing more. I enjoy playing it with friends at times, but its out barely 4 months and in the pros and cons comparing table you know which one carries more weight.
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    I would love to play some fpp games, I always try one when I power-on my X but I get in a game once every 50 attempts and I give up playing tpp instead. I sometimes try to open custom games which never get more than 10 signups. The time to wait is too long. When I get tired of tpp camera I switch to bfv or r6s. Another problem is when I get to find one fpp game it's with randoms not with friends (all play tpp or bother about playing in NA server due to the higher ping). What about setting up an fpp-day to meet for some fpp games? It may slowly bring some fun up and gather people. The problem isn't about what is better between fpp and tpp, its and endless and useless discussion. the problem is fpp is dead on consoles and how it could be possibly brought back to life.
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    1 unsporting and 2 cheating here, not from pubg for sure. I also think from battlefield 5, one night there was a guy that kept spawning in Hamada C area and he kept going in the same spot. I sniped him from B like 15 headshots 🤣🤣🤣🤣 he kept messagging "nice cheat!" lol
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    +1 Add the R45 with a scope and good to go.
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    The world of sheeple we live in .... tis a shame.
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    The biggest reason it’s so noticeable in this game is the nature of fights in this game. Very often they are peek fights, also they are frequently sniper peek fights. One de-sync and you’re dead. Most other games do not function like this. Especially where one well placed shot can send you back to the lobby. It’s why players are hyper focused on the smallest detail of these fights and de-sync is so blatantly obvious. De-sync happens in all games to some extent. However, games like this highlight the drawbacks of de-sync more so than most, if not all, games.
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    I like this. Seems like a creative idea that would only enhance the game with little effort on PUBGs part. There are an infinite number of things they could do. Might be interesting to see some people on these forums brainstorm some ideas..maybe some good ones will get adopted by PUBG. -after win in the next lobby the winner gets a rubber chicken melee weapon they can run around and beat people with. -after X # of wins you get a special skin and then every X # more wins an upgraded version of the skin (shoes or a hat or gloves or whatever).
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