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    Wait, they're still supporting the game?
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    So you want them to take off TPP even though the game was originally made for it and FPP wasn’t added till later? Yeah, makes sense 🙄
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    I fell in love with Pubg primarily playing FPP, now i can barely get a game and when I do I get wall hacked literally everytime. And im 10x better in FPP. I get killed by noobs who use the walls to their advantage and its getting played out and corny.
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    That’s because FPP is easier than TPP.
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    I counter! Take away FPP!
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    Everyone's better in FPP. So many rushers that don't think strategy at all makes it easy to rack up the kills. I prefer TPP though; it is a very different game where you actually have to plan ahead and be more careful.
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    When I first started playing PUBG in EA I was bad. I mean really bad. I died a lot and rarely got kills. That being said there were other bad players and I remember them because I remember the potato wars I had with them where neither of us could kill each other. It was sad but also funny. I have gotten better at PUBG since then. I'm still not that good but I have ascended to the lofty title of average at best. However, it seems like everyone else has gotten better than average or quit the game. The very large majority of players all seem to be expert marksman, brilliant tacticians and experts of demolition that can throw nades with extreme precision. Everyone seems to be a tryhard or a wannabe streamer with twitch or TV in their name. I have definitely gotten better since EA but it feels like the only ones left playing PUBG have gotten way better. It might be hard to compare now to then because we used to have some form of matchmaking whereas now we don't but I'm wondering if others get this feeling as well?
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    I feel you regarding the lack of games in FPP. FPP and TPP are very different styles in the same field. Think about a F1 race and a MotoGP race. Can't drive like a Moto on a F1. Coming from FPP PC, I had to rethink all my strategies to play and get decent in TPP. Keep in mind that the game completely changes by the perspectove used. btw I wont call noob anyone that kills me, since in that time he is been better than me in the end.
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    Let's get straight with that. PUBG : realistic, half military based, tactical battle royale game Fortnite : building based, less realistic, 3rd person BR game. COD BO4 : futuristic themed, fast paced run and gun based BR game with Call of Duty styled (unrealistic) weapon based BR game. Apex : Fast paced, RPG based futuristic BR game. The only common point is they are battle royale games that's it. No need to compare those games. And people who is calling Apex is better than PUBG well it's nonsense. It's just a perspective thing. I love PUBG because it's modern realistic shooting based BR and there isn't other game like that. Maybe Ring of Elysium on that category but it's not that realistic.
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    Мне после фпп, играть в тпп противно. Кругом крысы. Зарашить кого то почти не реально. Особенно в домах
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    Checkout this website, mixer or twitch streamers live when killing you or getting killed by you it's on here for the last 14days.. https://pubg.report just type your gamertag in and it will show you if you have! Just found out about this website recently and figured that I'd share it with the community if anyone is interested!
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    Hey all, Flare Guns were added to public matches a few weeks ago and since then we've received lots.. and lots of feedback. In general, players for the most part enjoy the concept and action they can add to the mid-game, but many players are unhappy with the initial implementation. We've heard your feedback and will be making changes to the implementation of Flare Guns in an upcoming update scheduled for live servers March 27th. We'll be first putting the changes on the Test Server March 20th. Thanks to everyone who participated in our Flare Gun feedback thread here on the forums, or shared feedback with us across any of our channels. So, what changes are we making? The volume of incoming air planes delivering special care packages is being reduced. Total number of Flare Guns spawns across all maps is being reduced. For Squad matches, the amount of loot inside special care packages is being reduced. Map icons and on-screen text alerting players to incoming special care packages is being removed. You'll of course still hear and see the flares being shot from far across the map, no changes there. This is our first pass on Flare Gun changes since their implementation on live servers and the changes set out to directly address the main points of concern players in the community have had. Please let us know what you think down below in the comments. We'll of course continue to further iterate, listening carefully to player feedback and make changes that best suit our players and the unique BR experience PUBG provides. Thanks for all of your feedback so far! We look forward to sharing more specific information about these changes in the patch notes, once the update arrives on the Test Server, March 20th.
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    Why??? Are there still floating guns in this game? I can only imagine with how many times floating guns have given an enemy position away to me, that my position has been compromised by my own floating guns.
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    There needs a to be a pubg 2 for console only and spend a lot of time making the game run properly. Spend like 2 years making the game and release a beta one month before the actual full release of the game to find any bugs that needs to be fixed because by the time this game is actually fixed when ever that will be you would have lost probably 90% to 95% of players because of stupid bugs. Something to think about devs. Example: look at FPP when it first come out there was a massive player count and now since apex legends have come out FPP is dead completely dead you have lost a lot of players because of bugs that you never fixed.
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    None of the queues need to get the ax, they just need to rework the map select option. TPP has 12 queues, FPP has 12 queues (except in the regions that still do not offer FPP at all). Remove the ability to only select a single map, and require players to choose 2 maps at a minimum. This would cut the current queues in half or more.
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    Changing TPP to "normal" and FPP to "ranked" is an interesting idea but I don't really think that would change much of anything. People who play TPP would continue to play TPP regardless of what it's called and the same for FPP. Do you really think people who prefer TPP would start playing FPP just because it was classified as ranked? I do think that the number of queues in the game has had an exponentially impactful effect on the game in a negative way as the playerbase has diminished and there will come a time (maybe sooner than anyone realizes) when those queues have to be reduced to keep the game viable. Which queues get the ax is the only question but it still seems like the least bad option to remove queues is map selection. That one option creates the most queues and would probably have the least impact if taken away. You could argue that taking away FPP would have a lesser impact and that might be true but it's only 2 queues so it wouldn't be as impactful. I also believe many people who want map selection would continue playing without it whereas I doubt most of the FPP players would keep playing if there was only TPP. Back to the OP..I remember having numerous potato battles where you and an enemy both enter a room and empty clips at each other but somehow neither of you die and you are both jumping around like idiots trying to quickly reload for another chance. I can't even remember the last time anything like that has happened. Now people are always using perfect peaks, holding angles, using flashes and nades to deafen you and pushing from some unknown angle...it's absurd how difficult it is to kill people these days (at least for me). The really telling thing for me is that even though I have gotten significantly better at the game since EA my KDR has only improved by a minuscule amount. I think back then my KDR hovered around .2-.5 but now it's still only around 1 because even though I can get more kills than I used to..I still die horribly with 0 kills to being outplayed so many times. In my defense I do play a tiny bit more aggressive than I used to but still.
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    well im not saying i dont realize it, i enjoy it more in fpp than tpp thats all
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    well im playing fpp only, im not sure if i would keep playing without fpp
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    Night and day difference
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    there is so much to argue against this I won´t even start
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    Had a game yesterday, small circles, about 12 players left dotted about, 1 player turned up on a motorcycle flat out, parked up dead centre, and fired SIX flares in the air... fking SIX..!!!
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    Going to be great, promise!
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    It would put them at a perspective disadvantage.
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    Just moving pubg to my new SSD, we shall see how if it makes a difference (im on 1x already)
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    да это было ясно сразу ,когда можно было сервер самому выбирать поиск был в разы быстрее ,от того что добавили одну карту и немного упал онлайн не чего не должно было изменится ,а тут какая то ерунда ,вообщем что то нахимичили И не совсем ясен вопрос автоматического выбора сервера ,пишут что сервер подбирается по наилучшему пингу ,но факт в том что меня кидает постоянно на еу ,и всех моих друзей с моего города так же кидает на еу с домашнего интернета ,причем у всех он разный ,у меня билайн ,у кореша ростелеком ,у другого кореша маннет ,у всех нас пинг на еу в районе 50-80 ,а вот на ру сервере пинг 10-20 но на него попасть мы можем только в том случае если тот кореш у которого маннет заходит не с маннета а с флешки мегафон и пинг у него на ру с нее 70-100 а на еу 120-150 ,так что отговорки типо на данном сервере не достаточно народу не катят ибо с одного интернета кидает на еу с другого ра ру ,в одно и тоже время в одном и том же режиме
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    New dev team? Whered you get that info from?
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    The new development team might just be a couple of cats and a cheese plant though.
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    You were on the doorstop of a fine house, and you ignored that and ran back outside and got blown up. Darwin award. Good job redzone! Keeping the gene pool clean since Early Access.
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    Crates are a waste of time
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    Now Brendan is not a creative producer of the game. Maybe now the redzone will be eliminated. Absolutely stupid and annoying mechanic, that has nothing to do with the players's skill.
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    паркур который мы заслуживаем
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    It's 2 different game Apex is more like Titanfall soldiers. PUBG is more a realistic world.
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    1) Pubg has more realistic movement so you can't turn on a dime as your momentum carries you and control your movement while jumping. 2) They are different games with different play styles. Accept that or don't. Either way decide and move on with life accordingly. 3) This has been debated and whined about to death. There is nothing wrong with the ring only with poor time/map management by players.
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    I have spent well over double what you have spent trying to get the same mask. Just wait until you finally get a purple tier item with all that BP you spent and it's not even the mask you want. I have spent nearly a million BP trying to get that mask and have never even received a purple tier item.
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    Perfect... It really was very unbalanced the amount of items and the amount of Flare Guns. I even got to find two pistol and my squad got to have 4 pistols. I'm looking forward to the changes, I also found the yellow icon indicating the airdrop box very unnecessary.
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    Что твориться то? Почему только Эрангель и Санок? Не люблю я эти карты.. Ау адмистрейшн? Вац гоинг он?
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    Lmao... No, that doesn't happen... a couple of days ago I had a full team of cheaters on me, 3 were Duyuo-TV, one some Xiangophing or something, every one on aimbot/recoil and ESP, I spec'd the replay, completely obvious, reported all 4, only one got a ban..... Just had another team of chinese hackers, all 4 cheating, all 4 on lvl 3 gear, they chicken dinner'd it, reported all 4, I'll be lucky if one gets banned...
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    if a player you reported is cheating then you tend to get a message fairly quickly ( the next day usually ) stating that they have been banned,. if you didn't get a message. chances are they were not cheating.
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    Make sure you have enabled High/Ultra performance in power options. I have faced this issue in other games then I switched to High performance and it solved.
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    нельзя было сразу сделать? просто на нужную карту поставить галочку для поиска, на эрангель, мирамар и викенди поставить, а санок убрать - и поиск будет по этим трём картам. чо за дичь? или все или только одну. САНОК УЖЕ ВСЕХ ЗАДОЛБАЛ АЛО! УЭЕ СКОК ВРЕМЕНИ ПРОШЛО !
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    Целый месяц не играл и не встречал за это время читаков.
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    Right now, there's a HUGE issue plaguing this game, and we all have experienced it, I'm sure. Cheating. If you're like me, you probably play PUBG and end up with cheaters in your game. Personally, I don't know if it's through bad luck, or if there is that many, I end up with a cheater who kills me in at least 1/3 games. A big reason, is because of PUBG, Chinese users now making up a whopping 56% of Steam's playerbase. And because that popularity, combined with the sellable loot, and the (sorry to say) crappy economy of China where boosting points on a game can be more profitable than a minimum wage job, we end up with a LOT of cheaters. Suffice to say, I don't have the data to prove it, but from mine, and all of my friend's experiences playing the game, as well as forum posts, they're mostly Chinese. The reason for specifying this is important later. The issue here, is that the cheaters ARE NOT being dealt with, they've been running rampant for months now minus one large ban wave that stopped them for a total of two weeks. This has caused a multitude of my own friends to stop playing the game frequently, and I can easily see this game starting to die off if nothing is done about it. Devs, I don't know how often you read random forum posts, but hopefully you read this one. FIX YOUR GAME. Otherwise you're going to lose the profit you're making off it once people start quitting, and I assume that's pretty important to you considering the sellable loot. The solution: There's a few ways to go about it, I'll list them in order of most effective, to least effective. 1) Get rid of tradeable loot. - Without a way to make profit off the game, cheaters will drop the game by droves. Sorry to say, but less people will drop the game cause of having no profitable loot, than because of cheaters. 2) Region lock Chinese players. - As stated before from my own and from several other's observations, usually by looking at the username's and or hearing their voice chat, most cheaters are Chinese. This goes back to earlier, as I said, boosting in a game like this makes similar, or more profit, than a minimum wage job in some countries. Runescape had a similar issue with this and Venezuelan players. Of course, not all cheaters are Chinese, but this'll clean up a lot of the mess, so that the next point, #3 is more easily achieved. Or, you can region lock all players, minus if they're in a duo/squad with someone in a different region. 3) Get heavy with the bans. - This is the less effective, since it takes time and resources, but it's simple. This is made a lot easier too, if you were to implement #2 along with it. Start checking any cheating reports, and ban immediately if evidence is found. Permanent IP ban. The only way to get rid of cheaters with this method, is to go heavy handed and be on top of it, so that buying the game over and over becomes more costly than they make in profits. 4) Titanfall route. - Titanfall was worried about cheaters not being able to play, for some reason. So instead of heavy bans, they decided to stick marked cheaters into lobbies with other cheaters. This would probably achieved via a system that triggers after X amount of cheating reports (Probably 2-4), where someone then checks if the person has cheated, and then marks them. This wouldn't be effective, due to the 100 player lobby nature of the game, and it takes as much time/resources as #3. Since #1 is an option I doubt they'd ever take, they should implement #2 and #3 together, which would wipe out most of the cheaters. Let's try to get this into the developer's attentions, so that they can start taking the thoughts of their gamers seriously. I doubt any of us enjoy playing against cheaters, and it's sad that such a fun game is being ruined.Thanks for your time.
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    Ok after playing apex for about 100h and coming pubg it is quite a shock. Im not gonna talk about all the good things pubg has, but only things I think should be updated. Here is what I think is lacking in PUBG compared to APEX: 1) Mobility - it really feels handicapped. I dont necessary mean addition of rocketboots or whatever but the overall fluidity of movement starting from parachuting feels very handicapped. Forced animation like jumping out of window, which prevents all other action during that mini movie, is annoying too. (note that im not recommending here some "unrealistic" things in a computer game, like sliding down a hill or rope sliding to make it a bit faster paced, though I would like it) 2) Actual gameplay: In apex it feels like this game is about fighting players, you have a lot of time to go gank some nearby squad when you hear shooting and loot them. Pubg main play feels like escaping the inevitable circle, and even prevents healing in water and can totally destroy game due to small obstacles. There are many situtations when it is not worthwile to even shoot enemy because you will not make the ring otherwise. 3) The ring is too strong in PUBG, at the very end its okay to be strong, but I think it should move much slower so that you are able to run after it and not just quit game if your car crashes and you realize there is no hope to catch it even though u have 10painkillers and 10 medkits in your backpack. Early game ring should move slowly, maybe start earlier if the game time want to be minimized, but remain at such a pace that its worthwhile to try to kill players. Now it doesnt reward killing players but campers. Well anyway thats how I feel after playing apex. I hope I didnt offend PUBG pros.
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    I was mostly being facetious. I just find it hilarious that the FPP posters here don't realize that PUBG is originally a TPP game, and the vast majority of players on it are TPP players. FPP, on all platforms, was added later (and it shows, FPP is horrid in PUBG compared to other FPP games). TPP is their focus, and should be, as the TPP player base is what makes or breaks this game moving forward.
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    You're not a large portion of the playerbase. Less then 15% of the worldwide player base plays FPP.
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    The craziest part of this conversation is that every major competitor to Pubg other than fortnite is only FPP. I'm pretty sure most of these guys playing tpp only also play these other games. Maybe just making most of the achievements obtainable only in FPP could help this problem
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    That marking system in APEX is INSANE! Pubg can consider something similar to that ... but in my opinion, will never happen. I've lost my hope long time ago ...to see this game EVOLVING. They dont even made a few settings that do not involve coding or whatever. (like changing zones, increase loot and etc ... it's only about a damn simple setting ..like you can do in custom games) Whatever ... Apex is a GOOD game, but PUBG can stay at the top only if devs start doing things with the gameplay experince. I dont say to change it dramaticaly, but they can optimize it ... better loot, better zones management(force people to go in the safe zone, but dont try to kill them with the first chance: keep first 2 zones intact for loot and early fight, make them close faster in terms of time after those 2, but slower in terms of movement speed, first 4 can be random on map and starting with 5th ...can be more central, the main problem from there to be ...the fight for survival, not ignoring people and run to safe zone like an idiot and noobster, because picking the fight will mean death 100% ... maybe not by the enemy, but by the zone) This will change the game dramaticaly ... but in A GOOD WAY. PUBG REVIVED! And all those changes means JUST A FEW SETTINGS! I realy hope to see this someday.
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    1) Movement fluidity has nothing to do with realism in this case. It is just gimped controlling wise. 2) this is not an argument 3) seems like the majority of players do not agree with you (since they stopped playing the game)
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    +1 санок достал, на мирамар вообще не пускает, викенди можно дождаться если подождать минут 10-15, но это слишком долго, эрангель просто надоел да и лута там мало очень. А ракетницы это вообще фейл года, в конце игры все в фулл т3 и пушками с дропов... Очень надеюсь что это ракетницу уберут в следующем патче. Нет я не против нововведений, но они должны быть адекватными и сбалансированными, а не такими, что ломают к чертям собачьим весь баланс. Имхо, лучше бы ввели систему воскрешений, по типу ареха. К примеру на определённых точках на карте, есть пунк вызова "подкрепления" или что то типо этого, и при следующем вылете самолёта с дропом, летел вызванный игрок ранее убитый в бою, естественно без оружия, или хотя бы с пистолетом. ЛИБО! использовать эту же ракетницу для вызова убитых напарников. К примеру, если вся команда жива, то вызывается дроп, если кто то из сквада погиб, то на самолёт выбрасывает его. Имхо это лучшая реализация ракетницы
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