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    So, I was just playing solos on Vikendi. About 30 left and who do i spot in the kill feed, only @Critic.....I was desperate to meet up with him but sadly I was killed by a bush wookie. Said bush wookie made it to the final two up against @Critic! Here's what happened 😃https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/majorclagnut/video/69266421
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    Hahaha, I like that mate.😆 Shame you got killed by him man, hopefully catch me again at some point. 👍
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    I didn’t feel like I should have to drop $100 but it do love this game. So before I had it this latest update was extremely rough even with a 1T external HDD I was altered putting to use (before the update it did the job 90% I’d say). After buying this bigger true SSD my rendering is flawless so far. I watch a streamer with an xbox X that hasn’t got the SSD and my OG renders way faster than his. So yes it sucks to pay extra for one game but I play it only and at the end of the day if you’re considering buying one then just do it. Rendering is there before I land and so are guns.
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    I couldnt care less which games you play or why. seriously. I care about this one and improving it, you have very strong claims against the game, with no proof or anything to back it up whatsoever. Why you expect a super special treatment? what differs this post from any other rant anywhere?
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    Easy, if you died then they had M+K.
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    t my kids will be fully grown when this will happen sorry for the hate . but i'm disappointed . p.s. - i don't have kids yet.
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    Who says that it won't happen? I just pointed out that its a tough task, not that its impossible or unlikely to happen
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    Updating a game engine is an incredibly difficult thing to do, especially when the current version of the engine has been extensively modified to suit PUBG's needs. Think of it like trying to put a modern day ferrari engine into one from the 70's - connectors won't just line up, a ton of modifications would be needed to make it fit, let alone all the work that would be required to upgrade the electronics so the engine could actually talk to the car and thats just assuming it was a stock version of the car with no modifications too! I'm sure they would love to be able to just flip a switch and update to the latest version, but i can assure you (as a software engineer myself) its not even remotely that simple.
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    Exactly! Jesus f+g christ, i had 3 permanent banmessages just this weekend, i played 2 rounds now only to be killed both rounds by 2 obvious wallhackers. One was surprise surprise DouYu_* What a total waste of time playing right now.... HELLO BLUEHOLE ? Haha... one guy won the round with 14 kills.... I can NOT understand how there isn't more people who see how many obvious cheaters there are... Either many people are just really dumb or cheaters thermselves and don't want a change.... The guy have 35 rounds played on that account only to proove exactly what im saying. "Permanent" bans are POINTLESS since they are back so fast with a new account anyway, This is really mindblowing how Bluehole don't take immediate action... Probably too busy working on the so important P90.... Jesus Christ.
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    @Bufo007Thanks for supplying me with the video, I will share it with the team. @wizardO3 First video seems to be an aiming issue, not anything else. Also, if you wish to report other issues it's best to make your own thread rather than adding to a thread made for an unrelated issue.
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    i will try to do it today and post it here. https://bit.ly/2I6AWH6 here you can see the foot others mentioned i cant replicate yesterday. Whenever i see it again i will give you example.
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    3 man squad wipe in less than 3 secs. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/xxj4yceexx/video/69211915
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    Won't stop others shooting you through walls or running you over with vehicles through buildings though.
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    Do like Apex and get rid of repeat cosmetics. It would make people happier. You know, the people that gave and give you money. That is all.
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    The game renders fine on my one x without an ssd. If the game was actually developed properly nobody would need to buy any extra hardware just to run 1 game.
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    That clip is a perfect example of why I never used down on the D-pad to heal, it either doesn't respond or it stays on the last item I used(like it's designed to do). In this case he had time to use a first aid but instead drank a energy drink which did nothing for his low hp. I still think the results would of remained the same but still he could've healed right there if he hadn't used down on the d-pad
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    Hi @SilverEzredes are you using a controller on PC by chance? We've received some reports of players saying that this bug has occurred to them whilst using a controller on PC.
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    Agreed. its time to stop with the constant Dups in every crate. Its beyond rediciulous. As is the tiny 30 bp you get in return for your 1000 bp you spent on a dup.
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    Untitled.mp4 Push the Botton and take us up
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    I took a silenced mini off a guy who didn’t need it anymore, and added a 4x. Very very nice. Delicious. https://xboxclips.com/stevecarsonr/00da4fcc-f0d1-4d1f-92e0-be50233f3a62 https://xboxclips.com/stevecarsonr/1893aa3e-01c6-4102-8e73-314fc694194e Wish I could have a silenced mini 4x every game.
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    I here ya 100%. I'm tired of being forced to drop to unrendered hot spots 15-20 times on Vikendi. Totally broken. I'm questioning why I bought the pass...I love the game and been with it since day 1 but I guess I'm just tired of this/disappointed.
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    They want you to buy the pass that’s all
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    An SSD helps all systems & all games, period. It allows the system to store and load file's faster than the system hardware allows. The only issue currently is the (pubg's) coded optimization and L.O.D .
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    Hi, das ist ganz unterschiedlich je nach Stärke der Teams bzw. Interesse der einzelnen Spieler. Wir machen da keine Bestimmung, manche Teams spielen zusammen, damit sich 4 Leute finden, um koordinierte und ordentliche Casual Runden zu machen und wieder andere spielen so oft es geht Faceit als Training um dann ESL, Starladder, GLL etc. zu spielen. Das Ganze mit dem Ziel so weit wie möglich nach oben zu kommen. Auch beim Training ist das unterschiedlich zwischen den Teams. Manche einfach sobald alle Member da sind, wieder andere haben feste Trainingszeiten, was auch wieder von 1-2 mal die Woche bis hin zu 5 mal die Woche reicht. So gesehen denke ich ist bei uns für jeden Typ Spieler etwas dabei. Ich hoffe ich konnte dir helfen 😃 Viele Grüße Jan "EefFenZ"
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    i did get knocked but still pretty funny. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/bri113/video/69207085 Squad wipe CAR ONLY LOLZ
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    Do you know how an authentication works. There is no information that can be used to steal anything from you. It actually prevents that as the phone has to be used to sign in preventing someone else from signing into your account. All Major gaming platforms use including Steam. You have a right to not use technology that you dont trust. We also have a right to play in a hacker free environment. To not take drastic measures to prevent hackers is irresponsible. I know there are alternative options for authentication out there. Perhaps they can be included as options. But something must be done because these hackers are just running rampant in the games.
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    Still 4.16. Which is hiliarious because they were complaining about Epic Games not offering any help, yet they are still using an old build that doesn't have a ton of what Epic has done. They have their own updates to their build of course, but we can see how well that's going considering the game is regressing everytime they update it.
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    Unload a mag in someone in training mode on xbox u will see that alot of shots dont register. do it on ps4 and u see all the shots. Hit registration is definatly broken on xbox. People go down alot easier on ps4 u can tell the diffrence night and day
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    4.14 if this is to be believed https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=i&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwjalf36xbTgAhW9DWMBHb_LDGgQzPwBegQIARAC&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.reddit.com%2Fr%2FPUBATTLEGROUNDS%2Fcomments%2F75351s%2Fpubg_is_using_an_outdated_version_of_unreal_engine%2F&psig=AOvVaw0yvHui-ZfvJdoQ56JvDr89&ust=1550004258262842 but I don’t know if it’s been updated since
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    Lol, with that kind of performance of course we are not on more than 4.16 or 17, When PUBG will get the latest version (with most important Vulkan support) then we will get at least 30% boost in fps
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    Title pretty much says it all
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    Bei mir ist das Spiel seit dem letzten Update quasi überhaupt nicht mehr spielbar. Ich versuch mich durch die Dailys zu quälen und spiel dann andere Spiele. Wobei Miramar deutlich am flüssigsten läuft (um 50fps) und Viken di deutlich am schlechtesten (selten mehr als 10fps). Ansonsten dass sich das Spiel häufig schließt oder sowas
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    VSS blind fire headshot lol https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/xmeat-slinger-x/video/69146794
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    With all the desync, lag, rendering issues.... Moments like this, is what keeps me playing. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/badbatch5040/video/69081475
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    it's me I'm back! what's the salty conversation about today?
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    No... but PUBG sure likes to use the reddit page for stuff. Instead of their official forums......
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    VEHICLES ARE EVERYWHERE. At this point you should know where they can spawn. Just run along the roads and you'll find one fairly quick (I always look for them as I am parachuting down). Head toward the middle of the 2nd or 3rd circle in your vehicle and running is not an issue for the rest of the game. Months ago they also made more dirt paths on the map so you don't have to take only roads. It's those people that play it like Sanhok - that stay near the edge of the circle w/out a vehicle and run run run, that spend the whole game running. Very foolish.
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    Thats my bad the guy got banned from Pubg for cheating. Proof
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    If you miss the Mini14 on Sanhok, pick up a QBU. While not quite as good as the Mini, it's a fine substitute. I also prefer these 5.56mm DMRs, especially over the SKS. I am absolute steaming dog ass at hitting long-distance shots with the SKS.
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    The bullet speed is why i love it. Thing shoots lazers
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    thought I was in a good position to get an air drop last night... https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/pajama-dad/video/67041674
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    Second one is funnier but both really good clips https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/world-ceres/video/67039386 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/world-ceres/video/66540824
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    Yaklaşık 3 gün önce sorunsuz bir şekilde oyuna girdim ve 1-2 maç attım ardından 1 saatlik bir ara verip tekrar oyuna girdim halihazırda oyundayken bi anda oyunum dondu görev yöneticisi aracılığıyla oyunu kapattım tekrardan açtığımda ''Steam'dan men edildin'' yazısını gördün şok oldum oyunu kapalı betasından beri oynuyorum ilk defa başıma böyle bir olay geldi ve nedenini bilmiyorum banımın kaldırılmasını rica ediyorum
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    I have my own little follower called Skyhun. I wish he'd speak though.
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