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    I have had the game for a year now and this is my first Fried Chicken Dinner! https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/mrsoggywaffle25/video/69180761
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    Been off this game for a good 5-6 weeks and come back to a new map, played it a few times but dropping hot is a nightmare due to rendering (even on an x) got annoyed with it so went back to the normal map playlist to find out rendering has even gotten worse on them too. Extremely disappointed tbh, I know they’ve addressed the issue in their report but needs an update soon.
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    Please elaborate https://www.xboxclips.com/dubstanKz/f1616ea1-2e1a-4cdb-a68a-4ddbbce8a25b
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    Please bring in this new update so I can figure out if I’m going to keep paying for Xbox Live gold or not. Rendering has been my biggest issue since before they launched 1.0
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    I think most people would say just the opposite. This game was pretty rough when it first came out and it has slowly become a much better game.
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    Solution - go play another game. I've tried them all and they all have there merits but I always come back. PUBG is progressing.
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    I think it's time to realize that this game is dead and the devs literally don't care. They made their money and that's all that matters. It's only a matter of time before they stop communicating with us for good. They are probably working on their next game already. No other game killed pubg, pubg killed itself. It's honestly embarrassing.
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    Pubg made a resurgence after COD Blackout lost the novelty and made poor updates regarding the armor system , but can they rebound after the release of Apex? I don’t know because the free to play model of Apex, along with a legit studio behind it is making Pubgs player base dwindle day by day. The buzz is only getting louder and Pubg needs to adapt or it’s really at risk now . This Vikendi release isn’t enough and the bugs that the new map has brought, like going underneath the map into the water, is not helping.
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    Hello PUBGers and PUBG staff, I noticed today i received my wonderful pink hat and vikendi shades for the scavenger hunt. I was stoooooked about it. I went out and came back home to play and show off my exclusive gear to my mates and it was gone... what happened? I deleted my images of the scavenger hunt... Does this mean i dont get my wonderful exclusive pink hat and vikendi shades? I want them back.. please help some one any one. My user name on xbox live is countRICKter.
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    t my kids will be fully grown when this will happen sorry for the hate . but i'm disappointed . p.s. - i don't have kids yet.
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    Who says that it won't happen? I just pointed out that its a tough task, not that its impossible or unlikely to happen
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    they should release a separate game for the players that play on xbox one x , why should my console be capped , ????? because the other can't run pubg properly? sell the game only for xbox one x , and that should do it . maaaan . i'm starting to hate this game so much. and it's an amazing game . but the devs ... ?????? they made milllions and millions ,and they can't hire better devs to work on the game . or the game is so broken nobody can fix it . unless they remake it from 0
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    Updating a game engine is an incredibly difficult thing to do, especially when the current version of the engine has been extensively modified to suit PUBG's needs. Think of it like trying to put a modern day ferrari engine into one from the 70's - connectors won't just line up, a ton of modifications would be needed to make it fit, let alone all the work that would be required to upgrade the electronics so the engine could actually talk to the car and thats just assuming it was a stock version of the car with no modifications too! I'm sure they would love to be able to just flip a switch and update to the latest version, but i can assure you (as a software engineer myself) its not even remotely that simple.
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    Exactly! Jesus f+g christ, i had 3 permanent banmessages just this weekend, i played 2 rounds now only to be killed both rounds by 2 obvious wallhackers. One was surprise surprise DouYu_* What a total waste of time playing right now.... HELLO BLUEHOLE ? Haha... one guy won the round with 14 kills.... I can NOT understand how there isn't more people who see how many obvious cheaters there are... Either many people are just really dumb or cheaters thermselves and don't want a change.... The guy have 35 rounds played on that account only to proove exactly what im saying. "Permanent" bans are POINTLESS since they are back so fast with a new account anyway, This is really mindblowing how Bluehole don't take immediate action... Probably too busy working on the so important P90.... Jesus Christ.
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    @Bufo007Thanks for supplying me with the video, I will share it with the team. @wizardO3 First video seems to be an aiming issue, not anything else. Also, if you wish to report other issues it's best to make your own thread rather than adding to a thread made for an unrelated issue.
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    i will try to do it today and post it here. https://bit.ly/2I6AWH6 here you can see the foot others mentioned i cant replicate yesterday. Whenever i see it again i will give you example.
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    It’s slightly embarrassing to find myself above the demigod known as Thumbless GaGa on the inappropriately named "Leaderboard". I mean I’m not that far behind him in kdr, or win rate.. umm.. errr.. Anyway, so I did read the release from PUBG about this board. Understood. It’s just the name is wrong. It’s not a Leaderboard. Perhaps "Addictionboard" might not find favor but some alternative is surely needed. Just putting it out there. Seeing as I've started.. my suggestion on actual leaderboard stuff for PUBG.. most of us who love this game are never going to be on a real Leaderboard, and aren’t the slightest bit upset about that. No natural talent, etc. However, knowing that for a kdr of 1.3 you are (for kdr) in the top 10% of people who’ve played more than x games this month or week - that is quite interesting. Maybe it’s the top 30%. We don’t know. Likewise for wins. Anyway, when I first started playing this game in March last year, and explored each of the menu options there was something saying that I was in the top 1.3M. Yes, I was that awesome. I worked out that the NA solo TPP server had 1.3M players. Simple logic. So when the new real Leaderboard comes out, some metric of where we are is pretty interesting. The old system had an elo rating but was obviously badly flawed as I would go from top 49% on win rating to the top 2% on win rating from one day to the next without any new wins. And back. The kill rating was a bit less flawed on that measure, as I would bounce around between 0.6% to 5%, But clearly even that range is not possible.
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    When they release a skate 4 I’ll play other games lol
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    Lol ik my phones been acting weird lately
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    It never went away. Lag compensation has no limits and ping based matchmaking doesn't prioritize low ping players properly. Best thing to do is to only play FPP or join custom TPP matches to avoid a large chunk of the Chinese playerbase. I hate FPP in PUBG, the camera feels way off, but it's the only way I can get consistent matches without massive lag or desync from other players.
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    That awkward moment when you get 5+ kills a game and have hardly any issues at all.
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    There is such a long learning curve with PUBG and with the current performance issues......... even if it were free I think they would have a hard time keeping people around. I stuck with it for a while because I paid for it so I felt I had to give it a chance. Games like Apex I downloaded, played it for 5 minutes and deleted it. I had no skin in the game.
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    lol so you find a game that you prefer to PUBG but you still find time to come back and troll PUBG forums... +10 troll dedication props sir
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    Won't stop others shooting you through walls or running you over with vehicles through buildings though.