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    In the hills in the south west of Miramar, I’d just taken out the 2nd to last opponent, and dropped into a shallow dip to heal - he’d almost taken me out. Finished healing, I get back up, and I hear running in the near distance, shots, followed immediately by a grenade explosion — “Winner, winner, chicken dinner!” I think - huh - did he screw up? No. The replay shows him at the top of a rise, with a sniper rifle targeting my head for the ENTIRE heal. Then, as I rise, he turns and runs a short distance in the opposite direction, releases an underhand grenade AWAY from me, down the hill - and he suicides - shooting - as he runs into the grenade. HE LET ME WIN! A fking pity clap! 😡 ROFL.
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    Is there anyone else done with this game for the time being and waiting for better performance? Or are you guys just dealing with the problems? I feel like if everyone on console stopped playing for a period of time that would send a message to the devs that this games state is unacceptable and embarrassing.
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    Im also taking a break,most of my friends all went to apex, and i really can’t get into apex no matter how much i try,meanwhile im finishing games that I haven’t finished yet, I really hope one day they get this game better and fully optimized, apologize for my bad English
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    How else are we suppose to get these issues looked at? The more people that make the same complaints the better is the way I see it. I rather see the same complaints then people pretending nothings wrong. And the people that pretend nothing is wrong are the guys with connection advantage on everyone else. If they’re enjoying the game that much they should be off the fourms and on the game.
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    Here we go with another...." I don't like the way someone else has decided to play the game so the developers need to address it to force them to play the way I want them to play" threads. I think we should get a new sub-forum and it can be titled: Make Them Conform Then all these "concerns" can be posted there and ignored as a group by everyone, including the developers.
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    If you set the default firing mode for ARs to auto burst only weapons, like the M16 and Mutant, are set to burst when picked up. I don't use burst, so I have to switch the firing mode to single. This defeats the purpose of having the default firing mode since I still have to check if the weapon is set properly. Having an option to automatically set the weapon to single fire if auto is not available would fix this minor inconvenience.
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    Just another light hearted thread - respite from the doom and gloom on most. No need to post about issues - plenty of other threads on that. One of the other things I love about this game is the little stories that play out. So whats your most comical/favourite kill or moment? Mine happened earlier this week. Erangel - and dropped into the Mansion as I always do (creature of habit) This time though was close to flight path so had plenty of company. Ran into the big 3 storey building - and scrambled around trying to find a weapon. But nothing! All I got was a grenade. Started to panic a little. Running around like a headless chicken waving by nade around! Then ran into the small bedroom at the back - only to see a guy waiting there - with a shotgun in hand. We both stared at each other - for one of those split seconds that feels like an eternity! I love those moments. You both are thinking 'shit!!!' I was trying to run through mental calculation if I could run out of the room before he fired / throw the nade / jump out of a window / or just run directly at him like a loon. He came to his senses quicker - and unloaded a barrel point blank into me... But not before I pulled the pin! Only he didn't notice that.... As I ascended into the ghost realm and watched him start looting my lifeless corpse (not exactly sure what you expect to look from a bloke waving only a nade in his hand)...I waited as the seconds ticked down - and then Boom! Yeah mother f***** - you are going straight to hell with me! MuahaHahHAHAhAHHAhhhahaHaHA
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    Its close to 2 years now, and I cant understand why there keep coming new bugs on the game. Now the Lobby is moving so slow 1 fps? MAtchmaking sometimes only gets 55 in a map and then people are leaving again? The Deathcam is so bad that you think everyone is cheating. The spond of loot items is lacking when you start the game? The game keep crashing even when you are at wave 4 or 5 I love this game but I get so mad why those issues cant be fixed. You have earned a lot of money on the game, so fix all those issues/bux or whatever you will call them.
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    I stopped playing recently after the recent patch. My biggest issues with the game is the company choices and communication. 1. They knew about the matchmaking issue, it was the same on pc, the originial patch was suppose to happen in november, they delayed it and still they release it with the exact same problem. 2. They knew about the rendering problems on vikendi, hell it has been a problem since miramar. They promised to fix castle, they must have known that people would fell through, still they released it. if your rendering is such a problem, optimize it for Xbox one x, it worked before.. people are using sdd, making it an unfair playing field anyway. 3. How hard is it to ask the customer what they want. Now im talking about the map selection, im sorry to tell you, but miramar is your least favorite map. You need to accept it. I know there are some people that like the more slow paced game, but you are a minority. Just make a poll of possible map rotations that doesnt kill the playerbase on selective maps, example mini and big royale, two map each. I got 450wins and have played the shit out of this game the last year. My squad has left the game, we will most likely come back if things changes, but right now eu squad are missing another 4 players when trying to fill up a lobby after late midnight cest. Pubg corp lost a lot of their communication when nico stepped down, i suggest that they bring someone new to host a bi-weekly/monthly ask/answer shoe until things actually get fixed. Let the goodbye felicia comments rain✌
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    Why do you make fun of people that post things that were already posted? Have you ever made a productive post?
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    Pretty sure this says he killed you with an M4 not an M16..... after you died.
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    game is unplayable for me waiting for patch.
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    Yeah I shared the same sentiment in early June. I called for players to boycott. I even stopped playing myself until 1.0 figuring they must have made huge improvements to go 1.0 but no it went backwards. I quit the game again and recently just reinstalled it. I played a few games on Tuesday afternoon and have to admit it feels a lot better than it used to. There is still a lot of work to do but if they stay on the optimization/performance track this game will get really fun and enjoyable enough for me to play it regularly. Until then I'll continue playing it every so often like I've been.
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    Harold I can't help to notice that your 3000 hours of play has resulted in 6.4% win. 5.9% in solos. Doesn't sound that easy. I'm 5000 games less and total wins around 5% and I consider myself average player at most. Nice clip but I hate braggers. In another post you hated how somebody laid in the grass at the edge of blue. In your another youtube clip you camp in a building at the edge of blue and kill a squad. What's the difference? I'll just leave this here.
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    Just remove TPP mode, this is the best option.
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    You took damage from jumping off the bike and he started shooting you before you shot him. Plus your free aiming and still moving whilst shooting and your expecting 100% accuracy with a AR?
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    Hello everyone, Over the last few weeks, many of our players have been experiencing performance issues on the new map, Vikendi. Specifically, players are experiencing long rendering/loading times or vehicles flying and/or falling through the map. We know these issues in particular have been big pain points for the community, and we’re sorry for any frustration caused by them. We’d like to take some time today to explain why these issues are happening and what we’re doing to fix them. Rendering/Loading Vikendi is composed of a lot of Static Mesh, and the Material/Textures used are larger than other maps. This means that loading times are naturally longer, which is why we added some optimizations to help reduce the level loading time. Despite the optimizations, the delay remains due to the sheer amount of textures used on Vikendi. The game can only load a limited amount of files simultaneously. Items that must be loaded (Level and Texture Loading) go to the Loading Queue, and are loaded one at a time. While Vikendi was optimized for loading, we suspect that the loading wait time is becoming longer because the textures used on Vikendi are larger than other maps, thus forcing large amounts of data in the Loading Queue. In addition, since Vikendi was designed to have many small villages, the size/position of the Grid became different from the existing maps, causing many borders to overlap. To reduce the size and frequency of the hitches, the grid was divided into smaller sizes which reduced the amount of data and boosted the loading speed. However, if a player covers a long distance too fast, they could incur larger Loading Tasks. The ground has the highest loading priority, loading faster than the nearest buildings. However, if the player rides a vehicle and crosses borders continuously, more Loading Tasks are created and added to the queue. If other external factors occur, creating a situation where they interfere with the loading, it may cause the large delay players have been experiencing. Flying/Falling Vehicles This is caused by the Level of Detail (LOD) 0 not being loaded in the area where the player is positioned (this can technically happen on any map). If LOD 0 is not loaded in due to the delayed queue, the result is situations where vehicles are either flying above or falling below the ground. Optimizations were made to secure memory for the ground height-field collision and were implemented on the December PTS before being pushed to live in January. Before this optimization, there was collision data memory for the whole map, so even if loading takes a long time, the player would not fly above or fall below the ground standing on LOD 1. It seems that the flying/falling bug is caused because there is no collision data for LOD 1 after the optimization. What we’re doing We’re working on further optimizing the Loading Queue so that building assets will load in faster. We’re also looking into keeping the collision data in the memory from before the optimization mentioned above - but this could have its own downsides so we will need to monitor it closely. As we tackle these issues, we’ll continue to provide updates when any progress is made. And of course, we’ll be sure to announce when we’re deploying any patches to help with these issues. We don’t have an exact ETA for fixes to provide as of yet, but we’ll provide another update in the near future. As always, thank you for your patience. Thanks, PUBG Console Team
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    Yes, please ban VPN users immediately, we don't want you on NA either!
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    Add me and we can get some games goin sometime this week , GT: BG Millss
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    Was this Dev update a joke or something its like they said to us we know the issues with the game we've heard from yous and just deal with the issues and there may be a fix for them in the near future 10 days its took them to gather this information. its like they've just gave up they've been going on for weeks in the dev letters with these technical terms on what there going to change going into depth that only a few people only understand but nothing actually getting put to the game and they seem to think the problems are just in vikendi they need to look and listen closer
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    Why is grenade spam inherently different than bullet spam? What makes this a "problem"?
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    This topic makes me so happy as this just makes me sure how full of whiny players PUBG is. OP is enjoying his game and while people should support him they are complaining about how it was played wrong. In combat you do what you need to do. Well played. It gives me joy to know every time I kill someone he might think I did it wrong and hurt his/hers butt a bit.
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    GG OP. Its BR you survive using any means necessary. I hate dying to prone opponents but, it happens. To the ones that are saying "Nothing good comes from prone gaming style". Apparently getting into the final circle doesn't count.... I would have done the same thing; his entire squad was wiped and he encountered 3 enemies. Explain how running in guns blazing on three scattered targets with the blue at your back is better then the prone attack?
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    Whats stopping you to store grenades if thats such an easy gameplay?
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    Maybe like hold LT and hit left or right on D-pad?