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    Blackout is so easy, apex is so easy.. if you can get PUBG down every first person shooter will be a breeze, the recoil will feel like nothing everything will just be easier. The skill gap between PUBG and other FPS is just crazy and that my friends is why it will always be the top game but that’s also why it’s not for everyone
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    Miramar is my favorite map by far and my highest kill games come from it. Love using the ridges in the open areas for cover.
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    Yeah just played Apex. Didnt give me the slightest buzz. Cons : No tension at all. Gimmicky abilities which are mostly useless. Can really tell one automatic weapon from another. Cringey dialogue audio and voice accents. Massive TTK and almost limitless ability to heal. Pros Its highly polished at 60 FPS with a good UI and that’s it. Might put this one when my 10 / 11 year old niece and nephew come over but I probably wont bother with it. Its more for the under 18s crowd. I can’t speak for all mature gamers but if you’re into pubg for what it is then Apex won’t scratch that itch. There may be some attrition where squeakers are concerned.
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    Come on guys, whats next? After playing Apex Legends and enjoying the crap out of it, I wonder if PUBG will ever try and make a proper come back. Its been over a year and we still dont have a stable frame rate, the loading of buildings is broken even on the X, the rate at which we get updates is ridiculously slow.
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    I play pubg for the nice gun mechanics. If they remove that, im done.
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    Last night I played 9 games, I got 28 kills and 2 dinners on solo! All I’m gonna say is god bless Apex Legends for taking the good players away for a bit 😂
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    Off topic. But geez crossplay between the two platforms would be sweet. Would really help boost play numbers in the smaller regions and in off-peak times. Come on Bluehole.
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    Chill it isn’t the first and won’t be the last BR to come to Xbox. People who want a more realistic BR will go to Pubg because when it comes to a video game, it is more realistic than the others and more tactical. It’s going to always take a hit but the hardcore player base will always come back.
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    Thats one minute and thirty seconds longer than i usually last I agree with OP, PUBG has a higher skill ceiling than any other shooter i've played. No aim assist, no hit markers, weapons that actually have recoil, 1 life with no respawns, etc etc. I think this is part of the reason why PUBG has been so successful, it's virtually impossible to master it but most of us love the challenge of 'trying' to master it.
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    What about if your only good at TPP? ** insert Michael Jackson popcorn gif **
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    Well if that’s the case how come almost 80% of my friends list who I normally see on pubg are now on Apex? They are obviously in the same category, both shooters, same basic concepts in terms of looting, survival, the circle etc. Apex isn’t a bloody driving game is it? Its like saying Battlefield doesn’t compete with Cod, of course it does. The topic requires no research, it ain’t rocket science. Oh, and of course it’s relevant. Especially on this forum where things can’t be learnt from the competition, it’s the basis and driving force for improvement. Also there’s no meaning to “wind your neck out”.
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    Cross play with PS4 would help queue times
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    For me it's: - peeking from the same spot that last time to put a bullet in "his f*****g head" and finish the shootout; - throwing a grenade at the worst time possible, can't manage to cancel the throw and have it explode on my feet; - vaulting only to find out that my opponents barrel is stuck in my nose. I think that these points are part of my bad behavior. 😀
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    first of all i have played pubg since 2 weeks after preview release, i went through all the black screens, all the dy-sync problems even when the cars would just blow up for hitting a leaf on the road and way worse. even then pubg was my go to game, i have played 1000's of hours. the game eventually got boring but i still thought of it as the best game out there, then sanhok hit and omg it was a fresh new game again! so much loot so much shooting hitting 16-17 kill games with ease, now with the new update vikendi is a good map but the wind is ridicuous gives me a head ache after acouple hpurs of playing and the older maps are absolute B.S for loot and shooting you spend 3/4 of the game looking through houses and the first 10 houses have nothing but handguns and 2 barrel shotguns while the next team over hit's ak's m4's and lvl 3 gear. this happens literately 9 out of 10 times. and i seriously hate playing 6-8 games of shit just to get sanhok once. i literely hate not being able to chose sanhok so much that i went out and bought black ops 4. for blackout. even tho thats not very good either but id prefer to play fortnite! and i hate that game more than anything!! now that having to be stuck spending 20mins on the old maps just looking for a weapon or getting killed by people over n over because i have nothing but a handgun. please please please blue hole put the sanhok option back in i am sick of looting and just waiting for the timer to go down on the old maps! and miramar is the worse map i have ever played on any game ever! i feel depressed when it comes on and i hate losing games played just by quitting! i am absolutely furious that i just dnt want to play your game anymore. it literately depresses me. you sucked to begin with against AAA games, but now your worse than a free to play game. WOW
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    If you're good on PUBG any game with aim assist you'll be fine at.
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    Oh it would be like... 0 0 0 0 20 0 0 0 20 0 0 20 YOU DIED.
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    I love pubg but have been playing Apex since it came out. I agree it does not capture intensity of pubg but it also doesn't frustrate me at all. I have really been enjoying Apex but played a ton of halo so the high TTK doesn't bother me. I personally think high TTK games require a lot more skill than others because you can't camp in a bush and kill someone right away with an ump. Time will tell if it has staying power. Right now most of my friends list is playing it. One other Pro, does not require SSD purchase to work properly.
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    If it's on youtube, it must be true.
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    Only BR that could ever take me away from PUBG is PUBG 2
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    Everytime I’ve searched for them I could buy one quite easily..... to be fair I’ve only looked them up once before but I just checked again and loads of places are selling them. The majority of console players are not going out of their way to buy these devices because most console players haven’t used a KnM before for gaming and if they have they’ve got a gaming pc! Yea you might get the odd try hard with them but that’s a rare occasion. Most cases of accusations are just people crying that they got outplayed with no actual proof of anything
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    Honestly it’s not as bad as everyone makes out... people are just really good with a controller. I’ve played over 2500 matches I think and only once I’ve suspected somebody using a MnK. I know it probably makes you guys feel better when you die but just blame yourself instead of thinking of excuses on how they killed you.