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    Post your best Kar98 clips here https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/world-ceres/video/66386401 just got this pretty decent one earlier! 💪👍
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    https://youtu.be/nPXoAjyeEEo dude thought he was going to get away! Aha 😂 Sorry idk how to embed the video like I see others do here. So I had to settle for pasting the link 😢
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    Hello everyone, Welcome to the second edition of the Console Dev Report series! For those who missed out the first post of this series where we touched on the “viewing spectrum and how it affects the game's performance, feel free to check it out here: [Xbox] [PS4] In today's post, we will be going over GPU time and how various factors can play their roles to reduce GPU time. What is GPU Time? GPU time, simply put, is the time the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) takes to calculate a single frame. The more GPU calculations required, the longer the GPU time will be. GPU times directly contribute towards the FPS (frames per second) you see while playing and increased GPU times can directly impact performance. There are numerous factors that affect GPU time, including the time it takes to render all the different visual elements of the game you see on-screen. The GPU is a processor that handles computer graphics. It draws millions of pixels on the screen each frame (multiple times per second). The number of pixels contained on-screen is determined by the resolution used. The higher the resolution, the more pixels and more detail that can be shown on the image each frame, but also the more processing power required. When comparing 4K resolution to the most commonly used 1080p resolutions, 4K has 4 times as many pixels as 1080p. That means the amount of data a GPU needs to process comparatively increases 4 times, which in turn increases the GPU time. Dynamic Resolution Note: The Dynamic Resolution option is currently being optimized and will be available on both PS4 and Xbox One in a future update. Dynamic resolution is a feature in which the resolution changes dynamically according to the number of GPU calculation required. It changes the resolution from 1440p to 4K in real-time, with a variable refresh rate. In circumstances when you’re in and match and the GPU is under heavy processing load, the resolution will be lowered automatically temporarily in order to ensure stable performance. We'd like to show you how the dynamic resolution option affects GPU times with the graph below. Please bear in mind that the graph is measuring GPU time in milliseconds, this graph is not showing frames per second. So, in this instance, lower is better. * GPU Time shown in the graph above calculated using an Xbox One X. A 20% improvement in processing speed for GPU times is observed with dynamic resolution turned on. A lower GPU time means the GPU can process each frame more quickly, which leads to improved and more stable performance! GPU Instance Culling GPU Instance Culling has been enabled since 1.0 for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro and we’ve made many improvements since its initial implementation to increase performance. We’ll be making additional improvements to GPU Instance Culling in the future, including in the next live server update. You can read more about those upcoming changes further down in this section. Please be aware that the upcoming improvements to GPU Instance Culling are still being optimized for 1st gen PS4 as well as 1st gen Xbox One and S models and will be implemented at a later date. You can find many dense forests in Erangel, Sanhok, and Vikendi. To achieve the best performance possible, trees with the same model are rendered using “instancing”. This reduces the processing cost of drawing a single tree, so the GPU can draw the forest shown below without waiting for additional draw calls (resource-intensive requests for the GPU to perform tasks) to be issued. Reducing the number of draw calls by instancing as many trees with the same model within the viewing distance as possible, the overall cost for drawing the trees is reduced, leading to improved performance. But what would happen if you scope in using a 8x scope? Level of Detail (LOD) plays a big part in achieving the desired performance, as objects are drawn in different quality levels depending on their distance from the player. In a normal (non-scoping) state, only the closest trees within the first instance are drawn as LOD 0 (the highest object detail), but when scoping in, all instances including the targeted trees seen through the scope are drawn as LOD 0, causing GPU time to increase (lower performance) by significant amounts. When you scope in, the viewing distance is extended so the distant trees can be viewed in higher detail. In the figure above, you will only see 3 to 7 trees through the scope, but the GPU will try to draw every instance that hits the view spectrum. Using instances in this case is a significant drawback because it will draw unnecessary trees, whereas if you didn't use instances only 7 trees will be drawn. The object's level of detail (LOD) is determined by proportionate size on-screen, and the object's cull distance decides whether the object will be rendered at all, based on distance from the player. With some upcoming optimizations to GPU Instance Culling, our goal is to increase performance both through not rendering high level of detail objects which aren’t shown on screen and developing a smarter process to determine which objects are processed when instancing and in which order. Since the GPU is aware of all object LODs, only the low LOD models will then be chosen to be instanced, after examining all instances. Then, the rendering process is performed in front-to-back order. We call this select-and-process GPU Instance Culling. The graph below compares GPU time when GPU Instance Culling is on and off in 4K resolution. * GPU Time measured while scoped in using a 8x scope. * GPU Time shown in the graph above calculated using an Xbox One X. We see a more stable result and around a 30% improvement in GPU time with GPU Instance Culling On. Without GPU Instance Culling, you can see GPU times are longer and fluctuate considerably. We hope you enjoyed this week's post, and hope to see you with another edition in two weeks! Thanks, The PUBG Team
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    Anyone have any idea how many people are using keyboards and mouse? I assume some people *ARE* pretty good with the controller , but i've run into a couple people where their crosshairs is jumping around a bit too quickly/accurately to be on a controller of course it's impossible to know for sure, but I feel like this game may have a lot of these types of players thoughts?
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    Yea but people are going to bitch just to bitch. In the end bluehole can’t please everyone. But the problem is with society today. People always want things THEIR way anymore and can’t accept things to be any other way. Is pubg on console perfect? No, far from it. It only runs at 30 FPS, it has bugs and glitches. Bluehole takes their oh so sweet time with patches, etc. even with all those problems, this is still the best game I’ve literally ever played. Why? Because it flat out has the best gun play mechanics I’ve ever seen, I’ve played them all but pubg takes the cake even over AAA titles like BF/COD IMO of course. But then again pro players like Shroud have said the same thing. Most other games can’t offer what pubg offers emotionally either. I’ve NEVER had a game that brings me so much frustration to the point of almost having a ps controller shaped hole in my tv then turn right around 2 seconds later and get my adrenaline pumping so fast. The absolute crazy ass random shit that WILL happen with vehicles, wether it being hitting literally NOTHING on a motorcycle and exploding in glorious fashion, or running a morado over a hill at 150 kmh, landing said morado on the roof of a building a shooting bad guys who are in utter disbelief to the point they literally can’t react and become easy kills. I mean this game has it all, despite its flaws. but at the end of the day I choose to play where it runs smoother over where it looks better. But with the new graphic options coming to Xbox I assume they’ll both be on par after that releases
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    it must be down to shooting styles then because i love the mini
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    Nice shot. I never hit any that far. I have shit loads saved but here's some of my more recent K9 and M24 shots.. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/nathholloran/video/66097889 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/nathholloran/video/66384790 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/nathholloran/video/66097908 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/nathholloran/video/65725346 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/nathholloran/video/64902277 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/nathholloran/video/64297852 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/nathholloran/video/66388124 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/nathholloran/video/63068822 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/nathholloran/video/61542879
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    Yup, the fact that PUBG corp doses nothing towards this matter is quite frustrating. I've been told repeatedly from fortnite players about how their game can detect and block M&K and XIM users automatically, but here it's just an open range.. And I play the PC too, lots of hours, and I've seen some PC movement on the PS4. Too fast and accurate to be anything else and I've seen console beasts, there is still some quirkiness to analog aiming and the combination of controls which is just illogical. Sometimes even too excessive rain of single shots can prove that, since as far as I know you can only shoot with the trigger right now, squeezing that amount of accurate fast shots, you can tell it's not a fire rate of a console controller.
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    это идиотские квесты делают там...
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    Apparently you have a original ps4 because on my slim it runs fine. If you are worried so much bout all that goto PC . Even when I run through my smoke grenades it barely lags. Something o. Your end is off..... FYI I came from xbox and ps4 runs alot smoother
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    It's not that easy but I have forwarded the suggestions that the community have made onto the team. Thanks
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    Well I get that but you're wrong. As there are tons a tons of people on xbox forums. I would say that it's somewhat indicative of player base.
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    Unfortunately no built in mute function. I guess I'm forced to use hamza's solution until Bluehole implements a button or a push to talk bind. No worries, I've been hanging around on gaming communities probably since before he was born. I know my trolls Thank you for your answer! I'll have him set up a party for the time being then, until hopefully Bluehole fixes this and implements and feature for this. This thread can be closed.
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    Sorry for the guy above, Communities like these are always cancerous. Anyway, there is no option within the ps4 menu or pubg to disable the mic. But there are a couple of other options. You can create a party but set it to private. Whenever a party is created all mic audio goes to the party instead of the game. Another way is to buy cheap headphones which dont come with a mic, you can find these on ebay or amazon. Just search headphones instead of ps4 headset.
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    True but if you’re using a big boy scope (well me anyway) I’m already ADS before I look to the target, and if I’m using big boy scope and get into it up close I just shoulder aim
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    I have been on a train of a different thought when it comes to this. My favorite gun in the game has been the UMP since I first started playing on xbox almost a year ago, BEFORE it became the god gun with the lightweight grip. Give me an ump and a 6x and on burst I’ll out snipe a lot of folks, @Mr. Smalls can attest to this
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    In any moment in the match you can press option, and go to team management, there you can mute off your team.
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    Люблю ачивки, квесты и т.д. Это моя слабость )
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    Not really K98 releated but still pleased with the shot that I pulled off with the Winchester. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/korma-chameleon/video/66391175
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    Переустановка вин 8.1 на вин 10 решила проблему.
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    A few clips I put together the other day: https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/cequana/video/66393931
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    That was pretty fun, free headshot for me😭
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    А вот это правильно. Было бы хорошо, если бы была возможность искать игру из 2 или 3 карт.
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    some of my favs from sanhok https://xboxclips.com/XxESCxXLUKE1333/0ed08169-0a7e-4c85-ac56-d55ee5f7b50f https://xboxclips.com/XxESCxXLUKE1333/040be6af-7439-42d8-9ba9-c9f43840150d some this weekend on vikendi https://xboxclips.com/XxESCxXLUKE1333/0104e30c-a596-4958-9d16-1dfb765b548e https://xboxclips.com/XxESCxXLUKE1333/0e8ba99e-7c24-4a0d-a5af-937f09a7df76
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    My fave 2 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/majorclagnut/video/65143655 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/majorclagnut/video/64754465 Because I like it when they run 😂 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/majorclagnut/video/64760608 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/majorclagnut/video/66216909
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    Great shot! always nice to shoot someone out of a moving car and at that range https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/azzassiin/video/65873958 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/azzassiin/video/66389680 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/azzassiin/video/66389693 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/azzassiin/video/66389711 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/azzassiin/video/66389744 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/azzassiin/video/52917950 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/azzassiin/video/53107953 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/azzassiin/video/66389832 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/azzassiin/video/52917991- Some choppy older clips, and this is why i never make my own montages
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    Great map, good job. Here is some feedback. Buildings take time to load. No big deal, I understand it's pts But in the castle it's really annoying. Going under the map, getting shot by people under the map... But I really like this place Also a lot of dmr/Sr accessories but not a lot of guns. Thanks for the new content. Merry Christmas to everybody.
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    что интересно разработчики курят... задание проехать 500к на багги понимаю было бы 50к ну или 100к или хотя бы сделали 500к на любом транспорте.
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    This is my point. Saying its locked at 30 is great, but when playing it doesnt feel like it, it shouldnt take much to throw one in, if its locked at 30 we will see it. If they increase the frames, we will see it, instead of taking their word for it because everytime they say they have improved or stabilised, its just feels the same. granted smokes are less of a problem with framerate priority on but in all other areas i feel dips. we know its kinda bad, let us see it locked for ourselves, let us create more detailed bug reports, showing what causes the dips, let us also see how well it runs once the they implement their fixes. a counter isnt pointless, its proof and useful in reporting for the community/developers.
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    you need that SSD. It's loaded before I hit the ground.
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    Well Microsoft gave the devs tools to detect anyone using M&K adapters and disable them like XIM etc. but pubg didnt do shit about them and actually they said “there are so few players using it and ur chance of facing one of them is so little” while Epic games used these tools in fortnite and disabled these adapters..
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    We found a guy earlier on base that was exploiting this glitch. His dumbass fell into the hill and got stuck. We could see his head when he turned around and put him out of his deserved misery.
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    not an excuse really.... when a game launches it needs to fulfill it's purpose. They gave the finger to FPP players for a long time and most of them already stopped playing this game honestly is only really good on PC, change my mind
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    lol have you ever thrown a smoke? In 4k you're not getting a slight blip to 24fps, you're watching a pubg powerpoint presentation at maybe 10fps.. I've played a decent number of hours on both settings and the framerate priority definitely helps in situations where smokes/molotovs are present. Other than that I didn't see too many times where the framerate priority seemed to be much better.
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    Should focud on fixing more gamebreaking bugs like no sounds being played, invisible players, hits not beng registered etc.. Stuff that should have been fixed in early alpha. Instead of maximising profit before game completely dies.
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    Те товарищи, которые паливные, по факту лишь верхушка айсберга, по этому отслеживание статистики колоссальной разницы не даст, они больше будут прятаться, их сложнее будет держать на виду, имхо конечно. Некоторые товарищи месяцами играют без палива, бан - новый аккк и все по кругу, например: А еще снова в паблике висят читы которые работают неделями без банов и все насрать, повторяется история с паками годовалой давности.
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    how is it after 3 releases on different platforms you are still unable to get this fundemental factor sorted!!!! do you not learn from previous errors??? how many months did it take you to put a ping lock on the xbox before you realized the players had been telling you about doing it for ages, are we now to suffer the same fate on the PS4 until you decide to action this simple request!
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    You shouldn't. This gun operates the way all guns should on console. Minimal horizontal recoil, and manageable vertical recoil. You're dealing with a different animal on console. Recoil control is significantly more difficult than on PC and there is no possible way to deal with horizontal recoil other than to stop shooting or hope it bounces back on target. I feel like all the other guns need a slight buff in this department. Just a slight decrease in horizontal recoil for ARs would be immensely helpful. I've literally had an m4 in full auto bounce from one side of a target to the other (not hitting mind you) and compared to the g36c, the m4 is like an AK. I think this slight buff to ARs would bring balance back to the weaponry and generally make pubg a better experience.
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    Paradise is cancer bro, I will literally never go there! If it’s final circle it’s a tough decision to die in paradise or die by playzone!
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    Dude, over the years I seen some CLASSICS. I’ve literally seen 72Virgins, SlightlyTarded, aButtNugget, TheTurTapper and YoMamasWife. I’ll NEVER forget them! Mainly cause I saw all theses names in cod MW so just imagine seeing “you were killed by” then those names 😭😭
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    They have to get several temps before they give them a perm it seems. And it takes bloody ages after a report for even the blatant ones. Hardware bans are the way to go.
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    Yeah, temp bans... for shit that we'd be off to Never Never Land for... like I said, don't kill the Golden Goose..
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    As in sports, they sacrifice a nobody every now and then to show they're "doing something" but the big guys who reel in views and therefore cash are turned a blind eye untill there's no more denying it. Lots of Armstrong syndrome in streamer land.
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    Oh lord! Why is so difficult to understand that with emulator the mouse and keyboard doesn't work like pc does. Can you guys stop just a moment and read : mouse and keyboard emulated can't do anything diferent than a normal controller! We even have to choose, speed or precision! We can't have both like native support does! Man..... Is it so hard to get? that in your mind there is this illusion that xim, or venom, or maxshooter or any other adapter give us speed limit above controller, light speed movement with surgical precision... This is not what it is! You must try to see how chunky and funky it is. Pc players can't get used, and controller users often sell their own adapters because they get frustrated. That's the first impression using it: frustration, after that, only players that really prefer, and feel better with a funky mouse and keyboard than a controller will keep using it. Dude listen: you are dieing for a very skilled controller player and blaming the fill MK players like we are all shrouds.
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    Ich wünsche allen Hühnchen Jägern, Hauscampern, tryhardern und Cheatbeschwörern ein entspanntes Weihnachtsfest und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr. Auf weitere Jahre PUBG, Mimimi und sinnlose Forendiskussionen.
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    This is where the misconception of mouse VS controller comes in. Your statement is 100% factually not true. If we were comparing mouse on a pc to controller on Xbox then yes, you would be correct. But the mouse through en emulator (this word means "pretends to be something else"...in this case, the controller) cannot do anything the controller can't do. If the fastest 360 with the controller takes 3 seconds, it also takes 3 seconds with the mouse that is emulating a controller. That is just fact. People can be unhappy about the use of emulators, but for the love of God, please educate yourself on the subject you're talking about before saying things like this. I'm not trying to be mean, but once you've stated something like this, it makes it hard to take anything else you say seriously. People's opinions are all over the place on this subject and I get it. Have your opinions. But what the technology can and can't do really isn't up for debate. On a side note, turning your mouse really fast using the XIM emulator is actually worse. The mouse sends way more "turn" info than the XIM+controller can process, so you end up turning very slowly. It's the thing I found most annoying about it. People run around saying it lets you turn really fast but the truth is, it actually has the opposite effect. If I move my hand left real quickly the distance that should be giving me a 180-degree turn, I get maybe 10-degrees of movement. If I move the mouse the same distance but significantly slower, then it moves as fast as the controller does. So if you have quick reaction times from playing on pc, you will actually be seriously frustrated with how poor the control is with the XIM.
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    It was the day before Christmas And all through the house All my squadmates were camping Being quiet as a mouse Then outside the window Arose such a clatter Of passing planes, smoke bombs And machine gun chatter A jolly fat man In his big festive hat Dropped a care package on me Red box, nicely wrapped A big heavy helmet A military vest A groza with ammo This loadout's the best! Then out peeks the grinch And lets out a burst I instantly die. That Groza, she's CURSED. Merry Christmas silencefarkin 🤙😁🤙
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