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    Had this problem months ago. I was the tactical one trying to get the chicken and they were the loose cannons firing at anyone they saw and giving our position away. We had a good time and shared a lot of laughs but it was seriously irritating. Now none of my friends play anymore and I usually run solos when I do play. Moral of the story. Even though they may be knuckleheads, don't take them for granted. It's just a game. Signed, The Lonely Gamer😆
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    It is literally the SMG with the lowest damage per time. Comes with the advantage of lowest recoil. I say it is fine as it is.
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    We could see a PTS being imminent on the 19th of December. Why you may ask? Well according to staci_king/stacks, pubg corp marketer (I believe, but she does work for PUBG CORP) mentioned the devs are aiming for a PTS this month, and the PTS for the graphical options was canceled and will just go to live servers according to @PUBG_Andymh5 (andy confirm if this true, i saw one of your replies) and there was a leaked PS4 PTS Dec 19.... Here is staci_kings tweet.
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    This thread again. Are people serious? UMP is the noobs weapon of choice because of its ease of use. That ease of use comes with a price... The gun fires slow, does moderate damage and has a tiny effective range. Yes it has low recoil especially with a lightweight but that's about where it begins and ends. ARs are just objectively much better at almost every task. There are two things you need to do to beat a UMP every single time: * Move * Recoil control your AR If you do those two things, the number of UMP guys killing you will be close to zero. The UMP is only effective up close and even then a vector is a better choice in most situations because it actually has a DPS advantage over the rifles. If you think the UMP is OP then you probably need to practice more with the rifles and practice better movement. You only need to shoot a UMP at a guy that's moving/weaving 100m away to see that it's pretty useless at range due to having such low muzzle velocity. Look how long it takes for the rounds to hit https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/charlehpock/video/65106780 Vs the M4 with more than double the velocity https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/charlehpock/video/65106785 The fact is, if you lead the UMP right you can hit people, but you've got to be lucky if someone is changing direction/weaving since chance means they will avoid your slow 9mm shots.
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    EXACTLY...Well said. ITS PART OF THE GAME. If you want to land and be kitted out play COD 🤷‍♂️ Looting is the whole element of the game. You land with nothing and have to claw to get it and survive.. THIS IS PUBG
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    wow why even reply with these negative comments? theres other ppl who may want to this info. most of yall dont talk like if you were face to face with any of these ppl. internet gangster shit needs to stop.
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    Sometimes the hardest part of PubG is choosing not to fire at someone.....
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    wait... the snow map might get snow? get outta here! that's preposterous!
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    You people get excited over nothing.These devs have let us down a million times and continue to do so.What’s going to be different this time?
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    Or you know we could just wait until we see patch notes or an announcement from an offical PUBG staff member? Instead of getting your hopes up and getting salty when nothing happens
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    Sounds like a boring way to play the game. Nothing wrong with taking fights, that's the fun part, looking for the next strategic position is best left for PUBG tournaments which are pretty boring to watch. I'd be with your mates, I'd rather die with 15 kills than win with 2.
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    I play with a group on Xbox Live and every time we play, there isn't really much of a plan and everything is kinda winging it. We will land first at some place to loot. But they don't really care to find a car, and for me, finding a car is my top priority after / before I loot. So when I'm done looting an area and I'm outside the circle, I can jump in the car as soon as the blue circle starts getting close. Thus giving me more time to loot and not be hit by the circle. Only big maps, they will get into vehicles because they have to, but they constantly keep stopping at too many places along the way. Just to keep looting more, even if we have decent gear. To me, my priority is to use the vehicles to get to the most desirable building based on town size, how center it is, and if it has multiple stories. And generally just stay put until I really have to move, and ideally, choose a building that stays inside multiple closing circles. To me, as long as I have enough loot to kill 1-2 people & heal, I'm not going to be greedy and try to loot more, because I know once I kill someone later in the game, they will likely have a good chunk of supplies they spent 10-15 minutes gathering up. To me, staying put inside a building and letting the other people who are running in the open get killed off is the best way to increase your chances of winning. I am very against having battles out in the open, but my squad likes to run it on foot in the open instead of take vehicles, which puts us in a bad spot of having to have open field battles. Even if you win an open field battle, you already gave away your position to other enemies who are going to 3rd person kill you, and looting is very risky. And even worse is if you decide to take on a fight that is outside the new circle, to later win a fight then see the closing circle come in and take away your health. At least if your battles take place in a building, you only have to worry about your building instead of an entire outside field with snipers you can't spot. The most I may do is try to run over an enemy I see along the way, but if I fail to run them over, I will usually stop trying and drive away. But ya, to summarize, I am against doing squad battles out in large open areas that can easily be seen by long range scopes. It can easily be prevented by finding vehicles and driving to the next town with large building density and taking cover inside a building, especially one out of the flight path so you will likely be there first. Then only focus on fights inside your building and let everyone else get killed off who decided to run it in the open. A fight you don't have to fight is much better than engaging in one if you don't have to. Why waste your resources and chances of winning to kill a squad earlier in the game when you can hope to choose a good building that stays inside circle majority of the game.
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    Sanhok has spoilt people...
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    Yeah andy said they decided not to do the pts and instead live, but id assume if the devs feel like they wanna merge vikendi with graphical options then it would but i remember they mentiones itll just come to live. We should see a announcement today for the 1yr anniversary or tomorrow
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    Do we really need another thread about when the PTS may arrive? It'll be here when it's here.
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    “Pheasant” Test Servers 🙃
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    Конечно же нет😉 Через 30 минут в Стиме пришло сообщение о том что вак бан был дан по ошибке и меня разбанило😂 не знаю радоваться мне или плакать)
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    With the OP i just meant that landing hot and walking out with low gear is not rewarding. Thats my oppinion. Im not asking for sanhok loot, but a buff from erangiel and miramar will be appreciated😋
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    Why does everyone like this new system so much more? The parachute steering controls seem a lot less responsive than on Live, and you no longer get extra speed towards the ground if you dive 200+ at the end of your drop. It takes so much longer to reach the ground and the steering really sucks. On live I can do the "Wave" and do that 200+ dive at the very end and land on a precise spot while most people are still parachuting. I feel like the Live Version has more potential if you drop perfectly, but is harder to pull off. But maybe the Test Server version is more "easy"?
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    If anything the old system was far more accurate. If you properly do the "wave" while falling and dive to 200+ before your chute pops, you got really good glide speed at the end, and you could zoom into the ground on a precise spot. I've never had issues with "invisible walls" unless I'm landing close to a wall/roof,etc. Just be careful where you try to land. The new parachute seems to glide a lot slower after your chute is pulled, seems like it takes a lot longer to reach the ground and I can't go as far. Visually I like the new system, but in terms of effectiveness I like the old system more. Also I noticed that while dropping in the air you used to go around 126 if you flew level, now the minimum speed is like 165 .... =/
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    Gotta disagree with that. When you buy a car you wouldn't expect the entry level to have the same performance as top of the range. Why should a games console be any different? I agree with Microsoft that previous gen consoles should be able to play the latest games but expecting them to look as good and run as smooth is unrealistic.
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    Notice the blood that sprays from someone when you shoot them? That's your hit marker.