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    Precisa de processador também então? porque poderia pegar uma 1060 e um i5... porem passa um pouco do orçamento... se não pega a RX480, mas eu prefiro GTX
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    Конечно же нет😉 Через 30 минут в Стиме пришло сообщение о том что вак бан был дан по ошибке и меня разбанило😂 не знаю радоваться мне или плакать)
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    Threads bezüglich Cheats sind leider immer eine heikle Sache, die normalerweise rasch unterbunden wird, weil die Diskussionen schnell in Paranoia, Hetze, persönliche Angriffe und Cheat"werbung" ausarten. Da der Thread hier schon begann, bevor ich für Bluehole gearbeitet habe, habe ich ihn eine lange Zeit offen gelassen, auch, damit alle einen Sammelthread haben, in dem sie sich "auskotzen" können. Mittlerweile ist der Thread hier in eine Richtung gegangen, sowohl inhaltlich als auch formell, aufgrund derer ich ihn jetzt schließen werde. Bitte erstellt keine neue Threads rund um das Thema Cheats. Wenn ihr Spieler im Verdacht habt, von denen ihr glaubt, dass sie cheaten, meldet sie bitte über das spielinterne Reporting-System. Diskussionen um die Legitimität anderer Spieler, Links zu/Diskussionen über (und somit indirektes Werben für) Cheats sowie Erklären von Cheats sind hier im Forum untersagt. Wenn ihr darüber reden möchtet, tut das bitte in privaten Nachrichten oder auf einer anderen Plattform.
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    I play PC Pubg a TON (500+ hours, 2.00+ K/D), so i am very familiar with this game. I play a mixture of games between PC/PS4 (Pubg, black ops 4, etc.) That being said... I feel like this was a poorly implemented console port. The controls and movement feel really clunky/awkward. Equipping items/attachments, sometimes i have to hit the buttons more than once. If you watch people moving around/looting they look like freaking robots. Also the sway on high-powered scopes seems ridiculous given this is a console port. I hardly see anyone try to snipe because it can be very ineffective unless the other person is literally standing still. Otherwise it's too easy to dodge bullets due to the lack of aiming precision with a controller. I don't know -- something in this game just feels completely off. On the other hand Black Ops 4/Blackout feels really smooth (and it's honestly not bad on PC either). Aiming/movement just feels a lot better than PS4 Pubg.
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    Cross-play is very important for Pubg to keep it much alive. It makes more sense to cross-play between Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One Consoles. I believe PC would be a disadvantage for the console players. But if it was possible to do cross progression to take your skins from PC to PS4 or Xbox One that'd be fantastic I just want to hear everybody feedback in the forms about cross-play do you think is good for the game.
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    Можно ли как-то увеличить звук "ходьбы" ? Через эквалайзер или еще как-то ? Игра, конечно, очень нравиться, но играть без звука "ходьбы" и вечно померать от противника в спину или на пару метров от тебя, когда вы вместе бежите и даже не замечаете друг друга рядом - играть становиться не очень интересно. Даже HyperX купил, бесполезно. Стрельбу то слышно, аж уши разрывает, но не ходьбу, да и самолетов уже не слышно стало У меня со слухом проблемы, некоторые частоты плохо слышно или вообще не слышно. Можно ли это как-то решить или игра чисто не для меня ?
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    Here is a different representation. Although, I don't like the bullet trajectory not lining up with the barrel, but it better illustrates what you were experiencing.
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    This is a simplified graphic of what you are seeing (this is not to scale). The character in the video is closer than the first zero point.
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    It's almost like it is realistic in the fact that you can't go offroading at 60mph without the chance of crashing? On the other hand if you get good enough at the bikes you can drive over anything at a decent speed (100-120kph).
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    Ill escalate this to the team. Thanks for posting.
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    English is not my first language and yes fair to say that is not helping me, on the other hand you are a classic gun lover american that explain your behavior like a Trump and that explains a lot
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    I am a huge believer that when in comes to M&K on console, or at least when it comes to the barrage of accusations against people using them, I feel one important fact is not considered, and that is that some players are just insane with controllers. I get accused from time to time of using a xim and I love it, its a huge compliment, I use a standard controller and I go OK but some guys out there, what they can do they with their thumbs is mental. I fly drones a lot which helps my gaming a tonne, I follow lots of drone pilots and I know what can be done with a an analog controller with practice, put a PUBG controller in the hands of a drone racer and you guys will lose your shit.. Check out this guy.
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    забыл у себя в отзыве написать - звук при наведении на предмет бесит дико....
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    How stubborn you are, you keep saying the same thing again and again, when they already answered your explanation, go to the call of duty forum and you're done.
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    You make a lame post comparing apples to oranges so I react with RIP... and so you go through a couple of my responses in other posts and RIP them? 😂🤣 Real mature 🙄. BTW I think the game runs pretty damn good. I only have around 13 hours of play time on the PS4 so far and have just under a 4 K/D. I’m currently sitting at 22 in the leaderboards and only need 26 more points to make the top 10. So I think I can speak more for the PS4 side of things than you with all your “500+ hours” and whopping “2.00+ K/D” on PC. Don’t like it? Don’t play! Otherwise, state the technical problems you’ve encountered (multiple button pushes when looting) so the devs might see it and attempt to fix it, then move along. No reason to dog the game because it doesn’t live up to the specs of a PC and k&m.
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    Also disappears from the mask location as well when you put glasses on.
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    Oh yeah, absolutely. PC pubg and console pubg are two different things. I have pubg for pc on a 1070, 16gb, i7 huge difference with graphics, recoil, movement. So if you’re a PC guy, you’re not gonna like the console version of this game lol. I think it’s safe to say you’re downgrading. But I enjoy it because I’m a console guy first, and all my friends have PS4s
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    There's no desync, it just feels really clunky and awkward to play compared to say: 1. PC Pubg 2. Black Ops 4 PS4/PC It does not feel like this game was fully optimized for a console.
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    I’m loving it right now on my PS4 pro. I haven’t had any desync issues. I’ve seen a few bugs take place but nothing causing me to die or get damaged, just weird random buggy shit from time to time. But the game feels great to me. I’m loving it right now, currently ranked top 50 in squads in NA
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    Um das nochmal kurz klarzustellen: Ich habe die Leute aus diesem Forum ausdrücklich gebeten, zu schreiben was sie glauben. Ich habe nicht vorausgesetzt, dass jemand hier mehr darüber weiß. Es mag schon sein, dass du und deine Freunde in BF4 gecheatet habt und du daher eine gewisse Ahnung von Cheats entwickelt hast. Ich spiele sowohl mit RL Freunden, als auch mit reinen Internetbekanntschaften aber ich kann dir sagen, dass keiner meiner RL Freunde auch nur auf die Idee käme, in einem Spiel zu betrügen. Ist wohl eine Frage der allgemeinen Lebenseinstellung und des Charakters. Aber ich gebe dir Recht, dass man RL Freunde wohl nicht so leicht aus der Community wirft, wie fremde Personen. Machen würde ich es aber trotzdem, wenn sich der Freund nicht davon abbringen lassen würde.
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    Шел 4-й год моей мышки, а я так и не понял прикола с сенсой в игре и дпи мышкой
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    Ок я понял. Очень прискорбно что даже вот таких наглецов не обнаруживает античит. Буду ли я уведомлен что дальше будет с данным игроком?
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    Я не могу показывать данные видео людям? как им тогда показать как работает античит?
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    Пацаны стреляющие с скс как с пулемета на дальние дистанции и четко без промахов, киберспортсмены стреляющие со скорпиона от коленки в точку на полкилометра это стало нормой. Раньше играли сквадом друзей чуть ли не каждый день. Сейчас в эту блювотню один раз в неделю уже не хочется заходить. Год назад я с трепетом ждал пустыню, сегодня я ничего не жду, потому что этотот проект теперь только высасывает денежные средства рисуя розовые пистолетики
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    Вот это подгон! Какой там нафиг ФИКСПАБГ!!! НОС!!! Вот это вещь!!!